Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 116 “Exposed”

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Chapter 116: Exposed

Jin Yue walked out of the ruins, his clothing in tatters. However, his presence caused everyone to dismiss his attire.

“Congratulations, Sect Master, for reaching Transcendental Stage.”

All of Radiance Sect was beaming with joy. When Jin Yue took on his student, he had been in Mind Dividing Stage. When his student reached Mind Dividing, he was still in Mind Dividing Stage. Everyone was worried that his mental state would have a difficult time having a breakthrough. No one had expected him to suddenly advance without warning.

“Congratulations, Sect Master.” While sword cultivators were usually controlled and formal, they could not help but smile now. “We hope that Sect Master will ascend soon.”

“Transcendental Stage is difficult, ascension is even more difficult.” With a wave of his hand, Jin Yue had his clothing repair back to normal. His expression was mild, and his imposing presence completely disappeared. At this moment, he was an ordinary boat rower, an idle farmer. He didn’t look anything like a sword cultivator.

Cultivation. In the end, one cultivated to return to the truth.

“In these years, I always had too many apprehensions and kept myself sealed in. I suddenly realized a truth from my apprentice,” Jin Yue said to the elders and peak masters. “As a teacher, when he was young, I could not let go and let him walk on his own. But when he grows up, I have to learn to let go. I thought that I was open-minded, but when teaching Zhong Xi, I made many mistakes, so he didn’t understand how to treat others, didn’t understand emotions, and didn’t even understand how to live. I raised a sharp sword, and not an apprentice.”

Ever since Zhong Xi’s spirit platform had problems, Jin Yue had been filled with guilt. It was his mistake as the master.

“Sect Master, this is not all your fault.” Song He understood Jin Yue’s meaning. A moment later, he urged, “Zhong Xi was born with that personality…”

“The more he is like that, the more attention I should have paid.” Jin Yue smiled in relief. “Fortunately, he encountered Miss Kong Hou of Splendid Cloud Sect, so he has humanity, he has feelings of joy and anger, and he can even have universal paired cultivation with her.” This Miss Kong Hou was not only Huan Zhong’s saviour, but also his saviour.

She let him put down his last apprehensions and made him clearly realize how many mistakes he had made. Fortunately, he had a chance to make up all this…

Hearing Jin Yue mention Kong Hou, Song He thought of how Splendid Cloud Sect did not want Miss Kong Hou and his shizhi to become a couple. He glanced at the sect master and did not tell him this matter. The other had just managed to see through all this and advance greatly in cultivation. He feared that his words would make the other faint in anger.

“The people from other sects are going to arrive soon?” Jin Yue put his hands behind his back like an ethereal transcendent untouched by dust. “Have the disciples be careful and not let evil cultivators sneak in.”

“Yes.” Song He looked at the main hall in ruins from the lightning and whispered, “Sect Master, we need to arrange people to repair the main hall as soon as possible.”

Jin Yue: “…”

If he had known he would have his ordeal surpassing so soon, he would not have chosen to go into seclusion in the main hall. Now, the guests were arriving soon, but the main hall was gone.

Seeing Jin Yue remain silent, Song He immediately understood. “Sect Master, do not worry. I will immediately arrange for repairs and try to finish the main hall before people reach Pei City.”

“Sect Master, the elders and peak masters of Clear Dawn Sect are visiting with their disciples.”

Song He: “…”

Jin Yue neatened his clothing. “Have them go to the front hall.”

Then he waved his hand and created an illusion behind him so the main hall appeared to be still there.

Of course, it was just in appearance.


Clear Dawn Sect had already reached Radiance Sect, but Splendid Cloud Sect was still preparing to depart.

“Did you bring chili peppers?”


“Secret realm soy paste?”


This was a disciple responsible for food.

“Jade brush?”

“Jade brush yes. But we lack twenty wolf brushes.”

This was the disciple responsible for writing utensils.

Kong Hou, as an apprentice of Moon Perching Peak, did not have to personally manage all this. However, she needed to help other disciples inventory the items, and pack them into different storage bags. Each storage bag was embroidered with gold, and what it contained and the person who was responsible was clear at a glance.

Huan Zhong, who was next to Kong Hou, found that Splendid Cloud Sect gave each disciple many spices, foods, chairs and cushions in addition to many seals. They clearly paid special attention to food and rest.

Seeing the disciples responsible for food check again and again, he seemed to understand why Kong Hou liked to eat. This was inherited from Splendid Cloud Sect.

This time, the elder in charge was Elder Qiu Shuang. She had not left the sect for many years and had dressed up specially this time. More than a thousand years old, yet she looked just like Kong Hou’s elder sister, beautiful and noble like a peony.

She lazily leaned against the pillar of the flying palace, playing with a fan embroidered with flowers. She did not rush the disciples and lazed about like a beautiful snake.

The two peak masters were Pei Huai of Noon Sun Peak and Qing Yuan of Daybreak Cloud Peak. Originally, the sect planned to have Wang Tong go as well, but Qing Yuan and Wang Tong were at odds. Heng Yan feared that if the two fought in public, it would be embarrassing, so he separated the pair.

Wang Tong said he did not care, but he still hurried over before departure and gave Kong Hou and his two grand-disciples many talismans and seals, muttering many words of warning.

“When outside, do not easily believe other people’s words of provocation. If you encounter incidents, you can watch. Do not travel alone; it is safer to be with others from the sect.” Wang Tong took out three thumb-sized soul-testing stones to the disciples. “Take these three soul-testing stones and keep them well. If the stones change color, it means the people coming near you are not in their original appearance.

Gui Ling gripped the stone and looked at the disciples of other peaks. As expected, the other peak masters were secretly shoving things to their disciples and grand-disciples. They were so bold and confident in their protectiveness.

He tightened his grip on the soul-testing stone and bowed to Wang Tong. “Grandmaster, do not worry; we will be careful.”

“Yes.” Wang Tong nodded in satisfaction. “You are reliable. Take care of your shimei and shishu.”

“Yes.” Gui Ling peeked at Kong Hou and saw she did not look unhappy before sighing in relief. As a junior, having to look after an elder was messing up seniority and was akin to humiliation in the eyes of many people. Fortunately, Splendid Cloud Sect did not care about this…

He thought of many things, and his eyes gradually softened.

Li Rou sighed silently. Before joining Moon Perching Peak, Gui Ling had to call her shijie. Now she had joined Master after Gui Ling, so she became a shimei instead. She was very happy in Moon Perching Peak. Her conduct was not like Cheng Yi’s, but more like Tan Feng’s. “Grandmaster, we have Spirit Master Huan Zhong in our company. You do not need to worry.”

Hearing the words “Huan Zhong,” Wang Tong couldn’t help but frown. So what if he had high cultivation—he was blind as a man. His apprentice was this good yet Huan Zhong said he thought of her as a shimei. Tsk.

Wang Tong glanced at Huan Zhong. Huan Zhong bowed towards him. Wang Tong said coolly, “When Spirit Master Huan Zhong reaches Pei City, he needs to worry about the matters of Radiance Sect. How could he protect you always? Rather than thinking how to rely on others, it is better to use your own head.”

Li Rou felt the words were not quite right, but could not say where. She whispered an acknowledgement with a bowed head.

“Wang Tong Shishu, do not worry. This junior will take good care of them,” Huan Zhong said to Wang Tong. “It will be the same when we reach Pei City.”

“That is true.” Wang Tong smiled insincerely. “Our Kong Hou can be considered your shimei.”

Huan Zhong: “…”

He felt that Wang Tong Shishu did not seem to like him?

“Master, you have to take care in the sect, and try not to leave these days.” Kong Hou shoved a bag of spirit stones to Wang Tong and pulled him to the side. “If there is no need, do not go off the mountain. If you want to eat something, ask the path friends of Five Flavors Manor to make it. Their craft contains the path and is better than the things from restaurants.”

“This master knows.” Wang Tong took the spirit stones that his apprentice shoved at him, and looked at Huan Zhong who was looking silently in their direction. “Remember Master’s words—no man is worth you devaluing yourself. There are so many men in the cultivation world, and good-looking men are everywhere. If this master knows you abandoned your self-respect for that man, do not recognize me as your master. This master does not like that Huan Zhong; stay away from him.”

“Do not worry, Master.” Kong Hou smiled and hugged him. “I will not disappoint you. However, if Huan Zhong does not make me abandon my self-respect and is very good to me, will you agree to us being together?”

Wang Tong was silent for a moment. He twisted his head and said, “Let’s talk then.”

No matter what, his apprentice could not be slighted.

“I know.” Kong Hou hugged Wang Tong again. “Take care in the sect.” Releasing Wang Tong, Kong Hou turned and leapt onto the flying palace. She leaned against the banister and waved to the disciples and elders bidding farewell below.

Elder Qiu Shuang waved her sleeve. The flying palace left the ground, the seals and wards on the palace immediately flashing brightly with golden light.

Splendid Cloud Sect was not very tasteful, but in front of many people, they did care about their dignity. This flying place was filled with carved and painted corridors and buildings, and countless seals, formations and wards. It was built from numerous precious materials. Without manpower and wealth, one could not possess such a valuable flying talisman.

The flying palace had numerous courtyards and residences. Wu Chuan, Huan Zhong, Kong Hou and Ling Hui were put into the same courtyard.

It was late in the day. Ling Hui and Wu Chuan already slept. Kong Hou sneakily opened the door and saw Huan Zhong sitting in the yard. She ran next to him. Kong Hou gripped Huan Zhong’s hand. “Two more days until we reach Pei City.”

When they reached Radiance Sect, Huan Zhong would definitely be busy as a peak master. She would not be able to be with him all the time.

“Two days is very fast.” Huan Zhong gripped her hand back in response. “When we return to Radiance Sect, I will arrange for the Splendid Cloud Sect disciples to live in the peak I manage—how about it?”

“Good.” Kong Hou nodded and said with a smile, “This way, we can meet every day.”

“You…” Wu Chuan opened the door and saw Kong Hou and Huan Zhong who were holding hands together. He could not disguise his shock. The two of them were together in secret?

“Eldest Shixiong Wu Chuan?!” Kong Hou stilled and then looked at her hands intertwined with Huan Zhong’s hands. She put her index finger to her lips. “Ssh, be quieter.”

Wu Chuan walked next to them with a dazed expression. So the scene he saw yesterday was not a gangster woman bullying a good man, but teasing between the two?

The power of the dragon phoenix cauldron was so great?

Translator Ramblings: Wang Tong wins master of the year award.

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