Apocalypse Lord Chapter 14 “Refuge 2”

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Last chapter recap: People seek refuge in Rising Cloud Camp. Lu Chuan gets rich.

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Chapter 14 – Refuge 2

“The game settings have changed.” In the Setting Sun Camp, Zhu Jia Jun had complicated emotions as he looked dazedly out of the camp.

He was a beta player. He had not survived until the end, but lived more than seventy days. Compared to normal players, he had the advantage of foresight.

At the start of the game, he focused on the direction the cards fell and got an A-rank skill card.

It stood to reason that with game experience and an A-rank skill, he would live well. But in reality, after getting the skill card at the start, he never got any other skill cards above A-rank.

During the beta, on the first day of the game, countless skill and equipment cards fell from the sky. The chance of getting a good card was high. After learning the skill, players would immediately possess good combat abilities.

Zhu Jia Jun had been certain he could find better cards so he skipped over the B-rank and C-rank cards he encountered.

But who knew there were so many people in the real world, and there was no shortage of fighting experts and lucky people. Some lucky cards seemed to land nearby. When he went to look a few minutes later, he could not find them. Someone had gotten there already.

After encountering such misfortune several times, he missed the stage where it was easiest to get cards. It would not be so easy to get S-rank and A-rank cards after that.

Helplessly, Zhu Jia Jun could only lower his standards and learn a B-rank skill.

He was lucky he had decided early. By the second day, B-rank and C-rank skills were gone, much less A-rank and above.

If he had relied too much on his game experience and did not learn skills below A-rank, he would have suffered a big loss.

Also, Apocalypse Calamity had danger at every step. He would die if he was not careful. On the first and second day of the game, those who could run fast and hide survived. It was not as dangerous as he thought.

Zhu Jia Zun thought there were fewer monsters because of his location. He even concluded the suburbs were safer because it was less populated. There were many people in the city center and it was relatively more dangerous.

Then the second wave of monsters came.

Some balls of light fell to the ground, the flat stone slabs pushed up, and little clusters of mushrooms growing in the surroundings.

Some balls of light fell in the river, the water instantly turning clear like it was drinkable.

Some balls of life landed next to buildings, and earth burrowing monsters appeared. They were extremely strong, pulling off the reinforced concrete and shoving it into their mouths. They were so happy like starving humans who saw candy houses.

“During the beta, the monsters were put in place at once. The game officially opened, and is transforming the game in stages. What other changes will occur in the future?”

Zhu Jia Jun looked around blankly and felt that the only game experience he could rely on was not so reliable.


Yun Ling was making the linen backpack when the window suddenly popped out [NPC “Jenny” is visiting. Will you hire them? ]

The fourth NPC!

Yun Ling clicked to look.

[Name: Jenny (The lord can give a name, and choose whether to make the name public)]

Level: 0

Attributes: Strength 6, Agility 6, Stamina 5, Intelligence 5, Spirit 5.

Combat Skills: None

Life Skills: Intermediate Sewing

Craftable Items: Bandages, Quivers, Shoes, Cloth Armor, Belts.

Employment Price: 500 copper coins.

Intermediate Sewing!

Yun Ling was overjoyed.

Bandages were recovery items, quivers were necessary equipment for archers and each player could have five at most, shoes increased speed, cloth armor reduced damage, and belts added HP.

There were many products that players could match according to their own needs.

The only shortcoming was this was so expensive. After hiring the NPC and unlocking the new building, she would use almost all her copper. But talents were hard to find and she should spend the money.

Thinking this, Yun Ling did not hesitate and paid 500 copper coins to hire the NPC “Jenny.” She named the NPC “Tailor A”, and made the name public for everyone to see.

Then she unlocked and built the “Tailor Shop.”

Copper coins -100. The new building rose.

Unfamiliar the first time, familiar the second. The players in the camp were no longer shocked, and even felt more secure. “The camp expanded again? This is good! It feels very secure staying here, and I sleep well.”

After the tailor shop was built Yun Ling ordered, “Stay in the tailor shop from now on. Create 5 bandages, 5 quivers, 2 pairs of cloth shoes, 2 sets of cloth armor, and 2 belts each day. If there are not enough materials, go to the warehouse to get more.”

“Yes, Lord,” Tailor A respectfully acknowledged.


The monsters rampaged outside. The players stayed in the camp, exchanging news, selling things or roamed about idly.

Zheng Ming Yue’s group was unfamiliar with the place and first went to the Woodworking Workshop.

“Look, there are wood shields being sold here!” one person in the team said excitedly.

Zheng Ming Yue looked and saw wood sticks, wood shields, wood staffs and torches nearly placed on the shelves. After touching the object, a window jumped out showing the object’s attributes and asking whether to buy.

The operation was simple and convenient.

“Brother Zheng, there are not many close-combat defensive skills in the early stages. You cannot last long against monsters. How about buying a wood shield?” that person suggested.

“No hurry.” Zheng Ming Yue thought for a moment and replied, “The equipment is expensive. Normal people cannot afford it. Let’s first roam the camp and then decide what to buy.”

“That works.”

After reaching a consensus, the group left the Woodworking Workshop.

Just as they were going to the mission hall, You Qing Wen saw a figure out of the corner of her eye and abruptly turned around. “Yun Ling?!”

Yun Ling who had just posted new collection missions in the mission hall and was preparing to leave, “?”

You Qing Wen walked quickly. “Remember me? You Qing Wen.”

“I remember.” Yun Ling smiled. “We met at the supermarket, you helped me.”

“You helped me.” You Qing Wen thanked her sincerely. “If you did not tell us about the existence of Rising Cloud Camp, I don’t know how many of us would die in the monster wave.”

“You are welcome,” Yun Ling said.

How could one not show anything for being saved?

You Qing Wen thought, and gritted her teeth, taking a bracelet off her wrist. “This is for you, as a gift.”

“Sister You!” her companion exclaimed, “that is purple equipment!”

You Qing Wen thought, because it was purple equipment, it could express her gratefulness. If she had not encountered Yun Ling, she would have died on the first day.

[Name: Magic Ring]

Quality: Rare

Equip Effect: Intelligence 5, Spirit 5

Special Effect: Increase MP recovery, 1 MP per minute.

For new mages, this equipment could greatly increase their endurance, and their combat effectiveness.

Pity that Yun Ling was a close-combat player, a tank, and had no use for magic equipment.

“No need, take it back.”

This was purple equipment! If she did not use it, she could sell it for money or trade it for equipment. Someone did not accept it? You Qing Wen was stunned.

Zheng Ming Yue took a stride forward. “Do you have anything you need? Maybe we can help.”

“Wood, linen cloth, silk thread, cotton cloth, leather …” Yun Ling reported a string of material names.

Zheng Ming Yue really had them.

He waved his hand and indicated for a teammate to hand over their backpack. He opened it and it was filled with equipment.

Yun Ling. “!!!”

“Just this?” Zheng Ming Yue asked hesitantly, “if you have any other needs, we can…”

“No need.” Yun Ling said, “Just materials are enough.”

Zheng Ming Yue handed over the backpack and promised solemnly, “We will be in Rising Cloud Camp long term. If you have trouble, just say a word.”

She held the backpack. It was pretty heavy.

Yun Ling thought and leaked a bit, “The camp can hold at most 200 residents.”

“When night comes, non-camp residents will be teleported out.”

“If the quota is full, even if you have money, you cannot buy temporary resident status.”

At this, Zheng Ming Yue’s heart tightened.

Yun Ling waved her hand. “I’ve told you all I should. I’m going.”

Then she left with ease.

Zheng Ming Yue grimaced. “We gave the gift in thanks, but why do I feel we owe more now…”

You Qing Wen thought, you are not the only one.


In a corner of the camp, Lu Chuan was sorting his things.

There were many things in the drops, most not useful, and only a few of value.

What he had to do was to pick out what he needed, and then to trade or sell what he did not need as soon as possible.


A linen backpack fell in front of him.

Lu Chuan, “?”

He slowly looked up, confused.

“For you,” Yun Ling said.

Lu Chuan was silent and felt complicated.

Yun Ling said unconcernedly, “No need to hesitate, just take it.”

Then she left.

She left!

Back then, he had been simple in giving materials, and now, she was brisk in gifting the other a linen backpack. After understanding, Lu Chuan was speechless for a long time.


The third day of the game was fated for people to be anxious.

Screams occasionally came from the surroundings. People constantly ran into the camp with pale faces, rejoicing they escaped from death.

Without realizing it, Rising Cloud Camp was full of people, and 6 o’clock was about to arrive.

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