Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 125 “Fate”

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Chapter 125: Fate

Looking at this bag of spirit stones, Huan Zhong was slightly dazed. He almost forgot this matter.

There were only a few hundred spirit stones, not many, and dispensable to Huan Zhong. In these years, he had created one story after another but no one liked them. At the start, Lin Hu had lied to him and said the books sold well. But he was not a child, and knew whether Lin Hu was lying or not. Seeing Lin Hu and Master very happy about him writing, he pretended not to know. He used the story of the protagonists and created some fantastical stories, putting in some of his own cultivation understandings.

People did not like the books, then they had no fate with them. He did not care.

So this time, he still thought Lin Hu was lying to him.

“Take it and use it.” Huan Zhong did not accept the bag and prepared to go into the hall with his stack of books.

“Master, the book you wrote recently, “Promise of Lifetime”, sold well. Many people say this is a masterwork. Many people say if there really was a woman like Fei Feng1 in this world, many men would fall in love with her.” Lin Hu hurriedly followed. “The owners of the bookshops want to make an agreement about the next book…”

“Even if there is a woman like Fei Feng in the world, she has nothing to do with other men.” He reached out to steal the bag of spirit stones from Lin Hu. “I will only write one book like this, and never again in the future.”

“But Miss Kong Hou likes to read. If you do not write, she will be unhappy.” Lin Hu rubbed his nose. “If you only write privately for her, are you prepared for Miss Kong Hou to know that Talented Author who has created unsellable books for many years is you?

Huan Zhong: “…”

“Or is it, didn’t you say I could spend the spirit stones myself?” Lin Hu reached to grab the bag of spirit stones but Huan Zhong dodged.

“I have decided not to give them to you.” Huan Zhong glanced at him and turned to enter the hall.

A sword attendant saw Spirit Master Zhong Xi return, bowed and prepared to take the books from him.

“No need.” Huan Zhong’s tone was indifferent. “I am going to bathe. If Splendid Cloud Sect’s Celestial Kong Hou comes to find me, let her enter; do not let her wait outside.”

“Yes.” The sword attendant had heard from other people about the matter between the spirit master and Celestial Kong Hou. He had only half-believed it. Now after hearing Spirit Master, he understood completely.


The representatives from the major sects arrived at Radiance Sect one after another. Even the monks of Quiet Peace Temple who usually did not travel appeared outside the gates of Pei City. The leader of Quiet Peace Temple was the good-tempered Grandmaster Yuan Chen. He smiled at everyone like the smiling buddha from the temples, able to accept everything in the world.

When passersby saw them, no one dared to offend. Some who believed in Buddha stood in the distance with their hands together as they prayed.

The calmness and composure of Pei City’s people and the enthusiasm of Harmonious City were two different worlds. These two cities each had their good and bad. The only commonality was that they were well protected by the sect in charge of the city.

“Grand Master Yuan Chen.” A woman came over dressed in a girdled red dress, embroidered with galaxies and stars rather than birds and flowers. A woman who dressed in such a color should be as passionate as fire, but her expression was very cold. She appeared used to being stern.

“Sect Master Hong Yan.” Yuan Chen’s eyes held some pity towards the world. Even the sect master of Moon Star Sect had appeared. He feared the evil cultivators’ movements were great this time. Moon Star Sect was the sect most skilled in divination in the cultivation world. If they hadn’t divined something important, why would Sect Master Hong Yan come in person?

Hong Yan had not expected Quiet Peace Temple to send Grand Master Yuan Chen. A moment’s pause later, she said, “Grand Master first.” The two both knew about the present situation. However, this was the city gates where everyone was passing by and they could not speak freely.

“Sect Master is too polite—you first.” Yuan Chen did not walk and waited for Hong Yan to step first before walking.

The Radiance Sect disciples guarding the city did not dare to slack off. They used talismans to confirm the two were not evil cultivators in disguise and then solemnly welcomed them into the city.

Inside the city, other disciples guided them onto flying talismans.

The flying talisman was a refined ship. Hong Yan stood on the deck and looked at the barely perceptible mountain range where Radiance Sect was located. She said to the Radiance Sect disciple standing by her side, “Is Spirit Master Zhong Xi in seclusion this time?”

“Spirit Master, Zhong Xi Shishu is not in seclusion.”

Sect Master Hong Yan nodded slightly. Her mantle flew freely like a flowing river that could never rest unless the river water dried up and the wind never blew.

Seeing Hong Yan suddenly ask about Spirit Master Zhong Xi, Yuan Chen opened his eyes slightly from his seat on the deck. He looked at Hong Yan and then closed his eyes silently.

Hong Yan seemed to feel something and turned back. Seeing Yuan Chen still looking unaffected by the world, she said slowly, “Grand Master, Hong Yan has something to ask.”

“Sect Master, please speak.” Yuan Chen stood. In his monk robes, he looked to be in a different world than the grandly dressed Hong Yan.

Hong Yan looked silently at him. A long time later, she sighed softly and said, “Never mind.”

Yuan Chen touched his buddhist beads and said, “Sect Master can divine the past and the future. If you do not see, are you not just overthinking?”

“Fifty years ago, I made a reading for Spirit Master Zhong Xi.” Hong Yan turned away from Yuan Chen. “Spirit Master Zhong Xi has an ordeal of mortal danger in this decade.”

It had been too long since the cultivation world had someone ascend, so long that people started to suspect if ascension was no longer possible and their pursuit of the path was a mistake.

“Does Sect Master have a solution?” Yuan Chen knew why Hong Yan was so worried. Spirit Master Zhong Xi had his status in the cultivation world not just because of his exceptional talent, but because he represented the hope of the cultivation world.

If a genius like Spirit Master Zhong Xi could not ascend, was there hope for someone else?

“There is no solution, but there is a way to help,” Hong Yan said. “Only if a female who has a suitable fate to his cultivates together with him, or helps him.”

Yuan Chen said the name of the buddha and nothing else. He was a monk, and it was not appropriate for him to speak of matters of men and women.

“The world is a cycle, the yin and yang are in harmony. No matter how strong Spirit Master Zhong Xi is, he is a cup with a gap. He needs someone to make up his shortcomings.” Hong Yan turned to look at a white-dressed female cultivator. “My disciple is called Lian Qiao. Her fate is very matching to Spirit Master Zhong Xi.”

The female cultivator in white robes wore a veil, and her exposed eyes showed no joy or anger. She bowed to Yuan Chen as though she had no emotion. “Greetings, Grand Master Yuan Chen.”

“Sect Master, you are a person able to hear the heavens—why do you not understand some things which are fated cannot be changed by you no matter how you try?” Yuan Chen did not bear for this young girl to become a tool to repair Spirit Master Zhong Xi’s fate. “The heavens are virtuous—you cannot demand some things, but there is always room for a turnaround. A demand is not beneficial; do not be stubborn, put it down.”

“Put it down…” Hong Yan looked at him and said slowly, “Grand Master is joking.”

Her life was to see a cultivator successfully ascend. Otherwise, what would her sacrifices in the past be?

The jade ship landed on the platform. Xiao Dong, who had been waiting for a while, came forward with other disciples to bow. “Junior Xiao Dong greets Elders, Path Friends. Travel has been hard. This lowly sect has set up a banquet in the main hall—please attend.”

“Thank you.” Hong Yan nodded.

Xiao Dong was shocked inside. Why had the sect leader of Moon Star Sect come in person? The sect leader of Moon Star Sect never casually appeared at important occasions. If she appeared, it meant something major had occurred.

The group came to the main hall. Hong Yan sat in a chair with an aloof expression. Members of other sects saw her but did not dare to disturb her casually. Inside, they were filled with shock.

Why was the sect master of Moon Star Sect here? Had the heavens sent down a hidden warning?

Everyone felt anxious. They couldn’t help but speculate at Hong Yan’s every glance. Did this look have any meaning, or hidden intentions?

The strange atmosphere only eased slightly when Nine Phoenix Sect and Clear Dawn Sect arrived one after another. Nine Phoenix Sect and Clear Dawn Sect were at odds privately, but when there were people around, they were harmonious so people couldn’t even pretend to be making peace to ease the tension.

Soon, another group entered. Everyone recognized this was Splendid Cloud Sect and sighed in relief. This was good. With Splendid Cloud Sect present, they did not have to worry that the atmosphere was not cheery enough. When they saw the leader of the group was Spirit Master Qiu Shuang, everyone stood up and bowed. The people who had wanted to make jokes all rested their intentions.

“Everyone, do not bother with such trifles. Sit, please sit.” Qiu Shuang raised a hand for everyone to sit, and she picked a seat as well. She slowly sipped at a cup of tea and decided to be an elder who did not meddle. The other disciples of Splendid Cloud Sect saw their elder silent and did not dare to speak casually. Each of them sat in a dignified posture. People would almost think they were Radiance Sect disciples in disguise.

So the atmosphere grew more tense.

Hong Yan saw Spirit Master Zhong Xi was absent and said to Jin Yue who was sitting at the front,” Sect Master Jin Yue, I do not see Spirit Master Zhong Xi?”

“My inferior apprentice went travelling and only returned recently. I had him return to the peak to clean up before seeing guests.” Jin Yue did not understand why Hong Yan asked specifically about Huan Zhong. He said politely, “I think he will arrive soon.”

Hong Yan nodded and did not speak more. The white-robed female disciple behind her sat silently. She did not react when she heard the words Spirit Master Zhong Xi. However, her hands, hidden in her sleeves, tightened and then relaxed helplessly.

With her talent, she originally could not join Moon Star Sect. Because her fate was good, Master took her on as an apprentice. Everything else… was maybe not important.

“He’s here.”

Spirit Master Zhong Xi seems to have a celestial with him?”

Lian Qiao looked over and saw a handsome man in white robes and a coronet descend down a crane. There was also a young girl on the back of the crane. This girl was dressed grandly, and the hairpins in her hair were like clouds and smoke, so beautiful that people could not look away. She herself never used such ostentatious hairpins.

Spirit Master Zhong Xi was a very good-looking man. She had never seen someone so good-looking. But when she saw this man turn and reach to hold the young girl’s hand to help her down from the crane’s back, she sighed inwardly in relief.

This spirit master had someone already. Master would not let her go fix his fate? She carefully turned her head. She saw Master hadn’t noticed her and was staring at Spirit Master Zhong Xi and the girl who had entered with him.

[Huan Zhong.] Kong Hou released Huan Zhong’s hand and picked her dress up to cross the doorstep. She said mentally, [The great beauty in the red dress looks at me with such a heated gaze. I am very embarrassed.]

Huan Zhong held out a hand again to help her cross the threshold. He walked a few steps into the hall before releasing Kong Hou’s hand.

[That is the sect master of Moon Star Sect, Spirit Master Hong Yan. This person is very cold and stubborn with a strange temper.]

[People who have to watch the stars and divine will become strange even if they have an ordinary temper.] Kong Hou bowed slightly to everyone, and then gave a big smile to Hong Yan. She turned and prepared to sit next to her fellow disciples.

“Wait a moment.” Huan Zhong gripped her wrist. “You are going over like this?”

“Hm?” Kong Hou looked in puzzlement at him.

Huan Zhong’s expression was slightly unnatural. He was not used to saying such things. He whispered, “Do not forget to take along your most valuable treasure.”

Kong Hou immediately understood. In front of everyone, she led this one in a millennium genius to the middle of Splendid Cloud Sect’s disciples.

The disciples of Radiance Sect: ??

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  1. Fei Feng is Flying Phoenix. 
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