Sword Dynasty Volume Four Chapter 57 “An Unspeakable Truth”

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Chapter 57: An Unspeakable Truth

The sword essence did not feel strong to him, but was exceptionally dangerous. In this brief moment, he learned why the sword essence felt so dangerous- It originated from Jing Liuli.

Jing Liuli was Baili Suxue’s direct disciple, and cultivated the highest and most mysterious sword of Min Mountain Sword Sect. Her sword essence was not something ordinary Changling swordsmen could compare to.

But in a duel of one-on-one like this in the public eye, could someone cheat and fight two-against-one?

Daoist Qian could not understand. He could not help but glance towards where the sword essence had headed, or rather, tried to sense it.

Yet there was nothing there.

There was just a tree stump. A boxwood stump that had just been cut, and was still seeping sap.

The sword essence came from the smooth cut surface. It was just a faint sword essence, and had no real energy.

“Borrowing sword essence! Screened Sky Secret Sword! Daoist Qian immediately realized why and exclaimed. As he gasped, he discovered he was already too late.

Zzt zzt zzt zzt…

The sound of air breaking obscured his exclamation.

Ding Ning had lifted the Last Flower remnant sword, but what truly posed a threat to Daoist Qian was the star fiendish sword energy accumulated in his body.

The terrifying thing about Daoist Qian was that his flying sword was faster than most other swordsmen in Changling. If he wanted to win against the monk, he had to pursue extreme speed.

When Daoist Qian’s perception was attracted by that sword essence, his right foot stepped heavily on the stone street, the slabs exploding apart. Taking advantage of the backlash, Ding Ning’s body shot out like an arrow. At the same time, all the accumulated fiendish sword energy in his body surged out in this moment like two long black swords that immediately reached Daoist Qian’s chest.

Since he was pursuing extreme speed, he had already thought of what to do at each moment. The cold fiendish sword energies charged out from the meridians of his arms. Even as his arm muscles were twitching and trembling, Ding Ning’s right hand was still able to perform a strong and straight thrust.

It was the same tactic as he had used for Doctor Ai. Yet Daoist Qian knew that compared to when Ding Ning had been fighting Doctor Ai, there was a crucial secret sword preceding this. He was much faster than Doctor Ai, but because of that thin sword essence which could create no tangible damage, he reacted much slower than Doctor Ai.

Even more importantly, he did not have a defensive method like Doctor Ai. Like all swordsmen skilled in flying swords, close combat was his weakness.

As he gasped, his expression changed. The thin flying sword that had flown a foot accurately swung between the two black sword lights and crushed the small fiend swords. At the same time, his flying sword still pointed forward towards Ding Ning’s right arm.

While he had been limited by talent and his cultivation had not advanced after his forties, he had spent great effort on his flying sword. Even though he was astounded by Ding Ning’s initial attack, he still had confidence he could defeat Ding Ning’s sword before it touched his body and kill Ding Ning.

Ding Ning’s eyes lit up. He swung his left hand, and slapped his flying sword without hesitation. The tip of the sword pierced his palm like it was tofu. Blood sprayed in a fine mist at the back of Ding Ning’s hand, and the sleeve of his left hand was soaked.

The blade sounded like it was scraping bone. All the cultivators in the surroundings who saw this scene paled immediately. Daoist Qian’s eyes narrowed slightly. Everything was within his expectations. In the next moment, the flying sword would penetrate through Ding Ning’s palm and cut towards Ding Ning’s sword-wielding right hand.

But in the next moment, he roared like a wild beast. His sword was not able to completely penetrate Ding Ning’s palm. Ding Ning’s Last Flower remnant sword stabbed hard into his chest, the spreading sword threads immediately blending the organs in his chest!

Shocked exclamations and screams sounded. The surrounding people had seen many battles before but none so bloody and cruel.

Screaming Daoist Qian slapped towards Ding Ning’s face with his two hands, his vital energy completely scattered. Some wildly moving vital energy flashed like lightning on his palms.

Ding Ning expressionlessly relaxed his right hand, and bent down to burrow into Daoist Qian’s arms. His left hand, that still had Daoist Qian’s flying sword stuck in it, backhanded towards Daoist Qian’s abdomen.





Each muffled sound of flesh being pierced caused the hearts of every watching person to contract violently.

In a breath, Ding Ning patted Daoist Qian’s energy sea multiple times. The sword tip piercing Daoist Qian’s energy sea completely scattered his vital energy.

Daoist Qian’s body could not stand up. Under the recoil of vital energy coming out of his energy sea, his body stumbled and was going to fall backwards.

Ding Ning straighted. His eyes narrowed among the splash of blood as his left palm slapped towards Daoist Qian’s throat without hesitation.

Everyone heard a bursting sound.

Daoist Qian’s mad screaming suddenly stopped. There was only the sound of blood spitting and air leaking through.

His throat did not just have a hole. His entire neck had caved in.

Even now, Ding Ning’s movements did not seem to stop. His right hand moved towards his right. With a soft sound, he pulled out the flying sword stuck in his palm and threw it like a dagger towards the retreating Daoist Qian’s chest

While everyone knew that Daoist Qian could not survive based on the terrifying injuries he had received, when the flying sword accurately pierced his heart, every spectating heart uncontrollably trembled.

Ding Ning did not advance. He stopped, and when he raised his right hand again, there was a piece of gauze on his hand. Then he used the same astounding speed to bandage his wound and stop the bleeding.

In the many times the carriage left the Ink Garden previously, he had never been injured. But this time, even injured, the scene in the cruel summer heat was even more chilling than the last few times.

It was deathly silent. There was only the sound of blood bubbling and the strange hiss coming from Daoist Qian’s destroyed throat.

Daoist Qian gripped his throat in terror. He tried to open his mouth.

At this time, he did not just want to scream, he wanted to pass on a certain message.

He knew the truth. He knew why he was going to die!

In the eyes of those present, Ding Ning had done a cruel thing to him, and used the bones in his palm to trap his flying sword for a moment. Only he knew, in that moment, countless strange forces had destroyed the vital energies he put on the flying sword.

Those seemed to be… countless little silkworms!

Then Ding Ning looked up. His calm yet deep gaze caused Daoist Qian to inexplicably still. He took a step forward to reach the monk.

“You should know the truth now. It is not unjust for you to die at my hands.”

“I do not just know your cultivation and sword moves, I even know your unconscious habits against enemies. You should know now that I am not just getting revenge for Old Man Xue.”

Hearing Ding Ning’s voice coming from his almost unmoving lips, Daoist Qian’s mouth opened wider. He wanted to shout out loud. Then he found, after that one pause, he was unable to make a sound.

He simply looked in terror at Ding Ning, and then crashed to the ground behind him.

Gasps and screams sounded. Shock and terror finally started to spread.

This was a true battle to death, and the winner was still Ding Ning.

“Why do you know the secret sword of Fang Marquessate Establishment?”

Jing Liuli did not show too much shock in her eyes. Since Ding Ning had the confidence to find this Daoist, she was certain that Ding Ning could win. At this time, her gaze only held confusion.

“That originally was not Fang Marquessate Establishment’s secret sword, but Ba Mountain Sword Field’s.”

When Ding Ning turned around, she had instinctively felt that Ding Ning would answer her with his most common answer of “You will know in the future.” So she stilled at his soft response.

“We are going to the tea garden.”

She was astounded by Ding Ning’s next words.

“To the tea garden?” She unconsciously repeated.

Ding Ning glanced at her as he walked past and whispered. “Compared to losing an important teacher and friend within a day, it is harder to endure losing a lover as well, or see the lover endure a pain greater than death.”

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