Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 63 “Great-Grandmother”

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Chapter 63: Great-Grandmother

“Eldest Shixiong.” When Kong Hou found Cheng Yi, Cheng Yi was inspecting the defensive formations that Auspicious Pavilion had set up recently. While Cheng Yi mainly cultivated the sword path, he also had great skill in formations. Among the middle generation of disciples in Splendid Cloud Sect, other than Wu Chuan, he was the highest-ranking.

Cheng Yi switched the position of two talismans and rolled down his sleeves. “How is it that you came here?”

Kong Hou smiled at the unfamiliar Auspicious Pavilion disciples. She turned and told Cheng Yi, “Eldest Shixiong, I have something to say to you.”

Cheng Yi glanced at her and motioned for the Auspicious Pavilion disciples not to follow them. He led Kong Hou to a stone table in the middle of the courtyard. “Speak. Do you lack spirit stones or do you want talismans?”

Shaking her head gently, Kong Hou poured a cup of tea and held it out to Cheng Yi with both hands. “None of the above.”

“Oh?” Cheng Yi sipped the tea. “Then what is it?”

Shixiong, I want to travel to Kui City in two days.” Kong Hou felt slightly guilty. “With you here at Auspicious Pavilion, I will not worry.”

“Together with Huan Zhong?” Cheng Yi put down his teacup, his expression neither angered nor happy. Kong Hou felt even more guilty. She lowered her head and nodded.

“I hear the peach blossom pastries of Kui City are delicious. Remember to mail some back to me when you get there.” Cheng Yi smiled. “Kui City is far. I do not like to travel far, so I will not come with you.”

Shixiong…” Kong Hou peeked at Cheng Yi. “You do not blame me?”

“Why should I blame you? You left the sect to travel and gain experience. Should I require you to accompany me and stay at Auspicious Pavilion?” Cheng Yi looked at the docile-looking young girl in front of him. His smile became even gentler. “Also, you have Elder Lin and Path Friend Huan Zhong, two powerful people, with you. In the company of those two, you will learn more.” He touched the signet ring on his hand. After travelling around, she learned to make talismans. If she stayed a while longer with Elder Lin and Path Friend Huan Zhong, maybe she would even learn how to make formations, seals, and tame beasts.

“I want to spend more time with you.” Kong Hou put her hands around her face and blinked her eyes at Cheng Yi. “If I leave prematurely, will you not be sad?”

“I will be, but having you stay with us constantly will harm you.” Cheng Yi smiled. “I understand your heart, but cultivators should not be restrained by common traditions. Also, Lingyou World is only so big. If I miss you, I will come find you.”

Shixiong…” Kong Hou put her hands down and hugged Cheng Yi’s arm. She showed a big smile to him. “You are so good.”

Outside the courtyard gates, Huan Zhong stood on the stone stairs and looked at the two fellow apprentices hugging together. He withdrew his gaze and turned to walk away.

“Spirit Master Huan Zhong.” Pavilion Master Sun walked out of nowhere and bowed to Huan Zhong. “Spirit Master, please wait.”

“Pavilion Master, is there a matter?” Huan Zhong returned the greeting.

“No major matter. Just now, a guest came to visit. I see this person’s fate has some relation to Spirit Master, and have meddled by telling Spirit Master,” Pavilion Master Sun said. “If this person is a descendant of yours, you could take a look.”

“What is this person’s surname?”

“The crown prince of Lingyou World’s imperial family, Chu Ji Xuan,” Pavilion Master Sun said. “He asked me to divine the fate of Chu Family’s country.” For cultivators, the imperial family was a noble decoration. They respected members of the imperial family but did not truly think highly of them. Things like the fate of a country should not be rashly divined. The Chu Family member came asking him because he once owed the Chu Family a favor. However, this favor was not enough for him to actually make the reading. It depended on the attitude of this Spirit Master Huan Zhong.

Pavilion Master Sun was a smart person. He knew divination, and he also knew how to scheme.

Huan Zhong heard Pavilion Master Sun’s unspoken meaning. He said with a calm expression, “The fate of the country is determined by the heavens; whether or not it is divined is secondary. However, I do have some connection to the Chu Family. If Pavilion Master doesn’t mind, I desire to meet this person.”

“Please come this way.” Pavilion Master Sun saw Huan Zhong’s cool expression and knew that Huan Zhong did not feel any closeness to this imperial prince who may be a descendant of his relative.

Chu Ji Xuan’s status in the imperial family was special because his birth mother was a cultivator and he had a spirit base. For generations, the Chu Family had been protected by the dragon energy. They had ruled Lingyou World for several centuries and had unrivalled status. However, they seemed to be cursed. Almost all their descendants did not have spirit bases to cultivate with. Occasionally, a person would have a spirit base, but they were stupid in talent and had a difficult time advancing in cultivation.

Ever since he had been tested as having a triad spirit base, Father-Emperor had been especially overjoyed. He said that an outstandingly talented cultivator had once appeared among the ancestors of the Chu Family. However, something had happened in the past and the records on this old forebear were sparse. Even his name had not been left behind, just his ranking among the imperial sons.

He desired to join a sect, but major sects did not accept him, and smaller sects did not dare to. In these past years, he had been taught by a nomad cultivator invited to the palace, and now he had just Energy Refinement fifth level cultivation.

After sitting on the mat for a while, he heard footsteps outside the door. He put down the teacup in his hand, neatened his robes and turned to face the door.

The carved wooden door opened. Walking in at the front was not Pavilion Master Sun, but an outstanding white-robed man. A few days ago, he had seen this person on the streets. He had not expected to meet him again today.

“Greetings to Elder.”

“You are not a cultivator, so there is no need to call me based on seniority. Just call me Spirit Master.” Huan Zhong walked to the guest seat and sat down. He turned and looked at Pavilion Master Sun who had followed him. Pavilion Master Sun obediently sat down on the main seat, silent as he maintained a smile.

Chu Ji Xuan was stunned by the other’s icy attitude. He obediently bowed and said, “Yes, Spirit Master.”

Last time, he had been incorrect. This spirit master did not seem like a forebear of the Chu Family. The Chu Family could not raise this kind of imposing presence.

“I hear you want to divine the fate of Chu Family’s country?” Huan Zhong’s expression was grave, his brow harsh. “The fate of a country is connected to its people—how can it be divined just because you wish it?”

“Spirit… Spirit Master is right.” Chu Ji Xuan’s knees felt weak. In front of this handsome spirit master, he felt as though he was a grandson being scolded by his grandfather, moreover a very cowardly grandson.

“This Spirit Master Huan Zhong is an expert from Radiance Sect,” Pavilion Master Sun added from the side with a smile.

Hearing this, Chu Ji Xuan’s knees felt even weaker. If this expert was willing to take him to Radiance Sect to cultivate, he would be willing to be this person’s great-grandson, much less his grandson. He had come to Auspicious Pavilion flaunting the excuse of the country’s fate, but in reality, he wanted to join a cultivation sect.

Ru Yi was his wife and had been accepted by Water Moon Sect as disciple. If he did not cultivate, even if Ru Yi did not disdain him, he would not be able to accompany her for long due to the problem of longevity.

“Ji Xuan dares to ask Spirit Master—could this one join your honored sect?” Chu Ji Xuan’s face was pale, his arms trembling, but he still bowed deeply to Huan Zhong. He was not an idiot. He could see the person with the power here was this Radiance Sect’s Spirit Master Huan Zhong, and not Pavilion Master Sun.

“Insufficient talent, and before reaching Base Building Stage, you already lost your virginity.” Huan Zhong’s tone was cool. “Your Highness does not meet the qualifications to be a disciple of my sect.”

Chu Ji Xuan: “…”

This refusal was so direct his heart felt pain.

“I observe that Your Highness already has some cultivation. Why do you not cultivate from the palace?” Pavilion Master Sun brushed his beard and said, “If you join a sect, you will have to abandon your status and act according to the rules of the sect. Will this not make you feel wronged?”

“If I can join a sect, so what if I throw away these false reputations?” Chu Ji Xuan kowtowed and said, “Please, Spirit Master and Pavilion Master, believe in this one’s sincerity.”

Pavilion Master Sun sighed. “It’s not that I do not wish to help you. However, Auspicious Pavilion only accepts disciples skilled in divination. Your Highness’ talents do not seem to be suited to the path of divination. If Your Highness does not object my overstep in asking, will you tell me what you are most skilled in?”

Chu Ji Xuan: “…”

When he was young, he was trained as the successor to the throne. Then his father-emperor discovered he had a spirit base and asked a nomad cultivator to the palace to teach him. In the later years, they tried to send gifts to the ten major sects in the hopes they would accept him. However, the ten sects were upright and refused all bribery. Up until now, he was unable to join any sect. Spirit Master Huan Zhong might be the highest-ranking cultivator of all he had ever met.

Huan Zhong looked critically at Chu Ji Xuan. Lacking talent, with ordinary mentality, and already had physical relations with a woman. He did not have any special ability. A person in his twenties still at Energy Refinement Stage. The descendants of the Chu Family were declining with each generation.

Pavilion Master Sun saw Chu Ji Xuan could not say what he was skilled in and coughed. “Your Highness, think—is there nothing you are interested in?”

Chu Ji Xuan seemed to think of something. He peeked at Huan Zhong, his face and ears red. Huan Zhong raised an eyebrow, his tone as cold as snow. “Speak.”

“I, I want to cook.” When Chu Ji Xuan had been very young, he had secretly seen the imperial chefs cooking in the imperial kitchen. That lightning fast knife, the briskness when they held the pot and flipped it. He developed a great interest in cooking.

But as a member of the imperial family, if he just went near the kitchen, the servants would scream, not to mention if he cooked. After so many years, he only dared to cook a few dishes secretly for Ru Yi to eat when they were travelling.

“This really is…” Pavilion Master Sun detected Huan Zhong looking at him. The words rolled around his mouth and turned into—”a very interesting fondness.”

In the entire cultivation world, cultivators that cultivated through cooking were… extremely rare. The only sect that accepted cook cultivators was Five Flavors Manor. However, Auspicious Pavilion did not have any ties to Five Flavors Manor. He could not help even if he wanted to.

In reality, Spirit Master Huan Zhong could help. Spirit Master Bai An of Five Flavors Manor and Harmonious Wind Study had ties. Harmonious Wind Study was also a subordinate sect of Radiance Sect. Spirit Master Huan Zhong was an apprentice of Radiance Sect. If he asked for help, it would not be difficult for His Highness Chu to join Five Flavors Manor.

Yet the biggest problem was that Spirit Master Huan Zhong did not appear to be willing to help.

Thinking about the favor he owed the Chu Imperial family, Pavilion Master Sun desired to say a few words on Chu Ji Xuan’s behalf. However, Spirit Master Huan Zhong had already risen and was walking outside.

Pavilion Master Sun stilled. He did not intend to talk anymore?

“Huan Zhong?” Coming out of Eldest Shixiong‘s courtyard, Kong Hou originally wanted to find Pavilion Master Sun and discuss the Cloud Seeking Tree. But when she heard the disciple guarding the courtyard say that Pavilion Master Sun was receiving guests, she prepared to leave. She had not expected Huan Zhong to walk out.

The guest Pavilion Master Sun was receiving was Huan Zhong?

“What are you standing outside for?” Huan Zhong raised his hand. “Come.”

“Is it all right for me to come?” Kong Hou felt she should not disturb them.

“No matter, just a junior descended from one of my ancestors. Technically, he should call you Great Grand Shishu.” Huan Zhong took Kong Hou and walked back in. “This child does not have any talent, his mind is also average. However, he has a relatively innocent character, and he likes cooking. I plan to recommend him to Five Flavors Manor and hope that Spirit Master Bai An will give me some face.”

“Five Flavors Manor is a good place to go to.” Hearing that the junior of Huan Zhong’s family liked cooking, Kong Hou felt positively towards him without even meeting him. “Food is the god of the people. It is good to cultivate with cooking; this junior will have a good future.”

Huan Zhong: “…”

“However, do not let him call me Great Grand Shishu. It sounds too old. I’m afraid that it will affect my good feelings towards him,” Kong Hou said, half joking and half serious. “Huan Zhong, do not be so serious. You are not dozens of generations above him—it is displeasing to add a “grand” in front.”

Huan Zhong: “…”

Ever since Huan Zhong had left, Chu Ji Xuan became anxious. Because Pavilion Master Sun was still present, he barely managed to maintain the elegance a member of the imperial family should have. When footsteps sounded outside the door again, he peeked out. Seeing Spirit Master Huan Zhong walking in again, he sighed secretly in relief.

Wasn’t the young girl behind Spirit Master the girl who had been walking with him a few days ago?

“Celestial, please be seated.” Pavilion Master Sun stood and bowed to Kong Hou.

“Pavilion Master Sun, no need to be so courteous.” Kong Hou returned the greeting. She looked at Chu Ji Xuan who was kneeling. From his brow, she could make out a shadow of Huan Zhong. However, in terms of presence and appearance, he could not compare to Huan Zhong.

Seeing Pavilion Master Sun having to bow to this young miss who walked in the door, Chu Ji Xuan hurriedly stood and bowed.

“No need, no need, please sit down.” Kong Hou took out two bottles of pills and shoved them at Chu Ji Xuan. “I have nothing good to give you. Take these two bottles of spirit-gathering pills; do not scorn them.”

Spirit-gathering pills which could gather spirit energy were mostly things that the core disciples of sects could have. Chu Ji Xuan would not scorn them. But why did this celestial immediately give him gifts? Was this a new tradition in fashion in the cultivation world? Or rather…

His body and heart all belonged to Ru Yi. He would absolutely not submit for two bottles of spirit-gathering pills.

“This is too valuable; this one does not dare to accept it. Please, Celestial, take them back.” Chu Ji Xuan bowed and handed the spirit-gathering pills back to Kong Hou with both hands.

“Celestial Kong Hou is the last apprentice of Splendid Cloud Sect’s Moon Perching Peak Master.” Pavilion Master Sun saw Chu Ji Xuan acting so seriously, and added, “Since Celestial gave them to you, accept them.”

Chu Ji Xuan glanced at Pavilion Master Sun. Seeing Celestial Kong Hou’s clear eyes which did not hold any other intentions, he bowed deeply and said, “Thank you, Celestial.”

“No need to be so polite.” Kong Hou walked next to Huan Zhong and sat down. “I heard Huan Zhong say you want to cultivate through cooking?”

Chu Ji Xuan knew that the cooking path was one that was not accepted among mainstream cultivators. However, facing Kong Hou’s inquiring gaze, he gritted his teeth and nodded.

“Your fingers are strong and long; cultivating through cookery suits you.” Kong Hou thought for a moment. “Huan Zhong, when we travel to Kui City, we will pass Five Flavors Manor. Why don’t we depart tomorrow, send him to Five Flavors Manor and then go to Kui City?”

“How, how can this one bother Celestial?” Chu Ji Xuan was both excited and moved. He had not thought that a celestial of the ten major sects would be so kind. She did not look down on him for wanting to cultivate through cooking, and even decided to send him to a sect.

“No matter, it is along the way,” Kong Hou said. “You could be considered one of my descendants—this minor matter is not a bother.”


A light flashed through Chu Ji Xuan’s mind. Had the ancestral records been incorrect? Was the forebear who became a cultivator not a prince, but a princess? He looked at Kong Hou again. This was a young girl with a fine brow and bright eyes, beautiful and in her teens. The ancestral record said that when the ancestor had been taken away by the cultivators, he had not been ten yet. If the ancestor had profound cultivation, it would not be strange if the ancestor looked very young right now.

After realizing this, Chu Ji Xuan’s eyes became friendly and close as he looked at Kong Hou.

Even if she looked very young, it was his great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, or, in brief, his great-grandmother.

“Huan Zhong, how do you feel?” Kong Hou asked.

“As you say.” Huan Zhong nodded and said sternly to Chu Ji Xuan. “If you are able to join Five Flavors Manor, remember to focus on your cultivation, abandon your status as a prince, and respect your masters. Remember that.”

Kong Hou looked in shock at Huan Zhong. Abandon his status as prince? Huan Zhong’s descendant was a prince—was he also from an imperial family?

“Thank you, Spirit Master, for your teachings. This one will remember.” Chu Ji Xuan felt slightly puzzled. What was the relationship between this spirit master and his great-grandmother, and why did the spirit master lecture him as though the other was an elder? Could it be that…

He looked between the pair, and his eyes showed some realization.

It was not strange for cultivators to become couples. This Spirit Master Huan Zhong’s personality was cold, but he had an outstanding appearance and he came from a famed sect. He would accept this person as suitable for his great-grandmother.

“Huan Zhong is correct.” Kong Hou saw Chu Ji Xuan look between her and Huan Zhong, and thought that he was frightened by Huan Zhong’s stern tone. “After joining the sect, your past status will disappear. If you cannot let it go, you will not be able to go onto the path of cultivation.”

“Yes, junior with remember this. Please, Great-Grandmother, do not worry.” Chu Ji Xuan gave Kong Hou the bow of a junior.

What was this strange name—Great-Grandmother?, Even worse than Great Grand Shishu. Kong Hou’s eyebrow twitched. But after seeing Chu Ji Xuan look so obedient, she swallowed her words.

Fine, for Huan Zhong, she would not argue with him.

After Chu Ji Xuan returned to his rooms, he told his wife Ru Yi how he encountered one of his ancestors. “Great-Grandmother will personally send me to Five Flavors Manor to meet the manor master. Ru Yu, I will be able to accompany you in cultivation.”

“Did the ancestral records not say that it was the fifth imperial son who cultivated?” After Ru Yi celebrated with Chu Ji Xuan, and the two lay in bed, Ru Yi remembered this matter. How did the prince become a princess?

“The ancestral record is a copy transcribed a few decades ago. It is not strange for some mistakes to occur in the copy concerning matters from three hundred years ago,” Chu Ji Xuan said. “Great-Grandmother’s name is Kong Hou, and she is an apprentice of Splendid Cloud Sect.”

“Kong Hou…” Ru Yi was thoughtful. She seemed to have heard this name somewhere. Seeing the smile on Chu Ji Xuan’s face, she said, “Tomorrow, I have to go to Water Moon Sect. It is good that Celestial Kong Hou will help you. Otherwise, I would rather not join Water Moon Sect. I do not want to leave you alone.”

“What a stupid thing to say…”

When the time for separation came close, the husband and wife had endless things to say. They wanted the night to be longer and longer.

Kong Hou did not have a good sleep. In her dreams, she saw an energetic large man chase her and call her grandmother. She became so angry she gave a beating to the large man in her dreams. She was a young girl of sixteen—why did other people call her grandmother?

She was so angry she got out of bed. Kong Hou changed into a bright-colored dress. After she looked in the mirror for a while, her emotions finally calmed down. Coming out of the courtyard, she saw Chu Ji Xuan crouching by the doors.

“Greetings to Great-Grandmother.” Chu Ji Xuan saw Kong Hou come out and bowed to her. “Good morning, Great-Grandmother.”

Kong Hou: “…”

She silently patted her chest to calm her pained heart. “I will take you to see Huan Zhong.” If he kept on calling her this, she would age prematurely. After leading Chu Ji Xuan to Huan Zhong”s door, Kong Hou pointed at the door. “Go in by yourself. I have to bid farewell to my shixiong.”

“Yes, Great-Grandmother. Take care.” Chu Ji Xuan nodded obediently.

Yet Kong Hou felt at this moment that while this young person looked similar to Huan Zhong, he was not as likable as Huan Zhong.

The moment Kong Hou left, the door behind Chu Ji Xuan opened. Huan Zhong glanced at him. “Why are you standing outside? Come in.”

“Yes.” When he met Spirit Master Huan Zhong’s gaze, Chu Ji Xuan couldn’t help but go weak at the knees. He obeyed.

“From when you started cultivating until now, how many years has it been?” Huan Zhong saw Ji Xuan’s dejected appearance and his brow creased slightly.

“Junior started cultivating at seven years of age, and has cultivated for fifteen years,” Chu Ji Xuan responded honestly. “My grand tutor, a Core Formation Stage nomad cultivator, taught me cultivation.” He had reached Energy Refinement fifth level after fifteen years, and Grand Tutor said this kind of talent was very good in the cultivation world. If he had been able to join a sect at the start, he might even have Energy Refinement level eight cultivation.

“You spent fifteen years and only reached Energy Refinement fifth level?” Huan Zhong’s brow furrowed even tighter. But seeing Chu Ji Xuan’s slightly timid state, he did not say any severe words. He took out several books that Energy Refinement cultivators had to read, and threw them at him. “Memorize these.”

“Spirit Master, thank you for the gift of books.” Chu Ji Xuan was overjoyed. This Spirit Master Huan Zhong looked hard to interact with, but he had a good heart.

Two hours later, Kong Hou and Huan Zhong prepared to leave Auspicious Pavilion’s gates under the reluctant gazes of Auspicious Pavilion.

“Celestial Kong Hou, please wait,” Hong Ling chased after them and said, “Yesterday, I made a reading. Today, it is best if you step with your right foot when stepping out the gates.”

“Thank you for telling me.” Kong Hou put down her left foot which was in the air and extended her right foot.

“Everyone, please take care.” Kong Hou’s gaze swept the crowd and stopped on Cheng Yi at the end. Cheng Yi smiled at her and said, “Pay attention to your health when travelling. Do not worry about the matters of the sect; we are there.”

Kong Hou turned and ran back. She hugged Cheng Yi before turning again and stepping out the gates with her right foot first. She jumped onto the carriage without looking back.

Huan Zhong’s gaze lingered on Cheng Yi’s right thumb. He turned and followed Kong Hou onto the carriage.

In a chorus of farewells, the carriage moved. Huan Zhong saw that Kong Hou did not look very energized. He took out a talisman from his storage ring that one of his elders had given him back in his youth. “For you.”

“What is this?” Kong Hou looked at the dancing little people in the glass ball. She held the glass ball closer to her. “There is a small formation inside?”

“Yes.” Huan Zhong saw Kong Hou’s eyes become bright again, and his brow softened. He reached out and tapped gently on the crystal ball. The dancing beauty inside the crystal ball turned into a mirage and flew out of the ball. It started to dance and fly in front of Kong Hou’s eyes.

After a dance, the shadow turned small again and was sealed back into the crystal ball.

“Like a dream and a fantasy—really a celestial immortal.” Kong Hou held the crystal ball. She turned and saw Chu Ji Xuan staring unblinkingly at the crystal ball in her hand from his position in the corner of the carriage. “You like this?”

“No, no.” Chu Ji Xuan hurriedly shook his head.

“If you like it, ask your great-grandfather to give you some playthings.” Kong Hou felt that she should not be the only one that prematurely ages. “Huan Zhong, yes?”

“Boys should not play with these.” Huan Zhong took out some offensive talismans from his storage ring and put them in front of Chu Ji Xuan. “Pick from these.”

Chu Ji Xuan said, “No, no, no, Spirit Master, thank you for your good intentions. Junior will accept your goodwill.” These talismans were bright with light. With a glance, he could tell they were good. As a junior, he could not let his great-grandmother owe people favors.

“He is your great-grandfather; do not call him spirit master.” Kong Hou played with the crystal ball. Seeing Chu Ji Xuan not accept Huan Zhong’s things, she said, “You cannot refuse what your elders give you. Accept them.”

“Thank you… Great-Grandfather.” Chu Ji Xuan did not even look and picked one out of the pile of talismans.

“Yes.” Huan Zhong nodded slightly. “No need to thank me.”

Seeing Chu Ji Xuan so docile, if Huan Zhong were not here, Kong Hou would not dare believe this was an imperial prince.

“Junior did not know of Great-Grandmother and Great-Grandfather’s relationship, and has not conducted my dues properly. Great-Grandfather, please forgive me.” After receiving a valuable gift, Chu Ji Xuan felt he should say some good things to gain the favor of the two elders. “I hope that Great-Grandfather and Great-Grandmother will ascend early and never separate in your love.”

Huan Zhong heard the words “never separate in your love.” His ear tips burned red in anger, and his heart stuttered. “Unfilial grandson, do not speak nonsense!”

“Ha?” Kong Hou stilled for a long moment before she thought of what Chu Ji Xuan could have misunderstood. No wonder he called her Great-Grandmother. After understanding this, Kong Hou immediately started to laugh, holding her stomach. She laughed until she rolled around the carriage and until she hit the cushions, her hairpins in disarray, and her breathing irregular. She could not stop.

“Huan Zhong, your junior is so amusing, hahaha.” Kong Hou held her stomach as she snorted. “My belly hurts, my belly hurts.”

Chu Ji Xuan: “…”

So… this Celestial Kong Hou was not an elder of the Chu Family, this Spirit Master Huan Zhong was?

No, the Chu Family was going to expel him.

Huan Zhong saw Kong Hou was crying in her laughter and reached out to pull her out of the cushions so her head would not hit the corner. “Careful.”

He put a mind calming pill into Kong Hou’s mouth. Huan Zhong turned and said to Chu Ji Xuan, “Absurd!”

Kong Hou was so young, how could he and she…

So absurd!

How could he have such a stupid grandnephew?

“It’s all right, he did not know.” After swallowing the mind calming pill, Kong Hou recovered. Seeing Chu Ji Xuan’s face white from fright, she pulled Huan Zhong’s sleeve. “Do not frighten the junior.”

Huan Zhong looked down at the white fingers pulling his sleeve and lowered his face. “Yes.”

Those soft ear tips were now as red as though they were bleeding.

Translator Ramblings: Poor Chu Ji Xuan … this was a long chapter.

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