Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 45 “Good or Bad Person”

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Chapter 45: Good or Bad Person

In the next moment, blood sprayed wildly out of Hu Jingjing’s mouth. She felt that she had vomited all the blood in her body.

The invisible wall in the sky was falling down towards the cavalry. The cultivator wearing the tiger skull mask shouted in fury. The five blood crescent moons flying around him flew upwards, and viciously struck at the falling invisible wall.

The invisible wall split apart into tangible wild winds and sharp sword energies. There seemed to be countless transparent swords slashing viciously into the ground. The five crescent moons only won a bit of time for the cavalry.

As the masked cultivator shouted in fury, this cavalry sank into chaos and urgently retreated.

The scattered transparent blades fell into the scattered cavalry and immediately created waves of blood.

These blades only killed about twenty soldiers in reality, most of those affected horses unable to dodge in time. When the riders found they could not stop this force, they had immediately left their horses.

Yet the chaos created was shocking to see.

Hu Jingjing felt she was about to die but even more shocked than the Wuzhi soldiers, she found power from some unknown place and shouted, “City Guarding Sword.”

Then she fell forwards.

Right up to the moment before she lost consciousness, she was still thinking, that was Mo Shoucheng’s sword essence.

In her knowledge, Huang Zhenwei was the heir of the old man who had killed her master, but why had not such a sword essence appeared from Huang Zhenwei and was now appearing in Li Xixing’s hands?

Li Xixing ignored her confusion and quickly shoved a medicinal pill into her mouth. Then he slapped roughly to force the pill from her throat into her stomach. His attention remained on the cavalry in chaos.

The cavalry tried to maintain their formation but did not dare to advance.

He knew that Hu Jingjing, this Changling young woman who had not heeded to his orders at all, had won her gamble. He took a deep breath, grabbed and hauled the woman onto his back. After moving through the grass for a few moments, he dug his fingers deep into the soil and pulled out a copper wire again.

There were more copper wires connected to the end of this wire. As he pulled, the copper wires, not laid out in a straight pattern, whipped. Wavy ripples appeared on the grass next to him like many cultivators were moving quickly in the grass.

Then he retreated. This time, he did not deliberately conceal his figure. He knew the best riddle was one that mixed true and false. If the enemy’s attention was attracted to some true scenes, they would miss some other traces.

The three thousand cavalry retreated five hundred feet away and then reorganized.

Seeing the waves of grass in the wilderness ahead, and the dust column where Li Xixing retreated, the mask-wearing cultivator, clearly the highest commander of the army, was silent for a moment and then produced some sounds of complex meaning.

The riders around him sounded at the same time, as though in disagreement, but were faced with harsher rebukes.

No one else around him dared to speak.

The cavalry started to retreat and then disappeared in the night behind him.

This general dismounted. His horse was taken away by the retreating cavalry. When the sound of hoofbeats almost disappeared, a curved blade from his black flew up like a blood moon.

The crescent blade flew higher and higher. Many breaths later, there was the sound of grass snapping behind him and soon arrived next to him.

An enormous wolf appeared next to him.

This was a grey wolf far larger than a normal wolf. There was a saddle on its back, and even some food and thick blankets tied there.

This general patted the giant wolf’s head and then mounted.

The medicine power activated in Hu Jingjing’s stomach. The wild medicinal power charged into her meridians. They could not quickly make her damaged meridians recover, but they went deep into her bone marrow and stimulated the production of blood.

The new pain caused Hu Jingjing to wake up quickly. Then she vomited a mouthful of blood.

“It is best if you do not lift your head. Otherwise, a blade of grass may blind you in one eye.”

As she unconsciously wanted to look up at the surroundings, Li Xixing’s voice reached her ears.

She woke up completely and realized Li Xixing was carrying her quickly through the grass as he ran. “We succeeded?” she obeyed and did not look up as she asked weakly.

Li Xixing was silent for many breaths and said, “The cavalry retreated.”

Hu Jingjing was delighted and then she sensed the domineering and unimaginable medicinal power in her body. Then she paid attention to her body and became truly shocked. “What kind of pill medicine is this?”

“White Bone Blood Birthing Pill.” Li Xixing replied simply.

“This is Han …” Hu Jingjing gaped in disbelief and could not speak.

“This is the strongest healing medicine from the former Han Imperial Palace,” Li Xixing said simply. “My father was only assured that I could exist here with this kind of medicine on me.”

Hu Jingjing was even more shocked.

Then Li Xixing said, “But this is the last one.”

Hu Jingjing struggled out after multiple breaths of silence. “Thanks.”

Li Xixing said after a moment of silence, “No need for thanks. When the cavalry appeared, I also did not think of any way to achieve all aims.”

Hu Jingjing pressed her face to his back. The back of his fur was completely soaked in blood. It was frozen in the cold like cooked leather. But as he sprinted rapidly, some heat still came off his back and caused the heavily injured Hu Jingjing to feel warmth.

She hesitated for a long time and asked, “Why do you have Mo Shoucheng’s City Guarding Sword.”

Li Xixing too hesitated for long. He was likely the one among the Changling young talents worst at conversing with people, yet he still felt he had to say something.

“Do not hate Mo Shoucheng.” He said seriously after a long time, “He did not do it for himself.”

“Do you mean if you do not act for yourself, then that person is noble?” Hu Jingjing thought of the sword light in the night and her voice grew cold.

“No matter how you hate him, he is dead.” Li Xixing did not argue with her. He could understand her feelings. “At least to me, he is the person in Changling most skilled at keeping himself out of things and controlling Changling’s balance.”

Hu Jingjing did not understand him and listened silently.

“He will try to make up for some people’s mistakes.” Li Xixing continued. “Before I was exiled out of Changling, those people of similar age to me couldn’t beat me. If I aimed for Min Mountain Sword Sect, I should have entered Min Mountain Sword Sect faster than Duanmu Jingzong and the others, but I was exiled. He taught me the City Guarding Sword as compensation for my exile and a reward for what I do here.

Hu Jingjing struggled to breath and said slowly, “I admit that he is a good person to you, but for Treasure Light Temple, he is a criminal. But he is dead so I will no longer comment on him.”

The night grew deep. Everything returned to darkness like it had been washed.

Li Xixing, who had been moving bent at the waist and hanging his head, stopped.

“Where are we going next?” Hu Jingjing said.

Li Xixing slowly turned around and said coldly, “We may have nowhere to go next.”

Hearing his unusual tone, Hu Jingjing who was keeping her head down looked up. She looked up at him and then into the distant night.

“Someone is coming?” She said softly to Li Xixing, “One much stronger than us?”

Li Xixing did not answer.

“You go.” Hu Jingjing took a deep breath and said, “You should be able to go alone.”

“Do not speak and disrupt me from thinking,” Li Xixing said arrogantly in a cold voice.

Hu Jingjing frowned deeply. She said nothing else and did not struggle.

Li Xixing put her down, and gripped the handle of his long sword, but he stood motionlessly in front of her.

In the distant dark night, an unusual sound appeared, turning to a gust of wind!

A grey figure, carrying along a wild wind and yellowed pieces of grass, charged out of the night and into her sight!


“You are Fang!”

A voice with an unusual hissing sound spread in the dark night with burning black fury.

Li Xixing’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Seeing the grey wolf representing the Wuzhi imperial house, he started to feel cold.

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