Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 121 “Adorable”

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Chapter 121: Adorable

“I feel this fox looks very similar to you, and should be a member of your race. You have done many evil acts, but because cultivation is difficult, we should not be cruel to you. This fox can keep you company.”

Restrained in the talisman, Hong Mian had gradually recovered her wits. She glanced at the fox in the bamboo cage next to her. She had never seen such an ugly fox before. Said she looked like this fox?

This little whore was clearly saying she was ugly.

Hong Mian smashed herself against the cage in anger. However, when she touched the golden cage, she was bounced back by powerful spirit energy. Even her fur was burned and became ugly-looking.

“This cage was made especially for you. It is beautiful and carries golden light. It is low-key but also grand. It is not a slight against the greatest beauty of the evil cultivator world.” Kong Hou was smiling but her smile did not reach her eyes. When she saw these evil cultivators who fed on human lives, she would think of the people in the mortal world who died of the plague.

In the eyes of these evil cultivators, mortal people might be inferior to dogs, to be killed and eaten as they pleased. They took lives and didn’t even spare the souls. They did such evil deeds but were proud of themselves for being honest in their actions and looked down at the orthodox sects for speaking of virtues.

They did not conceal how they killed and were honest as though this was a natural matter. She didn’t know where the logic came from.

She bent down. The disdain and coldness in her eyes were not disguised. “Animals are animals.”

Hong Mian bared her fangs and leapt again but was bounced back.

Another part of her fur went missing.

“Celestial Kong Hou…” Zhou Xiao saw this scene from the side and said hesitantly, “Is it appropriate for you to do this?”

Kong Hou stood straight and looked at him.

Zhou Xiao did not seem to dare to look at her. His head was low as he said in a small voice, “This female yao is already a prisoner and cannot fight back. Why do you have to humiliate her so? This seems… seems to be against principles.”

Kong Hou snorted. A moment later, she slowly bowed. “Path Friend Zhou is right.” When she said this, her expression was distant. She did not actually agree with Zhou Xiao but could not be bothered to argue with him.

For some inexplicable reason, Zhou Xiao felt he had said something wrong when he saw Kong Hou’s expression. However, the other did not argue with him or show any unhappy expression. He did not know what to say to continue this topic.

“Kong Hou.” Huan Zhong walked over with a faint smile. He glanced at the fox in the cage. “Foxes are smelly; I will take you to wash your hands.”

The fox screamed from the cage, filled with anger and hatred.

Huan Zhong glanced back at it, his eyes like a poisoned arrow. “Bloodthirsty and cruel animals should be killed.”

The fox yao froze and looked at Huan Zhong with unknown emotion.

When she refocused, Huan Zhong had left with the little whore. As a fox yao, she liked good-looking men who had energy. In the years she cultivated, she had seen countless men, but Zhong Xi stunned her the most. This man had a jade-like face and his heart seemed to be carved from jade stone. No matter what tactics she used, this man was not willing to give her an additional glance.

She had a beautiful body that countless women envied and the most perfect face. In order to obtain the most beautiful face in the world, she accumulated countless beauties and moved their most beautiful parts to her. Those women were stupid. They had beauty, but were all fooled by average men. She only had to help them get revenge on those scum and they would willingly give to her.

Human men were stupid and greedy. Human women were timid and stupid. These creatures were ones that she should play with in the palm of her hand. They almost had nothing worthwhile. Only their tender hearts were more delicious than any other animal’s.

There was no man in the world she could not get. If she could not get him, then she would destroy him.

Looking at the man who was still standing, Hong Mian felt disdain. Another one as stupid as a pig.

Zhou Xiao watched as Spirit Master Zhong Xi took out a jade gourd and poured water for Celestial Kong Hou to wash her hands. His face was heated even though he didn’t know why he felt so embarrassed.

Shixiong, I feel that while people do not have to be very skillful in interacting with people, they have to understand what one should say and should not.” Jin Ling walked next to Zhou Xiao, her arms crossed. She kicked the cage holding the fox yao. “You see this fox yao is weak now, and feel she is pitiful. But think of the people that died in her hands and the souls that were previously controlled. They are more pitiful.”

“I…” Zhou Xiao gaped, and couldn’t speak.

“If not for Spirit Master Zhong Xi, all of us would have died at the hands of these evil cultivators.” Jin Ling snorted. “Would you have been able to pity her then?”

Zhou Xiao looked down with a slightly desolate expression.

Shixiong, you have some good feelings towards Kong Hou?” Jin Ling went next to Zhou Xiao and patted his shoulder. She whispered, “Don’t worry, you won’t have a chance in this lifetime.”

Zhou Xiao: “…”

“We’re entering the city,” someone shouted. Zhou Xiao refocused and saw Spirit Master Zhong Xi and Celestial Kong Hou walk shoulder to shoulder behind Elder Qiu Shuang, their sleeves touching each other. He did not know if they were secretly holding hands, but anyone could see that there was a beautiful atmosphere around them that no one could mess up or break apart.

The crowds lining up saw a group of grandly dressed people enter from the main gates without having to wait. Even the guards bowed respectfully. No one was stupid enough to shout and ask why those people could enter without waiting. They only discussed in whispers which sect these guests were from.

This time, even the nomad alliance sent people to attend this gathering of sects. Cultivators from all over came, and even the imperial family of the cultivation world sent officials to show the weight they placed on this conference.

Of course, no one in the cultivation world cared if the imperial family placed any importance on the conference and did not care if they sent any officials.

“Big Brother, which sect did those celestials come from?” A more daring female cultivator smiled and asked one of Radiance Sect’s guards. “They have extraordinary presence.”

“Those are representatives from Splendid Cloud Sect and Primary Luck Sect.” This was not a secret. The guard had a serious expression but was not frosty. “Path Friends in the line, please pay attention to your valuables, hold onto your tokens and enter the city.”

“So it’s Splendid Cloud Sect—they arrived early this year.”


It appeared that Splendid Cloud Sect missing the tournament because they were busy having fun would be constantly mentioned in this century.

Kong Hou heard the laughter outside the gates. With her cultivation, she could make out what the cultivators were saying. She coughed dryly and looked at the other disciples who had normal expressions. She felt that her cultivation was not great enough.

“Gui Ling, I feel you do not like to talk recently—are you dizzy from the flying palace?” Li Rou hit Gui Ling with her elbow. Gui Ling stumbled at her blow. He said with a dark expression, “Gentle and adorable Rou Rou Shimei, can you be a bit more gentle when you hit me next time?”

“Do not care about minor matters like this.” Li Rou coughed. “If you are dizzy, go to Qing Yuan Grand Shishu and ask for some pill medicines. I guarantee you that your illness will go away.”

“You think too much. I am fine.” Gui Ling said this and then sped up to walk ahead and further away from the Primary Luck Sect behind them.

Li Rou shook her head and sighed, “So what if you are dizzy? It is not embarrassing. You will suffer because you want face. What a shortcoming.”


The streets of Pei City were busy, and cultivators wearing the robes of different sects passed among them. Customers were packed outside Sky Sect’s shop as though they were trying to fight.

Kong Hou swallowed and then took two steps back to walk with Ling Hui. “Shijie, why are there so many people from Sky Sect in Pei City?”

“While Sky Sect’s shops are in all the major cities, only the shops in Sky Sect’s main city and Pei City are the most inexpensive, and have the greatest inventory.” Then she took out a thick list. “This is what the other disciples wanted me to buy…”

“Ling Hui Shijie, Huan Zhong seems to be looking for me—farewell.” Looking at Ling Hui’s shopping list, Kong Hou turned and ran without hesitation. She rejoiced inside that she and Huan Zhong had been in seclusion before leaving. Otherwise, she would have a shopping list as well.

Ling Hui: “…”

What was the use in having a shimei like this?

Huan Zhong had just been slightly dispirited because Kong Hou ran to her friend. When she returned a while later, he barely restrained his smile. “What is it?”

“Nothing, I just feel… your presence is more fresh.” Kong Hou hooked Huan Zhong’s finger with her index finger. Her index finger was slightly cool, like a good quality jade. But Huan Zhong felt something was wrong. Kong Hou’s hands were usually warm. Why were they suddenly cold today?

“Huan Zhong, do you feel my hair looks good today?” Kong Hou pointed at her hair.

“It looks good,” Huan Zhong said without thinking. Rather than good-looking, it was more accurate to say adorable. She wore tasseled hair pins with her double-knotted hair bun decorated with a white fur pom-pom. Contrasted with her white face, she looked very adorable.

She wore a white and pink flowing dress, with a crisp green mantle, looking like a cute flower that made people feel affection at a glance.

Huan Zhong did not understand women’s attire, but Kong Hou seemed exceptionally adorable today. When she smiled, people would want to give her everything and spoil her unconditionally.

Kong Hou sighed in relief. “Then do you think older elders like attire like this?” She had spent nearly two hours to match together the outfit.

Huan Zhong stilled slightly and then understood Kong Hou’s intentions. He spread his hand and held Kong Hou’s entire hand in his palm. “They will all like you greatly.”

Her fingers slowly warmed in Huan Zhong’s hand. Kong Hou’s smile became bright again, and not just an exaggerated one.

“I also feel the same. I am so adorable.”

Qiu Shuang who was walking near the front: “…”

She was old. She would pretend her ears were not working properly.

Translator Ramblings: Poor Zhou Xiao with his hopeless crush and optimism.

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