Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 104 “Wrong Position”

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Chapter 104: Wrong Position

“Master, what are you thinking?” Kong Hou laughed. “Huan Zhong is a peak master of Radiance Sect. If he turns to our sect, I don’t know what kind of fuss the cultivation world would make.”

Wang Tong laughed loudly upon hearing this, and gave all the good things he had collected recently to Kong Hou. “Master is joking with you.” Even if Zhong Xi really wanted to join Splendid Cloud Sect, Splendid Cloud Sect would not dare rashly accept him. A cultivation genius like Spirit Master Zhong Xi was only suited to Radiance Sect. The best choice for Splendid Cloud Sect was to have a good relationship with him.

“Master, you went to irritate Qing Yuan Shishu again?” Kong Hou found several bottles of pill medicines. No one in the sect except Qing Yuan Shishu and Shu Jiu Grand Shishu could forge them. Master was usually a sloppy person, but still very obedient in front of elders. So these things could only come from Qing Yuan Shishu.

“Yes, these pills are all ones without side effects but good for the body. You need them in your cultivation. Why can’t I steal more?” Wang Tong said unhappily. “A while ago, he stole some talismans I had just made. I cannot lose out in this matter.”

Kong Hou: “…”

Master and Shishu thought the days on the mountain were boring and wanted to find some things to do?


Nine Phoenix Sect was residing in a courtyard in the east. Ever since Peak Master Zhi He left the gates, Ling Yue hadn’t had a good expression. The other three disciples knew Ling Yue was not in a good mood and did not dare to provoke her. They stood with their swords in the courtyard and practiced.

Soon, an apprentice of Splendid Cloud Sect came and said the banquet was being held tonight. They all accepted to attend. They had heard long ago that Harmonious City’s food was amazing. Even if their desire for good food was not heavy, they felt some anticipation.

Soon, they saw the peak master return, but for some reason, he looked slightly depressed. When Ling Yue saw Peak Master Zhi He’s expression, her own depression lessened. Seeing Shishu like this, she knew the marriage hadn’t been accepted.

“Ling Yue.” Zhi He called Ling Yue who had a pleased expression. “Did you know that Spirit Master Huan Zhong was Zhong Xi?”

“What?” Ling Yue almost didn’t believe her ears, and was unable to conceal her shocked expression. “Huan Zhong is Spirit Master Zhong Xi?”

Everyone knew of Spirit Master Zhong Xi. He was the embodiment of the sword. How could a man like this have a gentle expression and hold hands with a young girl?

Ling Yue had once seen the side profile of Spirit Master Zhong Xi. A century ago, she had been pursuing an evil cultivator who had killed innocent women. When she chased the evil cultivator to the mouth of a valley, she saw a white-robed man descend from the sky. The fleeing evil cultivator could not even dodge before Spirit Master Zhong Xi pierced him through the heart.

She had never seen such a cold man. He looked to be a fake person carved out of ice, so powerful he was inhuman. Just the profile was enough to make her feel cold.

Because she had seen Spirit Master Zhong Xi from a distance before, Ling Yue was unable to accept being with a man like that. She could not imagine an ice statue would change into a man.

“Yes, Spirit Master Huan Zhong admitted it himself. Huan Zhong is only his mortal name. His cultivation name is Zhong Xi.” Thinking how at the gates of Splendid Cloud Sect Spirit Master Zhong Xi had said in person that he and Ling Yue were not suitable, Zhi He felt slightly embarrassed. He saw Ling Yue had a strange expression and worried this matter would ruin her mood and affect her path. He urged, “Spirit Master Zhong Xi is an antisocial person—do not think much about it.”

Shishu, I am thinking something else.” Ling Yue shook her head. “Miss Kong Hou of Splendid Cloud Sect is really an amazing woman.”

Zhi He nodded. “Yes, young and already at Mind Activation Stage—her future is limitless.”

Ling Yue looked at Zhi He and didn’t speak.

Actually… she was not thinking that.

To turn a sword into a person—no ordinary person could do it. What marriage alliance? She wanted to see when the two would join and make all people’s jaws drop in shock. That was much more interesting than her entering a marriage alliance.


Outside Cheng Yi’s cave residence, Tan Feng had changed from a proper cross-legged position to one with his hand supporting his chin. As he looked at the clouds rolling around the mountain, his fingers tapped on his face. He wondered if Little Shimei had returned yet.

“Second Shixiong.” A woman in pink came from the clouds and accurately dropped in front of him. “I’ve returned; did you miss me?”

Tan Feng coughed at the dust that flew up and waved a hand in front of his nose. “Your cultivation grew, and so did your leg strength.”

Kong Hou giggled. “I was in a hurry to see you.” Then she took out a flying sword from her storage ring. “This is a flying sword personally forged by Spirit Master Zhong Xi—for you.”

“Little Shimei is great to have made an acquaintance with a person like Spirit Master Zhong Xi.” Tan Feng had been standing guard the entire time and didn’t know that Kong Hou had brought Spirit Master Huan Zhong back to the sect. He also didn’t know that Spirit Master Huan Zhong was Spirit Master Zhong Xi.

Tan Feng was interested in all swords. When Kong Hou had received Water Frost Sword from Elder Qiu Shuang, Tan Feng had felt great admiration. He hadn’t thought that Shimei would still remember and give him a sword she obtained from Spirit Master Zhong Xi.

The surface of the sword was unusually grand and had many seals. This was a first-class divine talisman. A person who could forge a sword like this was an expert, but from the appearance, it did not look like Spirit Master Zhong Xi’s work.

Tan Feng hesitated as he looked at the sword. “This is a rarity. But Shimei, did you buy this from someone else or really obtained it from Spirit Master Zhong Xi?” He worried that someone had fooled Shimei with a good talisman and said that Spirit Master Zhong Xi had made it. But who knew who was the true crafter.

Many people in the cultivation world made money like this. He feared Shimei had fallen victim.

“Of course he made it for you,” Kong Hou said. “I told him what kind of sword you liked, and he made one with me. Then had me give the sword to you after returning to the sect.”

“You mean that Spirit Master Zhong Xi made this just for me?” Tan Feng examined the sword for a long time before coming out of his joy. “Shimei, when you went travelling, did you learn bewitchment? Otherwise, how could a sword cultivator like Spirit Master Zhong Xi have such patience to make such an elaborate sword for me?”

“What do you mean?” Kong Hou snorted. “What kind of sword cultivator is Zhong Xi? He is good-looking, has a good temper—what is not good about him?”

“Please, don’t be angry, don’t be angry. I just don’t dare believe this is true.” Tan Feng hurriedly took a storage bag out of his storage ring. “This is the newest style of dresses I bought for you by saving on food and other things in the last few months, and also combs and hairpins. Just for them, do not hold a grudge.”

“Hmph.” Kong Hou took the storage bag and said, raising her chin, “When Shixiong comes back out, you will be even more shocked.”

Then she flew back into the clouds with the storage bag.

Looking at Little Shimei‘s back, Tan Feng touched the sword in his hand and laughed softly. Although she was away for half a year, Shimei was still the same as before.



Before the sun came up on the second day, a stone door halfway up Moon Perching Peak gave a muffled sound and slowly opened. In clean robes, Cheng Yi slowly walked out of the cave residence. He looked at the sunrise in the east and exhaled deeply.

After his cultivation reached Mind Manifestation Stage, when he looked at the world, he had a different comprehension. Then he saw his master, shidi and Kong Hou Shimei coming towards him. Cheng Yi had a smile on his face.

No matter what he perceived towards the world, only these three people looked at him with unchanging eyes.

The next day after Cheng Yi left seclusion, as the red sunrise lit the highest tree on the mountain, drums sounded in the sect.

Splendid Cloud Sect used drums to celebrate for disciples, and bells to send off disciples. When the first drumbeat sounded, the disciples of Splendid Cloud Sect stopped what they were doing and respectfully bowed to Black Sun Hall behind the main hall.

Shishu, today is Cheng Yi Shixiong‘s Mind Manifestation ceremony—why do we bow towards Black Sun Hall?” The newly joined disciples followed the steward teaching them in bowing. After the twelve drumbeats ended, a disciple finally dared to speak.

“We have what we do today because our predecessors built a great path of cultivation for us,” the steward of the Martial Hall said. “Black Sun Hall holds the memorial tablets of all the elders who passed away in the sect, and all the elders who ascended. Those with gratefulness will go farther. Right now, you are members of Splendid Cloud Sect and cannot forget this.”

“Yes.” Some disciples understood and bowed again in the direction of Black Sun Hall. Other people disagreed but didn’t show any disrespectful expressions.

The steward saw all this but did not emphasize this matter.

Some things were only done by those willing. There was no use in force. The good or bad of a future depended on these disciples.

With all the major sects attending, Cheng Yi’s Mind Manifestation ceremony was much more popular than predicted. Even Cheng Yi himself hadn’t expected so many cultivation elders to congratulate him.

When he heard that Spirit Master Zhong Xi of Radiance Sect had come, he almost couldn’t resist looking around.

Kong Hou stood among the apprentices, looking at Eldest Shixiong‘s shiny robe. Her smile could not be disguised. Ling Hui who stood next to her bumped her arm. “Kong Hou Shimei, I heard you conned Spirit Master Zhong Xi of Radiance Sect to the mountain?”

Kong Hou: “…”

Was the word “con” suitable?

Last night’s banquet had been for the sect master to welcome the honored guests. Because there were so many guests, their own sect disciples did not have seats, and they hadn’t seen if Spirit Master Zhong Xi was truly nine feet tall. Her gaze moved around. She did not see any male cultivator that was exceptionally tall.

“Radiance Sect has arrived.”

Hearing the disciple outside the door call, Ling Hui hurriedly went on tiptoes to look.

Oh, she did not see a nine feet tall man, but she did see a flawlessly beautiful and elegant one. She pulled Kong Hou with her hand hidden in her sleeve, and said using a sound art, [Shimei, a beauty!]

The beautiful man turned around and looked in their direction Then he slowly, slowly, showed a good-looking smile.

[A good looking man is fatal when smiling. Shimei, look, you must look at good-looking men as long as you can.]

Kong Hou turned to look at Ling Hui. At this moment, Ling Hui Shijie looked dignified and elegant. None of her inner excitement could be seen.

[Shijie, he is Spirit Master Zhong Xi.]

Ling Hui turned and glared at Kong Hou.

Kong Hou nodded silently at her, confirming she wasn’t lying.

Ling Hui: …

Then who was lying and said that Spirit Master Zhong Xi only had cultivation but a terrible appearance? The person who said such a thing was definitely a man. Because only other men would be jealous of a man’s appearance.

Tsk, jealousy made people ugly.

Huan Zhong passed through the examining gazes and walked towards Ling Hui and Kong Hou. Ling Hui took two steps back. It was better to observe good-looking men from afar. She felt pressure when near.

“Kong Hou.” Huan Zhong stood next to Kong Hou and smiled at her.

The surrounding Splendid Cloud Sect apprentices watched as Spirit Master Zhong Xi showed signs of taking root here. “…”

“Spirit Master Zhong Xi,” Ling Hui reminded subtly. “The guest seats are over there.”

Elder, you are in the wrong position.

Translator Ramblings: It’s lovely how the romantic “rivals” are really not rivals at all and pretty supportive of Kong Hou and Huan Zhong’s relationship.

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