Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 82 “Selfishness”

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Chapter Eighty Two: Selfishness

“To obtain supreme cultivation, some people do not talk for their entire lives with the people close to them, their minds only focused only pondering the primal energies of the universe. Some people abandon their wives and children to rid themselves of all material things. Some people even cripple themselves, wanting to change their bodies. These people changed completely for cultivation, so what is the difference compared to using that thing?”

Zhan Moke narrowed his eyes and said, “Many of the Tianliang cultivators then thought it was the unorthodox path and demons from space taking over these bodies. It is nothing to be thought of as unorthodox, but these cultivators did not just think for themselves and wanted to kill all these people who made a different choice.”

“Each person will have their own opinion on past matters,” Ding Ning looked at Zhan Moke and said.

Everyone could hear the meaning of his words. When the same story was narrated by different people, it would carry different emotions. Ding Ning only wanted to hear the story without any emotion.

“Then what happened next, briefly speaking, is about the same as you guessed.” Zhan Moke looked emotionlessly at the giant tree. “A group of cultivators led by the Peerless Wind and Rain Sword formed a rebel army, and surrounded the palace, which is where the ancestral mount main is. The palace had few people, but they had possession of the ancestral lands, and also the Fountain of Eternal Life to heal their wounds. They also announced that those with great service could enjoy the elixir so even though the rebels surrounded all of the ancestral lands, they were unable to break through. The battle grew fiercer until all of the ancestral lands were flattened.”

“The rebels had many times the people of the palace and finally took over the ancestral mountain but soon a new battle started. There were some people among the rebels who attacked the ancestral mountains because they wanted to take the elixir of life for themselves.”

When Zhan Moke reached this part, he turned to look at Wu Lianzi and said with some scorn, “Tianliang no longer existed, so to the rebel army, the greatest threat came from the other tribes of the plains. The plains tribes that knew the truth all came with their armies, most of them wanting the elixir for themselves.”

Wu Lianzi shouted, like he had been greatly insulted. “My Wuzhi treats the ancestral lands like it is holy. Each generation swore to protect the lands. How could we have wanted to take the elixir for ourselves!”

“Do not be in a rush, I am yet to finish talking.” Zhan Moke smiled coldly at the angry Wu Lianzi and said, “Your Wuzhi stood firmly on the side of the rebels led by the Peerless Wind and Rain Sword. So the result was the plains tribes that wanted to take the elixir of life were all destroyed, and the Wuzhi replaced Tianliang as the strongest country of the plains.”

Wu Lianzi had not expected Zhan Moke to say this and was stunned.

“So in the end, the winners were the rebels led by the Peerless Wind and Rain Sword, the Wuzhi royalty, the people in these stone coffins?” Ding Ning’s face remained calm as he looked at Zhan Moke and continued to ask, “Since the Peerless Wind and Rain Sword and the others did not want the elixir for themselves, and thought the evil from space, their thought after winning must be to destroy them completely. But you have spent so much effort, you must want to get the elixir of life, so this means that the elixir of life was very hard to destroy. In the end, they must have prepared many things and then sealed it.”

“Your comprehension is really the best in the world, you are correct in even this.” Zhan Moke looked at Ding Ning and said with some pity, “The Tianliang rebels who won were unable to destroy the elixir and decided to stay in the ancestral mountain, setting up all kinds of traps so the experts outside cannot come in. Because it has been so long, even the taotie beasts have died from old age. Otherwise just the taotie and the chaos insects are enough to keep the people outside from coming deep into the ancestral mountain.”

Zhan Moke sneered again. “In the end, the Peerless Wind and Rain Sword was still worried. He himself took the elixir, and before his personality changed, he made himself one with the tree and became the final guard for this elixir.”

“How strong is the Peerless Wind and Rain Sword. With the power of the elixir, he can fight like he never will die. I fear that an army of thousands would be crushed under his sword essence. I set this up, originally because I wanted to see if you had any other methods to break through the primal energies of the universe here or if you could change how he was connected to the tree, to get him out. I had not expected you to use these people to defeat him.”

“The Wuzhi helped the rebels with all the power. In the end, these people ended the enemy tribes of the mains but were not willing to stay old in the ancestral mountain. So they followed their oath, swearing that their descendants would treat the ancestral lands as restricted and never enter.”

“But the Wuzhi also left something behind. When the Peerless Wind and Rain Sword and the others were creating their final restrictions, they secretly did something to the restriction and left what is a shortcut.”


“How can it be like this! Impossible, you must be lying!”

Wu Lianzi shouted, “The Wuzhi has sworn to protect the ancestral mountain each generation. I have never heard—”

“Of course you do not know.”

Before he finished shouting, he was interrupted by Zhan Moke with a sneer. “Long ago when the Wuzhi founded their country, the people in the know were already dead.”

Wu Lianzi was dazed again.

Before he could react, Ding Ning looked at Zhan Moke, saying, “So your branch must be off the rebels, but we are not willing to live on the ancestral mountains under death. Your branch left with the Wuzhi, and your ancestors obtained the secret from the Wuzhi people who knew.”

Pausing, Ding Ning said, “If I guess correctly, I fear the deaths of the Wuzhi are not related to your branch.”

“You are wrong about that.” Zhan Moke smiled and said, “Our branch appeared unwilling to stay at the ancestral mountain under death but in reality, were under orders from the Peerless Wind and Rain Sword to follow the Wuzhi, and wait for opportunities to kill these people and get rid of future troubles. So the Peerless Wind and Rain Sword and the others were much more cold hearted than you imagine.”

“Your branch carries the mission of completely hiding the secret of the ancestral mountain. But after they learned from the Wuzhi that they had left a shortcut to the elixir, they changed ideas?” Ding Ning’s expression did not change and he asked.

Zhan Moke’s brows rose slightly and he did not immediately answer.

Ding Ning looked at him and smiled faintly. “So those previous generations did not forget their mission, but when it came to you, you want the elixir of life from the mountain.”

Zhan Moke’s scornful smile disappeared into coldness. He took a deep breath and said to Ding Ning, “Those ancestors of mine should have committed suicide after completing their mission. But one of them had a pregnant wife. When he killed himself, he left behind his wife and did not expect to have coincidentally heard some of their matters. So this secret was passed down until it reached my hands. If those people did not have selfish desires, how could the secret have reached my hands?”

Zhan Moke looked coldly at Ding Ning and asked in response, “I have my selfishness today. Rather than carry out a mission that has nothing to do with myself, what is wrong about trying to get the elixir for myself? Also, I do not have many true friends on the plains. If I can live forever, so what if I change in personality? A hundredth of myself is still myself.”

Li Xixing frowned upon hearing this.

But Ding Ning did not argue with any of Zhan Moke’s words. He just glanced at Wu Lianzi and said, “So there must be powerful restrictions ahead which can only be passed through using Wu Lianzi to get to the elixir… if I guess correctly, the shortcut to the elixir can only be activated by the blood of the Wuzhi royal? ”

Zhan Moke nodded slightly and said to Ding Ning, “This time, your guess is correct.”

Ding Ning smiled, and stopped asking questions, Zhan Moke too stopped speaking.

The air inside the valley suddenly grew cold and sticky.

Since there were no more questions, then what was coming was the final battle.

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