Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 107 “Dislike”

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Chapter 107: Dislike

Ye Zhengnan was looking at Ding Ning who had his eyes closed. He found him unreasonable.

“I do not know what you are hesitating about. If I am an arrogant and boastful person, I would not have said I would be first, and been first all this time. I really do not understand why there should be another life wasted on something that will be done,” Ding Ning said tiredly and softly, his eyes closed. Then his head bent down. His breathing quickly grew regular and soft. Leaning on the wooden pillar, he was in deep sleep.

Ye Zhengnan looked at the sleeping Ding Ning for a long time. He said, his expression slightly bitter, “I am the one who does not understand… If this is anyone else, even if one has great confidence, they will not refuse the sweet fruit delivered to their mouth and refuse any guarantee.”

Even the richest man would not refuse to make more money. This was something that everyone knew. Also, in Ye Zhengnan’s eyes, Ding Ning greatly needed this guarantee. He could not understand at all, but he had to start pondering the matter of his life and death. He did not fear death, but he couldn’t die for nothing.

This crude hut was quiet and desolate right now, but this was within the sword trials. If he wanted to force Ding Ning to do something, an expert of the Min Mountain Sword Sect would appear in front of him. Also, after he formed the blood medicine, he was already close to death.

As he had been able to become a truth death warrior, Ye Zhengnan naturally had the bravery to gamble with his life. He wanted to gamble. He forcibly created the Black Dragon Wood blood medicine and had the blood drip in front of Ding Ning. He gambled on whether Ding Ning would pick up the blood medicine after he died.

Yet, at this time, he sensed an unusual gaze.

He looked down at the ground by Ding Ning’s side and saw the dark red black ice worm..

Disbelief appeared in Ye Zhengnan’s gaze again.

He had encountered attacks from this kind of black ice worm in the sea of brambles. Ding Ning had not brought along this kind of worm at the start of the trials, so he must have obtained this worm in the sea of brambles.

This black ice worm had not been tamed in this brief time, but at this time, he could sense the fear the black ice worm felt towards Ding Ning… This was a deeply rooted fear that caused it to not dare to flee from Ding Ning’s side even when he was asleep.

Ye Zhengnan looked silently at this black ice worm and then he changed ideas.

His vital energy once again pushed the medicinal energy in his body out of his palm. The black medicinal energy in his hand grew denser until it did not appear like a black fire but black oil. The bright red drops of blood flashed like small rubies in the black oil and quickly turned into small black crystals. At the center of the surging black medicinal energy, an irregularly shaped black medicinal crystal slowly rose.

Ye Zhengnan’s face grew paler than paper.

While he had read the descriptions of this process numerous times, he finally knew how difficult it was when he was experiencing it for himself.

He could not stand upright and quickly fell to the ground. Because of his extreme weakness, he became feverish and started to sweat all over. No more black energies flowed out of the pores in his skin. Each drop of sweat glowed like his body was a spring.

As time passed, his consciousness grew blurred. When he felt that his body seemed to be falling into an abyss, he gave a low scream and the remaining vital energy in his body charged out through his palm.

With a boom, the vital energy destroyed the black medicinal energy that had not been retracted. Countless black lines spread outwards from Ye Zhengnan’s fingers like an enormous black lotus in bloom.

Ye Zhengnan’s body powerlessly fell backwards. The moment before he fell into unconsciousness, he opened his tightly closed hand and slammed the irregular black crystal that had formed in his hand into his mouth.

The medicinal crystal cracked in his throat. Unconscious, Ye Zhengnan’s body convulsed constantly. His pale skin quickly produced layers of strange black bloody mud which grew thicker like it would form black scales.

An astounding sword essence broke through the air and disappeared when it neared the ground. As the breeze blew past Ding Ning’s hair, Tantai Guanjian’s figure appeared next to Ye Zhengnan.

Like a shadow flickering, as Tantai Guanjian appeared next to Ye Zhengnan, Geng Ren appeared near Tantai Guanjian.

“How is he?”

Tantai Guanjian looked seriously at Ye Zhengnan who was convulsing and covered completely in sticky black mud.

Geng Ren frowned slightly. He did not immediately answer and said calmly, “Should we help him?”

Tantai Guanjian frowned deeply. He knew why Geng Ren was asking this. Because if they saved, Min Mountain Sword Sect would pay a great price.

“We have to.” Even so, he did not hesitate and immediately nodded, saying seriously, “Not just because of Min Mountain Sword Sect’s rules.”

Geng Ren nodded slightly, looked at Tantai Guanjian and said, “I cannot do it myself.”

A gentle energy flowed out of Tantai Guanjian’s sleeve and wrapped around Ye Zhengnan’s body.

As he walked, he suddenly thought of something, and turned to say seriously to Geng Ren, “Be careful not to disturb the infant beast that Junior Sect Brother Qing is raising later on.”

Geng Ren stilled slightly. What had Qing Yaoyin raised that Tantai Guanjian was treating it so seriously?

“Lucky that he thought of this method,” Geng Ren turned to glance at Ding Ning and spoke softly as he walked, “I have seen numerous cultivators, but never people like this.”

After saying this, he, Tantai Guanjian and Ye Zhengnan disappeared from the huts.

Ding Ning’s breathing was still regular. Even to Geng Ren, he was in a deep sleep. Yet, only after Tantai Guanjian and the others disappeared did he finally relax and sink into deep sleep.

As Ding Ning was in his sleep, Fu Su was waiting with a bowed head in a palace of Min Mountain Sword Sect.

Min Mountain Sword Sect’s structures were all green, but this palace was golden yellow.

This was a temporary palace for the Qing emperor.

Even the proud Min Mountain Sword Sect had to submit to the strongest emperor and express true respect.

The door opened slightly and an old person walked out.

The old man smiled at Fu Su. His hands were tucked into his sleeve and he wore a plain satin robe. No one could connect him to one of the two prime ministers of the Qin Dynasty.

Behind him, the air in the palace seemed to shine like stars. A peerlessly authoritative presence descended. The doors opened completely, and Emperor Yuanwu, dressed in ordinary robes, surpassed this old man and appeared in front of Fu Su.

He waved his hand, indicating that Fu Su did not have to bow. Emperor Yuanwu gently shook his head and said, “You came to me to ask for mercy for that White Goat Cave youth?”

Thinking of how his father had pointed out his intentions immediately, Fu Su grew excited. Some of the words he had pondered for a long time could not leave his mouth. His head hung lower. After a slight hesitation, he felt that more words were useless. He said hoarsely, “Father-Emperor, he is my friend.”

Emperor Yuanwu laughed loudly and then his smile disappeared. He shook his head and said, “This Lonely One understands what you mean, but you cannot become friends with him.”

Fu Su’s body froze, his breathing stopped.

Emperor Yuanwu looked up at the clouds among the distant peaks. He said slowly, “In the past, when this Lonely One met that person and became friends, this Lonely One was not the crown prince. We were great friends, so as long as that person did not overstep greatly, this Lonely One would allow him to run wild. Even in the years when this Lonely One was about to ascend the throne and already in power.”

Hearing these words, Fu Su’s expression grew stiffer. He was shocked inside, his eyes filled with disbelief.

“You should understand that this Lonely One would not have said such things to you before.”

Emperor Yuanwu looked at Fu Su and said, “But now, you are the crown prince of Qin, you have to remember some truths. This youth is stubborn and wild in his conduct already. If you and he become friends, and you tolerate him, he may create bigger waves. This Lonely One can allow some cultivators to run wild, but not permit you to repeat my tracks. You should also remember, this Lonely One and your mother-empress are always in agreement. You fear your mother-empress will not agree, and came to this Lonely One to ask for mercy. Maybe you feel that there will be mercy here. This thinking is fundamentally wrong.”

Seeing Fu Su bow his head deeper and start to tremble, Emperor Yuanwu’s voice grew gentler. “Since you have spoken up today to ask for mercy for him, if you remember the truths that this Lonely One has told you today, this Lonely One can give him some opportunities.”

Fu Su was extremely moved and knelt.

“You think of him as your friend, but this matter depends on whether he thinks of you as a friend and how much he is willing to give up for you,” Emperor Yuanwu said coolly. “Tell him to give up on winning. Even if he is second, this Lonely One will give him a position.”

Fu Su was so moved he was speechless.


Emperor Yuanwu waved his hand, indicating Fu Su could leave.

Fu Su kowtowed again in thanks.

Emperor Yuanwu smiled slightly, yet as Fu Su turned, he frowned slightly.

Fu Su’s brows were clean and friendly, yet when he glanced by, he suddenly felt some dislike, but he did not know where the origins of the emotion came from.

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