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Chapter Four Berserk

The stands exploded at the appearance of this black-robed youth.

“What is this? Why would Young Master Aokong’s battle card land in someone else’s hand?”

“Did they go to the wrong room?”

“Sending out a nine-star spirit beast and not the second young master, can the boy do it? He looks very young!”

This was originally a battle that the second son of Patriarch Qin Lu, Qin Aokong, had requested so they had sent out a nine-star spirit beast which equalled him in rank. But at this time, another person walked out of Qin Aokong’s room. Everyone was stunned at this situation.

On the stands for the main branch, Qin Aohai jumped up, his eyes wide, his eyebrows raised. “Heavens, that … that is …”

At the same time, the celestial magisters on the main stands also stood up uncertainly. Qin Ruolin looked and was almost scared out of her wits!

“My god! That is Seventh Young Master! Qin Aokong led Seventh Young Master to the stadium”

Qin Aokong wanted to die. If this Qin Aokong wanted to die, do not pull her down with him! If Qin Aotian learned of this, the first one who could not escape responsibility was her! In this moment, she regretted handing Aofeng to Qin Aokong and shouted to the surroundings.

“Stop! Have them stop! He is not a magister, he will die!”

The surprised crowds were shocked. “What? not a magister? How did he enter the stadium?”

“Let me faint, isn’t it the freak!” Qin Jian, who was also in the enforcer ranks, was speechless. Low-key, low-key to the point of going into the stadiums, you fear others not knowing you are a freak?

Those that joined the biannual magic beast sparring exam were all at spirit magister rank or above. The battles in this stadium were grand performances used to excite the members of the family. All magic beasts were spirit beast rank, about the same as the human fighters. Usually, no accidental deaths would occur, as a one-sword spirit magister would not always be defeated against a nine-star spirit beast.

But if one was not a magister, it was different. Non-magisters were weak in front of nine-star spirit beasts. In a few seconds, he would say goodbye to the world.

Three celestial magisters, including Qin Ruolin, flew urgently towards the field. “Stop that magic beast! Quick!”

“Heavens, too late!” Among the exclamations, the nine-star spirit beast was already bounding in Aofeng’s direction. Qin Ruolin and the others were far and could not rescue in time.

The Needlehair Lion already reached Aofeng and jumped, its shiny claws slashing at the head of the black robed youth! Qin Ruolin’s vision blackened and she almost fainted. Finished, she would be beaten by His Excellency Aotian in the future …

But before she could truly faint, an accident happened.

The black-robed youth, who had been standing as though scared dumb by the nine-star spirit beast, suddenly moved, the feet moving in a strange angle and jumping off the ground. “Woosh”. The youth flipped out of the corner, jumped like lightning into the air and stepped down hard on the head of the Needlehair Lion!

“Argh!” the Needlehair Lion shouted in pain. “Bam!” it smashed onto the wall behind Aofeng. The sound seemed to almost bring down the star door. This kick seemed light but was actually a difficult maneuver. The Needlehair Lion felt its head was in pain and dizzy.

With this enormous bang, the entire stadium grew silent!

“Hm?” Qin Ruolin and the others who had been flying in the air stopped and looked at the handsome youth in black robes. They were confused by the sudden change.

“What is going on? Your Excellency Ruolin, did you say he wasn’t a magister?” a man beside her asked.

“This … I don’t know, but he clearly cannot become a magister!” Other people were surprised but they didn’t know that Qin Ruolin was a hundred times more surprised. They did not know Aofeng’s identity but she did. The youth in the field was Qin Aofeng, the one people called the “good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master!”

A good-for-nothing suddenly became so lively to kick a nine-star spirit beast flying. How was this unlike … a mouse beating an elephant?

At this time, the other shocked Qin Family magisters seemed to wake up. Warm cheers and shouts swept in!

“So ridiculous, able to fight a nine-star spirit beast at this age!”

“This kid is not bad!”

“Go, kill the nine-star spirit beast!”

The thousands of people in the stands did not know the cause of an unfamiliar expert appearing. But they were excited and their cheers were deafening.

Just as everyone’s spirits grew, Aofeng did something that stunned them.

With a slight snort, Aofeng tapped on the ground, her eyes flashing, as she faced the angry charge of the Needlehair Lion. Her feet left the ground, her long body drawing a beautiful curve in the air as she flew up. The Needlehair Lion jumped up, but helplessly landed back down.

“This this this, this is not possible!” Qin Ruolin shuddered, finding it hard to swallow, her gaze blank.

“Celestial rank expert …” the people present stared with wide mouths. If Aofeng’s previous kick had amazed them, then Aofeng’s flight was scaring them out of their minds!

A celestial rank expert who did not look even eighteen! Was there something else more terrifying?

“F**k! Inhuman!”



As everyone shouted chaotically, Aofeng was already raising her hand with a cold expression. Black flying sword flickered around her, and gathered together in a flash, pointing at the Needlehair Lion. With a “go!” from Aofeng, they shot out with terrifying blue light!

The proudly standing figure of the “youth” reflected in the eyes of thousands of people. Elegant, cold, handsome. Many women’s hearts beat uncontrollably and even some of the matrons started to become infatuated …

“Heavens, as handsome as His Excellency Qin Aotian!” A young girl held her chest and murmured. In this Qin Family base, the handsome Qin Aotian was the man of women’s dream. Rare were the few women in the Qin Family who could resist the cold charisma of Qin Aotian. Now, there was this new black robed youth.

It had to be said the Cicada Wing Sword was magneficient when used.

Aofeng did not need to use the World’s End Sword Extermination, equivalent to a magus beast technique, when facing a nine-star spirit beast. She only had to gather shamanic power to the surface of the flying sword. The sharpness of the swords grew stronger as the nineteen pitch black Cicada Wing swords flashed with eerie light and arrived in front of the Needlehair Lion!

“Argh!” The Needlehair Lion felt the great pressure brought by the flying swords and wanted to run away in terror. However, it was useless.

Blood and flesh flew, the flying swords like a meat grinder that easily cut off the Needlehair Lion’s flesh. How could a nine-star spirit beast endure something that even the Crimson Gold Behemoth could not stop?

The flying swords were cruel and ruthless. In the blink of an eye, when people looked again, the Needlehair Lion was now an empty skeleton!

Aofeng’s movements were done in just a minute or so. The battle almost ended instantaneously!

The pieces of meat and the bloody skeleton on the ground caused the audience to sink into silence and shock. The women who had just felt their hearts move had pale faces, covering their faces and turning their eyes away. Some of the men could not help but throw up.

Bloody, brutal, cruel!

The battles in the stadium were always grand, the magisters defeating the magic beasts in spectacular displays. However, the audience had never really seen such a fearsome battle like this. Most of the magisters that participated came to show off. Even if they defeated the magic beasts, they would not kill them. No one had ever sliced a magic beast into a skeleton like Aofeng!

“Such viciousness!” Even some celestial magisters inhaled in shock, their scalps prickling. This person was able to slice a magic beast into a skeleton without changing expression. They could also do it to a person as well. How scary it was to think about watching a person get skinned alive into a bloody skeleton!

Also, the youth’s cold and unaffected expression showed this did not mean anything to them. This was a mental state that would only be produced after enduring countless battles. Ordinary fighters would be weak in the knees and pale when seeing blood for the first time.

“This little freak is as vicious as always!” Qin Jian grimaced from a distance. He did not feel much. Aofeng killing the entire Lan Family in Death Ridge was more astounding. This was nothing compared to that.

The entire stadium was silent, only the sound of the wind brushing past clothing.

Aofeng’s cold gaze stared at the door she had came through. Because the spirit beast had been killed, the stone door slowly opened, and Qin Aokong’s figure was revealed. His slightly smug expression froze when he saw the strange scene in front of him.

Qin Aokong had originally intended to appear with a surprised expression and tell others that Aofeng had walked out accidentally. He would not have to take any of the responsibility. Even if Qin Aotian wanted to kill him, the old family patriarch had to agree, and Grandfather would make the arrangements.

He had just slapped the brat. This person dared to almost beat him to death in the past. He always remembered this humiliation! Every time he looked at a mirror, the scar on his head would pulse in pain and remind him to take revenge. If Qin Aotian dared to disfigure him because of a slap, he would kill the other’s younger brother and make him taste pain!

But just as Qin Aokong thought he had succeeded, a terrifying surprise!

Just like he had imagined, the battle quickly finished. But the one killed wasn’t Aofeng but that nine-star spirit beast Needlehair Lion!

Aofeng was floating in the air and looked coldly at him.

“Not good!” Qin Jian shouted, seeing the scene from a distance. He saw Qin Aokong, recalled their past incidents, and the cause of this scene could be imagined. Though Qin Jian did not know how Qin Aokong had fooled Aofeng into going in, he knew that Qin Aokong was going to be in trouble!

After interacting for a while, he understood Aofeng’s vengeful personality. While the boy was cold and calm, he had bottom lines that should not be challenged. If someone had murderous intentions, the boy would be ruthless!

Qin Aokong was stunned dumb, not pretending, truly struck dumb!

The floating art that only celestial rank experts could use and that skeleton still giving off the tang of blood caused his hairs to stand up in fright!

Celestial rank expert? How was this possible …

“Are you very happy at making trouble for me?” Aofeng’s cold laugh echoed in the air. The flying swords suddenly appeared, flashing with light in the surroundings. they shot towards Qin Aokong!

“Heavens! What is he doing?” The crowd shouted, waking up after seeing Qin Aokong.

Qin Aokong’s thoughts moved quickly. “Ah!” Silver light flashed. He ordered his magus beast to armorize and put on the copper magus beast armor. This allowed him to avoid being gutted while he stood. Even so, the flying swords left bloody gaping wounds on his body. The ordinary magus beast armor could not withstand the sharp divine mediums.

He ran desperately from the room into the stadium. Qin Aokong shouted in terror, “Save me! Save me!”

Qin Ruolin and the other two celestial magister nearest to him reacted and shouted, “Have mercy!”

While she wanted to cut Qin Aokong down, he was the son of the Qin family patriarch! If Aofeng killed him, there would be great trouble.

Aofeng seemed to not hear it as she controlled the flying swords to chase Qin Aokong. At this time, she was not thinking of herself but her big brother. Qin Aokong had done this clearly due to Big Brother.

You want to cause my big brother pain? Then I will let you suffer first!

Cold light in her eyes, Aofeng brutishly knocked away Qin Ruolin who had flown over attempting to stop her. “Get out of the way!”

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