傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S07-C06 “Sacred Beast Guardian”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng and the Crimson Forge mercenaries successfully drives off Ba Erbo and the Flying Aspara Mercenary Company by turning their own plot against them.

Chapter Six – Sacred Beast Guardian

Touching the jade pendant, Aofeng couldn’t help but recall Mo Zhu’s clean and handsome face. Aofeng did not like casually making promises but she had decided before that if there were additional Fire Dragon Fruits, she would gift it to Mo Zhu after she went to the capital city Karroll.

“Wonderful, our mission is going to be finished. Haha.” Thetan and Vino slapped hands. The Crimson Forge mercenaries behind them cheered. By completely this mission, Crimson Forge Mercenary Company would take another step towards becoming an S-rank mercenary company. Rong Luo who was waiting for them at the City of Neversetting Sun would definitely be happy.

As they celebrated, Thetan hurriedly reminded, “Zhui Yun Daren, please go and quickly pick the Fire Dragon Fruits. This fruit will only appear for two hours after maturity, after that time, the plant will reabsorb it.”

Thetan and the others trusted Aofeng. They didn’t think this person would take the fruits and run.

The feeling of being trusted was enjoyable. Aofeng nodded softly with a small smile. She walked forward with her black robe flaring.

At some unknown time, the air inside the mountain valley seemed to have solidified. Even the sound of the flora rustling about was consumed. It was scarily silent! Aofeng’s heart jumped. She instinctively felt a strong danger. There seemed to be someone that was directly observing her. That sixth sense that had been developed by walking at the line of life and death caused her to rapidly flash a step to the side!

Almost at the same time, Liao Ya’s voice sounded mentally.

“Master, there’s a sacred beast!”

“There’s a magic beast! Daren, careful!” the group shouted in shock.

The sudden gust of wind was like a sharp blade that sliced through where Aofeng had originally been! Aofeng’s face felt a slight pain. The aftershock cut a deep wound on her pale face. The blood swelled and dripped down her chin. Her pupils contracted. She rejoiced in the feeling of having escaped death. If her reaction had been slightly delayed, her body and head would have been separated.

She was filled with urgency but not panicked. Aofeng’s face was as still as water as she dashed backwards, the Vanquisher of Armies held in front of her. Silver light flashed under her feet. Liao Ya revealed his true four-winged silver wolf state. His wings flapped and he charged forward.

The string of movements was completed in an instant. Before the others could react in shock, Liao Ya collided fiercely with the incoming sacred beast!

The roar of the wolf and the snarl of the large cat! The sounds rang through the field!

At the center, a wall of air like that of a twister shot into the clouds as though it was going to tear apart the sky!

The reverberations of the fighting between the sacred beasts turned into strong gusts of wind that forced people to close their eyes. They stuck tight to the walls of the cliff in order to prevent themselves from being blown away by the wind.

Liao Ya’s silver wings spread and he flew into the sky. The enemy sacred beast followed. One was completely pitch black, the other was silver white. The two sacred beasts stared closely at each other in the sky from a distance. Both knew the other was a strong enemy and did not dare to relax. Sacred beasts were equivalent to sky magisters. Once they entered sacred rank, they all had the ability to fly, regardless of whether they had wings or not.

Only now did the group manage to see that lightning fast black shadow clearly.

It was a black cheetah! It was completely pitch black from head to tail. Its nimble and slender body was elegant with its shiny fur. It was crouching, ready to pounce. It gave off a dangerous presence. In contrast to the black color of its fur, the four paws of the cheetah were covered in four pure white energies. It appeared as though it was stepping on four clouds.

“Thunder Leopard, one-star sacred beast. This should be the sacred beast guardian of the Fire Dragon Fruit,” Liao Ya said to Aofeng mentally.

Sacred beast guardian? Aofeng immediately understood. Sacred beasts had intelligence equal to that of humans. Last year, Thetan and the others plucked the Fire Dragon Fruit here when this leopard was most likely occupied with the other one. This year, this beast was exceptionally careful. Also, this year, the valley’s plant produced three Fire Dragon Fruits while there was only one on the outside. The Thunder Leopard would clearly guard this place over the other.

“How is his strength compared to yours?”

“We are the same in power level, but it is difficult to say when we fight. Many magic beasts have special techniques that many do not know about,” Liao Ya responded honestly.

Aofeng stared coldly into the sky as she licked the blood by her lips. Her calm eyes quickly flashed across the high cliff faces. Thoughts flashed through her mind. There was only this one sacred beast. It was possible to fight.

“There’s no need to win. Delay him, I will go pick the Fire Dragon Fruit!” Aofeng mentally ordered Liao Ya. Her body flashed and she stepped out to dash towards the Fire Dragon Fruit.

Liao Ya became alert and responded, “Yes, Master!”

The Thunder Leopard that had been facing Liao Ya saw Aofeng with a glance. That human dismissed him, and dared to touch what he was guarding. He was immediately enraged. His body flashed like lightning and he tried to get around Liao Ya to attack Aofeng.

Liao Ya’s golden eyes showed a tinge of disdain. The Four-Winged Silver Wolf was also a sacred beast skilled in speed. Even though he was slightly lacking compared to the big cats that were the kings of speed, but it would not be so easy for the leopard to get around him. The four enormous wings created gales of powerful wind that cut apart the clouds in the sky and securely protected Aofeng behind him.

The two enormous beasts repeated collided in the air to tear at each other with their sharp teeth and claws. The surroundings of Soul Breaking Cliff seemed to be having a minor earthquake!

Thetan and the group hid in the tall grasses at the base of the cliff. They inhaled in shock as they watched from a distance. “As expected, a sacred beast!”

Vino felt as though he was dreaming. He pinched his face and said dazedly, “Heavens, am I dreaming, I’m seeing two sacred beasts fight!”

A while later, Aofeng reached the Fire Dragon Fruits. Using the Vanquisher of Armies, she gently cut off the three Fire Dragon Fruits and a section of vegetation in one action. She stored it away in the spatial ring. After she managed to get the item safely, she ignored the two sacred beasts that were fighting in the sky and immediately called for everyone to leave.

“Go! Liao Ya will follow later.”

The group seemed to wake up from a dream. They knew that they would not be of help if they stayed. They hurriedly retreated towards the mouth of the valley.

The Thunder Leopard that was grappling with Liao Yao in the sky glanced over and was furious. Under his watch, a minuscule youth had taken all three valuable Fire Dragon Fruits. It was his greatest humiliation since he became the guardian! Seeing as Aofeng was about to leave the mountain valley, the Thunder Leopard went completely berserk.

“Argggh! The four clouds on the paws of the Thunder Leopard suddenly expanded. His speed was multiplied by five in an instant. He suddenly used sharp claws to create gusts of wind and he shot out from the cracks between Liao Ya’s silver wings.

Liao Ya’s golden pupils contracted when he saw this. Caught off guard, he called out urgently, “Master, run! He is using a part of his life force to use a magus beast technique, I cannot catch up to him!”

Before he finished, that suffocating presence arrived! The beast was astoundingly fast.

Aofeng felt the enormous pressure as though she was pinned under an enormous mountain. Her gaze unchanged, she took a deep breath and gathered all of her magus power. A verdant green net was woven in front of her to barely stop that wave of air. She immediately felt the energies roil in her chest. She threw up blood and retreated. However, the speed of her retreat could not compare to the speed of the Thunder Leopard’s fastest sprint.

After the gust of wind, the Thunder Leopard’s vicious teeth were already in front of her! Unfortunately, Aofeng couldn’t move at this moment!



The shouts sounded in the air. But in the next moment, a cold voice drowned out all the other sounds in the world!

“A little sacred beast dare to touch my covenantor? You dare!”

Translator Ramblings: I’m never sure I can convey the arrogant tone of speech well enough.


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