Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 145 “We Really Have Karma”

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Chapter 145: We Really Have Karma

Kong Hou was a person who liked liveliness, so she would frequently go shopping with her fellow disciples and have fun. People who had never stayed in the imperial palace of the mortal world did not know how fearsome loneliness was.

Surrounded by the heavy palace walls, no one would speak of their own accord to you, no one would play with you. The people of the palace did not look at her like she was alive, but as though she was a moving tool. People who lived in such an environment for a long time would fear returning to such an environment after leaving.

Kong Hou though she would be afraid when she landed in the small world. But looking at the boundless blue sky and vibrant grass, she felt no terror. Maybe she was more used to withstanding loneliness after the decade in the star mansion door. Maybe it was because she knew Huan Zhong was waiting for her. While the two of them were in different worlds, she believed if something happened to her, Huan Zhong would open the passage to the small world and charge in to save her.

Those that were favored were fearless. Kong Hou knew she was favored by Huan Zhong.

In the first twenty years, Kong Hou thought back countless times to her life and the people she had met . In the end, she thought about the moment that Master took her out of the palace, and when Huan Zhong let go of her hand and let her enter this small world.

Master had saved her from a life with no freedom.

Huan Zhong had redeemed her heart that wanted to do something for the people.

Master gave her love. Huan Zhong gave her love. Her fellow disciples gave her love. Even the vegetables and fruits the people of Harmonious City gave her were love. Almost all the beauty in her life came from the cultivation world. She did not want them harmed by the evil cultivators and dying.

She loved Huan Zhong, loved all people in the sect, and the adorable people of Harmonious City.

This kind of feeling should not be small-minded. She would not choose one person and abandon the other.

She was not the red-robed woman, she was not Queen Qing Luo, and she wasn’t Hong Yan. Each person had different encounters, different feelings, and different outcomes. She did not want to copy the ending of other people and put it on herself. That would restrain her feelings, fate and even her soul.

There were no people who were exactly the same, and no path that did not change.

From Mind Manifestation to Projection Stage, Kong Hou spent twenty years. From Projection to Mind Dividing, Kong Hou spent sixty years. In these sixty years, she started to miss Huan Zhong, the sect, and the food in the food hall. How many new dishes would the food hall and Five Flavors Manor have created by the time she got out?

The more she missed, the more clear-minded Kong Hou became. If she wanted all this beauty to continue, she had to constantly grow stronger to protect everything.

Determination, courage, like, love, persistence, protection. These were the things Kong Hou comprehended on her path of cultivation. These were the things Splendid Cloud Sect wanted their disciples to understand.

In the last twenty years, she wildly absorbed the spirit energy from the small world. Her body was a bottomless pit that never became full. During the ninety-fifth year, the small world threw her out early in disdain.

The moment she saw Huan Zhong, Kong Hou did not care whether her clothing was beautiful, whether her hair was made up. She reached out around his neck. She had imagined hundreds of times when she and Huan Zhong would become path companions. She could not help herself when she saw him.

“The eighth of next month is a good day. You can get married.” Wang Su looked at the cracked jade wall. His cold face grew colder. “Moon Star Sect is remote and cold—we will not keep you.”

Kong Hou secretly used spirit energy to explore Huan Zhong’s meridians. His meridians were strong, and his spirit platform had healed to having only a small crack in the middle. She jumped out of Huan Zhong’s arms as though nothing had happened. “Thank you, Sect Master.”

“No need.” Wang Su’s gaze landed on the pair. Then he looked away and walked out of the hall. His voice passed back. “It would be better if you are not angry at me in the future.”

“Is he driving us away?” Kong Hou brushed her hair past her ear. She turned and looked at Huan Zhong with a smile. “Did you miss me?”

“I did.” Huan Zhong smiled. Kong Hou could easily release and retract her spirit energy. At a glance, her cultivation was lower than when she entered the small world. But Huan Zhong knew this was a state of returning to the essentials.

“I also missed you. The world was so boring—no people, and nothing living except the flowers and trees.” Kong Hou put her hands up in a signal for ten. “I thought of you at least ten times a day in the later decades. I even thought countless times about what clothing and head ornaments I would wear when we hold our path union ceremony.”

“I will make the magic robe and ornaments you want to wear.” Huan Zhong laughed. Kong Hou’s eyes were clear and nimble. She had not changed much in the century in the small world.

The two had not met for many years, but they did not seem to have ever separated with their great feelings. Kong Hou went on tiptoes to kiss his cheek. She smiled as though she had gained a great benefit. “Sect Master Wang Su said that the eighth of next month is a good day. He would not lie to us. What is today’s date?”

“Today is the first.”

“Ah…” Kong Hou said in disappointment, “We will have to wait more than a month for our path union ceremony?”

“Cough, cough.” Qing Yuan coughed and walked into the hall. “A month is perfect. The two sects will have time to prepare invitations for guests.

“Qing Yuan Shishu, how come you are here?” Kong Hou was surprised when she saw Qing Yuan.

Qing Yuan narrated how he had spent these years in Moon Star Sect, and the fact that they had not yet found two medicine ingredients. Kong Hou grabbed Huan Zhong’s hand after hearing this. She took out the delicious food Splendid Cloud Sect mailed him from his storage ring and sat down to eat. “I am so hungry.”

A person who liked good food did not eat good food for a century in order to cultivate. What spirit was this—great, fearless, and selfless spirit for the beauty of the cultivation world.

Looking at Kong Hou’s eating, Qing Yuan turned his head. It seemed that Spirit Master Zhong Xi was truly in love with Kong Hou. Otherwise, how could he still look so lovingly at her? He, her shishu did not want to look.

Huan Zhong crouched next to her and wiped her mouth with a handkerchief, his gaze gentle.

“Since there is still a month, then let’s go to Unforeseeable Sea.” Kong Hou turned to look at Huan Zhong. “I have such good luck. Maybe I can find what Radiance Sect was unable to find.”

Qing Yuan: ” …”

How had such an inexplicable confidence formed?

“No…” Kong Hou interrupted before Huan Zhong could refuse.

“Huan Zhong, you’ve changed. You were not like this before. In the past, no matter what I said, you would let me. Now you do not agree to a trip to Unforeseeable Sea.” Kong Hou took the opportunity to caress Huan Zhong’s face. She said in mock sternness, “Do you have another woman outside?”

Qing Yuan: “…”

He really did not understand young people in love. He was old.

“No.” Huan Zhong laughed. “But the path union ceremony is soon. Don’t you want beautiful clothing and ornaments?”

“Qiu Shuang Grand Shishu is there. She will forge the most beautiful clothing for us.” Kong Hou held Huan Zhong’s hand. “When we become path companions, you will have to forge countless clothing for me. Be generous this time, and leave it to the elders.”

“All right.” Huan Zhong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at Kong Hou’s reasoning. But Kong Hou was correct. He could not help but always comply with her wishes.

Seeing the two young people deciding to go to Unforeseeable Sea, Qing Yuan did not stop them but gave them many pill medicines. These pills were all very valuable and rare.

“Go early, return early.” Qing Yuan said, “When you return, we will have prepared the hall and the clothing for you. Do not worry. When you go to the sea, buy more seafood. The sect likes to eat them, and they are cheaper to buy by the sea.”

“All right.” Kong Hou nodded. “I will definitely buy more.”

The emotions at the separation disappeared into buying cheap seafood. Huan Zhong couldn’t help but think that this was Splendid Cloud Sect’s most magical ability. Any topic would turn to eating and having fun in the end.

They left Moon Star Sect. Many people were still lining up at the bottom of the mountain. Lin Hu drove the carriage and was waiting for them by the road. He waved at them when he saw them.

“Master, Miss Kong Hou.” Lin Hu noticed that Kong Hou’s cultivation had returned to its true state. But he did not ask any questions and jumped off the carriage. “Return to Splendid Cloud Sect or Radiance Sect?”

“No, to Unforeseeable Sea.” Huan Zhong held Kong Hou’s hand and boarded the carriage.

Lin Hu’s expression changed slightly. He nodded. “All right.”

Radiance Sect’s disciples had searched for a decade in Unforeseeable Sea and didn’t find even the shadow of a dragon. But they had heard the legends the local fishermen told. But the stories of the fishermen were all different. Some said the dragon was golden, others blue, and some said red. It was like they had imagined it all.

The horses whinnied and pulled the carriage into the sky. Kong Hou held the small tree on the table. From when she had taken these small trees out of the secret realm and planted them in the pots, they did not seem to have grown much. The sprout, which had suddenly appeared at the start, had grown into a small tree branch.

She poured a half bottle of spirit liquid. Kong Hou put them back on the table and ignored it. She and Huan Zhong had been apart for many years. She had too many things she wanted to say.

“I wonder what dresses are in fashion now?”

“Miss Kong Hou, please do not worry. I have carried out Master’s order and bought the dresses in fashion each year.”

Kong Hou buried her head against Huan Zhong’s chest and laughed.” Huan Zhong, you are the best man in the world.”

Huan Zhong put a hand around her waist and said, “If I am not the best man in the world, I do not qualify to be suited to you, who is the best.”

“So we are a perfect match.” Kong Hou pointed at the sky. “A match in heaven.” Then she pointed at the ground. “Created by the earth.”

Lin Hu shook his head from where he sat outside. He lamented inside, speaking from the point of shamelessness, these two were a perfect match. Who said that women had rich imaginations? Men were the same? Before Master met Miss Kong Hou, who would have thought he would be so shameless?

“Has Talented Author produced new books in this decade? Has Elder Lin bought them for me?”

“No.” Huan Zhong blinked. “Maybe Talented Author has been in seclusion, so he did not produce new books. Do not worry, when his novels are published, I will go buy them with you.”

“All right.” Kong Hou felt some disappointment, but Huan Zhong’s embrace was warm and comfortable and she did not want to leave. She fell into sleep quickly. She had been unable to relax in these years of constant cultivation day and night. She now put everything down, and her body and mind were in their most relaxed state.

The bells hanging on the carriage chimed in the wind. Huan Zhong looked at the young woman sleeping in his arms, and shook his head with a smile and a sigh. He waved his hand and used spirit energy to stop the chiming.

Seeing no more sound coming out of the carriage, Lin Hu leaned against the wall and remained silent. He had stayed for ten years in Moon Star Sect. His spirit energy could be used as normal and even his cultivation had recovered.

As a person who could listen to the heavens, Wang Su had almost no ordinary emotions. But to heal Master, Wang Su went personally to Nine Phoenix Sect, and had them agree to give two drops of phoenix blood. In the entire cultivation world, no one other than the master of Moon Star Sect could make Nine Phoenix Sect willingly give out such a precious thing.


The flying horses that ate spirit grass were fast. In less than two days, they flew to a small city in the south of Unforeseeable Sea. Kong Hou slept for two days and nights. She lifted the carriage window curtain and looked out. The sea surface was calm, and there were children picking crabs and other things up on the beach.

People were drying fish and nets on the flat ground in the distance. Kong Hou could even smell the sea.

The carriage landed beside slightly run-down city gates. Flying horses were rare and attracted the attention of many children. The adults seemed to fear the children would anger them. They bowed and quickly carried the children away.

“These ordinary people seem to fear us?” Kong Hou looked at the terrified and timid gazes of the surrounding people and felt puzzled. In the towns she had visited before, the people were respectful of the cultivation world, but they were not afraid like this.

The small town here was run-down, the walls pitted, and some places were even gone. Lin Hu realized something was wrong. He used a spell to conceal the carriage. The trio walked to the gates.

Compared to the run-down gates, the gate guard was spirited. He did not wear armor, but a blue robe embroidered with strange patterns. When he saw the trio arrive, his eyes lit up, and he held up a hand to block their path.

“Five spirit stones for men, three for women.”

The guard had a proud attitude, and his gaze lingered on Kong Hou’s face. He didn’t know where this ignorant husband and wife came from that they dared to come here without any cultivation. This place was thin in spirit energy, and the life hard. A cultivator might pass by every few decades. Their Gold Dragon Hall was the only cultivation sect here. Here, they were king; they were the heavens.

This husband and wife did not have any cultivation, but they were dressed very well. Letting such fat fish go would go against his principles.

“I only fear those with money in their life have no life to spend it…” A man in a cloak hummed a song idly.

The guard glared in displeasure at the man, his face vicious.

“Salted Fish Uncle?” Kong Hou felt she had great karma with this uncle that sold salted fish. Otherwise, why would she always encounter him even in a remote and run-down town like this?

Translator Ramblings: The author is evil by delaying the marriage ceremony.

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