Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 15 “Looking Around At A Loss”

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Chapter 15: Looking Around At A Loss

For realm seven cultivators, all the battles happening around the prison were not far away.

All realm seven cultivators sensed Du Hongtan’s death.

Du Qingli’s breathing sped up. He shouted at Bai Shanshui through the layers of water. “Do not think you can all leave here …”

“I know.”

Bai Shanshui’s calm voice interrupted his shout. “When the starfire seal is destroyed, some machines and seal weapons will replace its functions and many wards will be activated. But we still have half a tea worth of time … do not forget, someone likely knows this prison better than you.”

Du Qingli stopped speaking. He felt inexplicable terror.

The dark red sword was filled with fiendish energy as it tore at the dark presence of the prison.

“Have you thought about the price you pay?”

Lin Zhujiu stood on the boiling water. The red light gathered on his face like an eerie and beautiful crimson mask.

Shen Xuan did not speak.

The shadow of an enormous sword appeared in the dark water underneath Lin Zhujiu.

A terrifying sword essence broke through the water as Shen Xuan reached out his hand and vented upwards.

Lin Zhujiu attacked.

A dark red and eerie sword light flashed. All the water below him disappeared. Shen Xuan’s body flew backwards along the passageway with a violent wind.

An arm was left in the air in front of Lin Zhujiu. This arm stayed in the air for a breath, then turned into a blood mist, and was inhaled into Lin Zhujiu’s sword.

“Just one arm as a sacrifice to my sword. This price is too little.”

Lin Zhujiu seemed dissatisfied even though he had cut off Shen Xuan’s arm, someone who countless people in Changling feared, with one blow.

He shook his head, and slashed his swords against the wall next to him. The thick iron walls were cut like paper. He passed through.

In the center of the cell next to him was a cultivator who was very young. He was Li Yunrui, who Shen Xuan was also helpless against.

Lin Zhujiu swung his sword and easily stabbed through everything in Li Yunrui’s body. He helped the other up with a hand, and then walked towards the third cell. He opened the wall again. Then the dark red sword dissipated back into his body in many streams.

He then helped Zhang Shiwu up and nodded to him who was so excited he could not speak. “Let’s go.”

When Shen Xuan’s sword energy shattered into a wind and blew through from the depths of the Great Floating Water Prison, it was time.

Bai Shanshui smiled faintly and said seriously to Du Qingli, “Even a student is like this. It is not unjust for the three dynasties to have lost to the Qin.” As she spoke, her body seemed to be blown by the wind like she was weightless and floated out.

Du Qingli did not attack. The resilient water bubbles his sword essence could not break through were still wrapped around Bai Shanshui.

The other key reason was Bai Shanshui’s words terrified him more. He also understood how terrifying that person had been. That person’s plans were always interlocking and never failed.

Bai Shanshui flew backwards out of the prison, the glowing layers of water refracted beautiful rainbows in the sunlight.


The leading Dongling commander had a different kind of emotion in his gaze yet he did not hesitate to shout his orders.

Sharp energies broke through the air. Sword lights and cold metal attacked Bai Shanshui’s water bubble.

Then waves of gasps sounded.

These swords, seal weapons and arrows did not penetrate the water bubbles, but sent it into the sky. Flashing with rainbows, the water bubble became transparent water beads in their sight, it started to rain.

Bai Shanshui’s voice was lost in the dense rain, and only faint rebellious and joyful song reached their ears. “My generation likes learning the sword, reside by the cold pool for a decade …”

Many of Dongling Army’s swordsmen were cultivators who lost their target. They looked blankly at the splashes dropped on the commander in front of them, the ripples produced by their flying swords in the air, and quickly sank into silence.

While they were enemies, they had to admire Bai Shanshui’s heroism. In their minds, Changling had countless hot-blooded and heroic cultivators before.

Yet as those people disappeared, those heroic and hot-blooded cultivators seemed to have disappeared, or rather, did not stand on their side.


Mo Shoucheng’s body moved with the wind. His old body moved directly from one turret to another like a stone thrown from a catapult. He looked up at this time. There was still a distance to the Great Floating Water Prison. At least, he could not pose a threat to Bai Shanshui and the others.

Yet he could sense Bai Shanshui’s departure. He was a step late.

If he had been late last time because he did not know Bai Shanshui’s attack location, how could he have been late this time when the empress knew something like this would occur in the Great Floating Water Prison?

His brow furrowed deeply. He could notunderstand.

Even more confused than Mo Shoucheng was that black cavalry that had charged out from the old tombs in Eastern Changling. Dressed in black, both soldiers and horses, their black armor was covered in starry seal scripts, and even their masks had invisible vents.

The person and the horse were heavy, but the hooves did not touch the ground as they galloped. They were travelling on air. This meant that each soldier on horseback was a cultivator, and of some strength.

This was an army that seemed to have come out of hell. This army was undoubtedly the Qin Dynasty’s strongest army.

Ye this unstoppable army stopped as the leading commander raised his hand.

The commander lifted his head. He wore black armor but his mask was made from platinum so he appeared exceptionally cold and eerie. The criss-crossing double swords on his back gave off a cruel killing intent.

A disbelieving gasp came from the mist ahead on the mountain path. “General Bai?”

“Guo Dongshan?” The general let out an emotionless reply.

The loose-haired cultivator standing on the sword light flew out of the mist. He looked in disbelief at the general and the strongest Qin army able to kill him many times. “What is going on?”


An enormous army was moving like one in the wilderness. One half of the army was the Northern Tiger-Wolf Army Liang Lian had led, and the other half the Southern Tiger-Wolf Army General Xie Jiuyan led.

General Liang Lian had been killed in his camp. This was a great humiliation to all of the Qin armies, especially the Northern Tiger-Wolf Army. So the army was in a hurry. They wanted to reach Great Floating Water Prison as fast as possible and complete their ambush mission.

Yet when Guo Dongshan, who was supposed to be at Great Floating Water Prison, stopped the killing army, everyone in the Northern Tiger-Wolf Army showed fury and despair.

They saw a familiar scene, followed by bone-aching cold.

This was the end of summer and autumn was coming. What greeted them now was a snowstorm that once swept the Northern Tiger-Wolf Army.

A metal-like figure screamed. This general was Xie Jiuyan. He wore soft black leather armour and a long black cloak. As he forced his way through the snowstorm, his black armor and his cape were frozen stiff.

The general stomped his feet and the ice cracked and fell to the ground.

But when he looked around, Zhangsun Qianxue was long gone.

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