Sword Dynasty Volume Four Chapter 7 “Double Defeat”

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Chapter 7: Double Defeat

Bai Shanshui landed again. Due to the terrifying momentum, her feet carved out two deep gullies on the ground.

Her right sleeve was completely shattered, and blood wrapped around her jade-like arm like flames. She looked up and started to cough. As blood spilled from her vivid lips, her expression grew colder.

“You won with this blow. If this were an ordinary duel, I would admit defeat, but today is not a duel, but a battle of life and death.”

When she said this, the ground underneath her suddenly sank to form a perfect circular hole. Then her figure disappeared within.

She started to run towards Liang Lian, and perfect circular holes continued to appear on the ground. Everyone could imagine the terrifying power contained within, but there were no sounds. Water just seeped through the earth, and flew upwards, squeezed by the great force.

The area Bai Shanshui moved in started to rain, yet this rain was from the earth to the sky, filled with a rebellious presence.

Li Yunrui looked up calmly at the seemingly depressed bureau chief in the darkness ahead. He asked seriously, “You want to die with me?”

As he said this, his flying sword started to accelerate at a terrifying rate. Straight sword paths appeared between him and Bureau Chief Chen. His flying sword flew straight towards the chief’s throat.

Previously, his flying sword had always been unpredictable and sly, but when it went on a straight path, everyone felt that his flying sword was very fast.

Sensing the essence of this sword, Bureau Chief Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly. He did not recall his flying sword. Instead, as his right hand moved slightly, his flying sword also started to fly straight, brushing past Li Yunrui’s flying sword and also targeting Li Yunrui’s throat.

In this moment, an old figure appeared from the reeds behind him. He attacked, a grey flying sword with a rotten presence slicing towards Li Yunrui’s flying sword.

This was not a duel, but life and death.

So at some moments, Bureau Chief Chen did not need to use only his power to deal with Li Yunrui’s flying sword.

He also had an attendant, and his attendant was far more powerful than ordinary attendants.

Liang Lian’s eyes were narrowed into lines. Seeing Bai Shanshui charging towards him at a terrifying speed, he was slightly puzzled. However, he did not hesitate at all. His hard carved brows slowly rose, and then he raised his lifebond sword until he reached his limit to slash down hard towards the string of afterimages Bai Shanshui left behind.


While it was a sword move, it smashed towards Bai Shanshui like a giant stick.

All of the afterimages disappeared.

The rain flying into the sky was destroyed instantly by great force. Bai Shanshui’s figure appeared. Her clothing dragged behind her causing her figure to be clearly shown. Her sword, slashing towards Liang Lian, was struck down, her body was also struck down as she retreated.

Liang Lian’s eyes flashed coldly. He took a firm step forward and raised his sword again.

Yet, in this moment, his pupils rapidly contracted.

Bai Shanshui took more than a dozen steps back. Each of her steps fell into the perfect circular holes she had made before. With the fall of each step, a white spray rose out of each hole.

Ten white sprays charged towards Liang Lian.

Liang Lian shouted, and swung his sword sideways.

The ten white sprays gathered and hit the sword light in front of him heavily.

The ten enormous forces overlapped, and the vibrations spread to his body through his sword.

Liang Lian’s body flashed with black light. Yet when the seventh force hit his sword, he finally could not hold on. With a grunt, his body flew backwards!

Before his body had even landed, he vomited blood.


The grey sword light with the rotten odor accurately hit Li Yunrui’s flying sword.

But in this moment, Li Yunrui’s flying sword split into two.

The two flying swords sliced towards the two arteries on the side of Bureau Chief Chen’s neck like they were alive.

The old figure gave a disbelieving shout. The gray sword light blurred, wanting to cut down both flying swords in one blow.

Yet with a bang, this grey sword light was sent jumping upwards after hitting one flying sword. The other flying sword seemed to have gained more power and sped up!

Bureau Chief Chen’s body flew to the side.

When Li Yunrui’s flying sword had split into two, his body had been moving sideways. At the same time, the flying sword heading towards Li Yunrui howled and turned back with a mad presence.

Yet the dodge and the returning flying sword could not keep up with Li Yunrui’s flying sword. In a flash, the cold presence of this flying sword touched Bureau Chief Chen’s skin and permeated into the artery under his skin.

Bureau Chief Chen could not stop this sword, and a pallor appeared on his face. But his eyes held no terror. His eyes turned absolutely empty, and the long hair behind his back flew onto this flying sword.

His broken hair spread, and the sword essence still advanced. The primal energies of the universe from the cut hairs won a moment of time for Bureau Chief Chen.

His body lifted slightly and then he greeted the flying sword with his collarbone. His body was very thin, his collarbone was like a long narrow blade.

With a crack, his collarbone broke.

The flying sword flicked upwards as though it was going to cut the artery in his neck.

But his madly speeding flying sword finally returned, and the tip managed to brush the end of Li Yunrui’s flying sword.

A wave of energy and blue flames spread. Li Yunrui’s flying sword flew downwards, and left a bone-deep wound on Bureau Chief Chen’s left shoulder.

The old attendant with the grey sword howled furiously and swung his sword again. Li Yunrui’s flying sword burrowed into the ground, and immediately charged out with a spray of mud many feet away.

The hair had been cut, the collar bone was broken, the shoulder wounded to the bone. Bureau Chief Chen’s was half covered in blood and had a depressed presence.

Li Yunrui showed no pride after wounding the mysterious bureau chief who ranked above the thirteen Qin marquises. The other half of his sword moved backwards as he retreated.

At this moment, Bai Shanshui was charging towards Liang Lian again.

Her entire body was leaking blood and energy due to the violent impacts, but perfect circles appeared again under her feet.

Bureau Chief Chen and Liang Lian were both seriously injured. In theory, Bai Shanshui should turn around, and charge with Li Yunrui towards Bureau Chief Chen. Liang Lian had an army behind him, and many powerful Changling swordsmen. Even if she could kill Liang Lian and charge through the army, she would only return to Changling. What was the meaning?

Li Yunrui still could not understand Bai Shanshui’s actions but he remembered her telling him to follow her. He chose to trust Bai Shanshui.

His body turned rapidly and he chased after Bai Shanshui’s afterimage.

Gasps rose in a wave.

No one had thought that General Liang, who displayed power far beyond predictions, and the mysterious Bureau Chief Chen would both be defeated at this moment.

Liang Lian inhaled deeply. His body seemed to fill. His longsword rose upwards like a crowbar and hit Bai Shanshui’s descending lifebond sword.

An indescribable bang sounded in the world. It was like a god driving a stake into the ground.

Liang Lian was unable to level Bai Shanshui’s sword. His longsword was still curved upwards, but his entire body had been hammered into the ground by Bai Shanshui’s sword.

Mud waves spread from Liang Lian’s body.

In a flash, Liang Lian’s entire body was pushed into the mud, with only his head, and his right hand with his sword raised above the surface.

His body was much larger than Bai Shanshui yet at this moment, when Bai Shanshui stood in front of him, she appeared much taller.

Bai Shanshui coughed out bloody foam.

A sneer appeared on her face again. Her sword had retreated slightly due to the shock and then swung down steadily.

More gasps sounded in the distance. Everyone could see that Liang Lian could not withstand this blow, and no one in the surroundings could stop Bai Shanshui.

Also, there was a flying sword coming close to Bai Shanshui.

Li Yunrui was within a hundred feet of Bai Shanshui, and his flying sword had flown to his side.

“Finally here.”

Bai Shanshui raised her head, and then seemed to say to herself and also Li Yunrui.

Li Yunrui lifted his head.

There were some pale flowing fires in the air.

These flowing fires seemed to be the same as the flowing fire that had appeared in the streets previously. But for some reason, these nondescript pale white flowing fire made it hard for him to keep his eyes open.

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