Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 141 “Misunderstanding”

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Chapter 141: Misunderstanding

The grey-robed male cultivator could not keep his temper down at being mocked so by Kong Hou. With a wave of his sleeve, he pulled in the surrounding spirit energy. Many invisible blades appeared in the air. If Kong Hou and Gui Ling dared to move recklessly, these blades would leave behind bloody holes in their bodies.

Gui Ling took a deep breath and climbed up off the ground, trembling. The sharp blades left behind countless small bloody marks on his body. He blinked his eyes and hid his fear inside. He looked at the grey-robed male cultivator. “You are still a member of Primary Luck Sect right now. If something happens to Celestial Kong Hou, do you not fear Radiance Sect and Splendid Cloud Sect will target Primary Luck Sect? Then Primary Luck Sect, and you as well, will not be able to avoid the anger of the two great sects.”

The grey-robed cultivator laughed disdainfully. “You are so young—do not attempt to frighten me with such words. Even if Radiance Sect and Splendid Cloud Sect attack Primary Luck Sect together, they will not make things difficult for us servants.” A smile appeared on his face, full of disdain and mockery. “These major sects care about going after only the ones who are culpable. They will not blame innocents.”

Gui Ling’s expression changed slightly. He knew the grey-robed male cultivator was correct. Killing the entire sect was not something that Radiance Sect and Splendid Cloud Sect would do. Unremarkable cultivators like the grey-robed male cultivator might even become innocent and helpless people if they told some little secrets out of a sense of “justice”. For example, things that Spirit Master Shuang Qing had done.

“Why are you doing this?” After realizing all this, Gui Ling paled even more. “What is the benefit to you in this?”

“What benefit?” The grey-robed male cultivator laughed. “If I can see you virtuous gentlemen in pain, I will feel satisfied.”

Gui Ling looked at the grey-robed man’s madness and bloodthirst. He was shocked inside. Something seemed wrong with this person’s head, and he enjoyed the terror and pain of others. What was the difference between this and “mad serial killers” of novels?

Didn’t Shuang Qing want Primary Luck Sect to become one of the ten major sects? How could he not have discovered someone like this around him? With a head like this, it was better to not be so ambitious. Wanting too much but able to do so little—so embarrassing.

Madmen who took pleasure in the pain of others would not have any sympathy. He bit his lower lip and turned to look at Kong Hou. “Little Shishu, I’m sorry, I have pulled you in.”

“Children should not think too much, or else grow old too fast.” Kong Hou patted Gui Ling’s head. As she moved, the blades in the surroundings seemed to consciously avoid her. They could not harm her at all.

She shook a talisman in her hand that could record illusions. “Path Friend has such special habits. I could only record this for all the cultivators in the world to admire.”

The grey-robed man smirked. “Celestial is smart but there is no chance you will be able to show others this recording stone.”

Kong Hou’s speech and conduct had already angered the grey-robed male cultivator. He had disguised himself for many years for his hidden habit. He enjoyed the terror and helplessness of others when they landed in his hands. He disliked the captives when they disobeyed him.

Seeing the grey-robed male man attack, Kong Hou did not dodge. She spun Phoenix Head in her hand and then attacked.

The powerful air waves almost threw Gui Ling off his feet. He lifted his arm to block the sand and stones flying towards his face. His eyes half-lidded, he watched as Kong Hou and the grey-robed male cultivator fought in the sky. He could not disguise his shock. Kong Hou Shishu was almost equal to a Mind Manifestation cultivator.

“I thought you were some great power. But you only have this little ability.” Kong Hou’s right hand was resting lightly on the strings of Phoenix Head. The humming strings stilled. A hairstyle like the soaring swan could easily give a woman a feeling of being proud. She looked at the grey-robed male cultivator as though he was a toad in the mud that was disgusting to see. “No wonder you can only do things in the shadows and have to live as a subordinate who bows and scrapes. If I were a useless man like you, I would have shattered my spirit platform and sent myself to be reincarnated.”

“So sharp of tongue!” The grey-robed man’s eyes were red. He opened his hands. Spirit energy formed into a hissing snake that darted towards Kong Hou.

Kong Hou laughed coldly. The phoenix patterns on Phoenix Head formed the shadow of a phoenix that bit towards the large snake. The big snake wasn’t able to fight the phoenix and quickly disappeared.

The grey-robed male cultivator spat out bright red blood and took several steps back.

Kong Hou would not let go of a good opportunity like this to attack again. She would also not waste words. Her fingers plucked the strings and the sound passed with a murderous air through the male cultivator’s chest. He stumbled a few steps and then fell from the air to the ground.

“You… you are not of Mind Activation Stage cultivation!” The grey-robed male cultivator showed shock. He looked at Kong Hou like he was looking at a monster. “This is not possible, not possible.”

Just eighteen years old. How could she have Mind Manifestation Stage cultivation? He thought of what had happened recently in Radiance Sect. His eyes lit up. “Are you the true…”

“Slap!” Kong Hou showed disgust in her eyes as she hit the grey-robed male cultivator through the air. “You use other people’s lives as a means to pleasure. People like you are insects and rats in gutters.”

Phoenix Head turned back into a hairpin that she inserted back into her hair. Replacing Phoenix Head was Spirit Master Qiu Shuang’s Water Frost sword. Kong Hou cast a spell. Water Frost Sword spun through the air and targeted the grey-robed male cultivator’s spirit platform. She found it disgusting to use Phoenix Head to kill a man like this.

The grey-robed male cultivator was filled with hate and fear at being forced to such a step by an eighteen year old girl at his eight centuries of age. He dodged an attack from the Water Frost Sword with difficulty. Seeing Water Frost Sword chasing him once more, he hurriedly said, “Celestial Kong Hou, please be wise. I am not at odds with Splendid Cloud Sect. I came to eliminate a traitor to Primary Luck Sect.”

Standing behind Kong Hou, Gui Ling paled when he heard this. He gazed towards Kong Hou who was looking at him. His lips trembled powerlessly. He was unable to speak.

“Primary Luck Sect having traitors is your matter. Why have you come to attack a disciple of Splendid Cloud Sect?” Kong Hou smiled coldly. “You think that Splendid Cloud Sect members are easy to bully?” She did not stop moving her hand. The Water Frost Sword passed through the grey-robed male cultivator’s arm but he dodged the blow to his spirit platform. She was not in a hurry. She had not had a good fight after entering Mind Manifestation Stage and many of the spells that were hard to use before were now very simple to use.

The Water Frost Sword seemed to have eyes. It would chase him wherever he went. The male cultivator barely managed to dodge a strike as he continued to bleed from the holes in his body. “The traitor of Primary Luck Sect is Gui Ling. He is a disciple of Primary Luck Sect. He sneaked into Splendid Cloud Sect as a spy on the sect master’s orders to seek the secrets of Splendid Cloud Sect.”

The sword which was able to penetrate the spirit platform of the grey-robed male cultivator tilted and pierced his arm.

Kong Hou turned back to look at Gui Ling. She found that his face was pale. From how he didn’t dare to look at her, she knew the grey-robed cultivator was not lying. She turned back and said sarcastically, “You say he is a traitor because he will not send any more information back to you?”

The grey-robed male cultivator looked at the Water Frost Sword pointing at his forehead. He asked in response, “Celestial is going to protect someone like him with unfathomable motives?”

Hearing the male cultivator’s words, Gui Ling felt cold all over and gripped his arms. He disliked the noise of Splendid Cloud Sect, disliked how they were all inattentive to their proper duties, disliked how stupid they were in their conduct, but at this time, when he thought of what he was going to lose, he felt no freedom, only endless terror.

He only received the unhesitating trust of his fellow disciples and their unwary smiles after he came to Splendid Cloud Sect.

“People like you do not have to worry about how Splendid Cloud Sect will treat its disciples.” Kong Hou’s eyes turned cold. The spell changed on her hand. Water Frost Sword suddenly turned into countless swords. With irresistible force, they turned the grey-robed male cultivator into a porcupine.

Seeing the mind manifestation flee out of the grey-robed male cultivator’s body, Kong Hou flew forward and gripped the mind manifestation. Then she crushed it.

With the death of the grey-robed male cultivator, the surrounding boundary disappeared. Kong Hou summoned back Water Frost Sword and turned back to look at Gui Ling.

The handsome youth stood silently under the moonlight with a long shadow behind him, cold and desolate. Kong Hou adjusted her clothes that had been messed up in the fight and said coolly, “What are you standing there for? Follow.”

Shishu…” Gui Ling lifted his head. His eyes brimmed with tears. He walked in front of Kong Hou and knelt down. “Shishu, I was wrong. Do not…”

Do not what?

Do not expel him or do not turn her back on him?

Gui Ling could not say it, and had no face to say it. He had come into Splendid Cloud Sect with bad intentions. Now that Splendid Cloud Sect had found out, even if Splendid Cloud Sect took his spirit platform and his life, it was deserved.

Kong Hou looked at the youth’s trembling shoulders and bent down to pat his thin back. “Stand up; we will talk after we return.”

Shishu, you are willing to let me return?” Gui Ling looked dazedly at Kong Hou.

“I promised your master that I will bring you and Rou Rou back unharmed. If I lose you now, what do I have to compensate to your master?” Kong Hou smiled. “Or do you not want to return with me?”

Gui Ling shook his head. How could he be unwilling? Kong Hou Shishu was willing to take him back. This meant that she did not completely reject him. When they returned to Moon Perching Peak, even if he knelt until he died in front of Master, he would not leave Splendid Cloud Sect.

Before he received warmth, he never felt how beautiful it was. Only when he obtained it, and possessed it, he knew that he would cry because he could not endure losing it.

Wu Chuan, who suddenly detected Kong Hou and Gui Ling’s presences, hurried over. He jumped on the outer wall and saw Gui Ling kneeling in front of Kong Hou and Kong Hou patting his back. Seeing such a scene, Wu Chuan couldn’t help but look around. If other people saw this, wouldn’t they suspect that Kong Hou was two-timing with her shizhi?

“Eldest Shixiong Wu Chuan.” Kong Hou had detected Wu Chuan’s presence long ago. Seeing him standing on the wall and not coming down, she looked at him in puzzlement. “What are you standing there for? To admire the moon?”

There was a corpse in the courtyard that gave off a bloody tang. Even the most beautiful moon scenery would be discounted.

Wu Chuan looked at Gui Ling who was still kneeling on the ground. He jumped off the wall expressionlessly and walked next to the grey-robed male cultivator covered in bloody holes. “Dead?”

“Only dead evildoers will not speak nonsense.” Kong Hou put her hand in front of Gui Ling. “Stand up.”

Gui Ling looked at the white and tender hand. He wiped his hand before reaching out with a trembling hand to place it in Kong Hou’s hand. The hand was warm and soft like sunlight in spring.

Kong Hou grabbed Gui Ling’s hand firmly and pulled him off the ground like a chick.

Wu Chuan looked silently at Kong Hou and Gui Ling. When Gui Ling managed to stand up, he said, “This person has wounds made from sound and also sword wounds. He did not die unjustly under our teamwork.”

“Wu Chuan Shixiong is right.” Kong Hou knew Wu Chuan’s intentions and smiled at him. “Shixiong, do not worry, I have a recording of the evildoer here. We should send a flying message seal to Primary Luck Sect to ask them to come take the corpse.”

“This person is a member of Primary Luck Sect?” Wu Chuan glanced at the male cultivator that had been completely disfigured by Kong Hou’s attacks. A person who was familiar with this man would not be able to recognize him.

“Yes.” Kong Hou nodded and narrated the events to Wu Chuan.

“So that’s how it is,” Wu Chuan said. “Let’s store the corpse away now.” He looked at Kong Hou. Kong Hou turned to look at Gui Ling.

Gui Ling… Gui Ling silently bent down to tidy up the bloody corpse.


Nearly two hours had passed, and the disciples who went out to search for Gui Ling still hadn’t returned. The tea had lost its taste a long time ago. Huan Zhong sat, his eyes looking down. Other people could not see his emotions, but Qiu Shuang found he was glancing towards the window quite a few times.

“The moon is beautiful outside. If Zhong Xi does not mind, then come with me to view the moon.” Qiu Shuang had no habit of making things difficult for juniors. She stood up and pushed open the door to stand by the rails.

Huan Zhong followed her. He put a hand on the rail. His gaze was remote. The night wind caught in his robes and made him look like an immortal about to step on the moon and leave.

Kong Hou walked out of the forest and saw the aloof and beautiful man under the moonlight. She jumped on the ground, waving her hands and saying, “Huan Zhong.”

The immortal, who was about to leave on the moon, gave a smile. He seemed to be tempted by the world. He abandoned the moon and jumped off the flying palace.

Seeing the two juniors happily holding hands after a separation of a few hours, Qiu Shuang gave a smile as she lazily leaned against the rail. Even if the endings of some love stories were not good, when they were in the midst of their love, it was so beautiful.

When one got old, they liked these sweet beautiful things, and hoped that the beauty would never be shattered.

“Why were you gone for so long?” Huan Zhong saw that Kong Hou’s clothes were slightly wrinkled and her hairpins were askew. He reached out to neaten her hairpins. “You fought someone?”

“I encountered someone with a mental problem,” Kong Hou whispered. “But it’s been resolved.”

Huan Zhong smelled blood coming off her and looked sideways at Gui Ling who was walking behind Wu Chuan. He nodded minutely at the two and did not ask a question. He turned and said warmly to Kong Hou, “Return and rest.”

Seeing Kong Hou and Spirit Master Zhong Xi fly away, Gui Ling slowly looked down at his muddied shoes.

Wu Chuan walked a few steps and saw Gui Ling standing where he was. He thought Gui Ling was frightened by what had just happened. He managed to squeeze out an awkward smile on his usually stern face. “No matter. All the people here are members of our sect. You do not have to be afraid.”

Looking up at the sect eldest shibo‘s smiling face, Gui Ling nodded minutely. “Thank you, Wu Chuan Shibo.”

“Why are you young children so serious?” Wu Chuan patted his shoulder. “Cheer up. When we return to the sect, you can get your monthly allowance. Then you can go down the mountain to eat and drink with your fellow disciples.”

Gui Ling’s expression froze slightly. When he returned to the sect, would Moon Perching Peak still want him?


Kong Hou washed and changed after returning to the flying palace before lying down on her bed. She quickly sank into sleep. However, after falling asleep, she kept on dreaming about the star mansion door. She dreamed about fighting constantly with the soldier puppets. She won quicker and quicker each time as she became familiar with the use of talismans. She was Phoenix Head, and Phoenix Head was her.

When she opened her eyes again, she saw several people standing next to her bed.

“Grand Shishu, Huan Zhong, Ling Hui Shijie …” Kong Hou sat up in bed and found that Wu Chuan Shixiong and others were standing in the corner of the room. But because she had been sleeping, they had not come close. She was slightly puzzled. “Why are you in my room?”

Qiu Shuang reached to touch her life meridian. “Your meridians are strong, and your spirit platform clear. You might have cultivated in your dream. You are fine.”

Kong Hou grabbed her blanket and blinked at everyone innocently.

“You…” Qiu Shuang looked at Huan Zhong. She stood up and said, “We will leave first, and let Kong Hou rest. We will reach the sect in two hours.”

Reach the sect in two hours? Didn’t they need two more days? Had she slept for two days?

Soon, everyone else left the room. Huan Zhong looked silently at Kong Hou and wrapped her and her blanket up into his arms. His voice was low. “As long as you are all right.”

Kong Hou knew that Huan Zhong must have worried when she was in an unwakeable sleep. She stayed docilely in Huan Zhong’s arms and whispered, “I had a dream. I dreamed that I was in the world behind the star mansion door. I ascended the tower countless times, each time faster and easier than the last.”

Huan Zhong had not expected the star mansion door to have such power that it would affect Kong Hou even now. He caressed Kong Hou’s hair. “This is good. There are only a few people who can cultivate after falling asleep.”

Kong Hou thought of the box that Spirit Master Hong Yan had her open after she came out of the star mansion door. The thing inside the box had landed on Phoenix Head. Had… it been the influence of those things?

She summoned Phoenix Head and touched the phoenix patterns on the surface. Threads of spirit energy flowed into her fingertips like a warm hand that gently smoothed her meridians.

The small world that the successive sect masters of Moon Star Sect created was more powerful than Kong Hou had imagined. She glanced at Huan Zhong and had a conjecture. “Huan Zhong, I want to visit Moon Star Sect soon.”

Huan Zhong smiled. “I will accompany you.”

Kong Hou laughed. “Sect Master Wang Su has said they will not see guests. You do not fear being embarrassed at being refused along with me?”

“If two people are embarrassed together, it will not be so embarrassing.” Huan Zhong picked out a magic robe out of his storage ring for Kong Hou to wear. “Didn’t you say you want to return to the sect looking beautiful? If you do not get up soon, there won’t be enough time.”

Kong Hou hurriedly pushed aside the blanket and sat in front of her mirror. “Luckily, I have you to remind me.”

Huan Zhong stood behind and smiled faintly looking at her back, his eyes gentle.


On the training field of Splendid Cloud Sect, Wang Tong looked up at the descending flying palace. He narrowed his eyes. The person standing next to his apprentice seemed to be Spirit Master Zhong Xi?

Didn’t he say he thought of his apprentice as a little shimei? Why had he come back shamelessly?

He said using a sound art to Heng Yan, [Shixiong, what is wrong with Spirit Master Zhong Xi that he thinks of Splendid Cloud Sect as his second home?]

Heng Yan thought of the news Wu Chuan had sent back to him and coughed. He was so guilty he didn’t know what to answer.

Seeing Heng Yan not answer, Wang Tong did not mind. In the recent while, Shixiong kept on secretly giving him spirit stones and talismans, so generous that Wang Tong was too embarrassed to spend recklessly.

Wang Tong had no more interest to ask when he saw the flying palace land. He walked quickly to the flying palace, bowed to Qiu Shuang and then beckoned to Kong Hou. “Kong Hou, come to Master.”

Kong Hou glanced at Huan Zhong and then picked up her dress to run to Wang Tong. “Master.”

“En.” In front of the “outsider” Huan Zhong, Wang Tong pretended to be serious and nodded. He said to Kong Hou and his two grand disciples, “Come, return to Moon Perching Peak.”

“Wait.” Kong Hou turned and pulled Huan Zhong along. “Master, may Huan Zhong live with me on Moon Perching Peak?”

Wang Tong stared at Huan Zhong for a moment before saying with a stern expression. “You may arrange it.”

He could not make his apprentice unhappy due to an “outsider.” He was not willing to be a villain.

Seeing Wang Tong’s expression, Kong Hou sighed inwardly in relief. It seemed she needed to work harder to have Master accept Huan Zhong.

She put her hands behind her back and curled her fingers towards Huan Zhong. Huan Zhong reached out to grab the curled finger. His lips rose slightly.

“Did anyone make things difficult for you during the discussion conference?” Wang Tong turned to look at his apprentices and grand disciples. Li Rou flashed to walk in front of Kong Hou and Huan Zhong. She worried that she did not have a large enough figure and pulled Gui Ling along as well. “Grand Master, Spirit Master Zhong Xi took great care of us. No one dared to make things difficult.”

Wang Tong felt even worse. He could not pick out any flaws on this Zhong Xi. How could he make his apprentice like another male cultivator?

Li Rou saw that Grand Master’s expression was growing uglier and worried for Kong Hou Shishu and Spirit Master Zhong Xi.

Grand Master’s expression was so ugly just at hearing Spirit Master Zhong Xi’s name. If Grand Master knew that Shishu and Spirit Master Zhong Xi were in love, would he immediately fight Spirit Master Zhong Xi?

Translator Ramblings: I’m pretty sure that Gui Ling and Kong Hou are similar in age … closer together than her and Huan Zhong. Children indeed.

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