Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 123 “Hug”

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Chapter 123: Hug

“Everyone, please.”

Splendid Cloud Sect’s people stepped into the hall, and found the furniture inside was in the style of Harmonious City. The servants were gentle in tone, so much so they did not seem like cultivators of Radiance Sect.

Lin Hu did not enter the rear half of the hall. He stood at the entrance to the halls and said, “Honored guests, please rest. This one will not disturb you.”

“Thank you.” Qiu Shuang had to admit that Radiance Sect was enthusiastic and serious in receiving their guests, and even considered each flower and tree. This felt just like home.

Kong Hou smiled at Lin Hu and winked. She followed Qiu Shuang into the inner hall. Lin Hu stood in the corridor and watched as they walked away.

Had Master and Miss Kong Hou told each other their feelings after being together for so long? There were many people around. Even if he wanted to ask, he could not speak.

Over in the main hall, Huan Zhong told Jin Yue briefly about what he had heard and seen in the last year and a bit. When he mentioned Splendid Cloud Sect, his expression gentled. “This sect looks indolent and unreliable in its conduct. But in reality, this is not true.”

Jin Yue saw that he would only show such gentleness when mentioning Splendid Cloud Sect. He couldn’t help but sigh inside. One would love the house and its crow as well. His apprentice fell in love with a person, and also an entire sect.

“They are relaxed in their teachings but not indulgent. They are protective but not unreasonable; they are an… indolent but clear-headed sect,” Huan Zhong said. “What is scariest is that people feel this sect is the easiest to talk to and bully. But in reality, people who offend Splendid Cloud Sect will never have good outcomes. For these years, Splendid Cloud Sect has always been like this, never advancing another step, but also never falling down.”

Jin Yue nodded slowly. He never dared to think he understood Splendid Cloud Sect. For many years, major sects would rise abruptly but then fall in a few short centuries. Splendid Cloud Sect was different. They appeared to not be at the very top, but they could not be dismissed.

This was a seemingly strange sect protected by the heavens. In reality, all of their good fortune came from themselves. If one attributed to the heavens everything Splendid Cloud Sect gained, it meant that this person was not wise enough and did not have sufficient breadth of mind.

This was a smart and wise sect who also had open minds.

Jin Yue still remembered, back when he was young, he heard people outside mock Splendid Cloud Sect. The Splendid Cloud Sect disciple who had sat with him laughed along with the other people, slapping his leg as he said some jokes of the sect.

At the time, he did not understand. He asked that path friend of Splendid Cloud Sect why he would do that.

The path friend said that ordinary mortals would live just a few decades. Cultivation, in their minds, was a distant and untouchable dream. Mocking them in private for amusement was not a major matter. They were not saying that Splendid Cloud Sect were evil people with bad morals. He would let them do as they wanted.

Back then, he felt the path friend was too casual and did not care about the reputation of his sect. Afterwards, he frequently heard people speak of Splendid Cloud Sect. While Splendid Cloud Sect was mocked, the tone was always one of closeness. If Splendid Cloud Sect was in conflict with another sect, those ordinary people would unconsciously be partial to Splendid Cloud Sect.

Splendid Cloud Sect’s indulgement and respect of the people caused the people, with their short longevity, to feel some natural protectiveness of them.

After that, he suddenly understood. Splendid Cloud Sect was not wrong. He was the one wrong. He was too “proud.” Because he could cultivate and had great longevity, he unconsciously put the people at a lower status, and felt no pity for them.

After realizing this, he managed to have a breakthrough from Core Formation and became a Mind Manifestation cultivator. Therefore, even though later on he became the sect master of Radiance Sect, and Radiance Sect and Splendid Cloud Sect were far from each other, he still had good feelings about Splendid Cloud Sect.

When he heard his apprentice and Splendid Cloud Sect’s disciple had feelings for each other, Jin Yue never worried, and even felt happy. Splendid Cloud Sect’s disciples had a kind of spirit that Radiance Sect’s disciples could not possess.

“How are you and Miss Kong Hou?” Jin Yue said. “You are a man, and you are three centuries older than her. You have to be generous in your conduct and know how to make her happy.”

Huan Zhong looked playfully at Jin Yue. Master had never been in a relationship in his life. He had experience in this matter?

“What kind of gaze is that?” Jin Yue glared. “You went travelling for a while, and learned to make fun of Master?”

Huan Zhong put his fist to his lips and coughed gently. “Master, you saw incorrectly; this apprentice had a look of respect.”

Jin Yue had a shocked expression. His usually stoic apprentice could say something so mischievous? It seemed the rumors were correct. Harmonious City was a magical and cursed place. People who entered did not want to exit. Even if they left, they would catch some habits of Harmonious City.

“Impertinent,” Jin Yue scolded laughingly. “I know you have a meeting with the young girl later. Go, this master’s old face is not as youthful as the young girl’s.”

Huan Zhong smiled faintly. He took two steps back, and then knelt in Jin Yue’s direction. “Apprentice congratulates Master for great advancement in cultivation. I have been unaccomplished these years and made you worry.”

The light went through the door and fell on Huan Zhong’s back to draw out a black shadow.

Jin Yue stood with his hands behind his back. His expression warmed up. “Stand up.”

“Yes.” Huan Zhong bowed and left the hall, his robes swaying softly. He stepped onto the back of a crane and flew through the clouds. Jin Yue looked up at the thick clouds and laughed out loud.


Clear Dawn Sect, who had come relatively earlier, heard that Splendid Cloud Sect’s disciples had already arrived and been arranged to reside on the mountain peak of Spirit Master Zhong Xi. Some disciples couldn’t help but say that Radiance Sect and Splendid Cloud Sect really were close. They had heard that Spirit Master Zhong Xi’s peak was never used for guests in the past.

Sword cultivators liked quiet. Spirit Master Zhong Xi was immersed in cultivation and did not like being disturbed. From arranging on the peak Splendid Cloud Sect who was playful, the closeness could be seen.

Shixiong, do you think that Radiance Sect and Splendid Cloud Sect are going to have a marriage alliance?” Ling Bo whispered to Chang De. “Last time, Nine Phoenix Sect wanted a tie to Radiance Sect but was refused. They were greatly embarrassed. Maybe it is because Radiance Sect didn’t want them, and wants Splendid Cloud Sect?”

People outside thought Nine Phoenix Sect wanting to ally with Radiance Sect was a rumor. But she knew that it was true. Nine Phoenix Sect just wasn’t able to achieve their wish.

“I do not know when Nine Phoenix Sect will arrive. I want to receive them in person.” Ling Bo held her teacup and laughed smugly. She felt happy that they were not living well.

“Do not make trouble.” Chang De laughed. “We came for the conference, not for a fight.”

Ling Bo stood up. “I will go visit Kong Hou.”

“What do you want to see her for?” Chang De stood up as well, fearing that Ling Bo and Kong Hou would argue again.

“I need to ask.” She had to inquire what Kong Hou’s recent fashion style was. She would not be outshone. Chang De hesitated and then gave chase.

Huan Zhong came out of the main hall and hurried to the peak on the back of the crane. Along the way, disciples encountered him. Before they could bow in excitement, they saw him disappear in a gust of wind.

“Zhong Xi Shishu seems to be in a hurry…”

“I heard that Shishu‘s Sword Cry Peak has guests; he might be in a hurry to greet his guests.”

“Guests are in Shishu‘s Sword Cry Peak?!”

Passing through the cloud layer, Huan Zhong saw a young girl dressed in pink sitting on an enormous rock. Seeming to detect his gaze, the pink-dressed woman looked up at him and showed a big smile. She stood up and jumped up and down on the rock. “Huan Zhong, over here.”

Huan Zhong fell down from the back of the crane to land on the rock. He touched her hand. “The wind is strong here. Why are you here?”

“I feared you could not find me when you returned, so I waited here for you.” Kong Hou held his hand, her eyes curving into lines. “Your honored sect’s buildings are all so beautiful.”

“Really?” Huan Zhong was used to Radiance Sect’s structures and did not feel they were any special. Hearing Kong Hou say this, he asked, “Then when you are idle, will you be willing to live a few days in Radiance Sect with me?”

Kong Hou pretended to cough. She looked at the sky and the earth, but not at Huan Zhong. She blushed like a fresh crystal fruit with a great fragrance. Huan Zhong looked down and quickly stole a kiss on her cheek. Then he quickly turned his head and pretended to look at the sea of clouds, his face red all the way to his ears.

“Some people steal a benefit and then ignore people.”

“Bullying a young girl, kissing, and then not admitting it…”

“You.” Huan Zhong turned with a helpless smile to Kong Hou. He saw her eyes shine, not with sadness or anger, but with the joy of having a successful prank. He bent down, and put his red face next to Kong Hou. “Here, you can get it back.”

Kong Hou blinked her eyes, and slowly neared Huan Zhong’s face. Then she kissed above his beautiful eyes.

Her movement was soft like a spring wind brushing by. Huan Zhong’s eyelids trembled slightly as he stared into Kong Hou’s eyes.

“Huan Zhong, your eyes contain stars,” Kong Hou whispered, “beautiful.”

Huan Zhong slowly smiled, and reached out to hug Kong Hou. Her body was soft and small, extremely comfortable in his arms. She filled his entire heart.

Kong Hou hugged Huan Zhong’s neck, and laughed happily against his shoulder.

Suddenly, Huan Zhong picked her up horizontally.

“Where are we going?” Kong Hou held Huan Zhong’s neck tightly. She felt that it was very comfortable being held horizontally like this, so she decided to shamelessly lean on Huan Zhong.

“Take you to see our treasury,” Huan Zhong leaned down and kissed her forehead.

“Our treasury?” Kong Hou stilled. When did she have a treasury?

“Yes, our treasury.” Huan Zhong laughed softly, his laughter filled with soft emotion. “What is mine is yours, so this is ours.”

In the corner, the Radiance Sect disciple who was pressed into the grass by Lin Hu managed to force out, “Elder Lin, Shishu went to the treasury…”

Please let this junior off the ground.

Lin Hu released the young disciple’s hand and stood up. He said slowly, “A person who interrupts people discussing feelings will be struck by lightning. This is for your own good.” Also, with Master’s cultivation, he had to know they were hiding here. He could also not be ignorant that there were another two people peeking down from the clouds.

He looked up at the clouds. Who were they?

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