Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 144 “Get Married”

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Chapter 144: Get Married

Wang Su gave Kong Hou several talismans that aided cultivation, which Kong Hou accepted silently.

“When I opened the door to the small world, you already wanted this, but you pretended to be unwilling so I would promise to heal Spirit Master Zhong Xi?” Wang Su used spirit energy to light up the stars on the gates to the small world.

Kong Hou put the talismans in her storage ring. She turned to look at Huan Zhong who was outside the teleportation formation. She smiled and didn’t speak.

Wang Su laughed ambiguously. He had forgotten in his urgency that while disciples of Splendid Cloud Sect were usually carefree, they never retreated when danger came. Lingyou World had many beings. Splendid Cloud Sect cared about following their hearts, their virtues and kindness. People who would ignore the beings of the world just for momentary pleasure would not be members of Splendid Cloud Sect.

The last star lit up. Wang Su took several steps back to walk out of the teleportation formation. He bowed deeply to Kong Hou.

Kong Hou turned back to look past Wang Su towards Huan Zhong. Their gazes met, and though they did not speak, this surpassed a thousand words.

Wang Su looked back. Seeing Spirit Master Zhong Xi who was smiling, he hesitated from immediately activating the teleportation. Then he moved his spirit energy.

In this instant, the formation shone with light as though it was the noon sun. Wang Su couldn’t help but close his eyes.

Huan Zhong watched as Kong Hou’s figure disappeared in the light. The light dimmed, the teleportation formation disappeared, and so did Kong Hou. The hall became silent again.

Huan Zhong looked at Wang Su and turned to walk outside.

“Spirit Master Zhong Xi, please stay.” Wang Su called to Huan Zhong. “Is Spirit Master willing to play a match with this one?”

Huan Zhong looked expressionlessly at Wang Su. “No need.”

“Spirit Master is angry at me for having Miss Kong Hou enter the small world to cultivate?” Wang Su said. “We cultivators have long lives. What is a short decade to our long longevity?”

“It is a decade to me but a lonely century for her.” Huan Zhong put his hands behind his back. His voice was cold. “This one admires Sect Master Wang Su for caring about the cultivation world. But Kong Hou should not be carrying the hope of the entire world by herself.”

Wang Su did not argue with his words. He said, “If Spirit Master doesn’t mind, walk with me.”

Huan Zhong looked at the entrance to the small world which had turned back into a wall. He did not refuse Wang Su’s invitation.

The mountain peak of Moon Star Sect was so tall that it had snow all year around. Nothing ever grew here. The disciples here were like the frozen ground underneath their feet—cold, hard and emotionless.

The Moon Star Sect had seven main buildings, each of them set up according to the seven star mansion.

“This is our Library Tower. It has records of Lingyou World’s history.” Wang Su pushed open the door. Inside were jade scrolls that stretched out of view, stacked on the dark heavy wooden shelves in layers. “Each jade scroll is one year. Maybe even you do not remember many of the matters you were involved in, but they are recorded in the jade scrolls of Moon Star Sect.”

There were a dozen disciples moving around the shelves as they arranged the jade scrolls without tiredness or boredom.

Wang Su beckoned and several jade scrolls landed in his hands. He held the jade scrolls to Huan Zhong. “Several years ago, Sect Master Jin of your honored sect wrote a letter asking about medicine. I did not reply because I was in seclusion. There are records here regarding the medicine. Take them.”

Huan Zhong looked at the jade scrolls and did not accept them. “You do not want me and Kong Hou to be together. Why will you go against the heavens and save me?”

“Before I saw you, I wanted to split you apart,” Wang Su said straightforwardly. “I thought there was no love in the world that cannot fade with time.”

Huan Zhong frowned and did not speak.

“I saw Miss Kong Hou’s gaze when she looked at you.” Wang Su showed an expression of puzzlement. “I do not understand emotions but I felt something from that gaze. It was like hope or life force. If I separated you, would that thing in her gaze disappear?”

Huan Zhong took the jade scrolls from Wang Su’s hand silently.

Seeing Huan Zhong accept, Wang Su nodded and led him to another place.

This hall was enormous but especially simple. Inside were rows of life tokens. These life tokens were all dim, showing that the masters of these life tokens had already passed away.

Wang Su lit a stick of incense and put it into the pot. He turned and saw Huan Zhong ignite a stick of incense as well before bowing towards the tokens. His expression gentled. “Spirit Master is much gentler than a hundred years ago.”

If this was Spirit Master Zhong Xi of the past, he would only stand there expressionlessly and not pay respects with incense.

“People will change.” Huan Zhong put the incense into the pot before retreating back to Wang Su’s side.

“The past sect masters of Moon Star Sect have been called ruthless and unjust by many people.” Wang Su looked up at the life tokens. “Of course, I am one of them.”

Huan Zhong glanced at him and did not speak.

“For Moon Star Sect, the hate or affection of others are not important. We are born with the responsibility of protecting the peace of the cultivation world and to decrease the deaths.” Wang Su’s expression was calm. “If we can save ten good people by sacrificing ten evil people, we will do it. If we have to sacrifice one good person to save ten thousand good people, we will also do it. And if we can sacrifice a thousand evil people to save a good person, we would still do it.”

Huan Zhong said, “Then what did the sacrificed good person do wrong?”

“He is not wrong. The people in the wrong are us, cold-blooded and ruthless.” Wang Su said coolly, “Even if the ten thousand good people hate us, and the sacrificed good person hates us, we will not change our way of conduct.

“Even if the good person being sacrificed is ourselves, we will still persist in this choice.” Wang Su walked out of the hall. The wind swept up his long robes. “Spirit Master Zhong Xi, I promised Miss Kong Hou that I will do my best to heal you. I will not break my promise. Please follow me.”

“The evil lord’s name is Jiu Su, Sect Master’s name is Wang Su. Is this a coincidence?” Zhong Xi walked out of the hall and calmly asked.

“No.” Wang Su’s icy face showed no change in expression. “He was once the twenty-third generation male sect disciple of Moon Star Sect, but he was not willing to stay in the cold Moon Star Sect. He failed in attempting to steal the secret treasure of the sect and fled towards the evil cultivator world. He became the evil lord, and also stirred the war between orthodox sects and evil cultivators.”

In the battle between orthodox and evil, countless people had died. The evil lord’s survival was unknown. No one had expected such a past.

“The sect treasure he wanted to steal was the star disk that numerous sect masters built with their spirit energy. Maybe even he never expected that the secret treasure he had no chance to obtain would become the talisman Hong Yan wounded him with.” Wang Su looked up at the falling snow. “Back then, his ambitions were exposed because he failed to steal the star disk. Now, he has been severely injured by the star disk. Maybe this is his fate.”

“Your honored sect is the strongest divination sect in the world. Why can you not divine his fate?”

“People like us who listen to the heavens cannot divine paths of those who are blessed by the heavens.” Wang Su turned to look at Huan Zhong, his eyes full of emotion. “Jiu Su’s fate is like this, Miss Kong Hou’s fate is also like this, and even your fate is blurry.”

The heavens did not separate good and evil. In its eyes, all beings were equal. If the evil cultivators managed to obtain the chance for ascension, the cultivation world would be burned to the ground unless the next child of fate stole back the opportunity for the orthodox side.

So they were not fighting the evil cultivators merely for the ascension opportunity, but more for the survival of the common people.

They had no choice but this.

After this conversation, Huan Zhong and Wang Su never mentioned anything about opportunities again.


The first year he stayed in Moon Star Sect, Huan Zhong received a flying message seal from his master asking him when he would become path companion with Kong Hou. He looked at the flying message seal for a long time before writing back ten years.

The second year at Moon Star Sect, Huan Zhong started to write letters to Splendid Cloud Sect. He thought that Splendid Cloud Sect would blame him for not stopping Kong Hou, but he received all kinds of desserts from Splendid Cloud Sect. Splendid Cloud Sect said that Moon Star Sect did not care about what they ate. They would send him delicious and novel things each month. They did not lie to him. In all the months afterwards, they mailed him new things. Sometimes, it was pastries, sometimes dried meat, or dishes that were held in preservation talismans.

Maybe he interacted too much with Splendid Cloud Sect. Even Wang Su, who did not have much emotion, couldn’t help but ask him if he had betrayed Radiance Sect and was joining Splendid Cloud Sect.

The third year at Moon Star Sect, Nine Phoenix Sect suddenly sent someone with a jade bottle filled with two drops of precious phoenix blood. But they still lacked four ingredients. Fire Lotus Stamen, thousand year Metamorphosis Grass, Cloud Seeking branch, dragon blood.

People on the southern side of the Unforeseeable Sea said they had seen a dragon appear. The fire lotus stamen and metamorphosis grass were in Wind Listening Valley. Only the cloud seeking branch had no clues at all. Radiance Sect had sent someone to the Unforeseeable Sea who searched for three years without seeing a trace of the dragon.

The fifth year at Moon Star Sect, Wang Su invited two of the most famous healers of the cultivation world, Old Man Nameless and Peak Master Qing Yuan of Splendid Cloud Sect. The two old men, almost a thousand years old, often fought fiercely because of this ancient recipe and would throw medicine cauldrons at each other.

Old Man Nameless looked down on Qing Yuan for cleaning and bathing himself in incense each time before making pills. Qing Yuan was irritated by Old Man Nameless who always appeared to think himself the best. The two fought over and over. In the sixth year, they managed to find the thousand year metamorphosis grass. It was not Radiance Sect that found it. Cool Breeze Sect had someone deliver it.

The thousand year metamorphosis grass was extremely valuable. Cool Breeze Sect and Radiance Sect had a great conflict due to the question of whether they should inlay their swords with precious stones. Cool Breeze Sect felt they were very generous that they were willing to give metamorphosis grass to Splendid Cloud Sect who in turn gave it to Huan Zhong. After this, whenever they saw disciples of Radiance Sect, they would show off their magnificent swords.

Not long after, the news came that Cool Breeze Sect had joined Splendid Cloud Sect. The female disciples of the two sects would frequently gather together to discuss what stones were best looking, which dress suited their swords. They seemed to be one family, and the cultivation world enjoyed many spectacles.

Some people were curious where Celestial Kong Hou and Spirit Master Zhong Xi had gone. They wondered why they had not seen the pair for several years. But cultivators would sometimes spend decades in seclusion, so no one pursued this topic.

“Here again?” Qing Yuan walked to the doors of the hall and saw Huan Zhong sitting on the meditation mat and drinking tea. He threw the porcelain bottle to Huan Zhong. “One pill a day, do not miss a day.”

“Thank you, Qing Yuan Shishu.” Huan Zhong received the bottle, and put a pill into his mouth in front of Qing Yuan.

Seeing Huan Zhong trust the pills he made, Qing Yuan did not mind that the other shamelessly called him Shishu. He walked next to Huan Zhong to sit and poured himself a cup of tea. “You sit here day in and year out. Kong Hou cannot see you. Why?”

“She cannot see, but maybe she can feel.” Huan Zhong looked at the star paths on the jade wall. “I am just waiting for ten years, but she will stay there alone for a century.”

Qing Yuan rubbed his nose. From the perspective of cultivation, Kong Hou had benefited. Cultivating in the small world filled with spirit energy, she would advance quickly. Moon Star Sect spent so much to open the door to the small world, but it was a disciple of Splendid Cloud Sect who benefited. He was too embarrassed to say anything about this matter.

Qing Yuan’s thoughts about being the fated one were very casual. Since Kong Hou was already the fated one, she would have to face the evil cultivator whether she cultivated or not. So it was better to take the opportunity to cultivate—maybe the chance of victory would increase.

Seeing Huan Zhong like this, he sighed and said, “Kong Hou will come out in four years. You will sit here for four years?”

Huan Zhong did not speak. But from his expression, Qing Yuan knew that the other might really want to wait here for four years. He took a sip of tea and changed the topic. “There is news of the fire lotus stamen. Splendid Cloud Sect and Radiance Sect have gone to Wind Listening Valley together to search. There should not be a problem.”

“Thank you.” Huan Zhong stood and bowed to Qing Yuan. “This junior is useless to have everyone worry.”

“So young and you have Mind Dividing Stage cultivation. If you really are useless, then I, this old man, should kill myself.” Qing Yuan, who had just reached Projection Stage, waved his hand. “No need for these courtesies. You are Kong Hou’s future path companion. Then you are a junior of Splendid Cloud Sect. Finding medicines for juniors is something we elders should do. No need for thanks.”

He only worried that, if Spirit Master Zhong Xi ended up residing frequently in Splendid Cloud Sect, would other people misunderstand and think that Splendid Cloud Sect used a scheme of a beauty to kidnap Radiance Sect’s most promising disciple?

The eighth year of Huan Zhong’s stay at Moon Star Sect, with the combined efforts of Splendid Cloud Sect and Radiance Sect, they finally found fire lotus stamen in Wind Listening Valley. But they could not find dragon blood and the cloud seeking tree, as though these two things did not exist in the world.

While the ingredients were not all collected, Huan Zhong had recovered his complete cultivation under the treatment of Wang Su, Old Man Nameless and Qing Yuan. His spirit platform had grown stronger, but the crack in the middle would not heal no matter what.

Facing the trio’s increasingly worried expressions, Huan Zhong was at ease.

“I am already in Mind Dividing Stage. Even if my cultivation cannot advance, I will live at least another seven centuries. With Kong Hou’s talents, she would have ascended long before seven centuries passed.” Huan Zhong smiled. “I will be able to accompany her to her ascension. This is very good.”

Wang Su nodded. “You are right. Eight centuries is enough for a mortal to reincarnate multiple times.”

Old Man Nameless looked sideways at Wang Su. A sect master without emotion would not understand how lovers would feel that ten thousand years together was still too short.

Huan Zhong smiled upon hearing this. “Yes.”

But this smile was distant and did not reach his eyes. He was not willing to separate from Kong Hou. He was greatly unwilling. But as Kong Hou was willing to endure a century of loneliness for the people of the world, he suddenly realized something. If he could not see through this and he developed a mental demon, then he and Kong Hou would not have even eight centuries together.

Encountering Kong Hou in this life was the happiest accident of his life.

Qing Yuan looked at Huan Zhong. A long time later, he said, “When Kong Hou comes out, I will persuade Second Shixiong to hold a path union ceremony as soon as possible. Do you feel it is better to have the path union ceremony at Splendid Cloud Sect or at Radiance Sect?”

Huan Zhong smiled like a flower blooming. “The path friends of the cultivation world like Splendid Cloud Sect’s food. I fear I will have to trouble Elders with the path union ceremony.”

Qing Yuan caressed his beard, nodded and said, “No problem, no problem. However, Splendid Cloud Sect has not held a path union ceremony for several centuries. We have to invite your honored sect to worry as well.”

Old Man Nameless raised his eyebrows. He had not expected the famed Spirit Master Zhong Xi was willing to hold the path union ceremony for Celestial Kong Hou. But from Splendid Cloud Sect’s words, they did not plan to keep Spirit Master Zhong Xi in the sect but have the two juniors belong to both sects.

As expected of Splendid Cloud Sect who ate and had fun, but could stand in the cultivation world for many years. They could make sure their juniors did not part from them and Radiance Sect did not feel hostility. Who said this sect was casual in their conduct?

They clearly had deep meaning in their actions and should not be underestimated.

The tenth year Huan Zhong was at Moon Star Sect, they still hadn’t found dragon blood and cloud seeking branch. Radiance Sect and Splendid Cloud Sect had finished preparing all the items needed for the path union ceremony. Jin Yue even shamelessly sent a flying message seal to Wang Su to ask him to divine an auspicious day.

Wang Su expressionlessly read Jin Yue’s flying message seal. His face grew stiffer. Did Jin Yue not know he was only concerned with Miss Kong Hou’s cultivation? He would have him divine an auspicious day like this?

Wang Su stared at the flying message seal for two hours. Then he stood up and walked to Star Mansion Hall. He saw Huan Zhong sitting there peacefully and summoned his lifebond talisman.

He was not a soft-hearted person. He just had nothing to do right now, and was just making a reading in passing.

In any case… it was not a major matter.

Wang Su stared at the results of the divination for a long time. The best day of this year was the eighth of next month? But Miss Kong Hou was in the small world. He did not know when she would come out and if this day could be used.

He picked up his divinatory diagram. Just as he was about to re-divine the day, Star Mansion Hall shook violently. The snow on the mountain peaks shook and went flying. This was a sign of great power.

He put away his diagrams. Wang Su expressionlessly walked out. It appeared he had no need to make another reading. Such a common matter was not worthy of him divining again.

In Star Mansion Hall, Huan Zhong stood up and looked at the shining jade wall.

After a while, the star patterns on the jade wall started to spin furiously. As spirit energy grew more concentrated, cracks slowly appeared on the jade wall. Soon, the jade wall finally cracked into pieces under the pressure.

The moment the jade wall cracked, the red-robed young girl was ruthlessly thrown out.

Huan Zhong hurriedly reached to hold her securely in his arms.

“Huan Zhong.” The young girl hugged his neck. Her smile was bright. “I’ve returned. Let’s go back to the sect and get married.”

“All right.” In Huan Zhong’s eyes everything except the person in his arms disappeared.

Translator Ramblings: Training montage chapter except we see everything except the actual training.

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