傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S05-C04 “In the Bar”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng gets into trouble with a mercenary company when selling her gains and encounters some good hearted Samaritans.

Some minor translation changes: “Family” when referring to magic beast such as “Tungsten Wolf Family” is now “type” (ie. Tungsten Wolf type).

“Sky Magister” will become “Celestial Magister” from now on, and previous mentions will be changed.


Chapter Four In the Bar

Aofeng did not want to say too much and shook her head. The people from Wild Wolf Mercenary Company had fled, and she had not exposed her strength. Then this would be that.

The beautiful youth in the white robes was undoubtedly a genius to be a three-sword senior magister. There were only a rare few that reached the rank of senior magister at this age. Unlike Aofeng who had reached it in one go, this process was a slow one of accumulation for others. The youth’s status was extraordinary to possess a spirit magus beast. An adult spirit magus beast that had been would be priced out of the range of ordinary families.

But this had nothing to do with her. Even if they were not here, nothing would have happened to Aofeng. There was no need for her to be grateful.

“Hee hee, such an cool man, this prin … … miss likes you.”

The adorable and lively young female did not mind Aofeng ‘s aloofness. Her large eyes turned into crescents as she introduced herself. “Cool Guy, Hello, I am Mo Ling, my brother is Mo Zhu, we are temporarily in charge of this Hyde Corporation store. We apologize to you for encountering such an event today at the store.”

After Aofeng turned her gaze away, there was still a tinge of red left on the white-robed youth’s face. He said to the female server, “Haley, go get a top magister robe, and inventory the bag of magic crystals. Then help this young master get a crystal card and put the money on there.”

“Yes, Third Young Master,” Haley acknowledged.

Crystal card, this was like the bank card used in modern times. It could be used to store large amounts of money and was used frequently in transactions between people in higher social strata. Cash could be withdrawn at any place, and it was easy to carry. However, it would take one hundred obsidian to register and obtain a crystal card. The white-robed youth was giving Aofeng a favor.

Mo Ling seemed to be fourteen or fifteen, but she wasn’t afraid of strangers. She seemed to be a girl that had seen many situations before. Her speech flowed freely. While the white-robed youth blushed when people stared at him, he was very good at interacting with others, and won Aofeng’s positive feeling with just a few words.

Aofeng nodded at the two to signal her gratefulness. She took a sip of liquor and still did not speak. Everyone found that from the time of the incident to now, this youth had not put down the Cerulean Mist in hand as though the Wild Wolf Mercenary Company was insignificant.

“Don’t pretend to be cool. An useless young magister. You almost got beaten to death by that Wild Wolf Mercenary Company after stealing from them. If Third Young Master had not saved you, your head would be separated from your body. You aren’t even grateful. Ling’er, why are you paying attention to a person like this?” A young male about eighteen or nineteen appeared behind Mo Ling. He was looked at Aofeng with a hostile gaze. He seemed to dislike Aofeng ‘s aloofness. This person also had a silver badge on his chest, he was a one-sword senior magister.

The male’s gaze when he looked at Mo Ling was especially heated. The reason that he was hostile towards Aofeng could be imagined.

Mo Ling rolled her eyes at him and said unhappily. “Yu Fan, what nonsense are you speaking. This young master did not steal anything. You saw those people as well, don’t slander people.”

“Slander him?” Yu Fan’s eyes widened in shock. He snorted and then raised an eyebrow at Aofeng , asking, “Boy, speak, you were the one that killed for all of these magic crystals?”

As he spoke, Yu Fan thought inside, this boy’s magus beast looked to be a normal Tungsten type magus beast. The other didn’t have a badge, and probably wasn’t even a seven-sword magister. It was a dream to say that the other had killed a nine-star magus beast alone!

Aofeng propped her head on her hand, her eyes lidded as she enjoyed the elegant flavor of the Cerulean Mist. She didn’t even look over as though she didn’t hear the male’s words.

It was the first time that Yu Fan was encountering someone so arrogant and dismissive in his life. His anger shot up and he slapped the table, saying angrily, “Are you deaf? I’m asking you!”

“I only answer questions from humans.” Aofeng who had been silent all this time finally glanced at Yu Fan and then said lightly, “So, not you.”

Hearing this, the people paused, and then a roar of laughter rose in the bar, people falling to the sides.

Mo Zhu laughed until his handsome face was red. Mo Ling bent over. No one thought that this aloof youth was able to make a joke, and such a mocking one at that.

“Brat, what do you mean! I really think that you want to die!” Yu Fan’s face was flushed with blood at being humiliated like this for the first time. He jumped up with both feet and twisted features like an enraged lion.

“Don’t make trouble. We have come out to gain experience during the agitation period of the magic beasts in the Forest of the Neversetting Sun, we are going to kill magic beasts, not for you to fight with other people. Mistress dislikes conflict, you do not hope to cause Mistress’ dislike?” Another youth about eighteen years old with a two-handed broadsword on his back came over and said with furrowed brows. He was wearing the badge of a two-star senior swordsman.

Other than the young Mo Ling, everyone else in this group was a two-rank professional. Every one of them had great talent. The astounding composition of the group caused Aofeng ‘s eyebrow to rise. She was somewhat surprised.

“Hmph! You got off lucky!” When Yu Fan heard the word “Mistress,” his face immediately froze. He managed to force down the anger inside and stopped making trouble for Aofeng. It seemed that the this “Mistress” had an exceptional effect on these people.

“Ling’er, Zhu’er, have you finished preparing.” Just as Aofeng wondered about the identity of the “mistress,” she suddenly heard a soft and bell-like mirthful voice.

A rustle of footsteps came from the stairs on the upper level. Then a long yellow dress with a long train that dragged on the floor entered Aofeng’s field of view. A beautiful and gentle female slowly walked down the stairs. Her long hair in large curls, a slender brow, an exquisite nose, clear black eyes and flawless skin. She gave off nobility and elegance.

Inhales sounded in the surroundings. This time, they were due to a person’s appearance. This female was too beautiful. Even Aofeng had not seen many females that were as beautiful as this.

Yet before she would praise this woman’s beauty, Aofeng ‘s expression frozen and she almost jumped up from her chair.

Behind the stunningly beautiful female was a silent male guard. This was someone that she knew from before!

It was him?


Translator Ramblings: I thought the previous chapter was short and so is this one so the two of them might make one nice update. Guesses who is the male is? He’s appeared before.

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