Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 115 “Misunderstanding”

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Chapter 115: Misunderstanding


When Huan Zhong agreed to be together with her, Kong Hou’s mind lost the ability to think. When she spoke her intentions, she did not consider what would happen if Huan Zhong would refuse. Right now, her mind had no time to fill with joy as she blurted out what she thought.

She and Huan Zhong had been together for more than a year, and she was used to telling him whenever something happened. So at this moment, her habit responded faster than her mind.

“Secretly together, so no one knows we are together?” Huan Zhong looked meaningfully at Kong Hou. While he did not say much, his gaze said a thousand words.

“I do not mean this; I just mean…” Kong Hou’s voice faded. She felt like she was scum that played with love but did not want to take responsibility. “I mean we need to have a gradual process, so our elders can accept us being together. If we abruptly let them know we are in love and they oppose it, would it not hurt feelings on both sides?”

“My master likes you a lot and will not object to us being together.” Huan Zhong looked at Kong Hou. “You don’t have to worry about this.”

Kong Hou licked the corners of her lips guiltily. “I meant the elders on my side. I have joined the sect for less than a decade. No one in three generations of the sect has found a path companion. I need to find time for them to accept you.”

“I understand.” Huan Zhong nodded and rubbed the top of Kong Hou’s head gently. “How would I bear for you to be in conflict?”

The hand on her head was warm and big. As a scum that had just confessed and slighted the other, Kong Hou felt both guilty and sad. She hugged Huan Zhong’s arm and swore, “Do not worry, I will not let you wait long.”

When she said these words, she thought—why does she sound like the playboys in those crass storybooks who lie to the female protagonists?

“All right.” Huan Zhong hugged Kong Hou, his movements as careful as if he was a traveller who finally found the green plains belonging to him—joyful but fearful this was an illusion.

“Huan Zhong, your heart is beating so quickly.”

The tips of Huan Zhong’s ears turned red but he did not release Kong Hou from his arms. “You are not hearing correctly.”

“Really?” Kong Hou rested her chin on his chest and looked up at him. She saw that Huan Zhong’s neck was pink and especially attractive to touch, especially… delicious.


Kong Hou giggled and reached out to touch Huan Zhong’s neck. It felt very good.

Huan Zhong hurriedly covered his neck with a hand and held Kong Hou with the other. “Do not be naughty.”

“You agreed to be with me. How is it naughty for me to touch your neck?” Kong Hou originally felt slightly embarrassed, but seeing Huan Zhong’s neck grow redder, her embarrassment disappeared without a trace. She reached with both hands to circle Huan Zhong’s neck. “Or are you lying to me about being together, and you do not like me?”

Hearing these words, Huan Zhong immediately rushed to hold Kong Hou’s waist. “No, you… you can touch.”

He raised his chin like a warrior about to die heroically in battle.

Kong Hou laughed as she reached out with a finger to caress Huan Zhong’s Adam’s apple. Huan Zhong leaned backwards, tickled by Kong Hou’s action. But thinking of Kong Hou’s words, he moved back.

This was a scene of a good man being harassed by a gangster woman and not daring to fight back.

“Kong Hou Shimei, you… what is this?” Wu Chuan was holding a basket of spirit fruits in one hand. Seeing the door to Spirit Master Zhong Xi’s courtyard open, he stepped onto the stairs. Just as he was going to call to Spirit Master Zhong Xi, he saw Spirit Master Zhong Xi with a conflicted expression and a red face being pressed down by Kong Hou Shimei. The handsome young master was being constrained and looked extremely wronged.

Kong Hou, who only wanted to tease Huan Zhong and did not hear anything else, did not know that Wu Chuan was at the door. So when she heard Wu Chuan’s voice, she turned to see Wu Chuan who had a serious expression. She released her hold and jumped off Huan Zhong.

Wu Chuan had complicated feelings. He had thought the dragon phoenix cauldron would let Spirit Master Zhong Xi have improper intentions towards his little shimei. But Spirit Master Zhong Xi was an honorable man while Kong Hou Shimei did such a shocking thing instead. Looking at Spirit Master Zhong Xi’s awkward and conflicted state, he knew that the other had been pressured by Shimei.

Radiance Sect’s youngest peak master, the member with the most potential, the person revered by countless cultivators in the cultivation world—Spirit Master Zhong Xi was being treated like this by Shimei. He had not taught Shimei well. In front of Spirit Master Zhong Xi, Wu Chuan could not lecture Kong Hou. He could only smile and said, “Spirit Master Zhong Xi, these are new fruits from the mountain—not anything rare, please do not look down on them.”

“Brother Wu Chuan is too polite.” Huan Zhong had a slightly uneasy expression. He hadn’t expected Wu Chuan would discover him and Kong Hou playing together. He stood up and adjusted his slightly wrinkled robes. He took over the basket Wu Chuan handed, and then couldn’t help but touch his neck. It felt numb and soft there. He wanted to touch some more.

Noticing Spirit Master Zhong Xi’s movement, Wu Chuan turned and glared at Kong Hou during his moment of inattentiveness. So lawless. She dared to take liberties even with Spirit Master Zhong Xi!

Kong Hou silently covered her face, wanting to pretend nothing had happened.

Wu Chuan sighed helplessly and exchanged a few more words with Huan Zhong. But seeing Spirit Master Zhong Xi speaking haltingly, he felt even more anxious. He could not sit still and found a reason to bid farewell.

“Kong Hou Shimei, come with me.” Wu Chuan stood and looked at Kong Hou who still had the mood to drink tea. He bowed to Huan Zhong and said, “Spirit Master, this one has not taught Shimei well. Apologies.”

“Brother Wu Chuan does not have to be so. Kong Hou and I…” He wanted to say that he and Kong Hou were in love when he suddenly remembered that Kong Hou had said they temporarily could not let others know of their relationship. He could only say ambiguously,”Brother Wu Chuan, do not be angry. Kong Hou and I are very good friends. We just joke in private, nothing serious.”

Hearing these words, Wu Chuan felt even more embarrassed. Spirit Master Zhong Xi was really an honored disciple of Radiance Sect. He was elegant in his conduct, and he still considered Kong Hou Shimei‘s honor at a time like this. Wu Chuan couldn’t help but want to glare at Kong Hou again. He was treating her as a friend but she had other intentions towards him. Did she not feel guilty?!

Kong Hou hurried behind Wu Chuan. Before leaving, she secretly blew a kiss to Huan Zhong. Huan Zhong’s face flushed again. His right hand in a fist, he pressed his hand to his lips and coughed lightly. Then, minutely, softly, he blew a kiss to Kong Hou that almost didn’t look like a kiss.

Seeing his action, Kong Hou smiled. When Wu Chuan turned back to look, she looked obedient again.

Seeing her like this, Wu Chuan was both exasperated and amused. However, this matter could be major or minor. He could not let Shimei act according to her personality. That was not loving her, but harming her.

Shixiong…” Kong Hou saw Wu Chuan had an ugly expression and immediately didn’t dare to do anything else behind his back.

“You, you…” Wu Chuan sighed. He wanted to scold Kong Hou, but looking at her pitiful state, he did not bear to. If they had to discuss this, he had to blame his master. If he hadn’t given the Heaven and Earth Harmony Five Elements Dragon and Phoenix Yinyang Cauldron to Kong Hou, would Kong Hou have had such thoughts?

Before Shimei left seclusion, he worried that Spirit Master Zhong Xi would do something to Shimei. Now he had to worry if Shimei would do something to Spirit Master Zhong Xi.

Shixiong…” Kong Hou blinked her eyes filled with innocence at Wu Chuan.

Wu Chuan was silent for a moment. “Be more subtle in your conduct. While the cultivation world does not take the separation of genders as seriously as the mortal world, you are too obvious.” When rumors spread that Shimei had improper intentions towards Spirit Master Zhong Xi, how badly would it reflect on her?

Kong Hou stilled for a moment. She thought that Wu Chuan would say a lot of arguments. She had not expected this. “Shixiong…”

“Do not slight yourself,” Wu Chuan said meaningfully. “You can force many things in the world, but not love. If you are not suited to each other, do not persist. Follow your heart, do not slight yourself, and do not use the name of love to do things that harm others.”

Wu Chuan had seen many love tragedies. Many people got themselves into a sorry state when they could not get those they loved. Some people liked to think of the person they loved as their possession, and harmed all who went near their love in the name of love. Other people lost their bottom line, lost themselves, and did irreversible things.

He feared Kong Hou would follow in the steps of those people. So while these words were not likable, he still had to say them.

Kong Hou stilled slightly. She thought that Eldest Shixiong Wu Chuan would say she embarrassed the sect. She hadn’t expected him to remind her not to sink too deep.

Seeing her stare dazedly at him, Wu Chuan sighed and said, “I do not oppose you being in love with Spirit Master Zhong Xi—I only hope you treat yourself well. If there is something you need Shixiong for, just tell me.”

“Sorry, Eldest Shixiong Wu Chuan. In reality, Huan Zhong and I…”

“Wu Chuan Shibo, Kong Hou Shishu.” Several inner sect disciples came and bowed seeing them present.

Kong Hou smiled at them. When they were far away, Wu Chuan patted her shoulder. “Who was not young once upon a time? It is not wrong to like someone. But be mindful of propriety and the method. Do not let others think lowly of you.”

The hand on her shoulder was warm and determined. Kong Hou looked down and whispered thanks.

Wu Chuan smiled. “Our Kong Hou is so good. Many people must like you.” If Spirit Master Zhong Xi dared not to like her, then he was blind.


In Radiance Sect of Pei City, the apprentices were preparing to welcome guests from different sects. All the elders of the sect were guarding outside the doors of the main hall when black clouds overshadowed the main hall, with lightning flashing and thunder roaring. The sky turned pitch-black, looking as though it was going to collapse at any moment.

The first bolt of lightning struck. Then seven more.

The building materials of the main hall, which could be called treasures, were scorched black under the power of the ordeal lightning. People could only see the person sitting cross-legged on the ground.


The ninth bolt of oldeal lightning struck, the lightning purple and as thick as a dragon. The elders standing guard could not help but take several steps back. All of Radiance Sect was enveloped in the light of the lightning.

The last bolt of lightning smashed the main hall of the sect into a pit before disappearing into the world.

At the gates of Pei City, an elder of Nine Phoenix Sect stopped and looked at the rain suddenly falling from the sky.

“Someone succeeded in their ordeal surpassing?”

The rain contained purple energy and spirit energy. The person who succeeded had reached at least Transcendental Stage. In Radiance Sect, the person most likely to have an ordeal was the sect master Jin Yue. However, Jin Yue’s cultivation had halted four centuries ago. Why did he suddenly advance?

Translator Ramblings: This is a comedy of misunderstandings … forced into a secret relationship even though all sides would accept it.

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