Sword Dynasty Volume Six Chapter 56 “Chu Arrow”

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Chapter Fifty Six: Chu Arrow

Zheng Husha had a cold expression. At this moment, he decided that he needed to kill many people, and not just one.

The power of this man in cloth robes exploded with his throw, using all his vital energy and primal energies of the universe. Adding on that he was born very strong, he was abnormal among cultivators. On the battlefield, he could have a great effect in destroying formations, and kill many swordsmen whose flying swords were not with them.

Such a cultivator was a treasure in the army. Even if those marquessate establishments used such a cultivator to kill him on the Changling streets, they could not withstand the anger from the imperial palace.

First the swordsman, and now this man in cloth robes… He was certain now that there was a terrifying killing situation that had formed around him. Just like how he was unable to know who the newborn power in Changling was, he was unable to determine who had set up such a situation to kill him.

But he made his choice in this instant.

When Zheng Bainiao and Zheng Jingcheng died, Jiaodong Commandery could not enter Changling and leave with a warm ending. There was no room to turn back. For him, if he fled from this capital, it meant that Jiaodong Commandery could never replace Zheng Xiu’s position in Changling. So, he decided to gamble with his last chip. See if he was to be killed, or if he killed until the person who set up the situation was robbed of their courage, and could not withstand the losses.

“Who is it?”

When this man in cloth robes attacked publicly on the Changling streets, Zheng Husha was not the only one who was certain that there was a new power in Changling.

The most shocked was Bureau Chief Chen of the Divinity Bureau.

The duty of the Divinity Bureau was to observe the people of Changling. If a new power formed, then he should have been the first to sense it. Yet even he did not know who had ruined Jiaodong Commandery’s attempt to kill Shen Xuan. Now, he also did not know where these cultivators who were publicly assassinating Zheng Husha came from.

The enormous iron pillar flew through the air, and caused many people to feel cold. When the shadow of the enormous iron pillar covered the front of the carriage, the wind it created was enough to cause the carriage to creak like it would break apart. Zheng Husha once again stretched out his left hand. His left hand gently stretched forward, and then pressed. He did not seem to exert any power, but the incoming iron pillar suddenly sank, and hit the stones of the street hard.

With the terrifying momentum, large pieces of the ground flew upwards like fragile pieces of paper.

Zheng Husha was very powerful and skilled with the control of power. The rising ground stopped a foot away from him and sprayed out dust and debris. His hand did not fall, he flicked his fingers lightly.

A piece of debris passed through the dust and soil, speeding up and burning with a dazzling light, like the brightest diamond.


The bright piece of debris drew out long lines of light in the air, and immediately passed through the head of the man in cloth robes. In the next moment, the man’s head exploded violently. The piece of debris turned to hot smoke, and burned the flesh into ash.

This man became a headless corpse that stood there. His vital energy had been used up in the previous attack, and he had not had the power to fight back. Zheng Husha had not needed to waste vital energy to kill an enemy like him. But he was not being willful.

This was an attitude. This was displaying power.

But in this moment, an arrow came. An arrow, and not a sword.

It came from the west, not aimed at him in the carriage cabin, but the driver at the head of the carriage.

A howl sounded above the carriage. A sword light lit up.

A lifebond presence surged from the driver’s hands, and a blood red light slashed towards the arrow. Even this driver was a worthwhile swordsman.

In Changling, there were not many below realm seven who could withstand such a blow. But the bloody red sword light was not able to hit the arrow at all. The sword light passed in the afterimage left by the tail of the arrow.

Under the carriage driver’s terrified gaze, his body exploded from the inside out.


The carriage tilted forwards. The carriage driver and the head of the carriage both disappeared.

Zheng Husha’s fingers on his left hand trembled lightly. His left eyelid jumped slightly. In this moment, he sensed the power of the arrow, and wanted to act to stop the arrow. He was sure that the other was using the arrow as a response to his show of power. Yet, he still was not fast enough.

The ripple in his mind only lasted for a moment. He released the energy on his left palm outwards. The cabin tore apart like paper, and twisted like water, in the end turning to a handful of ash that flew outwards.

The carriage had disappeared. He was standing in the street. Then he looked up.

The sunlight in the sky dimmed for an instant. Because there was a light even more dazzling that even covered the sun for a moment. This arrow light was falling towards him.

Zheng Husha narrowed his eyes at the arrow, and suddenly had a hint of a cold smile. He stretched out his left hand with an indescribable and powerful air, and seemed to grip at the arrow.

The arrow was facing his palm. A vast power sprayed out of his palm.

An ear-piercing howl occurred around the arrow. This was the sound of howling ghosts and wolves.

Yet the arrow was much faster than the sound. When the sound occurred with the arrow, it meant the arrow had already slowed down.

Two feet away from his palm, the arrow suddenly paused. It was like a spray of sparks hit a thick wall of ice.

The arrow light sprayed outwards in tens of thousands of lines, revealing the arrow inside.

This was a deep blue arrow, made with skill from fine metal, not even the tail an exception. There were visible ripples exploding from the head of the arrow, but it was unable to advance.

In the next moment, the power behind the arrow constantly charged at the tip of the arrow, and the arrow started to break apart in segments. Pressed by the powerful energy coming off Zheng Husha’s palm. There seemed to be dust floating, and then as his fingers came together, the dust was pressed into a round ball.

Zheng Husha gripped this ball of metal. At this time, the original light of the arrow was still shining. He seemed to have caught a true star. The presence was truly godly.

But his expression was very strange. He looked at the round ball, and said softly to himself, “There are Chu people?”

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