Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 120 “True Love?”

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Chapter 120: True Love?

Of all the cultivators present, Qiu Shuang and Huan Zhong were the ones who had interacted the most with evil cultivators. When breaking free from three evil cultivators, Qiu Shuang had detected the evil cultivator was about to explode their core but was unable to stop it in time.

The moment the powerful evil energy exploded, Qiu Shuang stilled. She couldn’t even stabilize herself in the great wave of power. The three evil cultivators attacking her were worse off. Unprepared, they were sent rolling by the harsh flow of air and screamed as they fell off the clouds.

Qiu Shuang had no attention to spare for the evil cultivators. She even ignored her own disheveled state, and furiously ran towards the Splendid Cloud Sect disciples. When she saw all the disciples protected by a sword essence in the shape of a dragon, she put away her panicked expression, sat down on the clouds, and took out a small copper mirror to examine her face.

Yet in the blink of an eye, she threw the copper mirror away. She smiled and flew in front of the disciples, and reached to hug Kong Hou who had still not refocused after the evil cultivator exploded themselves.

“You are all fine, this is great…”

Kong Hou could detect Elder Qiu Shuang’s hands were trembling and her voice was slightly joyful. She stilled and hugged Qiu Shuang back. “Elder, we are fine; do not worry.”

“You are as noisy as monkeys all day, and all wear protective seals. Why would I worry about you all?” Qiu Shuang released Kong Hou and used a spell to put on a new dress. She turned and bowed deeply to Huan Zhong. “Thank you, Spirit Master Zhong Xi, for your help.”

“I do not dare.” Huan Zhong dodged and returned the bow. “This junior’s sect and Splendid Cloud Sect are allies, and it is our duty to eliminate evil cultivators together. I cannot accept Elder’s thanks.” He was of a younger generation than Qiu Shuang, and also a cultivation level lower. He could not deserve the title of “Spirit Master” from Qiu Shuang. Also, in the urgent situation just now, he only thought how Kong Hou might be wounded, and nothing else.

He had never comprehended the true meaning of this sword essence and was not able to use it. He had not expected to understand in this moment.

The main sword method he cultivated had nine different sword essences. But regardless of how many evil cultivators he killed, and how many experts he sparred with, he could not comprehend the ninth method.

Each time he asked Master what the ninth method was, Master always looked calmly at him and said, you will understand when you understand. If not, then he would never understand in this lifetime.

At the time, he did not understand and thought that Master was tempering him. Now he understood that he would only comprehend this sword essence when he understood. That last sword essence was fearless protection.

When one wanted to protect someone or something, if they surpassed all their terror and themselves, he and the sword would connect as one, and be at full power.

He wanted to protect Kong Hou, and did not bear for her to be in any discomfort so he also wanted to protect the people she cared about.

As he put away Dragon Roar, the enormous golden dragon disappeared. The disciples of Splendid Cloud Sect and Primary Luck Sect finally realized they had just walked by death’s door.

“Huan Zhong.” Kong Hou ran over to Huan Zhong and grabbed for his life meridian. She ignored everyone’s gazes and channeled spirit energy into his body. After confirming that he was not wounded, her frown eased slightly. “Fortunately you are fine. Just now… the evil cultivator self-detonated?”

Evil cultivators would flee if possible, and beg for their lives if they couldn’t. When did they become so brave as to explode themselves? With such determination and perseverance, what could they not succeed at? Why would they be evil cultivators that even the heavens disliked?

“I speculate that the evil cultivator must have been bespelled. The explosion was not his decision. However, the person behind it must have wanted to use this opportunity to greatly injure us orthodox sects.” Huan Zhong reached to touch Kong Hou’s creased brow. “Do not worry—I will always be with you.”

A slightly cold fingertip touched her forehead. Kong Hou looked up at Huan Zhong and grinned at him.

“So stupid.” Huan Zhong gripped her hand. The two clasped hands were hidden under wide sleeves and displayed what it was like to disclose themselves obviously.

Kong Hou gripped his fingers. “Who is stupid? Who are you saying is stupid?”

“I’m stupid.” Huan Zhong immediately changed his words. “I am the stupidest.”

“Hmph.” Kong Hou snorted. She glanced at the fox yao that Elder Qiu Shuang had put into a special cage and said to Huan Zhong, “This fox yao is the greatest beauty of the evil cultivator world, and the fiancee of the evil cultivator world’s lord. Capturing her alive is more useful than killing her.”

Huan Zhong nodded. “Let this yao experience the mountains and waters of the cultivation world. Maybe she can turn for the good and have the head of the evil cultivators go back onto the right path.”

The fiancee of the evil cultivators’ head was in their hands. He would be more restrained in the future, and not dare to publicly do as he pleased in the cultivation world. This was the biggest use of the female yao. Going back to being good was not going to happen. Kong Hou and Huan Zhong knew this, and chose the most tactful words.

They were dignified and famed orthodox sects.

“If the person who controlled the explosion was the lord of the evil cultivator world, doesn’t this mean… he does not love that greatest beauty as much as the rumors say?” Kong Hou rubbed her chin thoughtfully. “If one really loves a person, how would he bear to let her be in danger?”

For example, her Huan Zhong would protect her at all times. Even if she was acting out in front of the female yao, Huan Zhong would cooperate with her seriously. The one in a thousand years genius of the cultivation world was willing to play along with her in little schemes that looked absurd to elders. Who would believe this?

The moment the evil cultivator exploded his core, Huan Zhong used sword essence to block the powerful currents of air, and he himself also stood in front of her. While the other disciples were not harmed, their hair had been blown into disarray. But under Huan Zhong’s impenetrable protection, her hair didn’t even move.

Due to this, she felt that the lord in the rumors deliberately wanted them to think he had emotions towards the greatest beauty.

But… was this true?

“Our young shimei and Spirit Master Zhong Xi are good friends, and unrestrained in their interactions.” Wu Chuan stood at the side and said to Shuang Qing who had a strange expression, “Sect Master Shuang Qing, do not laugh.”

Shuang Qing: “…”

He wanted to make himself believe there was nothing between Spirit Master Zhong Xi and Celestial Kong Hou. But thinking how Kong Hou kept on saying “Brother Zhong Xi,” he felt goosebumps.

Minor sects like his did not understand how disciples of major sects interacted.

“Thank you, Huan Zhong… thank you, Spirit Master Zhong Xi, for saving our lives.” Zhou Xiao came to Huan Zhong’s side with his fellow disciples and bowed to him.

“No need for such courtesy.” Huan Zhong squeezed Kong Hou’s fingers and did not want to release her hand. He looked gracefully towards Zhou Xiao. “This is something I should do.”

Looking at the beautiful Spirit Master Zhong Xi, Zhou Xiao turned slightly to look at Kong Hou and felt slightly dispirited.,He remembered the bright smile of the young girl back when they met in the woods. But he had not yet reached the step of love. But if he had no thoughts about Celestial Kong Hou, he would not be so dispirited right now.

He knew that his appearance was only average, and he was boring and uninteresting. Even his talent could only barely be regarded as good. He did not fit with Celestial Kong Hou, and could not compare to Spirit Master Zhong Xi.

There were many rumors about Spirit Master Zhong Xi. Some said he was ugly while others said he was beautiful. But even when his whereabouts were a mystery, he was still the top young master of the cultivation world.

He didn’t know who were the bored people that would make a young master ranking and celestial ranking every five years. Each time, there were fifty people on the rankings. He became one of the fifty based on his status as the sect eldest disciple of Primary Luck Sect. But female cultivators only really paid attention to the top ten male cultivators.

The top ten male cultivators were almost all handsome and talented. Only Spirit Master Zhong Xi steadily held the first position based on strength alone. Even if people said he was extremely ugly, his status was never in question.

Also, the true Spirit Master Zhong Xi was clearly an elegant and handsome young master.

From a famed sect, outstanding in talent, good-looking. Miss Kong Hou and Spirit Master Zhong Xi were a perfect match.

Suppressing the little bit of bitterness he felt, Zhou Xiao flew away with his fellow disciples to the flying palace.

To avoid future ambushes by the evil cultivators, Qiu Shuang invited the disciples of Primary Luck Sect to live on the flying palace. Kong Hou originally thought that Shuang Qing would not agree, but he awkwardly nodded and accepted.

It appeared that in Spirit Master Shuang Qing’s heart, his face could not compare to the lives of his disciples.

No wonder Primary Luck Sect developed so quickly these years. Just based on how fast Shuang Qing’s face changed, Primary Luck Sect would be able to live well in the cultivation world.


In the evil cultivator world, the first lord leaned back again his black gold throne and drank wine. After hearing the report from his subordinate, he threw the wine jar in his hand to the ground. “You mean Hong Mian took the elite of the evil cultivators to ambush Splendid Cloud Sect but was defeated? The elite were killed, and Hong Mian herself was captured alive?”

The evil cultivator shook in fear. The lord and Sage Hong Mian were deeply in love and their path union ceremony was soon. But the bride had been captured. What kind of anger and humiliation was this?

“What about the other elite?” the lord asked.

“For some reason, those sects seemed to have been prepared. So our people… suffered great losses.”

“What about the orthodox cultivators?”

The evil cultivator kowtowed. “This subordinate is useless.”

The lord laughed coldly. “It is not that you are useless, but the cultivation world is more united than this seat expected.” He stood up. The dark red patterns on his robe flashed with purple and black light.


Splendid Cloud Sect and Primary Luck Sect reached the gates of Pei City without another ambush from the evil cultivators. It was very busy outside the gates of Pei City, with numerous cultivators arranged in long lines waiting to enter the city.

Some people took the opportunity to set up stalls by the gates to sell tea, fruits, jewelry and even chicken and animals. This made it appear like streets inside the city.

Radiance Sect’s disciples did not show any intentions to stop this. Kong Hou also saw some sword cultivators in the robes of Radiance Sect disciples moving through the crowd to maintain the safety and order of the place.

“So many people.” Kong Hou leaned against the banister of the flying palace and looked at the long lines at the gates. Her eyes were bright. “This is the busiest city I have seen.” Even Harmonious City, where people liked to come tour, could not compare to Pei City.

“Usually, there are less people. There are more now because of the conference about to start.” Huan Zhong saw Kong Hou’s eyes were bright like two lanterns and laughed warmly. “Tomorrow, I will take you around the city.”

“Good, good.” Kong Hou nodded.

Wu Chuan was conflicted as he stood not far away. Kong Hou Shimei had asked him to help hide her love with Spirit Master Zhong Xi. However, these two gave off the feeling of “you are the only one in my eyes” at all times. How could he help hide this?

He just knew all disciples were worrisome, even the obedient little shimei.

When the flying palace landed in the designated area, Huan Zhong said to Qiu Shuang, “Elder, please follow this junior into the city. We do not have to wait here.”

Qiu Shuang nodded minutely. “Thank you.”

“Wait.” Kong Hou called and pointed towards a small stall selling wild animals. “There seems to be a fox there. Huan Zhong, come with me.”

Huan Zhong smiled apologetically to Elder Qiu Shuang and turned to say to Kong Hou, “All right.”

Elder Qiu Shuang coughed dryly and pretended not to see anything.

Qing Shuang looked at the people of Splendid Cloud Sect who seemed unknowing still. He felt confused. Were Celestial Kong Hou and Spirit Master Zhong Xi really just close friends and he was thinking too much?

Otherwise, with Splendid Cloud Sect’s bad temper, could they allow Spirit Master Zhong Xi and their most talented female disciple getting together?

Even if it was Spirit Master Zhong Xi’s master, Sect Master Jin Yue, here, Splendid Cloud Sect would not compromise.

“Excuse me, what is the price for this fox?” Kong Hou pointed into the corner at a fox in a bamboo cage. This fox had small eyes, a square face, discolored hair, and looked ugly all over.

The hunter did not dare to lie and said honestly, “Celestial, this fox is not worth anything, just used as a bonus.” Because he could not sell this unless it was as a bonus.

“This one, this is good.” Kong Hou paid with spirit stones and then carried the cage to put next to the talisman cage holding Hong Mian in her beast state.

Hong Mian looked at the ugly and unintelligent fox next to her and roared angrily at Kong Hou.

What was the meaning of this?

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