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Like Pearl and Jade Chapter 1 “Death of the Emperor”

Like Pearl and Jade

Author: Yue Xia Die Ying

Length: 98 chapters


Many people thought that the sweet-looking second miss of the Gu Family must be a gentle, kind and soft person.

Yet sometimes, the truth was in the hands of the few.

This is a story of a tyrant flower in the guise of a delicate flower and a seemingly sickly but extremely long-lived and infatuated emperor.

The infatuated emperor’s each day: spoil the tyrant flower, and take care of government affairs along the way.

In truth, this is a sweet story.

Translator summary: Sweet sweet story in the lines of To Be A Virtuous Wife and Eight Treasure Trousseau. Chronologically, Ascending, Do Not Disturb was written by the author after this novel so expect something that meld a bit of ADND and 8TT.

I hadn’t planned on posting this until after ADND was all done, but I think I (and most people) need a bit more happiness at this time in the world.

At this point in time, updates are likely once a week.

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This chapter has been brought to you by me, and Adnana.

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