傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S16-C04 “The White Hot Battle”

Last time on An Unyielding Wind: Aofeng unites some strong teams for the semifinals.

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Chapter Four – The White Hot Battle

Arthurus, Meng Yan, Si Jian, Ben Lei, and Liao Ya counted as five divine beasts. Also, Mei Jun was a nine-star sacred beast. Even Xiao Bing flew out from Aofeng’s neck, using small arms and legs to show four-star sacred beast status to cheer Aofeng on.

The blue eyed and blue haired adorable youth stood at the front of the beasts, showing a toothy smile. The wild emperor presence was released, creating considerable pressure on the surrounding magisters. Aofeng’s magus beasts formed a unique high rank divine beast army. The enormous figures of the magus beasts formed a shadow over people’s heads, and caused gasps from Long Jiu and the others.

“Your Excellency Zhui Yun, you have bonded too many magus beasts, your mental power is freakish!”

“Your Excellency Zhui Yun, be more freakish, you can create a magus beast army and sweep the continent!”

“Ha-ha, if that is true, then I will join you, we will all share in the glory.”

Everyone joked about this, but no one expected that in the near future, this joke would become true.

Aofeng smiled and did not speak. In reality, she could form bonds with more magus beasts than this. She could not feel where the upper limit was, but at least, there were several more bond positions. When she had crossed into seven-swords, her mental power had increased greatly, and the space she had for bonding magus beasts increased again.

“Do not be polite, fight whomever you find to be an eyesore. If you think it is a waste of time, then mob them, go!” Aofeng waved a hand grandly and said to the magus beasts. The other teams who were close by paled, desperately dodging away, fearing that these magus beasts would dislike them.

Hearing this, the people in her camp sweated and thought, Yun Qinghong was already devious enough, but who would have thought that there was one even more black hearted here. Already strong enough, but still openly teaching the magus beasts to mob others. Do you dare to be more shameless?

The beasts heard this, and all had evil smiles. Under the influence of the not very good master Aofeng, shameless was a very glorious term. If someone was not shameless, they would be looked down on by the other beasts.

Roaring, the beasts sprinted out. Immediately, screaming started on the platform. Because the Dragon Knights were on the other side, they had to clean some of the people before they would fight the other.

The Dragon Knights were also clearing the field under Lin Jiu’s lead.

Lin Jiu was the captain of the Dragon Knights, and was very strong. He possessed a divine hallowed giant dragon that had about the same bloodline as the Candia Giant Dragon. The nine-star divine beast Darth was snowy white all over, about the same size as Candia and gave off a holy light. Other than him and Kai Ge’s silver dragon, the other Dragon Knights had sacred beasts, Amink dragons, about seven stars or so.

The six Dragon Knights did not use armorization. They all wore sets of first class fine silver armor. They looked elegant and dashing. The armor was also very good at protection. The Kaya Empire had spent a lot on outfitting their Dragon Knights. Sacred magic medium armor had higher defense than a magus beast armor, but they just did not have as many abilities as the magus beast armor.

Standing on the giant dragons, six dragons lined up in a row, they were like mountains. The six of them used the most crude method, charging and sending all the people in their path flying!

At this time, Lei Yufeng released the Giant Gold Dragon. After the Golden Roc was used for full body armorization and the Electric Leopard for partial armorization, he was like a golden armor god of battle. Qin Aotian used the Giant Agate Python. The bronze colored battle armor paired with his cool face was not as grand as the colored armor but was also very charismatic.

Yue Bingyan used the Orange Feather Pseudo Phoenix to armor. Her body was now a red-orange, and she was very handsome.

Xi Yun did not need armorization. He pulled the heavy sword from behind his back, and his fighting spirit rose.

Aofeng and the other five were all celestial rank. With a tap of their feet, they all flew into the sky. At this time, the fighting on the field was boiling, and white hot. The competition was very fierce. After the melee started, many teams were like frightened birds, they did not dare to attack with full power. When the six person teams were eliminating others, they would keep at least two people on guard to prevent ambushes from the back. Even so, they could not avoid some sneak attacks.

Among the earth shaking shouts, the grand celestial magic techniques appeared for the first time. The light beam of a celestial magic technique came down. Several people were thrown out. Then, celestial magic techniques appeared more and more frequently. The referees were busy moving about and recording the people who had been eliminated. The number of people on the platform decreased at a stunning rate.

Yun Qinghong put away the Scythe of Death. He did not use armorization. He gave a small smile to Aofeng and the others, saying, “I have used up a lot of power. I will leave this battle to you. The Dragon Knights are uncivilized and not easy to deal with. They are more simple than a formation, but not easy to deal with. Be careful.”

“They are uncivilized, but are we not as good?” Lei Yufeng had an arrogant look in his golden eyes. He steered Candia to charge over. “Fellows, I am here! Let’s see who is more uncivilized!”

Qin Aotian and Xi Yun exchanged a lot, and nodded at each other in understanding. At the same time, Yue Bingyan’s eyes flashed. She followed behind them like a beautiful phoenix.

Did these few Dragon Knights need Aofeng to act?

The four people who had not yet fought yet felt their hands itch. Anyone would be affected by such a great battle scene. They had almost not been able to resist back when Yun Qinghong had shown his power. Now, the four’s eyes flashed with stunning fighting spirit. They had to use their actions to tell others that they were also qualified to stand by Aofeng’s side.

Surrounded by thick shamanic power, the four of them formed an enormous barrier in front of them without even needing to speak. They used shamanic power, this pure power, to make a head on collision with the Dragon Knights!

“Careful, they are coming!” Lin Jiu looked up and his eyes twitched, his face disbelieving.

“One venerable swordsman, one magus scholar, two seven-star celestial magisters. Heaven, how is this possible. Other than Central Cloud City, where can there be so many experts……” The shamanic power of the venerable swordsman and magus scholar was deep blue, and easy to recognize. Lei Yufeng and Yue Bingyan gave off the “pressure” of seven-star celestial magisters. Lin Jiu was a seven-star celestial magister himself, and it was easy for him to sense this.

Sensing that pressure, Kai Ge had a sad expression behind Lin Jiu. “Hey hey, Yufeng, you do not have to be so vicious……”

Even if they had the sacred magic mediums to protect them, and they would not be at risk of dying, it would be very embarrassing to be defeated so violently!

The blue shamanic power barrier and the Dragon Knights crashed together hard. Candia and Darth both roared. After an instant of great silence, the wild roars aroused deep terror. In the grand clash, the figures of six people and six dragons drew a curve in the air and were thrown back out like kites with their strings cut!

“Ah! ……” This was a pure clash of power. They would not harm the giant dragons and the knights. But in the face of absolute power, they could not hold on and were forced back. They could only shout and wave their arms and legs in the air……

Soon, these people accurately landed on the edge of the platform, and together with their giant dragons, they created great billows of dust.

Six Dragon Knights were all kicked out in one round of contact, and were eliminated!

The white hot battle stopped for a moment, and the people on the stands gave shouts of disbelief.

Lei Yufeng and the others quickly flew back after their success, and he gave a gesture of victory and a bright smile. Aofeng nodded, gave a small smile and patted their shoulders. “Good job! We are a team, not just me alone!”

The four were very happy. No praise could compare to these words.

Aofeng looked with scorn at Yun Cheng and the others in the distance. He looked very afraid, and his eyes were twitching rapidly.

He had heard long ago that Qin Aofeng had many high ranking magus beasts, but not to such a degree. Five divine beasts. What was this like! Central Cloud City distributed divine beasts, but each person only got one, and only captain rank or higher would get them. So no matter how many they could bond, they usually only had one magus beast.

“Too strong!” Yun Cheng had been pale after seeing Yun Qinghong kill his fellows. He had been full of regret. Why had he offended this freak for nothing? This boy was a freak who gathered all kinds of freaks with him. He was not just a freak, the magus beasts were also freaks, and the other people were also freaks.

Looking at “His Excellency Yu Chen” who was holding a sword and resting with his eyes closed, Yun Cheng’s heart jumped up and down. There was a great grudge between Central Cloud City and the Demon Emperor. If he did not forfeit when the time came, maybe he would be killed. But if he forfeited, this would let Qin Aofeng benefit for nothing, and His Excellency Yu Chen would not agree.

“Do not worry. With me here, the divine beasts and the little boys are nothing. Let this old man tell you, this old man is an eight-star venerable swordsman. This old man does not think much of even super-divine beasts. As to that Yun Qinghong, you do not have to keep him in mind. You think that Waltz of the Death Good can be used when he wants to? Regardless of what a powerful move looks like, they will use up the power of the body. That move is no less than a celestial magic technique. Even when the competition is finished, he may not be able to use it again.”

Li Zhen suddenly opened his eyes, and looked back with mockery at Aofeng. He looked like he was looking at a dead person.

“Eight-star venerable swordsman?” Yun Cheng shuddered, his eyes shocked. Then was he not stronger than the Chief Defender Yun Lu? Seeing the confident “Yu Chen,” Yun Cheng was slightly reassured.

Yes, how could such a powerful move have a small expenditure? Look at him now, he did not even summon his magus beast. He clearly did not have enough power.

Li Zhen was really a calm and experienced expert. His understanding of power was deep. He immediately saw Yun Qinghong’s weakness.

Chapter 3 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Section 17 Chapter 1


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