Sword Dynasty Volume Six Chapter 23 “In The End”

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Chapter 23: In The End

When the cultivator in front of her breathed his last, a light suddenly shone at the woman’s abdomen, where her energy sea was, like a jewel shining and about to burst out of her. Then, with a muffled grunt, she managed to force the light down, and it disappeared. She spat out two mouthfuls of blood, both black.

The cultivator in the pool of blood in front of her was one of the five masters of Spirit Void Sword Sect. Compared to the world, he was a grandmaster that many realm sevens could not defeat. Even if people in the world could kill a grandmaster like him, most would not escape with just a few wounds.

The two mouthfuls of black blood fell on the ground. Two clouds of smoke suddenly rose off the ground. Some spider web-like cracks spread outwards along the hard stone.

The purple robed man who had been talking with Master Fi was looking down at the mountain paths of Spirit Void Sword Sect. He was right on the line between the mist and the sunlight. His figure was between the void and the light. He saw Ji Qingqing and the cultivator in the pool of blood in front of her with a complex gaze.

Not far behind the purple robed man, there stood a thin and short cultivator. He was half a head shorter than ordinary youths, but his presence was like a huge mountain. This cultivator was also a man. From his face, it was not possible to see his age. He looked to be in his twenties, but he did not feel young. From a certain point of view, this cultivator’s presence was closest to Gu Huai’s presence when he was using the Sword Mountain Sword.

Previously, when Qi Jinshan went to meet this purple robed man, the purple robed man said it was three on three. This referred to the battle between six cultivators. Five of them were the five masters of Spirit Void Sword Sect, and the other person was Ji Qingqing who had won outside the gates of Spirit Void Sword Sect just now. These were all people who had secluded themselves in these years, but in terms of cultivation and power, they were at the top of the world, no less than the bureau chief and marquises in Changling.

The purple robed man and the thin and short cultivator were naturally of the five masters. The two other battles had been decided, but the battle between these two did not seem to have even started. From the calm gaze of the short and thin cultivator behind the purple robed man, it appeared that the battle would not start.

“The dust has settled. It is best to not fight.”

The purple robed man was the most famous of the five masters of Spirit Void Sword Sect in the fast, Master Yi, Yi Xinyi. He was the youngest back then, and the brightest in the decade ago. But after a decade, his edges seemed to have all disappeared, and he felt as though he was shrouded in a kind of unspeakable bitterness. At this time, he was looking out of the sect. Victory belonged to his side, but he had no joy in his voice, only faint bitterness.

The thin and short cultivator behind him was Master Huang, Huang Daoshen, who had joined the sect first of the five masters. He had the character for “steady” in his name, and his character was the most calm.

He shook his head. He did not respond to Yi Xinyi’s word, and slowly said, “I heard, not long ago in Celestial Seal Sect, there was an assassination. The target was the disciple of White Goat Cave, Zhang Yi. That assassination was unsuccessful in the end. Today, such an assassination occurred in our Spirit Void Sword Sect and it was a success. The assassination in Spirit Void Sword Sect and the one in Celestial Seal Sect appeared to be unconnected. I do not know what matter was overturned today that made you and Master Qi do such a decisive thing, but regardless, in my view, there is the shadow of Ba Mountain Sword Field behind this. This appears to be a gift in response to that matter for the empress.”

“No matter how those matters came up again, what is important is that those things really occurred.” Yi Xinyi turned to Huang Daochen. He said, “If there is the shadow of the Ba Mountain Sword Field in this, then it means the Ba Mountain Sword Field is strong.”

Huang Daochen frowned and said, “No matter how strong the Ba Mountain Sword Field, we can replace them.”

“The Ba Mountain Sword Field is a large tree that attracts the wind. Replace the Ba Mountain Sword Field of the past? Will the empress be willing?” Yi Xinyi smiled. “Also, today is mine and Senior Sect Brother’s private grudge, and not a matter of the sect.”

“After this, Spirit Void Sword Sect and I will have nothing to do with each other. What does Spirit Void Sword Sect have to do with me?”

Yi Xinxi bowed slightly to Huang Daochen. He said, “Senior Sect Brother Qi and I are leaving Spirit Void Sword Sect. An Baoshi is dead. Senior Sect Brother Huang naturally will take over as sect master. We have gotten our revenge. Senior Sect Brother Huang, you are in charge of the sect. We all get what we want. Just for this, Senior Sect Brother should thank me and Senior Sect Brother Qi.”

After this, he did not look at Huang Daochen, and walked into the mist below.

“After so long, it is still a fight for the Ba Mountain Sword Field.” Huang Daochen looked at the three figures that were walking down on different paths and sighed softly.

After Yin Mountain, the cloud containing snow kept on floating south. As the snow in the clouds fell, the cloud that came from the distant plains finally disappeared. In the flying snow, a Qin troop of several hundred people were moving to a border city of the Qin.

In the military intelligence previously, this troop was a vanguard that was transporting grain, so it did not set off the alarm of any high ranking general in the border city.

In the military intelligence previously, this troop was a vanguard that was transporting grain, so it did not set off the alarm of any high ranking general in the border city. Yes when the troop reached the city, the leading general took along a young person into the center-most area. Many people, when they saw the general, were unimaginably shocked.

“General Sima!”

The highest ranking general in this city appeared in front of this general as fast as he could. As he bowed he saw the face of the young person behind the general and froze slightly. A moment later, he reacted and bowed. “Your Majesty Fu Su!”

One of the twelve Qin marquises, Sima Cuo, did not explain anything. He entered the camp, took over many rooms, and had the hundreds of people that came with him to set up camp nearby. He did not rest. He started to read the newest military intelligence from the border city as fast as he could. When he finished a scroll or secret note, he would casually throw it on the desk of Fu Su sitting below him. Fu Su would then read.

After just a few dozen, Fu Su could not help but look up, and asked in a daze, “General Sima, Ding Ning is really dead?”

“In the face of war and the deaths of millions, you were in a daze all this way. Even now, you are thinking of this?” Sima Cuo looked like a scholar, but as he spoke harshly, he was like a wolf. “Do you still not understand even now, when you have arrived here and seen how the other generals looked when they saw me?”

Fu Su was shocked. “The war is now?”

Sima Cuo sneered. “Marquis Wei is here. And I am sent here as well. Just a mere Wuzhi need the two of us to stand guard here. Adding on you, the crown prince of the Qin. Other than sending soldiers against the Chu in the spring, what is the explanation? Those generals understood instantly, but you were still in the dark … the empress asked me to let you learn from me, and gain military merit. You are still so confused here. What can you learn?”

“Send soldiers against the Chu in the spring?”

The sound echoed in Fu Su’s mind. He was born kind, and he could not believe this.

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