修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Eight Hundred and Thirty Six “Lil’ Fire”

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Thirty Six – Lil’ Fire

Chief Elder praised, “Mo Cloud Sea is really full of tigers and dragons, Tian Huan has tens of thousands of disciples yet there is just one that is at Xian Er’s level. I hadn’t expected Mo Cloud Sea to have more than three. Even this old man is jealous.”

Zuo Mo said with a snicker, “Why be jealous. If Chief Elder comes to Mo Cloud Sea, to say of nothing else, you can pick your position. Also, Chief Elder’s shen glyph study will definitely be spread far and wide.”

Zuo Mo’s tone was teasing, yet his expression was still cold and authoritative. It gave people a strange feeling of dissonance.

Chief Elder shook his head and laughed, “Mister Zuo is really funny. After today, Mo Cloud Sea will turn from prosperity into stagnation and decline. The future is not as bright as Tian Huan. If you will join Tian Huan, I am willing to abdicate the position of Chief Elder.”

Zuo Mo sighed softly. “I have always admired people of grandmaster level like Chief Elder, and never thought that I would face one in battle. We really have to sigh at fate. This one was thinking that if Tian Huan lost the Chief Elder, lost Li Xian Er, then what would it be like?”

Both sides were smiling as they spoke as though they were lamenting over fate. Yet their words were blades as they used their speech to put the other under greater pressure.

Chief Elder laughed. “Mister Zuo is right, today’s battle is about the fate of us both. If I die, Tian Huan will decline, and if Mister Zuo dies, Mo Cloud Sea will be defeated without any need to attack. Mister Zuo is too confident, you should not have come yourself! This old man does not think of returning alive today, Mister Zuo, do not have hopes.”

Zuo Mo said amusedly with a dark expression. “Anyone can speak the words, if there aren’t a thousand people that wants ye’s life, there’s at least eight hundred. Old man, if you are able, come! Ye’s waiting!”

The presence on the two sides continued to rise.

At this time, everyone knew that speech was unable to affect their enemy. Both sides had strong resolve. This was fated to be a battle where only one side would be left standing.

Wei Sheng’s gaze was as sharp as a sword. He held the God-Killing Blood Sword, streaks of blood covering it. The air seemed to be filled with the tang of blood.

Fighting spirit burned inside his body. The Chief Elder surpassed everyone he had ever met in strength. If he could survive the battle today, he would be able to advance another step on the path of the sword.

He had reached the border of a breakthrough by struggling in the killing essence sea of the God-Killing Blood Sword.

Suddenly, he knew that the battle in front of him was his chance to have a breakthrough.

The blood in his body seemed to pulse with the bestial breathing of the God-Killing Blood Sword. Wei Sheng’s emotions calmed and he suddenly spoke, “Shidi, let me try!”

Zuo Mo was slightly shocked. However, when he saw Eldest Shixiong’s clear gaze, he immediately understood.

Eldest Shixiong wanted to use this battle to prove his sword path!

For some reason, Zuo Mo was filled with emotion. Eldest Shixiong was forever faithful to his heart, he persisted in his sword path, never knowing fear, and not fearing hardship.

Shixiong, be careful!” Zuo Mo did not waste words. While he knew it was dangers, he knew Shixiong’s resolve when he saw Shixiong’s determined gaze.

This was the devoutness of a man, who had once been a lowly sword servant, to the sword!

There was no heated reverence, only silent persistence. Not immersed in power, not pursuing power above all else, from beginning to end, persisting in pursuing the path of his sword.

To the sword, to the heart!

This was his philosophy, this was his pursuit.

Looking at Eldest Shixiong standing tall, Zuo Mo suddenly thought of the jade scroll that Eldest Shixiong had given him back at Wu Kong Mountain.

The steely words inside, wasn’t that Wei Sheng Shixiong’s belief?

Zuo Mo was full of admiration. In this era where killing was a daily occurrence and people only spoke of benefits, the number of people like SHixiong that only pursued the belief in their hearts was so small it was almost negligible.

Wei Sheng slowly raised the blood sword in his hand.

Chief Elder shook his head. “Little Child, you are not a match for this old man.”

“I know,” Wei Sheng said gravely. “However, if I do not try, I will never know some things.”

Chief Elder was silent for a moment before saying, “It is fortunate that you are not a disciple of Kun Lun.”

Wei Sheng did not ask what Chief Elder meant. His shen power rippled as it was channeled to the limits. His gaze was grave, and the upraised God-Killing Blood Sword stabbed towards Chief Elder!

Without any flourish, no variation, just like a disciple that had just started to learn the sword, a simple and basic stab!

That this most basic and simple stab was filled with unparalleled beauty and balance.

It was as though all the light in the world was attracted by this simple movement.

The God-Killing Blood Sword in Wei Sheng’s hand gave out a seemingly joyful hum.

This unique hum seemed to pass into the depths of the ground. The camp under them started to tremble lightly.

The people that were fighting on the ground looked in shock at Wei Sheng in the sky with astounded gazes. Not just the ground, even the sky was trembling slightly at the same rhythm.

The entire area was shaking.

This light vibration was strange. It could easily permeate the body. Those that were slightly weak felt dizzy, and those that were stronger had expressions of terror.

A blood red sword energy that was not dazzling moved towards Chief Elder at a seemingly slow speed.

Chief Elder’s eyes brightened and he couldn’t resist praising, “Great strike! Without any adornment! On the true path of the sword!”

He had a sufficient prediction of Wei Sheng’s strength and hadn’t expected that this simple male  gave him such a great shock. This strike was not as blinding as Wei Sheng’s previous move but it was a level above.

Facing such a sword strike, he did not dare to be overconfident. He took a deep breath, the minuscule changes of the world passing to his mind through the shen glyph. A feeling of everything in the world was in his control formed.

“Sky open!”

A low shout came from the shen glyph covered figure.

Zuo Mo seemed to feel something. He raised his head to look at the sky and his pupils suddenly contracted. The sky rippled and soon, the ripples became stronger, and the sky seemed to boil.

This was … …

Zuo Mo gaped.

The boiling sky suddenly became dark. A vast starry sky appeared above his head.

The stars were moved!

This great power that only existed in the legends actually occurred in front of him. The two sides that had been fighting below paled and unconsciously stopped fighting.

At this time, several pinpoints of light appeared.

These lights came rapidly and was in front of them in a blink.


In the sky, countless bright flames appeared like rain.

“Void Sky Li Fire!” Pu Yao exclaimed from within Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness. His next sentence almost caused Zuo Mo to pause. “Quick, throw Lil’ Fire out!”

Throw Lil’ Fire out… …

Zuo Mo was confused by Pu Yao’s nonsensical words, but he reacted quickly. When he heard Pu Yao’s tone, he knew Pu was confident. He knew of the Void Sky Li Fire, a very powerful shen fire. The rumors said it only existed in the depths of the void, floating in the void as it silently burned for tens of thousands of years.

Was this … …

There was no time to think now. Pia, Lil’ Fire appeared on Zuo Mo’s hand.

Of all the little ones, Lil’ Fire and Lil’ Black were all guys that did not have any abilities to fight. Lil’ Black contributed because it had the ability to find treasure. Until now, Lil’ Fire’s only use was to act as Little Mo Ge’s fire sprouting stress ball when he was not in a good mood. The recent travels had been dangerous and Zuo Mo had been afraid of something happening to Lil’ Fire so he had kept Lil’ Fire safe in the ring.

Lil’ Fire ended up having a deep sleep in the ring, and its body became even rounder.

When Lil’ Fire appeared on Zuo Mo’s hand, it was sleeping happily.

Zuo Mo glanced and, snap snap snap, he worked his hand. Lil’ Fire’s body changed shape. It dazedly opened its eyes. Seeing it was Zuo Mo harassing him again, it was about to close its eyes again with an expression of contentment.

It appeared as though it would allow Zuo Mo to do as he pleased. In any case, it could sleep even while Zuo Mo poked and squeezed him like this.

Zuo Mo saw this and shouted, “Good son, wake up, go!”

Finishing, he threw Lil’ Fire towards the Void Sky Li Fire in the air!

The howling flow of air blew Lil’ Fire’s soft and bouncy body in waves.

So bothersome! If you want to squeeze, just squeeze, I was sleeping so well, and finally did not need to spend energy to keep away the demon of sleep, I have given you great face already … … ooh … … ooh … … this is … … ah! Ahah! … … What, what is this?

Lil’ Fire opened its eyes and was stunned.

Why … … after just a nap … … the world became so, so terrifying … …

It was cowardly to start with. The scene in front of it frightened it to almost turning and fleeing.

Yet before it could react, the first wisp of Void Sky Li Fire came in front of it.


The Void Sky Li Fire entered Lil’ Fire’s round body, and Lil’ Fire’s round body froze.

An unprecedented feeling of satisfaction rose from its body. A warm flow spread through its entire body. This unparalleled feeling of contentment was like the most delicious food in the world that intoxicated it.

The Void Sky Li Fire that was summoned out of the endless void were like sharks that smelt blood and leapt towards Lil’ Fire.

Pew pew pew!

The Void Sky Li Fire entered Lil’ Fire’s round body like rain. Lil’ Fire seemed to be continuously hit, its body shaking violently like dize.

Its drunken expression froze on its face, oh, on its body.

With every wisp of Void Sky Li Fire that entered Lil’ Fire’s body, Lil’ Fire would grow slightly.

The amount of Void Sky Li Fire that Chief Elder had summoned was in the thousands of wisps. In a blink, Lil’ Fire’s body was ten times as large as before. It was like an inflated balloon. Its color was even brighter, it was red and extremely cute.

Every wisp of Void Sky Li Fire was like a current of warmth that spread through its body.

One wisp after another rushed towards it, Lil’ Fire was unable to react.

Such a beautiful feeling … …

Why did good fortune come so suddenly … … but, so it felt so full … …

Lil’ Fire who had just felt that the world had become terrifying upon opening its eyes was completely knocked senseless by the Void Sky Li Fire that came from the sky.

If it could sleep with this beautiful feeling of being full, everything would be perfect … …

The still dazed Lil’ Fire thought so, completely ignoring the countless upraise faces gaping at it from below.

Translator Ramblings: The greed of Lil’ Fire has been awakened. I imagine Lil’ Fire looking like Kirby or maybe Jigglypuff.

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