Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 129 “Exchange”

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Chapter 129 Exchange

Silence was the most awkward.

In this short moment, Blue Feather Sect’s three disciples regretted greatly that they came to knock on the door.

“Apologies, you are Spirit Master Zhong Xi.” Ban Wu didn’t dare to look at Huan Zhong and Kong Hou. His face was red. Kong Hou saw the trio were clearly embarrassed but still peeking at Huan Zhong. She couldn’t help but smile. “Path Friends were just worried that evil cultivators were impersonating orthodox cultivators to enter Pei City. You were not deliberate in your actions. Do not keep this matter in mind.”

“We are rash and should not have suspected others without proof.” Ban Wu was slightly puzzled. Why was Spirit Master Zhong Xi in the company of a female cultivator? The rumors said that Spirit Master Zhong Xi had great skill in the sword path, and was not close to women. But he was intimate in speech with this female cultivator.

Were the rumors incorrect or was this person not Spirit Master Zhong Xi at all? But this was Radiance Sect’s base. Who dared to impersonate Spirit Master Zhong Xi here?

Many thoughts appeared in this moment. Ban Wu looked closely at Kong Hou. Risking the displeasure of Spirit Master Zhong Xi, he asked, “Celestial is?”

“This one is the disciple of Splendid Cloud Sect, Kong Hou. If you do not mind, please sit and drink tea with us.” Kong Hou invited the three cultivators to sit.

“An honored disciple of Splendid Cloud Sect.” Even far away in the northwest, Ban Wu had heard of Kong Hou’s reputation. The most talented disciple in the junior generation of Splendid Cloud Sect, the hope of the sect. A person with honor who had saved orthodox cultivators from evil cultivators many times. No wonder Spirit Master Zhong Xi was close to this person. Even he wanted to be on good terms with a woman like this.

He no longer doubted the two’s identities. Ban Wu greatly desired to stay and drink a cup of tea. But he knew that his previous actions had been very rude. If he stayed shamelessly and drank tea here, even if Spirit Master Zhong Xi and Celestial Kong Hou did not mind, he would mind.

Shixiong, would they lie to us?” After leaving the tea house, the little shimei said reluctantly, “Spirit Master Zhong Xi seems very different from the rumors.”

In her imagination, Spirit Master Zhong Xi should be twice as tall as her, wear gold armor, hold a sharp sword in hand, and give off an aloof and ferocious presence. But when she saw this Spirit Master Zhong Xi… he wasn’t an icy cold sword cultivator, but more like an ethereal cultivator.

“When cultivators reach the stage they return to their essence, other people cannot see what path they cultivate just with the naked eye.” Ban Wu shook his head and said confidently, “This must be Spirit Master Zhong Xi and Celestial Kong Hou.”

“This Celestial Kong Hou is said to be close to Spirit Master Huan Zhong—how come she is also on good terms with Spirit Master Zhong Xi?” The little shimei complained, seemingly displeased but not daring to speak too far.

Ban Wu frowned at her. “Rude. Based on seniority, you should call Celestial Kong Hou Shishu. As a junior, how can you talk about the matters of your elders? We will reach Radiance Sect soon. If you are still so rude in your words, I can only ask Eldest Shixiong to send you back.”

The little shimei bit the corner of her lip and didn’t speak. If she reached Radiance Sect and was driven out, what would the other disciples think?

“Path Friend, do not be so stern. Why scold one of your own for an outsider—wouldn’t this harm your relationship?”

Ban Wu looked sideways and saw a man in brocade robes standing a few paces away. This was a very good-looking man with strong brows, bright eyes and a warm expression. He looked very easy to get along with. Ban Wu frowned slightly. A true gentleman would not eavesdrop on the conversation of others and interrupt wantonly.

“This one is Chi Si of the Nomad Alliance, and has Core Formation cultivation. Greetings, Path Friend.” The nomad cultivator called Chi Si flipped the fan in his hand, and bowed elegantly.

“Greetings, Path Friend Chi Si.” Ban Wu returned the greeting. “My shidi and shimei are immature, and have caused a joke.”

“No, your honored sect’s disciples are innocent and adorable. Path Friend, do not be too harsh.” Chi Si smiled. He detected Ban Wu’s wariness. Coincidentally, one of his fellows called to him and he bowed in farewell. “Path Friends, this one will leave first.”

“Path Friend, take care.” Ban Wu saw this nomad cultivator called Chi Si help the other nomad cultivators he was with get some snacks and walk away with them. The puzzlement he felt disappeared. Maybe because they had encountered an evil cultivator ambush on the trip here that he was too nervous and suspected anyone he saw of being an evil cultivator.

When Celestial Kong Hou had laughed, he suspected an evil cultivator was laughing at Spirit Master Zhong Xi. Now this nomad cultivator said a few words, and he suspected an evil cultivator was sowing discord. What was wrong with him?


The day the conference formally started, the representatives sent by the major sects almost all arrived. The discussion on the first day was the heart of the path. The major sects gathered together, first politely complimenting each other before they slowly got to the main topic. The friendly scene quickly became full of fury because of the difference in the paths.

Two cultivators, because of their difference in opinion, almost started fighting and were dragged away by their elders. Other people started to throw all kinds of records as they argued to prove their rationale was correct.

Kong Hou and nine other Mind Activation Stage cultivators sat together. She held a teacup as she listened to the Nine Phoenix Sect and Clear Dawn Sect disciples at her table fight. She didn’t know what Radiance Sect was thinking. These two sects clearly were at odds and they were arranged together. Did they think the discussion wasn’t heated enough and wanted to increase the mood?

People had started to hit the table and chairs in their neighboring room. Kong Hou heard the sounds pass over. Fortunately, her table was more restrained. The disciples of Nine Phoenix Sect and Clear Dawn Sect were only discussing, and not physically acting.

“Celestial Kong Hou, what do you think?” The disciples of Clear Dawn Sect and Nine Phoenix Sect could not come to an agreement and turned to look at Kong Hou.

Kong Hou slowly took a sip of tea, put down the teacup and clapped. “I feel both are very reasonable and have benefited us greatly. Please continue, please continue.”

The disciples of other sects also reacted and clapped along with Kong Hou. “Yes, yes, yes, continue.”

The disciples of Nine Phoenix Sect and Clear Dawn Sect; “…”

Looking at the spectating gazes, they felt there was no meaning in continuing to argue.

Outside the discussion courtyard, the elders of the sects sat together and drank tea. They politely praised each other’s disciples and criticized their own juniors with restraint.

“Report, disciples of Nine Phoenix Sect and Clear Dawn Sect are fighting.”

The elders of Nine Phoenix Sect and Clear Dawn Sect exchanged a look with each other and smiled harmoniously. Both indicated they would lecture their disciples.

“Report, disciples of Beast Sect and Binary Sect, when discussing whether a white fur beast can be eaten, beat up a disciple of Five Flavors Manor.”

Everyone was puzzled. Disciples from the two sects quarreled but a disciple from Five Flavors Manor got beaten up? They all looked towards Qiu Shuang. Five Flavors Manor had just joined Splendid Cloud Sect. This was not giving Splendid Cloud Sect face.

Qiu Shuang did not speak, but Qing Yuan, as the peak master, had to speak, “Why was the disciple of Five Flavors Manor beaten?”

“Because the disciple of Five Flavors Manor said that while the white fur beast can be consumed, its meat is lean and full of impurities. Discussing this topic is an insult to cooking cultivators…”

Everyone: “…”

“Report, disciples of Clear Dawn Sect and Nine Phoenix Sect are fighting again.”

“What is it for this time?”

“The disciple of Nine Phoenix Sect said that Clear Dawn Sect’s Celestial Ling Bo’s magic robe is ugly…”

“Who said that?” a male elder asked with a complicated expression.

“Transcendent Jing Yuan of Nine Phoenix Sect.”

The male elders all shook their heads in unison and sighed. He was too young and dared to say anything. After some more years, he would understand what regret was. A few centuries ago, a male cultivator drunkenly said a female cultivator was ugly and even the clothes were ugly when she wore them. After that, he was pursued by the fellows of the female cultivator. In the end, he had to beg for forgiveness in order to survive in the cultivation world.

Why would one want to offend a woman rather than live good days?

Huan Zhong and most of the disciples that attended the conference were of the same generation, but his cultivation was much higher. As a peak master of Radiance Sect, he sat with the elders of the sects.

These elders could maintain the mannerisms of the elder in front of their juniors. When they gathered together in private, they would speak of the absurdities of the past in the cultivation world. Huan Zhong, with his character, was able to know so many rumors of the cultivation world because he frequently sat with the elders at times like this.

“How many fights has this been? Other than Quiet Peace Temple and Moon Star Sect, which sect disciples haven’t fought yet?”

“Also Splendid Cloud Sect.”

“Ha, so rare,” a peak master of Clear Dawn Sect said. “It appears the disciples of Splendid Cloud Sect are able to keep their composure.”

The disciples of Quiet Peace Temple were monks and avoided getting easily angered. The disciples of Moon Star Sect cultivated an emotionless path from the start. It was normal that these two sects did not fight with others. But it was difficult for Splendid Cloud Sect to not fight. Even a disciple of Radiance Sect couldn’t help but pull his sword out because the disciple next to him was too chatty. How was Splendid Cloud Sect so tolerant?

In reality, Splendid Cloud Sect’s disciples were not tolerant. Before they left the sect, Qiu Shuang said to them, “If you want to watch the spectacle, you cannot become part of the spectacle.” So the disciples of Splendid Cloud Sect were low-key and restrained. Even though everyone had been sent to different discussion rooms, they maintained the high skill of observing the spectacle.

In Kong Hou’s discussion room, the two disciples of Clear Dawn Sect and Nine Phoenix Sect finally fought as their argument heated up and were sent out by the teleportation formation. Kong Hou and the remaining young cultivators looked at each other. She put down the teacup and slowly said, “Come, should we start discussing the path now?”

The remaining cultivators: “…”

Most of the people present were either disciples of minor sects or the subordinate sects of major sects. When the disciples of Nine Phoenix Sect and Clear Dawn Sect were fighting, they did not dare to interrupt. Hearing what Kong Hou just said, they wanted to laugh but didn’t dare.

“A while ago, I accidentally entered a secret realm and learned a mental scripture. I will recite it for everyone. Please study this with me.” Ever since she memorized the mental scripture from the secret realm, Kong Hou found she cultivated faster and could sense the voices of the people who prayed.

After she wrote out the mental scripture for the sect, the elders confirmed after studying for a long time that there were no problems with this scripture, but not everyone was suited to cultivate it.

Even more importantly, being able to hear the minds of mortals as they prayed was not like a method from the cultivation world but more like… a method of immortals.

Because only immortals could hear the voices of the mortals as they worshipped.

Translator Ramblings: I really enjoy how the author goes over the petty arguments between the orthodox sects. The sects aren’t enemies to the death and are not one consolidated faction. They have realistic arguments and clashes in point of view, but they are not malicious.

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