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Chapter  Six – We Came For Him

That handsome male at the front was the young captain of the first-ranked mercenary company on the continent, Crimson Forge Mercenary Company, Rong Luo.

Hearing Lu Lan’s shout, Rong Luo raised an eyebrow in surprise and glanced at her. He responded with a light laugh, “Oh, it’s Lu Lan. But you are wrong, this is just a coincidence. I’m waiting here for someone. So Wolf Pack Mercenary Company sent you this time. You have to work hard and not lose to Flying Aspara and the others.

“Haha, a coincidence means that we have karma together.” When Lu Lan was greatly disappointed when she heard that Rong Luo had not come to receive her but was waiting for someone else. However, she smiled and then moved forward, “Brother Luo, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. I … … missed you greatly … …”

As Lu Lan, her head dropped in bashfulness. She thought that Rong Luo would respond to her but after waiting for a long while, she didn’t hear Rong Luo’s answer. She raised her head in slight anger, and saw Rong Luo walking in great strides in Aofeng’s direction. She stilled where she stood.

She was not the only one shocked. Even the people that had come with Rong Luo looked on in shock and puzzlement at each other. When did their usually steady young captain show such urgency? They had been the one to suggest that the company come here. Young Captain had been calm before this. Why did he suddenly change and become so rushed?

Rong Luo’s expression was tinged with surprise as he walked over with great urgency. Among the crowd, that person attracted his gaze. While the mask covered half of the face, the presence was too similar to the youth in his memories.

For some reason, whenever he thought of that youth that he had only met once, he felt an unspeakable connection. People couldn’t help but want to protect and love that determined presence that was cold but contained gentleness. They had left so suddenly without even a goodbye. He didn’t know where the other was now, and if that family was still bullying him.

Was it really him? He also came to Neversetting Sun?

The world didn’t have any other sounds. He only heard the sound of his slightly rushed breathing.

Aofeng stood in her spot among the group and watched as Rong Luo walked towards her, his eyes flashing with joy. Behind him, the light that came from the sun became a blinding curtain of five colored light that gave him a golden border.

The red lips unconscious curved in a smile. That reliable and warm feeling rose and spread through her body. Her intuition told her that he remembered her.

Finally, Rong Luo walked in front of Aofeng. He stood and gazed at her.

He asked in a deep and resonant voice with some nervousness, “You are … …”

“Brother Luo, you know this person?” Lu Lan who had been ignored stamped her feet and ran over. Her slightly shocked voice rose an octave as she said discontentedly, “Were you waiting for him?”

After Rong Luo stood still, a youth in the distance that had been beside him before pointed forward and said with an expression of joyful surprise, “Ah! Zhui Yun Daren! Brother Luo, your eyes are so keen. You found him before we did. Miss Lu Lan, yes, this is Zhui Yun Daren, the person we came for!”

As he spoke, the dozen mercenaries ran over. It was Thetan, Vino and the others. Aofeng immediately realized. Rong Luo had been waiting here because Thetan and Vino had urged him to come welcome “Zhui Yun!” But she still felt a great joy because she was sure when Rong Luo had just seen her, he definitely thought she was “Aofeng” and not “Zhui Yun”

The Wolf Pack Mercenary Company marveled at the attitude of these people. The great majority of these people were ignorant of Aofeng’s strength. Li Sha and Lu Lan thought that she was an “arrogant person that put on a pretended air of coolness.” But this Crimson Forge Mercenary Company squad leader was respectfully calling this “youth” that wasn’t yet seventeen as “daren“? Was something wrong here!

Crimson Forge mercenaries were usually proud and wouldn’t easily bow their heads to outsiders!

“Oh? You are Brother Zhui Yun?” As expected, a hint of puzzlement flashed through Rong Luo’s eyes.

According to Thetan and the others, this youth Zhui Yun had the strength of a nine-sword senior magister and also had a sacred beast and a spirit beast. When he had seen Aofeng back at Qin City, Aofeng hadn’t been a magister. Even if Aofeng did become a magister, he could not suddenly become this strong! If this person was Zhui Yun, then this person shouldn’t be Aofeng.

“This is Zhui Yun Daren.” Thetan and Vino recognized Aofeng when they saw Liao Ya behind her. Happy to see her, they were also slightly surprised, “Zhui Yun Daren, why did you put such a strange mask on your face? It is such a pity to cover your handsome face.”

Aofeng smiled and then examined them with a puzzled expression. “Really? How is it a pity? Are you interested in me?”

The two shuddered. They hadn’t thought that the usually aloof Aofeng would make a joke. They hurriedly clarified. “No, no, we are just feeling pity on behalf of the girls of Neversetting Sun. Zhui Yun Daren, don’t worry, we are straight!”

The chatting between Aofeng and the pair had confirmed her identity. A clear disappointment flashed through Rong Luo’s eyes. He shook his head inwardly. Was this just a wrong feeling? Or am I too worried about Aofeng?

Adjusting his feelings, Rong Luo smiled with friendliness at Aofeng. “Brother Zhui Yun, thank you for helping my friends in the Forest of Neversetting Sun. If not for you, they would not have easily completed the Fire Dragon Fruit mission. This mission is extremely important to our mercenary company. If Crimson Forge is able to become a S-rank mercenary company, you will have contributed to it. If you need any help, please speak and I will do my best.”

Seeing Rong Luo’s disappoint, Aofeng couldn’t help but smile. She lowered her voice and said, “Big Brother Rong, I’m … …”

As Aofeng spoke, string of excited horse whinnies sounded inside the city. She had spoken in a small voice in fear of someone else hearing. When the burst of noise came from that place, Rong Luo didn’t even hear a word … …

A large circle of people had gathered at the city gates because of Crimson Forge and Wolf Pack Mercenary Company. A well-equipped city defence troop forced their way in and it became even busier.

A young swordsman wearing light armor and a broadsword on his back rode a horned horse. His face was alight as he flipped back his short hair and jumped down the horned horse.

“Ah, Brother Luo Fei, how come you have the free time to come here today? Did you come to get me?” Li Sha saw Luo Fei. Her face had a surprised expression that Lu Lan just had previously.

“Many apologies, Miss Li Sha, please find your father Duke Li. He is preparing to travel.” Luo Fei didn’t have any good feelings towards Li Sha and was too lazy to be perfunctory with her, he refused her advances immediately [1]. He laughed brightly and ran a few steps to reach Aofeng and said warmly, “Brother Zhui Yun, I came to get you. My father said he slighted you last time outside the city and wanted me to wait here for you. He hopes that you take no offense.”

He blinked at Aofeng. It was clear that after the castellan learned the course of events from Luo Fu, Luo Fei knew that Aofeng knew his identity. Even so, he was still extremely open and not awkward at all. His expression was intimate. But that castellan daren who had sent him had some intentions of currying favor with Queen Su Ya.

The spectators were stunned. The crowd suddenly quieted.

One was the young captain of the first-ranked mercenary company on the continent, the other was the young castellan of the City of Neversetting Sun. They had come separately to welcome this youth that didn’t even look to be seventeen years old? What … … what identity did this person have?

[1] Editor’s note: Cold. They are engaged right? Actually aren’t both pairs engaged? Someone correct me if I am wrong.

Translator Ramblings: Sometimes, engagements can be one-sided desires … …

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