4.6 Billion Year Symphony of Evolution Volume Two Chapter Twenty Six “The Useless Brain and Grass That Climbed Onto Land”

Last chapter recap: Lin creates seeds which then create bases and discover organisms with ganglions.

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Chapter 26 – The Useless Brain and Grass That Climbed Onto Land

The “brain” was a special structure. It used string like cells much smaller than blood vessels to connect to the entire body. Also, Lin found a special energy inside the brain. Lin did not know the details but the “brain’s” energy seemed to give off a kind of vibration. It would send orders and information to all the cells in the body, and the cells would respond with information.

The “brain’s” purpose was to direct all the cells.

While this seemed extremely powerful, this structure was meaningless to Lin. It need to not need this kind of complex structure to direct cells at any distance.

Lin discovered that it seemed different from other organisms … …

Other organisms could not direct all of their cells. When they were being cut by the flying saws, even the round-mouthed flat worms with their “brains” could not control the cells in the blood vessels from spraying out. Their heart would beat until the moment they died. That would cause all the cells in the blood vessels to be ejected.

Other organisms were the same. While they were made out of cells, the cells could not act in unison.

Why was this?

Lin did not know but this was one of its great advantages. It could evolve faster than other organisms. It could create a multicellular organism in a short period. No other organism could accomplish this.

Lin then studied the structure of the spine. It still did not understand what was the use of these two things. Why was the shell on the inside of the body?

What was the meaning in this? Just to take up space? While the segments on the spine that were similar to joints could make the organism twist nimbly, there didn’t seem to be any meaning … …

No, they had a “support” effect. When something completely soft moved through the water, it would not swim as fast as an organism that had something hard inside.

But if one pursued speed, Lin like the spout more, and not shoving a hard structure inside its body.

Lin thought that an organism like the round-mouthed flat worm was extremely strong, but why did Lin not want to copy its two special structures … …

Oh well, while it was a kind of interesting organisms, its research value was too low.

Lin finished eating the round-mouthed flat worms and then continued on Leviathan’s journey. Right now, Leviathan wasn’t just exploring this world, it had another important task: spreading the bases to all places.

Soon, Lin reached its original destination. This region of water contained enormous pointed rocks. the term “Thousand Needle Stone Forest” was suited for this area.

These enormous stones weren’t ordinary stones, they were made from living organisms. These stones possessed many openings, and tentacles of different colors reached out of the stones to wave and capture the single cells in the surroundings.

There were many of this kind of organism.

Lin found many cells and organisms liked to evolve into this mode. The jellyfish, the anemone, the leaf worm, and also the organism that created these enormous rocks called “coral.”

Lin felt this name was special.

The organism’s tentacles usually possessed stinger cells, and not eyes. Their structures were simple and not valuable in study.

The enormous stones the corals built was constructed of similar material to chitin. Other than the corals, many other organisms lived here, mostly small trilobites. They hid in the cracks between the corals. Lin also found organisms like flat worms in the surroundings.

These were not the round-mouthed flat worms, but the kind that Lin had seen on land. They passed through the corals and seemed to like this place. Lin also saw many familiar organisms such as sea stars, sea anemone, and jellyfish. They mostly lived surrounding the coral stones.

Leviathan swam around the “Thousand Needle Stone Forest,” and discovered this place wasn’t a large one. However, the biodiversity here was high, and Lin thought there was a need to put down a base seed.

Leviathan swam on top of a coral stone. The coral immediately shrank back. Leviathan opened an aperture as it finished creating a new unit.

Actually, this wasn’t a new unit, just a large sphere made out of a large number of exploding balls. Lin added spouts and suction holes made out of muscle cells so that the sphere could quickly rotate and charge towards its target the moment it was released.

Lin would call it an exploding bomb.

Lin first used the biting tentacles to scrap away the anti-corrosive layer on the coral stone and then released a large number of exploding bombs. They charged rapidly towards the coral stone. When they collided, they exploded. The released dissolving fluid corroded the hard outer layer of the coral stone, and exposed the interior.

When Lin saw inside the coral, Lin found the coral wasn’t as simple as just one layer of shell on the outside. Chitin substances formed complex passageways inside the coral rock the intersected and criss-crossed like a mage. The bodies of the corals — those tentacles moved through these passageways.

Bomb it all.

Lin continued to release exploding bombs that charged into the coral and set off explosions. Because there was no anti-corrosive layer inside, Lin easily destroyed all the structures inside the coral.

Following this, Lin put the base seed into the rock where the carcasses of the coral floated, and also sealed the opening in the coral stone.


Lin did not retrieve the carcasses of the coral. Those would become nutrients for the base to grow.

Since Lin already had a main base, a sea abyss base, and a coral base, where should it go next?

Leviathan left the “Thousand Needle Stone Forest” and continued to swim into the distance. This time, Leviathan swam upwards to where the water surface was.

The ultraviolet light at the surface was as bright as usual. However, Lin had not come for the ultraviolet light. It found many green organisms at the surface.

These green organisms covered the water surface in great swarms. Their existence even changed the color of the light. They also stayed close to the water surface and didn’t seem to fear the ultraviolet light.

These were all green cells … …

Lin found these green organisms were made out of the same green cells as the ones Lin was rearing. They formed long threadlike structures or sphere structures, but there were no organs. Many cells just stuck together.

These beings were so interesting … … while simple, there were so many. The area they covered surpassed Lin’s field of view and stretched to unseen places.

Leviathan swam under the green water surface. Lin wanted to see just how great an area they covered. The endless sunlight provided them with abundant food, and with the help of the ultraviolet light, few organisms came here to eat them. They used light as food, and maybe they had a way to resist the ultraviolet light.

Lin once wanted to evolve the ability to eat light but it didn’t know how to create color. Also, because it was already rearing a colony of green cells, it hadn’t thought more about this.

But after seeing the prosperity of the green cells, Lin wanted to evolve this ability.

Leviathan grabbed some green cells for the analyzers to study. Lin didn’t know how to study color, so it only have the analyzers the thought of “becoming green.”

Leviathan continued to swim upwards. Suddenly, Lin found an unprecedentedly large rock appeared in front of it.

It was so wide it surpassed the sea abyss. Also, it was so tall half of it reached the bottom of the ocean while the other half broke out of the surface.

Lin couldn’t call it a “stone” any longer, it was an “island.”

Lin discovered the green cells had spread onto the island along the edge. Could they exist on land?

Lin had Leviathan release a warhead. Similar to the one that explored the abyss, this one had been modified slightly so it could move on land. It had many shell layers to block ultraviolet light.

The warhead climbed onto the edge of the island. After climbing onto the island, Lin saw the island’s true appearance. The part that was exposed out of the water was flat, and made out of sand and stone. A small portion of the green cells in the water had reached the sand on the edge of the island. Some had lost moisture and cracked.

They could not exist on land, even though they were not vulnerable to ultraviolet light.

Lin’s warhead was covered in several layers, but it still could feel the damage ultraviolet light did to it. The warhead could only retreat rapidly back into the water.

Lin needed to evolve an immunity to ultraviolet light. While there was no meaning to go onto land, Lin did not like having a place it could not go.

Lin created a floating base here to study these green cells.

The Leviathan continued to journey. The next destination was … …

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Lin doesn’t understand the purpose of a brain because it never has a centralized cell. All of its cells can think and it will exist and grow with the number of cells.


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