Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 108 “Accepting People”

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Chapter 108: Accepting People

“Primary Luck Sect wants an urgent meeting?” Song He heard his disciple’s words and felt strange. A few days ago, he had bid farewell to the master of Primary Luck Sect. Shuang Qing could have told him of any matter then. Why wait for a disciple to come now?

While puzzled, he did not show his emotions, and Song He had someone invite the people from Primary Luck Sect.

Soon, a middle-aged man dressed in blue robes walked in and took out his token. “This subordinate is a servant of Primary Luck Sect’s sect master and has come with orders to report on an important matter to your honored sect.”

“Our sect master is in seclusion and will not see guests. If there is no important matter, you can come when the sect master is out of seclusion.” Song He told the Primary Luck Sect subordinate the situation of Radiance Sect.

“Sect Master said that if your honored sect’s master is not present, it is the same to tell the peak masters.” The subordinate took out a small wooden box. “The evil cultivators sent a puppet into our lowly sect and attempted to lure our disciples’ greed. Fortunately, the sect master discovered it, and the evil cultivator’s plan wasn’t able to succeed. This is the puppet that the evil cultivator left after being attacked by the sect master.”

Song He took the wooden box. He opened it and found a wooden puppet. This puppet was well crafted with several seals on it. The most powerful seal was the soul enchanting seal.

The soul enchanting seal did not completely control a person’ mind but could easily lure out the greed people felt. Those controlled by their greed would more easily throw away their original principles and beliefs to do things they usually wouldn’t do.

Song He sighed. Right now, the evil cultivators were doing many things. He feared the orthodox sects like them could not stand by any longer.

“Thanks to Sect Master Shuang Qing for telling us this.” Song He had the subordinate sit down. “If the sect master does not mind, I desire to send some disciples to your honored sect to temporarily stay a few days. What does your honored sect think?”

The words were subtle, but it was really just fearing the evil cultivators would take revenge on Primary Luck Sect. Song He saying it in such a way was giving much face to Primary Luck Sect.

“Thank you, Peak Master.” The subordinate from Primary Luck Sect felt joyful. Before coming, the sect master had told him if Radiance Sect did not suggest sending people to protect them, he would have to subtly hint to Radiance Sect. Fortunately, Peak Master Song He of Radiance Sect was a generous person and did not make things difficult for him.


Shuang Qing had been correct. Not long after he destroyed the puppet sent by the evil cultivators, Primary Luck Sect was suddenly attacked at night by many evil cultivators that wanted to kill everyone they saw.

But the swords in the hands of Radiance Sect disciples would not let the evil cultivators kill the innocent. In several strokes, evil cultivators died at the hands of these sword cultivators. Looking at the Radiance Sect disciples, and then at his own disciples, Shuang Qing had a deep impression of what was called a giant chasm.

The disciples of Radiance Sect were clean and efficient when they moved; their swordsmanship had no superfluous moves but was beautiful. The swordsmanship of these disciples was so spectacular, then how grand would Spirit Master Zhong Xi be?

The evil cultivators’ first assassination attempt wasn’t successful, so they sent another group of people. After those were also killed by the disciples of Radiance Sect and Primary Luck Sect, they did not send any more. Maybe because the evil cultivators knew that Radiance Sect’s disciples were stationed here, they temporarily put down this grudge.

Shuang Qing did not lower his guard due to this, and invited the disciples of Radiance Sect to temporarily stay at the sect. The reason he gave was that he feared the evil cultivators would once again attack after they left. Since Radiance Sect also worried something like this would occur, they left several apprentices in Primary Luck Sect.

Just a month after everyone thought the evil cultivators were gone, they came back, and this time with some extremely powerful talismans. But these evil cultivators hadn’t expected Shuang Qing to be so shameless. They were not a subordinate sect of Radiance Sect, but they did what a subordinate sect would do and kept the Radiance Sect sword cultivators as helpers.

The moment the evil cultivators died, they probably thought—why did the cultivation world have such unlikable orthodox cultivators like the sword cultivators of Radiance Sect?

Primary Luck Sect was engaged in a heated battle with the evil cultivators, but Splendid Cloud Sect was peaceful. When they heard that Primary Luck Sect was being harassed by the evil cultivators, they sent flying sword messengers to carry some defensive talismans to Primary Luck Sect.

For the disciples, the happiest matter was Cheng Yi Shixiong had reached Mind Manifestation Stage, and a spirit master of Radiance Sect would teach them swordsmanship. The only shortcoming was this Spirit Master Huan Zhong had such an imposing presence that they didn’t dare to slack off when practicing the sword in his presence. The swordsmanship of the disciples improved dramatically.

Every time she saw the shidi and shimei and even shizhi being docile in front of Huan Zhong, Kong Hou would laugh secretly behind Huan Zhong’s back.

“You are their shijie—how can you laugh at them?” Huan Zhong was helpless against Kong Hou like this. He sighed. “How about you practice a sword routine for me to see?”

Kong Hou hurriedly shook her head. “My swordsmanship is average. Spare me.”

“Then do you still dare to laugh at the other disciples?” Huan Zhong poured a cup of tea for her and didn’t mention again having Kong Hou practice.

“I cannot help but be happy seeing them live not well.” Kong Hou sipped the tea. “Huan Zhong, the seclusion will begin tomorrow; have you finished preparing?” She worried that Huan Zhong’s body could not tolerate it. Qing Yuan Shishu had been helping adjust Huan Zhong’s body in this month. While the root cause couldn’t be treated, Huan Zhong looked much better than when they first met.

“No problem.” Huan Zhong had spent more than a month in Splendid Cloud Sect and had great authority among the younger generation of disciples. Elder Qiu Shuang liked good-looking juniors, so after seeing Huan Zhong, she gave him a divine talisman she had forged herself.

If Huan Zhong didn’t always wear white robes, Splendid Cloud Sect would almost forget he was a member of Radiance Sect.

“You are hiding and slacking off again?” Cheng Yi smiled as he looked to where the two had walked and shook his head helplessly. A peak master of Radiance Sect, after saying a month in Splendid Cloud Sect, had learned to slack off. He feared that Radiance Sect would come find them next year to pursue this debt.

“Eldest Shixiong, Huan Zhong and I are discussing a major matter of cultivation.” Kong Hou called to Cheng Yi. “Shixiong, come and drink tea.”

“Do not drink. The peaks are accepting inner sect disciples today. Master called you to come with me to pick.” Inner sect disciples and apprentices were different. Apprentices were taught by the peak masters. Inner sect disciples were accepted into the peaks, sometimes taught by the peak masters and apprentices, but still learned with other disciples most of the time. If they performed well, they would have a chance of becoming a disciple of the peak master or apprentices.

This was why Kong Hou was already a shishu just a few years after joining the sect.

Kong Hou put down the teacup and looked at Huan Zhong. “Is Master not going?”

“Master is making seals and temporarily cannot leave. Tan Feng is meditating and has not woken up. So today, only you and I can attend to this matter,” Cheng Yi said. “However, Master has already said that you are his last student, so this time, Moon Perching Peak may not accept many people.”

All inner sect disciples wanted to be a student of a peak master. Now that Master wasn’t accepting more apprentices, the attraction of Moon Perching Peak was much less than that of the other four peaks.

“Master doesn’t accept any, but there is also you,” Kong Hou said. “Eldest Shixiong, you are a Mind Manifestation forebear now.”

“All right, all right.” Cheng Yi refused without thinking. “I already have my hands full worrying about all of you all day; I don’t have time to teach.” He had a worrisome master, and a lively shidi and shimei. Why would he think of accepting an apprentice?

“Huan Zhong, come with me to watch.” Kong Hou pulled Huan Zhong’s sleeve. “You have better judgement and can help us pick.”

Huan Zhong did not immediately agree and looked to Cheng Yi. “Is this all right?”

“Path Friend Huan Zhong, do not be so polite. You are an honored guest of Moon Perching Peak. With your help, we will be more confident.” Cheng Yi watched with complicated emotions as Shimei pulled Spirit Master Huan Zhong’s sleeve. While they always called Spirit Master Zhong Xi by his mortal name, they could not forget his true identity.

“If so, then this one will disturb you.” Huan Zhong lowered the head to look at the sleeve that Kong Hou had wrinkled with her pulling and smiled at her. “If there is something you need to ask, just tell me with a sound art.”

“Yes, yes.” Kong Hou started walking. “Then we have to walk fast. We cannot let the other four shishu pick all the good ones.”

Last year, Splendid Cloud Sect had accepted almost thirty new disciples, but only eighteen had qualified to join the inner sect. When Kong Hou arrived, the new disciples had just stood at their spots.

“Sect Master, Shishu we are late.” Cheng Yi led Kong Hou and Huan Zhong to sit on the seats belonging to Moon Perching Peak and turned to look at the eighteen disciples. He did not speak. He was a junior and it wasn’t appropriate for him to speak first.

Every time when it came to competing over disciples, the five peak masters would have hidden arguments. This time, Wang Tong had not come. Heng Yan took a secret sigh of relief and pretended not to see the undercurrents between his shidi. “This time, in choosing inner sect disciples, based on the past rules, the peaks and the disciples will both choose and cannot use force. When the selections are finalized, once you leave the door, the peaks cannot argue about this matter, otherwise, you will be punished according to the rules.”

Heng Yan’s words were straightforward. If you have to fight, fight today, and the new disciples have to be willing. After leaving, everything was done. You could not have objections or take revenge.

Wu Chuan held a tray with five jade pendants with their backs facing up. “Shishu and Cheng Yi Shidi, these five jade pendants represent your order of choice. Please pick.”

“Cheng Yi is a junior. Shishu, please choose first.” Cheng Yi knew Moon Perching Peak had no advantages and did not try to be first.

The other four shishu did not try to be polite and picked one. Cheng Yi picked the last one and flipped it over. Carved on it was the word “two”. He was the second to pick? He frowned. If he picked and the person wasn’t willing, it would be awkward.

He finally understood why Master wasn’t willing to come. He feared embarrassing himself.

After thinking this through, Cheng Yi sighed and then shoved the pendant into Kong Hou’s hand. “Shimei, you do this.”

Kong Hou: “…”

Cheng Yi thought of this point, and Kong Hou could also do the same. She looked suspiciously at Cheng Yi. Were their past good feelings all fake?

Huan Zhong looked at the interaction between the shixiong and shimei. He couldn’t help but smile. He had stayed only one month in Splendid Cloud Sect and had already smiled more times than in the previous decade.

“It seems I have good luck today.” Qing Yuan flipped the jade pendant and waved it in front of everyone. He looked at the new disciples lined up and started the first round of selection.

Among these eighteen disciples, three had single spirit bases and were of good personality. The peak masters had been observing them for a long time.

“Gui Ling, are you willing to join Daybreak Cloud Peak?” When Gui Ling just joined Splendid Cloud Sect, Qing Yuan wanted to have him and still hadn’t given up.

“Thank you, Peak Master, but this disciple already has a peak I wish to join.” Gui Ling knelt and bowed to Qing Yuan. “Peak Master, forgive me.”

Qing Yuan frowned but didn’t say much. “Never mind.”

Gui Ling lifted slowly to look at Kong Hou and bowed again. “Cheng Yi Shixiong, Kong Hou Shijie, this disciple wants to join Moon Perching Peak. Please accept me.”

Cheng Yi: “…”

Did this boy want to stir conflict between Daybreak Cloud Peak and Moon Perching Peak?

Translator Ramblings: Radiance Sect seems to be the police of the cultivation world … Evil cultivators around? Send Radiance Sect!

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