Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 150 “It Is Night”

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Chapter 150: It Is Night

Kong Hou and the others were once again kept out the door by Old Man Nameless.

Uncle Salted Fish did not want to be embarrassed along with them, so he sat on the carriage driver’s seat and lazily snacked on pine nuts. Seeing Spirit Master Nameless shut the door on Spirit Master Kong Hou and the others, he laughed with schadenfreude.

Just as he thought these famous orthodox sect disciples could not endure such humiliation, he saw Kong Hou press against the door and slap on it. She seemed to be mentally communicating with Spirit Master Nameless.

[Spirit Master, we have found the medicine ingredients. If you are interested, you can come to Splendid Cloud Sect to work with Spirit Master Qing Yuan.]

The door was pulled open from the inside. Spirit Master Nameless did not have a happy expression. “Why is it that I am going to Splendid Cloud Sect, and not Qing Yuan coming to my place here?” If he went to Splendid Cloud Sect and started to fight Qing Yuan, wouldn’t Splendid Cloud Sect help Qing Yuan?

“Spirit Master.” Kong Hou bowed. “I know that Spirit Master has no other intentions, but the evil cultivators are devious in their tactics. If they come ambush this place, it will not be good for you and me.” She always thought the worst of the evil cultivators. It had been hard to find these medicinal ingredients. If they were ruined by evil cultivators during the process, she feared she would have mental demons.

“Our humble sect has lasted for centuries. While we are not as rich as Radiance Sect and Nine Phoenix Sect, we have a sect protective formation and disciples. Even if the evil cultivators come suddenly, they will not be able to easily break through the sect formation.” Kong Hou took out two jade boxes from her storage ring. “Here are some medicinal ingredients and spirit stones. Spirit Master, please accept this.”

Spirit Master Nameless took the jade box and turned to look at Huan Zhong who was behind Kong Hou. He asked, eyes slanted, “You cannot spoil men. If you do everything for him, he will be spoiled.”

Kong Hou giggled seeing Spirit Master Nameless accept the gifts. “No way about it. If I don’t spoil my own man, should I spoil other men?”

The spoiled man, the famous Spirit Master Zhong Xi, smiled warmly at Kong Hou and was at ease with being spoiled.

Seeing the two like this, Nameless turned his head and walked into the house. “Wait here for a while. I will pack.”

As their numbers increased, it was not suitable for Lin Hu to use his flying sword or to use the carriage to travel. Kong Hou took out the most defensive flying artifact from Huan Zhong’s storage ring to avoid any accidents on this trip. In those many storybooks, when orthodox cultivators found important people, there would be all kinds of accidents. She did not want to see any accidents on this matter.

The news they had found the ingredients had been sent to Radiance Sect’s sect master, Splendid Cloud Sect’s sect mater and Qing Yuan Shishu by flying message seals. The two sects were prepared. Radiance Sect had even arranged for some disciples to be disguised as travellers to settle in Harmonious City.

The talisman with the strongest defensive ability was not the fastest among the flying talismans. They spent a few days to return to Harmonious City. Kong Hou knew that Uncle Salted Fish would not return to Splendid Cloud Sect with them, so she gave him the land and house deed that Splendid Cloud Sect had prepared for him.

Uncle Salted Fish came to the courtyard with Kong Hou. He saw the new place was in a good location, clean, and even the blankets were new and smelled of the sun. He smiled and nodded. “I am very satisfied.”

“As long as you are satisfied. Uncle, we are hurrying back to the sect. Please forgive me for my lack of welcome.” Kong Hou was truly grateful to Uncle Salted Fish, so when she had written back to the sect, she had asked Eldest Shixiong Wu Chuan to find a good courtyard, and even the shop was a good one by the street.

She took out several jade scrolls to put in Uncle Salted Fish’s hand. “If you need anything, find me. You can crush a jade scroll. If I am unable to come quickly, I will ask other people to come.”

Playing with the jade scroll, Uncle Salted Fish nodded. “I understand. Go attend to your matters; do not disturb my sleep.”

His tone was not good but Kong Hou did not mind. She turned and left the courtyard with Huan Zhong and Lin Hu.

“This person’s personality is changeable, and his movements are a riddle. I do not know if he is friend or foe.” Lin Hu looked at the closed door behind him. From when they met this person in the old town to when they obtained the dragon blood, this person’s speech and movements were suspicious.

“I do not know if he is a friend, but he definitely is not a foe.” Kong Hou shook his head. “No enemy would give dragon blood to us. No enemy in the world is so generous and unselfish.”

“Each person has their own secrets to protect. This uncle is now living in Harmonious City; it will be difficult if he wants to make any secret movements.” Kong Hou smiled and looked at the passersby on the streets. “In Harmonious City, the local people all have intelligent eyes.”

How many evil cultivators were caught after entering Harmonious City? How many cultivators who committed evil entered Harmonious City and never had a chance to leave?

Harmonious City was a city where a villain would come in and could not leave.


Returning to Splendid Cloud Sect, Kong Hou found that there were new faces in Splendid Cloud Sect. These were newly recruited disciples. These disciples had never seen Huan Zhong and Kong Hou before. Seeing their senior disciples bow to the two, they did not dare to ask questions and bowed together with other people.

After the two left, the new disciples finally dared to ask about the two.

“Spirit Master Zhong Xi and Kong Hou Shijie?”

Everyone in the cultivation world knew of Spirit Master Zhong Xi’s reputation. Even if they were not active in the cultivation world, they still heard of his legend. The Spirit Master Zhong Xi of their imagination was a powerful person who was stern, cold and authoritative. They hadn’t imagined that he would be so good-looking and be as warm as jade when he stood together with Kong Hou Shijie.

The senior disciples who had been taught swordsmanship by Spirit Master Zhong Xi shook their heads after learning the thoughts of the new disciples. These new disciples were too young, and didn’t know that men had two faces.

Right now, Spirit Master Zhong Xi was as gentle as the spring wind, not because he himself was gentle, but because he had someone next to him who made him gentle.

Who from those present had Kong Hou Shimei‘s ability to wrap Radiance Sect’s emotionless sword around her finger?

After making arrangements for Spirit Master Nameless, Kong Hou took Huan Zhong and Lin Hu to the main hall of Splendid Cloud Sect. In the main hall were Heng Yan, Wang Tong, and someone unexpected to Kong Hou—Jin Yue, the sect master of Radiance Sect.

She looked at Huan Zhong beside her. Before returning to Splendid Cloud Sect, they had not known that Sect Master Jin Yue was here. Was this news not supposed to be publicly known?

“Huan Zhong greets Master, Heng Yan Shishu, Wang Tong Shishu.” Huan Zhong went forward and bowed elegantly.

Wang Tong nodded slightly. This disciple-husband could, reluctantly, be considered not bad.

After Kong Hou bowed as well, Lin Hu bowed to everyone, “I will bid farewell.” The elders were sitting here and looking at their juniors. He would not participate. He was already mentally tired after watching the sweetness between Master and Miss Kong Hou over this time.

After exchanging courtesies, Heng Yan headed for the main topic. “Our path union ceremony is set for the eighth of next month. The invitations have all been sent out. Sect Master Jin and I have discussed. Jiu Su was wounded nine years ago at Radiance Sect by Zhong Xi and Spirit Master Hong Yan. Spirit Master Hong Yan is dead, and Jiu Su’s hate can only be vented on Zhong Xi. Ten years is enough for Jiu Su to recover. We suspect that he will make a sudden ambush at your path union ceremony.”

Hearing this, Kong Hou said unhappily, “This fits with their conduct of making things difficult for people.”

“But you do not have to worry too much. We will send people disguised as ordinary people in the city before your path union ceremony. We will set up all kinds of protective formations within five miles of the city. If the evil cultivators leak their evil arts, they will be detected by the formations.” Heng Yan smoothed his beard and said, “We ten major sects will all work together on this matter. We will arrange for an ambush in the city. While we do not know who will win, at least there will be no problems for your path union ceremony to finish.”

The ten sects would not be so stupid to all gather on the mountain and drink without any preparations when they guessed that the evil cultivators were planning to use Kong Hou and Zhong Xi’s path union ceremony to catch all the orthodox cultivators. If this were true, they would not be orthodox sects, but idiots.

The evil cultivators wanted to catch them in one go. They also wanted to use this opportunity to beat up the evil cultivators so they would not dare to think about the cultivation world again.

“You juniors do not have to worry about these things. We elders will take care of it,” Wang Tong said. “Kong Hou, take Zhong Xi to Daybreak Cloud Peak to find Qing Yuan. When you are free, go to Elder Qiu Shuang to get your ceremony attire. If there are any ill-fitting places, there is still time to change them.”

“All right.” Kong Hou nodded. She grabbed Huan Zhong’s hand and smiled at Wang Tong. “Thank you, Master.”

Looking at the happy two young people, Wang Tong sighed, waved his hand and said, “We are one family; no need to be so polite.”

After the two juniors left, Jin Yue gave a smile to Wang Tong. The rumors said that Wang Tong did not like his apprentice. From today, this did not seem to be true. From this, it could be seen that rumors could not be trusted.

Wang Tong pretended not to see Jin Yue’s gaze. He turned and stared at a floor-level vase in the corner.


Spirit Master Nameless and Qing Yuan had different understandings of medicine but they were unusually in agreement in making this medicine made from almost extinct materials. The two people were very cautious during this process. Worried that they would fail, they only took some of the ingredients to practice.

Five days later, the medicine pill came out of the cauldron. The cauldron gave off thick purple smoke, and the pill medicine had purple and gold patterns. The entire room brimmed with spirit energy.

“Spirit Master Nameless, Shishu, how is it?” Kong Hou pushed open the door and entered.

Only two pills had been made this time. Qing Yuan held one of them and shook his head gravely. “Based on the ancient recipe description, the pill will have purple energy when it forms, and also the cry of dragons and phoenixes. We only saw purple energy after this formed, not dragons and phoenixes.”

Kong Hou bit the corner of her lips. “Why is this so?”

“Take these two pills to Zhong Xi to try. We will think more and find which step was wrong.” Qing Yuan put the two pills on Kong Hou’s hand. He didn’t dare to look at his shizhi‘s eyes. He feared he would fail to live up to her trust.

“Thank you, Shishu, Spirit Master—you worked hard.” Kong Hou held the pills tightly and smiled at the pair.

Looking at this smile, Qing Yuan felt more relaxed. He patted Kong Hou’s head. “Do not worry, We will succeed.”

Kong Hou nodded. She left the pill-making building. Seeing Lin Hu waiting outside for her, she shook her head silently.

Lin Hu’s eyes dimmed. They only thought about finding all the ingredients. They hadn’t expected that the pill-making methods of present were very different from thousands of years ago. Whether or not the pills could be made was a great problem.

Returning to the cave residence, Kong Hou saw Huan Zhong reading by the table. She rubbed her face to make herself give a bright smile. She walked lightly next to Huan Zhong. “Huan Zhong, Qing Yuan Shishu said for you to test the effects of this pill.”

Huan Zhong put down the book, and took the pill in Kong Hou’s hand to swallow.

“How is it?” Kong Hou looked with wide eyes as Huan Zhong, anticipating magical effects from this pill.

“The spirit energy is very ample, my organs are all very comfortable, and there is more spirit energy in my spirit platform.” Huan Zhong closed his eyes and had his spirit energy circulate around his body. “It is a rare and good medicine.”

This meant that the spirit platform had not healed?

Kong Hou was inwardly disappointed. She put her head on Huan Zhong’s knees and talked about interesting things in the sect, without mentioning anything about the pill.

Lightly stroking Kong Hou’ hair, Huan Zhong’s expression was gentle and he had a smile at the corner of his mouth.

Lin Hu saw this scene from where he stood outside the cave residence. He silently moved to the side. He didn’t know if he felt relieved or unwell. He felt a mixture of emotions. No matter what the end result was, at least Master met a woman who taught him to smile and to truly live.

In the moment before he died, at least his memories would not be blank and cold.

But since he already possessed the best, why not make this best last longer and become more perfect?

Kong Hou and Huan Zhong stayed in the cave residence for a day. The next morning, she went to the pill-making building again. Spirit Master Nameless and Elder Qing Yuan were arguing over the ancient pill recipe. Kong Hou was bored and started to wipe the dust off the cauldron with a cloth. This way, she would calm down.

Spirit Master Nameless and Qing Yuan’s argument grew more intense. Kong Hou was startled from her daze. As she turned, her hand brushed the ear of the cauldron. The carved dragon’s horn sliced her finger and her blood flowed.

People who made pills were sensitive to the scent of blood. Qing Yuan could not keep arguing when he saw his shizhi was injured. He took out several bottles of pills from his storage ring. Blood clotting, whitening, scar removing. It was such a lineup that Kong Hou almost thought she was disfigured.

“Last time, the pills made failed when we used your idea.” Qing Yuan looked down as he treated Kong Hou’s wound. “This time, we will use my ideas.”

Nameless thought of the remaining ingredients. There was enough for two more tries. “All right, this time, we will do your idea.”

Kong Hou grabbed Qing Yuan’s sleeve and whispered, “Shishu, Huan Zhong is a son-in-law of our Splendid Cloud Sect. Do not create such a grudge with Spirit Master Nameless that will harm your own shizhi‘s husband.”

“Go, go, go,” Qing Yuan said in pretend anger. “Stop getting in the way. Shishu is going to make pills.”

Ruthlessly thrown out the door by Qing Yuan Shishu, Kong Hou crouched by the stone stairs with her knees to her chest. Many thoughts flashed through her mind. Without realizing it, the sky darkened.

When Huan Zhong found her, he saw Kong Hou, who was usually filled with liveliness, crouching in the corner with a dazed expression like a frightened puppy. He walked next to her and bent to pick her up.

“It’s dark. I’ve come to pick you up.”

Kong Hou hugged Huan Zhong’s neck tightly and put her head on his shoulder. “Huan Zhong, you have to keep me company.”

Huan Zhong hugged her tighter. “All right.”

“You have to always be with me.”


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