Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 131 “Prison Break”

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Chapter 131: Prison Break

Cultivators believed in fate and destiny. Even if everything was a coincidence, the cultivators who were at a bottleneck for a long time would still have minuscule hopes for a breakthrough.

Jin Yue finally understood the intentions of these sect leaders who came with gifts. They hoped that Radiance Sect would do something to the teleportation formation and put their disciples in the same room as Kong Hou.

“Invite the sect leaders to go back.” Jin Yue sighed. “Say I am absent.”

The elders of the sects were really doing all they could for the opportunities of their sect juniors. Thinking about the state of the cultivation world, Jin Yue shook his head. If no one was able to ascend, what was the use in more opportunities?

The last discussion was held on the third day. Before Kong Hou even entered the courtyard, she encountered many cultivators who came to chat with her. There were so many people they couldn’t squeeze through the gates.

“Everyone, the discussion is about to begin. Please do not linger too long at the gates.” Huan Zhong walked over and reached out to shield Kong Hou behind him. “The teleportation formation will stop working in a half hour. Path Friends, please do not miss the time.”

Huan Zhong rarely appeared in front of others, but he appeared frequently on the viewing platform in the last few days. Many people finally learned the legendary Spirit Master Zhong Xi looked like this.

Seeing Spirit Master Zhong Xi come over, the other people were too embarrassed to keep surrounding Kong Hou. However, they couldn’t help but suspect the two people’s relationship when seeing how Spirit Master Zhong Xi was protecting Celestial Kong Hou. People could not help but overthink when someone who rarely appeared would show up on the viewing platform every day.

Huan Zhong held Kong Hou’s hand as they stepped on the stairs. “Mind the stairs.”

Kong Hou looked around and smiled secretly at him. “Then I am going in.”

“En.” Huan Zhong nodded. “I will be on the viewing platform outside.” He added after thinking, “Do not neglect yourself.”

Kong Hou took a moment to understand Huan Zhong’s meaning. He worried that a conflict would arise in the discussion room and harm her. “Do not worry, it will not happen.”

Huan Zhong looked at the timer hanging from the gates and said to Kong Hou, “I will wait outside for you.”

The Splendid Cloud Sect disciples walking behind Kong Hou: “…”

Were they going to attend a discussion or to kill demons?

Huan Zhong watched as Kong Hou and the Splendid Cloud Sect disciples entered before turning to go to the viewing platform. After a while, he stopped and turned to look at a male cultivator nearby in a light-colored magic robe.

Among the group of male cultivators all dressed differently, this man did not look like a cultivator, but a noble young master.

The other saw Huan Zhong and bowed.

Huan Zhong returned the greeting and flashed to the viewing platform to sit.

“Chi Si, I hadn’t thought that you admired Spirit Master Zhong Xi so much that you dress so similarly.” A nomad cultivator patted Chi Si’s shoulder. “Pity you are not a sword cultivator. Otherwise, more female cultivators would like you.”

Chi Si smiled warmly and touched the jade pendant hanging from the handle of his fan. “I am happy to have a bit of Spirit Master Zhong Xi’s mannerism.”

“Us nomad cultivators like freedom and being casual. Do not copy the old-fashioned nature of the sect discipline.” The nomad cultivator moved his hand away from Chi Si’s shoulder. “You also have Mind Activation Stage cultivation. If you are fortunate to be sent to the same room as Celestial Kong Hou, you might reach Core Formation Stage just like the previous two.”

Chi Si remained silent but smiling. He entered the courtyard, his fan spun in his hand, and he was transported into a discussion room. He looked at the young girl beside him, bowed and said with a smile, “This one is Chi Si of the Nomad Alliance. Greetings, Celestial Kong Hou.”

The incomer was dressed in brocade robes, a jade coronent and held a fan. His face was very handsome. This was an exceptionally handsome man. Of the male cultivators she knew, only Huan Zhong was more good-looking. For some inexplicable reason, she found some of Huan Zhong’s shadow on this man.

“Greetings, Path Friend Chi Si.” Kong Hou pushed the dried fruits in front of her towards Chi Si. “Do you want some?”

“Thanks, no need.” Chi Si’s smile did not change. Looking at the nut shells in front of Kong Hou, he emphasized his fanning movements.

Soon, other cultivators were sent in. In a quarter of an hour, everyone arrived.

“Path Friend Chi Si?” Ban Wu looked at Chi Si and said in a surprised and puzzled tone, “Don’t you have full Core Formation Stage cultivation? Why were you transported here?”

Chi Si displayed an embarrassed expression. “A few days ago, I said a minor lie. I am embarrassed to have been discovered today.”

“Snort.” The red-robed female cultivator at the side couldn’t help but mock, “You even lie about your cultivation. As a cultivator, you should not care so much about your ego.”

“Path Friend is correct.” Chi Si smiled warmly at the female cultivator. The female cultivator’s expression changed as she looked at the handsome face. She did not say anything else. Everyone else saw this and did not speak. They managed to end up in the same room as Celestial Kong Hou. If they were sent out because of a conflict, it would be very unprofitable.

After exchanging courtesies and reporting their sects, everyone looked with burning eyes at Kong Hou and waited for her to speak.

Kong Hou… Kong Hou gave everyone a plate of fruit and motioned for them to continue.

Everyone saw that she had no intentions of speaking and were slightly disappointed. Ban Wu of Blue Feather Sect saw the situation and opened, “This one is untalented and willing to be the one to start.”

Kong Hou listened to Ban Wu’s cultivation reflections with her head tilted. This disciple of Blue Feather Sect had exceptional cultivation skills. She gained some understandings after listening for a while.

They all said that Core Formation cultivators and those stronger needed to pass their heart ordeal. What would her heart ordeal be?

She had not sworn to marry the most beautiful woman in the world or become a master of some skills. Ever since she joined Splendid Cloud Sect, she could be said to have smooth sailing. She really could not imagine her heart ordeal.

“Celestial Kong Hou, this one has been puzzled about something for a long time. Could Celestial explain for this one?” Chi Si said, “Is love beneficial or harmful to cultivation?”

The people who were talking heard this and couldn’t help but stop and turn to look at Kong Hou. They had heard rumors about Celestial Kong Hou and Spirit Master Zhong Xi in the last few days. But Splendid Cloud Sect and Radiance Sect hadn’t leaked any news. They did not know the veracity of the rumor. How could they be interested in discussing the path when someone mentioned matters of love?

Curiosity was the ladder by which humanity advanced. All the cultivators had such a good virtue.

“How old is Path Friend?” Kong Hou did not immediately answer.

“This one is a hundred and forty-seven,” Chi Si responded with a smile.

“Path Friend has seen the prosperity of the world for more than a century and has not understood this problem. This one is just eighteen—how could this one understand?” Kong Hou met Chi Si’s eyes. This pair of eyes was filled with tolerance and gentleness. They seemed to encourage her to say what she thought, regardless of how childish or profound it was. He would not laugh at her.

Kong Hou moved her gaze away. “What does Path Friend Chi Si think?”

“It is tasteless when there is no love, but troublesome when there is too much love.” Chi Si played with his fan. “If one has love debts, they have to repay them. One would pay a price for playing with love. Do you not think so?”

Kong Hou turned to look at Chi Si. She blinked her eyes and then said, “Path Friend Chi Si is so outstanding in appearance. How many love debts do you owe?”

Chi Si laughed softly upon hearing this. He tapped his chin with his fan elegantly. The female cultivators seated couldn’t help but flush and look longer at him.

The discussion conference finished. In the night, there was no noise. Everyone sighed in relief. It appeared that the two cultivators who had breakthroughs in the last two nights were just coincidences. If Celestial Kong Hou was so powerful, why would Splendid Cloud Sect bear to let her out?

But on the morning of the next day, thunder once again sounded. Someone was having a breakthrough.

Kong Hou had been eating with other members of her sect. Hearing the sound of thunder, she couldn’t help but say, “Are these cultivators all coming to Radiance Sect to have their ordeals? Will they pay for the buildings damaged by lightning or try to fix them?”

Ling Hui poked her forehead with a finger. “You are starting to think for Radiance Sect already? Rather than worry about Radiance Sect, worry about yourself.”

Kong Hou pressed her lips together. For some inexplicable reason, she felt something wasn’t right. How could there be such a coincidence in the world? If she really had such good luck, the first to reach Core Formation Stage should be her. Why would it be people unrelated to her?

On the eaves of the main hall, Jin Yue stood with his hands behind his back. He looked in the direction of the lightning strikes and asked Song He who was behind him, “Which sect does the disciple over there come from?”

“Nomad alliance.” Song He coughed. “A disciple has sent notice already. The cultivator currently having a breakthrough is called Chi Si. He joined the nomad alliance a few years ago. Yesterday… he and Celestial Kong Hou were in the same discussion room.”

Jin Yue frowned. He moved his fingers and calculated. The future was chaotic and he could not divine anything.

The cultivators who had come to attend the conference were in a furor. The sudden increase in cultivation of the previous two cultivators could be called coincidence. But when the third nomad cultivator also increased in cultivation, even some of the older cultivators couldn’t help but suspect that Kong Hou had some indescribable luck.

Fortunately, Splendid Cloud Sect had Qiu Shuang. Otherwise, the people from other sects would not be able to stay away. Even so, the disciples of Splendid Cloud Sect didn’t dare to rashly go out of Sword Cry Peak. They feared being surrounded by people from other sects.


The underground prison of Radiance Sect imprisoned the evil yao that harmed the world and the evil cultivators who killed easily. These evil beings endured the pain of being stabbed by needles and burned by fire every day because the crimes they committed were too severe.

Hong Mian had been imprisoned in her original form. Her fur had grown dim and lightless, and she didn’t even have the energy to stand up.

Whenever she went near the door, a powerful spirit energy would push her back into her original place. Her bones would feel as though they had been crushed. Her neighbour was a blood-drinking yao that lay on the ground and lazily waved its tail. “Do not waste your energy. This prison was made with immortal methods. You cannot escape.”

“Shut your mouth!” Hong Mian snarled and shouted.

At this time, footsteps sounded and Hong Mian unconsciously lifted her head.

The blood-drinking yao hid its head and tail under its stomach as though it heard nothing. When the footsteps faded away and the cell next to it was empty, he suddenly shouted, “Someone come, the fox demoness has escaped the prison.”

He hoped that Radiance Sect would lessen his punishment for exposing the escape and being willing to change.

These orthodox sects had too many tactics to deal with demons. He could not afford to offend them.

Translator Ramblings: Even the prisoners are against the evil cultivators …

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