傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S11-C01 “All Gather”

Last time, on An Unyielding Wind: Chi tells Aofeng about some higher dimensions.

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Section Eleven: Jun Luoyu and Qin Aofeng

Chapter One – All Gather

Aofeng and Chi talked. She told him her general situation. He thought for a while, and tsked in surprise.

“The Magus Divinity Spell was sealed in the Magus Divinity Power Source. So many people tried so much to uncover its secrets. I had not expected that it was revealed when we formed our covenant. The heavens wanted to help us, no one could stop it. Also, the Magus Divinity Spell has to be used together with the Magus Divinity Power Source. Other people, even if they get it, cannot use it.”

Aofeng finally knew that everyone, including her own mother, did not receive the spell sealed by the ancient female magister. They could only use it to help with their cultivation, and use the power source to help magus beasts advance. They could not have exerted its true power. In a way, she was really lucky.

“Even now, I cannot completely use the power of this thing. I faintly sense that there are more spells in there. Why can’t I touch them? Are there more seals?”

Chi heard Aofeng say this, and his red eyes glinted with laughter. “Aofeng, you are too weak right now. Many powerful spells come with great danger. If you are not strong enough, you can go mad. So many experts will leave behind wards on secret books. When you are not strong enough, you cannot see the spells for a higher level. I’d guess that when you reach divine rank, the wards inside will be lifted.”

“I am very weak?” Aofeng’s eyes widened. She twisted her mouth. She was hit hard. In the eyes of others, she was a freak. In Chi’s eyes, she was so weak…

“Aren’t you?” Chi blinked in surprise and suggested, “How about we spar?”

Aofeng, “…”

Because their personalities and principles were very similar, Chi and Aofeng had the same views. They thought there was no more need to hide. He told Aofeng to call him out to help when needed. Chi returned to Aofeng’s magus beast space to cultivate. The magus beast spaces of humans were the best for magus beasts to cultivate in. Chi was someone that saw power above all else. He was a cultivation fanatic. Before he got his revenge, how could he be in the mood to play outside like Arthurus and the others?

And Chi also had a cold personality. He did not like to be around many people. He also disliked how human women looked at him. The noble Crimson Blood King, other than Aofeng, dismissed all humans!

Over a day passed. Everyone stood back up after recovering their strength.

Lei Yufeng had completely absorbed the water element spirit. His sharp hawk eyes were brighter and darker. His leopard-like body gave off an indescribable pressure, with a closeness to the water element, and thread of icy coldness.

“Such a good thing! I have reached five-swords!” Lei Yufeng laughed in excitement. Silver energy flashed under his feet, and he showed off to Aofeng.

Aofeng saw his flying spirits, and gave a happy smile. “Yufeng, you are more and more handsome!”

“Really?” Lei Yufeng was surprised. He was like a child who got candy. He cheered inside, Aofeng said I am handsome! It seems that my “forbidden love” will not die in its infancy!

“Your Excellency Zhui Yun, we are almost recovered. Let’s go out and meet up with the others, lest our companions get worried,” a magister suggested.

“Yes, let’s go.”

Aofeng nodded. She put away the corpse of the super-divine evil dragon. This was good crafting material. Because the dragon was a bloodline beast, the horns were more valuable than Oslin’s horns.

When she was cleaning up the corpse, she did not find a magic beast crystal core. Inside of the white galls on the neck of the dragon, she picked up a small ball glowing with indigo light. It was about the size of a bowl, and crystal clear.

“Ah! This is an inner core!” Arthurus and Candia said in shock from the side in unison.

“Inner core? Do you have them?” Aofeng held it curiously. The inner core of this evil dragon was not like the water element spirits. In terms of material rank, it was definitely a level below, but the power inside was stunning.

Arthurus, who was knowledgeable, grinned. “How can we have this? Only magic beasts who have a certain degree of pure ancient bloodline will possess an inner core. This is like the crystal cores of us magic beasts. Master, this is a good thing. Ordinary super-divine beast crystal cores are rare, but most crafters cannot smelt it. Only celestial fire can. But inner cores are different. Earth level flames can smelt this, and the power inside is great. Even the worst crafting skill can create a divine medium. Don’t you humans have a saying “one super-divine beast inner core is equal to having a divine medium?” This is what they are speaking off”

“Divine magic medium?” Aofeng was given a fright. She had not expected this fortune. The price of a divine medium was equal to that of an infant super-divine beast. Even a celestial fire crafter could not make a divine medium unless they entered a state that was very rare.

Aofeng thought for a moment, and decided. “Sell it. That way, we can get some valtz for you, and increase everyone’s strength.”

The divine medium was good, but it was a magic medium and could not be outfitted to every person. She was not fighting alone. There was a group of companions following her. A few drops of valtz was not enough.

The beasts heard this, and wrinkled their noses. They were moved inside. There were not many masters better than Aofeng in the world.

The group moved out of the mountain valley, and met up with Roth and the others who were hunting beasts outside.

While they all felt great regret for the deaths of the sixty magisters, it was very good they managed to save these dozen celestial magisters. There were countless magisters and swordsmen who died every day. They could not do a thing if these people could not be saved. When they heard that Aofeng had another terrifying super-divine beast, they respected her more, and were very humble when they talked to her.

Aofeng ordered everyone to rest here for a day, and hunt magic beasts on their own. Then, tomorrow, she could help them tame the beasts. Of course, she would still take money.

The celestial magisters who were saved thought that they would have no gains on this trip, and had been slightly depressed. Now, after Aofeng said this, they grew excited, and scattered to hunt magic beasts.

Aofeng rested for a bit after taming a group of captured magic beasts. She called Mo Zhu and the others to one side to discuss how to divide the battle spoils. They had come together. Aofeng could not treat them badly.

“Zhui Yun, the water element spirits are very valuable. Those who do not qualify will not get good results. We do not need this.” Roth shook his head at the elemental spirits that Aofeng took out. Some had thoughts when facing such a great treasure, but they had not worked for this. If they took it, they would feel uneasy, and using it was a waste.

“Yes, Brother Zhui Yun, you tamed beasts for us. How can we not be satisfied.” Mo Ling giggled and hugged Aofeng. “If Brother Zhui Yun wants to be good to Ling’er, you should be Ling’er’s date at the banquet in a few days. Ling’er may look violent usually, but I am very gentle to my people!”

Aofeng broke out in a sweat, and thought, if I were a man, I really wouldn’t dare to get close to you. One day, if I were to offend you, I would get cursed by you to fall into a nest of male dragons.

Yu Fan and the others who had a relationship with Aofeng got the best magus beasts. In the end, she tamed five magus beasts, and they had three of them. The surroundings were dangerous, but high star level magic beasts were rare, and many had been frightened away because of Chi. After seeing the harpy, they did not encounter any more.

Mo Ling received a three-star lightning sparrow. It was very similar to her chatty personality. The person and the sparrow would have fun talking to each other. Yu Fan had a six-star human faced spider. Because Mo Zhu and Mo Ling were repulsed by this, it came to him. Mo Zhu got a rare plant type four-star green silk vine. It fit with his name.

The little girl was very noisy when she spoke of the Midautumn banquet. She wanted Aofeng to be her “boyfriend” for the day. Aofeng could not win against her, and could only agree. It was just a day. And being the princess’ “boyfriend” would give her a reason to go to the palace to see Mama Su Ya.

The silent Mo Zhu suddenly said, “Zhui Yun, I want an elemental spirit.”

The group stilled and looked back at him. Roth thought for a moment, and said, “Zhu’er is young. While you have just become a seven-star senior magister, you started to cultivate late, you have enough potential, you can try.”

Aofeng’s gaze gentled. She handed one over immediately and said, “I am your captain. I cannot be called that for nothing. I should fulfill the demands of my group.”

Mo Ling’s eyes turned to hearts at the light tone that did not care about the great treasure. Yu Fan’s gaze was admiring and he said with a smile, “You do not change expression at spending so much. This young master is won over. Captain, if I did have enough potential, I would have done the same.”

A warmth flowed around the group. They smiled happily, the mood in harmony.

Aofeng’s cohesion did not come from just arrogance. Everything she did could move people. That was how she won people over.

Mo Zhu carefully put away the elemental spirit. Another day passed, and Aofeng tamed a group of powerful spirit beasts, taking in more than ten million obsidian. The group headed out of the imperial hunting grounds. When they split up at the perimeter, it was the afternoon of the fifth of the seventh month.

Tomorrow was the Midautumn banquet . The banquet was not just in the evening. The entire day was a celebration. The imperial palace would be very lively, and the tournament would begin on the seventh.

Most people were going to prepare for celebrating Midautumn and resting before the tournament started. They parted at the entrance. Aofeng and Lei Yufeng took off their masks. In order to move easily, they put away the magus beasts that had been outside for many days. They quickly returned to the Blue Jade Fragrance. Qin Aotian was waiting in the room as expected.

“Big Brother!” Aofeng could not help but leap up for a big hug after not seeing Qin Aotian for a month. In front of this reliable big brother, she would occasionally show the personality of a young girl. These were the emotions of Qin Aofeng in the past and could not be controlled.

The cold Qin Aotian was always warm to her. He touched her black hair and said gently, “Little Feng, in the days that Big Brother was not by your side, has anyone bullied or made trouble for you?”

“It would be good if Aofeng did not frighten people. Who dares to bully?” Lei Yufeng laughed from the side, and patted his chest. “Also, I am here. Big Brother Aotian. If someone dares to do something to Aofeng, I will not spare them!”

This boy was so conscious, even saying “big brother.” In reality, Qin Aotian was about the same age, possibly just a few months older…

Qin Aotian looked warily at him, and then his precious sister. He thought inside, did this person know that Little Feng was a girl? Otherwise, why would he be so nervous about her? However, with Little Feng’s personality now, she would not have said anything to anyone. So strange.

“Aotian, this is your younger brother? Not yet grown, really small.” A man laughed from inside the room. Just from the voice, he was an open man.

Aofeng looked over curiously. The man was very large, more than two meters tall. He carried a large two-handed sword on his back. His muscles were bulging, and supported his armor. His wide shoulders and firm chest gave people the feeling of safety. His features were proper, and looked comfortable. His long hair was pulled to the back of his head. He was a very handsome man.

Compared to him, Lei Yufeng and Qin Aotian, both a meter and eighty something, were short.

The man was laughing, but not making fun. He was just lamenting that Aofeng was not tall. Aofeng did not mind, and asked with a smile,

“Big Brother, is he the friend you invited to help?”

“Yes, let me make introductions. This is Xi Yun, he is a nine-star sword master, thirty-four years old this year. A good friend that I made when traveling.” Qin Aotian and Xi Yun looked at each other, and both of them smiled. There seemed to be a warmth flowing between them, a pure brotherly friendship.

Lei Yufeng exclaimed, “Sword Master Xi Yun? That one?”

“Very famous?” Aofeng blinked her eyes and added.

“Of course, Aofeng, you should learn more about the experts of the continent. You do not know someone this famous.” Lei Yufeng rolled his eyes, and explained, “Sword Master Xi Yun is the best expert of the youngest generation of swordsmen. Almost all the experts on the Luska Radiance Continent know of him. He is said to be the man most likely to become a venerable swordsman in the next ten years.”

Qin Aotian was cold, and never friendly to anyone. So no one knew that he knew the famous Sword Master Xi Yun.

“This strong!” Aofeng exclaimed in shock. Inside, she was happy that her big brother had such a friend. With Qin Aotian’s personality, he did not casually make friends. If he did, it was a friend for life.

Take this time for example. They were facing the Central Cloud City’s Central Cloud team. Normal people would keep themselves out of it while the sword master Xi Yun came without hesitation. Aofeng could admire just this alone.

“Big Brother Xi Yun, hello!” Aofeng said, reaching out her hand.

“Ha-ha, Aofeng, hello too.” Xi Yun griped Aofeng’s “little hand” with his large callous covered hand. His fist was almost twice the size of Aofeng’s.

After Xi Yun held hands with Aofeng, he looked at her with interest. “I heard that you are not simple. A fifteen year old young sword master. Your talent is even greater than mine back then. I believe that you will quickly catch up with me. Right, you are so young, you should have a teacher. Who is your teacher?”

Qin Aotian stilled and nodded. “Yes, Little Feng, you have not told me who your teacher is. If I have the time, I will go thank them.”

These two did not know Aofeng’s magister strength, and were asking about her sword teacher. Aofeng shook her head and said with a smile, “I do not have a teacher. If you ask who taught me how to use the sword, it is Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya. But he says he does not have students, so I do not count as his student.”

While so, teaching made one a teacher. Aofeng thought of Tian Ya as a teacher-like figure.

“Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya?” Xi Yun’s eyes widened in shock. Qin Aotian’s eyebrows rose, and he stood up in shock.

The two exchanged a look and grimaced. “Aofeng, your teacher is really frightening. It seems that we cannot go and thank him.”


Lei Yufeng and Aofeng exchanged a look, laughter in their eyes. This counted as frightening? There was more you have not yet seen!

Qin Aotian patted Aofeng’s shoulder and said to her, “Tomorrow, the Qin family higher ups will go together to the Midautumn banquet. There will be a big auction there. The family will go see if there are any treasures. This will broaden people’s minds. Little Feng, come with us. Big Brother has some speaking right in the family, and can bring someone in. As to everyone else, we will just ignore them.”

“Okay.” Aofeng nodded and agreed. If she went alone, she would go alone. She did not plan on hiding. It did not matter if she was Qin Aofeng or Zhui Yun.

At this, Aofeng suddenly thought of something, and took out two water element spirits from her ring. She said, “Big Brother, Yufeng and I went to the imperial hunting grounds, and we found this near the Sword Deity Valley.”

Because Qin Aotian appeared to trust Sword Master Xi Yun very much, Aofeng ranked him as one of theirs. In any case, he would be in the tournament. The stronger their side was, the more likely they could win. Sword Master Xi Yun was at the peak of nine-stars. If he absorbed the elemental spirit, he may likely reach venerable swordsman rank.

An elemental spirit buying a venerable swordsman, a battle, and a favor. This would not be unprofitable. At the same time, Aofeng knew that just like her and Lei Yufeng, Big Brother and Sword Master Xi Yun would not go consider those questions that did not need to be considered.

“This is…” Qin Aotian’s expression turned stiff. He said in shock, “Water element spirits?”

Aofeng smiled and nodded.

The two men looked at Aofeng like she was a freak, their eyes almost unmoving. How lucky was this person? To manage to get a worldly treasure like an elemental spirit?

Aofeng explained, “We found six spirits. Yufeng and I already have them. Big Brother, take it and use it. This way, we will have more confidence in the tournament.”

Xi Yun frowned and shook his head. “This…I cannot take this…”

“Do not say that.” Qin Aotian saw Aofeng’s expression, and his eyes grew warm. He took the spirits, and then tossed one to Xi Yun. “You came without hesitation to help me. This cannot be paid. Us brothers cannot be measured in gold. What is one elemental spirit?”

Xi Yun stared at him for a moment, and then laughed. “Good boy, I was confused. If I reach venerable swordsman, I will invite you to drink for three days and nights!”

Qin Aotian smiled coldly. “I will go!”

They returned to the Qin Family Base after settling this. At the same time, the imperial palace of the Kaya Empire was welcoming a group of noble guests.

At the front golden doors to the court, there stood a middle-aged man, tall, thin, and with a handlebar moustache. His gaze was on the carriage that gave off a holy aura as it came. Two rows of knights of the divine palace were walking next to the carriage, expressionless. None of them were a step behind. Even the best horned horses could not keep up with them.

They were all celestial rank experts!

The important officials behind the middle-aged man inhaled deeply several times, but were still unable to calm their feelings.

“Your Majesty, why has the Radiance Magus Church suddenly sent such strong envoys at this time? Such a spectacle is likely a bishop ranked person. In the past years, weren’t they all normal celestial magisters?” One of the three men carrying a sword behind the middle aged man frowned and asked softly.

“The drunkard does not mean to get drunk. They have come to the Kaya Empire, not for our auction, but for a person.” The emperor Mo Qi had a smile on his handsome face. His eyes flashed with light. He was the emperor of a country, and very knowledgeable. He thought much further than the sword masters.

The other sword master slowly said, “Your Majesty speaks of His Excellency Zhui Yun?”

“Yes, a regent beast tamer, and the youngest celestial magister on the continent. Which faction does not want to recruit him?” His Majesty nodded slightly and smiled faintly. “Not just them. Even Su Ya’s side, Central Cloud City has sent an elder. They have come with a powerful Central Cloud battle team made of captains. They probably want to tamp down Zhui Yun’s bravado, have him know the power of Central Cloud City, before recruiting him. I think the big tournament this year will be very interesting.”

At this time, the golden curtain was lifted. A young man, handsome and noble, slowly came out of the carriage.

Including His Majesty Mo Qi, everyone’s expressions turned serious, and they bowed at the waist.

“Welcome, Holy Emperor!”

Editor’s ramblings: And the harem starts to assemble.

Translator Ramblings: Obviously everyone in this story is handsome/pretty if they are important. But I really wonder about the standards of beauty in relation to the culture of the world.

Generally speaking, us humans find symmetrical features more pleasing, and the general trend seems to be flawless youthful skin and large eyes. But in a world where cultivators exist, why aren’t there beauty trends where cultivators make themselves look as young as possible, especially when great cultivation at a young age is a statement of power? I can also imagine some weird trend where cultivators don’t have teeth/remove teeth because that’s a statement they don’t need to eat to live, unlike those mere mortals. Or super long nails, since they can use their power for telekinesis and don’t have to use their hands.

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