Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 75 “Treasure Chest”

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Chapter 75: Treasure Chest

Under the moonlight, the manor was shrouded in peace. The stone monument outside the manor gates stood silently under the moon. On its back where the moonlight did not shine, two words could be made out.

Dream Manor.

When people learned to think, they already knew to dream. While cultivators knew to comprehend the paths of the universe, cultivators, strictly speaking, were still mortals and could not be considered immortals.

Kong Hou lay on her own bed, wrapped the soft blankets around her and slept. The ribbon tied to her wrist gave off faint light in the darkness, just like a small lantern illuminating the dim room.

She started to dream again. Strangely, this time, she was not in the dream. She was an objective observer who could see everything that occurred but could not join in.

In the dream, heavy snow came down on Splendid Cloud Sect, and the entire mountain was covered in white snow. However, even more eye-catching than the white snow were the white banners hanging off the gates and the roofs as well as Qing Yuan Shishu who was kneeling in the memorial hall.

Compared to Qing Yuan Shishu of reality who had a ruddy complexion, the Qing Yuan Shishu of the dream looked both thin and fragile, his face full of guilt. Outside the memorial hall, Eldest Shixiong and Second Shixiong were desolate as they allowed the snow to accumulate on their heads. Soon, she saw other familiar people of Splendid Cloud Mountain, but she did not see Master.

Where had Master gone?

She wanted to find Master but she could not control the world in the dream. She did not find Master, but she saw the Du father and son in Mound City have a conflict with Clear Dawn Sect’s Ling Bo and almost fight. At this time, the evil cultivator who had disguised himself as an ordinary cultivator took the opportunity to kill Du Jing. After this, Mound City made a rule to stop Clear Dawn Sect’s disciples from entering the city.

Why was it like this? Kong Hou watched as the nomad cultivators in the dream believed in the evil cultivator’s words, and the relationship with sect disciples worsened. She watched as some of the talented disciples of Cool Breeze Sect were killed by evil cultivators and their spirit platform’s spirit energy was stolen. Also, Willow Speech Sect and Green Jade Sect’s conflict intensified due to the sect disciple of Willow Speech Sect destroying the engagement on the same day. It worsened to the point where the disciples of the two sects would fight if they met, and they would even injure innocent people in their battles.

in this dream, she did not appear, Huan Zhong did not appear. Everything seemed to have nothing to do with them.

Where was Huan Zhong, where was Elder Lin—where did they go?

That was an evil cultivator, do not believe him!

Kong Hou wanted to awaken the nomad cultivators who had terrible relationships with the sect disciples but she could not speak. She could only watch the scenes and helplessly accept everything in her panic.

Then Kong Hou gradually understood. This dream was specifically to get to her. The more she did not want something to happen, something would definitely happen. The more she wanted to see someone, it would not let her see them.

After understanding this, Kong Hou was not in a hurry. She relaxed her body and mind, and tried to see if she could use her resolve to change the direction of the dream. But this dream was extremely stubborn. It would not let Kong Hou change the dream, and also constantly let her see how grand the evil cultivators had it.

Kong Hou became angry, and then so angry she woke up. Her blanket had fallen to the ground. Rain drummed on the window. Sometime in the night, rain had started again.

She jumped off the bed, picked up her blanket and threw it into the storage ring and then found the box in the corner had opened. She put a few defensive seals on her. Kong Hou carefully moved closer.

The box did not attack. Inside was a secret cultivation manual, a sword manual, and all kinds of precious stones. The secret manual and the sword manual were yellowed. She did not know many years they had been stored.

Five hundred years ago when the secret realm had been open, no one had taken these two secret manuals. This meant that no one had entered this room or maybe they had not passed the test of the secret realm.

However, how had she passed the secret realm’s test—just because of this infuriating dream?

“So this is compensation for me?” Kong Hou took out the sword manual. She looked at it and then put it into her storage ring, uninterested. She would give it to Huan Zhong.

She opened the secret manual. Inside were the conclusions reached by the manual’s owner, as well as what the mental state of cultivators should be. This seemed more interesting. As to the cultivation method in there, Kong Hou did not see anything special about it. Most of the cultivation methods in the cultivation world were widely spread. The cultivation methods that this book mentioned could be found in the cultivation books that were published now.

As to the other cultivation methods which had not been tested, Kong Hou did not dare to test out of fear something would occur to her meridians. She would mail this back to the sect so Master, and the shishu could discuss it together. That was more reliable.

When one had elders to rely on, one could not waste it.

As to the spirit stones, talismans and other articles, Kong Hou used a storage bag to hold them and put it into her storage ring. She did not know if Elder Lin and Huan Zhong got anything. If they had not, she could share some with them to comfort their disappointment.

The night was dreamless. When Lin Hu woke up in the morning, the sun was high up in the sky. He frowned. Last night, he slept so deeply he lost his wariness. After dressing, he pushed open the door. When he passed Jin Ling and Ling Bo’s rooms, he heard regular breathing from within. There was also sound from within Miss Kong Hou’s room. He was reassured and walked towards Huan Zhong’s room.

“Master?” He knocked on the door, and heard Master make a sound of affirmation. He gently pushed open the door and saw Master standing in the room. The box in the corner was open and filled with jade items, jewelry and spirit stones. There were so many spirit stones and precious stones they spilled out.

“Someone came in last night?” Lin Hu walked next to Huan Zhong and looked at the mountain of spirit stones with slight anxiousness.

“No one came.” Huan Zhong shook his head. Last night, he had set several boundaries up on the door and only took them down when Lin Hu knocked.

Lin Hu rubbed his chin. Had Miss Kong Hou been correct and something was strange with these boxes?

“Did Master encounter anything strange last night?” The secret realm tests were all varied and strange. Who knew how Master had moved the secret realm to the point it gave Master such a pile of gifts.

“Last night… I had a dream.” Huan Zhong frowned. Clearly, the dream had not been good and he did not want to think about it.

Lin Hu saw this and did not press. However, his tone was slightly worn out. “My room had nothing.” He bent down and inspected the things in the box. The talismans were real, the spirit stones were real. There was also a five-colored ribbon mantle in the box which had great offensive power. This was a divine talisman of the highest quality.

Turning his head, he saw Master had changed back into white robes. Lin Hu could not imagine Master using the mantle.

“Is something wrong with this ribbon mantle?” Seeing Lin Hu holding the mantle for a long time, Huan Zhong’s gaze when he looked at the mantle became slightly regretful.

“No problem.” Lin Hu shook his head and folded the mantle.

Huan Zhong took the mantle from his hand. He took out a brocade box from his storage ring and put the mantle within. “Kong Hou can use this.”

“Master, you treat Miss Kong Hou like your daughter.” Lin Hu picked up the spirit stones from the ground and used a bag to put the spirit stones and precious stones together while keeping the talismans to the side.

“I have not married—where would I have a daughter?” Huan Zhong closed the box and gently put it on the table. Hearing footsteps outside, he stood and walked towards the door.

“Huan Zhong, have you woken up?”

Huan Zhong opened the door and saw the young girl standing under the damp eaves with a yellowed book in her hands.

“Did you sleep well last night?” Huan Zhong turned sideways to let Kong Hou in. He turned and found that Ling Bo’s door seemed about to open so he closed the door and walked next to Kong Hou.

“Not very well.” Kong Hou handed the sword manual to Huan Zhong. “I received a sword manual. I do not know how good it is—take it.” Finishing, she hesitated for a moment. “If it useful to sword cultivators like you, I will make a copy and send it back to the sect.”

Wu Chuan Shixiong and Eldest Shixiong both cultivated the sword. If Huan Zhong could use this, they definitely could.

Huan Zhong took the sword manual. Seeing the words “Sword of Heaven and Earth” written on it, his expression changed. Flipping open the book, he saw “When a gentleman learns the sword, they should stand among the heavens and earth, so this swordsmanship is called the sword of Heaven and earth. Those that learn this sword should be gentlemen. Those who are not shall die when they read the book.”

This kind of curse was frequently seen a thousand years ago. People of different sects had different cultivation methods. To avoid other people learning their skills, many sects would write things such as “those not of my sect will not be able to achieve the path through learning this art” on their own cultivation manuals.

The elders of these sects would never have known that a thousand years later, all the secret manuals of the sects would no longer be secrets. The sects gathered their best skills, and wrote the most logical and perfect cultivation handbooks.

Times changed—that was the truth since ancient times.

But Sword of Heaven and Earth was different. Supposedly, this sword method had been created by a sword cultivator who had ascended three thousand years ago who had gathered together the best of the cultivation world at the time. The day one mastered the sword, they could destroy the heavens and earth, and cause the stars to shift.

However, after this sword cultivator ascended, the sword method did not pass down, only the legends about the sword of heaven and earth.

A legendary sword method suddenly appeared like this in front of him, and the giver was so casual.

“Master, what is it?” Lin Hu found Huan Zhong dazing as he looked at the book. He was puzzled. Had Miss Kong Hou given Master some improper book?

He walked over and looked. Then he thought something was wrong with his eyes.

“Sword of Heaven and Earth?”

Was this just a coincidence of the same name?

No matter if it was the real Sword of Heaven and Earth or not, but a divine artifact perfect for a female to use appeared in Master’s room, and Miss Kong Hou, a sound cultivator, had a sword manual appear. This secret realm was so inconsiderate in giving its gifts?

“It is true.” Huan Zhong turned to look at Lin Hu. “This is the legendary Sword of Heaven and Earth.”

Lin Hu: “…”

He turned and looked at Kong Hou. If Miss Kong Hou continued to be so generous, Master would most likely have to work like an ox and serve her this entire life to pay her back.

Of course this was not the most important. In this group of three, why was he the only one who did not get anything?

“Miss Kong Hou, are you in your room? I have a box of spirit stones in my room; has anything happened in your room?”

Hearing Ling Bo’s shout in the courtyard, Lin Hu touched his unremarkable face.

Translator Ramblings: Poor Lin Hu … once again.

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