Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 10 “Splashes”

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Chapter 10: Splashes

When the Dongling army was attacking, Huang Zhenwei was in the main camp of the Tiger-Wolf Army. He was standing in front of a well for horses.

This was the entry path for the Nine Death Silkworm after the eldest Miss Gongsun released her power of many years and sealed the camp into a storm.

Right now, he stood in front of the well. He could even imagine the scene of that day in his mind.

That person shot out from the upsurge of well water silently behind Liang Lian, using the winds and snow for himself. Since he entered through the well, then if he entered the well and went into the underground rivers, he may gain some clues.

After the conversation with Teacher that day, Huang Zhenwei knew that he had to rely on himself to find clues regarding the Nine Death Silkworm by himself and fast. But when he finally confirmed that the person had entered through the well, he hesitated slightly.

Xu Fenqin had died in the underground rivers. Bai Shanshui was the best water master in the world. Even Xu Fenqin had not been a match. He could not win against Bai Shanshui in the underground river.

Maybe this entry path was bait to lure him or other Changling cultivators in?

He was the head of a bureau, and because of his cultivation method, his existence was more important to Changling than Xu Fenqin. He did not fear death, but did not dare to easily take risks.

Also, at this moment, he sensed the vibrations from the peach valley. He could feel the vibrations in the primal energies of the universe that could only come from terrifying sword essences.

He did not know of Zhang Shiwu. He did not even know that Ye Xinhe resided there, but he was certain that unusual things were happening in Changling today once again.

Thinking of what Mo Shoucheng had said to him, his face quickly paled. Frequent battles between grandmasters like this was a fuse, one that could ignite all of Changling.

He took a deep breath and without hesitation stepped into the well ahead. He did not want to pursue great merit, he just did not want to see the bloody storm three years before Emperor Yuanwu’s ascension happen yet again.

A column of dust carrying a tang of blood only Shen Xuan could smell appeared in his sight. At this moment, he finally made his decision.

He retreated into the shadows behind the doors, and waited for the army in the dust column to arrive.

With a soft splash, Huang Zhenwei’s body sank towards the well bottom like a stone.

When his body sank into the embrace of the pitch black waters, a thin and small cultivator was moving through the dim waters. But even in the deep waters, the cultivator’s body grew bright red like burning steel.

A secret message fell into the hands of Mo Shoucheng on the turret. The dimmed eyes of the white-haired old man flashed with light. He took a deep breath and his entire body floated down from the turret.

At the same time, the roar of a sword suddenly sounded from a library within a sword school. Before most people in the sword school could react, a sword light broke through the air. Many people looked up and seemed to make out a loose-haired cultivator standing on the sword.

There was an area with old tombs in the eastern suburbs left behind by an unknown generation. When one black hawk landed on the wild grass, the doors to one tomb suddenly opened and a bone-chilling cold blew out.

In the next moment, a black cavalry surged out. Both the horses and the soldiers on the horses were all dressed in impenetrable black armor covered in starry profound seals. Even their masks had unseen vents.

A cavalry like this was a true iron calvary. Yet when the cavalry charged out of the old tomb, they were silent, and did not even make a sound when galloping.

This did not seem like an army of living people, but an army that charged out of hell.

The dust column gradually disappeared from Shen Xuan’s sight, and started to reflect a green color in Shen Xuan’s eyes. This was an army of more than a thousand, including dozens of seal chariots.

But Shen Xuan’s gaze carried faint disdain as he finally looked towards the center of the army.

The center of the army was a prison cart. Within, many silver dragon restraining chains, used to trap cultivators, passed through the body the person in the cart.

The criminal in the cart had a hung head. He was covered in blood, bleeding and his true appearance could not be seen.

“Do not worry, he will not die.” One commander whose armor had split apart came in front of Shen Xuan and said when he noticed his gaze on that criminal.

“Official Shen.” He then nodded in greeting and said solemnly, “Official, please take good care … Official, you should know how great a price the Dongling Army paid for him to get here alive.”

Shen Xuan ignored the commander’s words. He just nodded indifferently and motioned for the other to deliver the criminal into the prison. Confirming that person’s identity was extremely simple.

No one could mimic the remaining presence on the former Ba Mountain Sword Field Yinyang Sword master, and the sharpness in the remnant sword essences was enough to make people tremble.

Shen Xuan did not look at Zhang Shiwu’s face. Just like usual, he first inspected the dragon restraining chains, then confirmed Zhang Shiwu had no more vital energy left in his body before having the medical officials and prison officials waiting behind him to take Zhang Shiwu in.

Seeing Shen Xuan like this, the commander’s face became darker. But at this moment, he suddenly sensed something. His metal armor shook and he abruptly turned around.

A white-robed woman appeared and strolled over from the woods.

There was only one woman in Changling who liked wearing white, or rather, only one person would remember. The bureau chief of the Astrology Bureau, Ye Celeng.

Yet this woman was taller than Ye Celeng. So even though he could not see her face from this distance, the commander felt her expression was even prouder than Ye Celeng, and even rebellious.

She walked confidently over the sandy ground. She looked at this famed elite Qin army like it was nothing.

“Bai Shanshui!” The Qin commander gritted out.

At this moment, swords rang out mournfully. The Dongling army was one of the elite armies of the Qin Dynasty. Before he even sent orders, they naturally prepared for battle.

But the Qin commander’s heart continued to fall. This army had just fought, and faced an enemy as powerful as Bai Shanshui.

Shen Xuan’s breath stopped for a moment. A faint hint of disdain appeared at the corners of his mouth. He knew his feeling was correct.


Swords rang out mournfully. Dozens of flying swords sensed danger and flew out of their scabbards. A drop of water fell from the clouds at the same moment.

This glittering water drop fell towards a red jade-like flying sword. This flying sword had the steadiest presence, and clearly, the sword’s master had not expended as much energy in the previous battle as other swordsmen.

The glowing water droplet was falling from the sky, but when it landed on the ground, the dozens of flying swords had just flown above head height.

The water drop had fallen down as the swords moved. When the raindrop sized water fell to the ground, it turned to terrifying thunder.


An enormous explosion, that swordsman was torn to pieces in a wave of air. A breath later, the red jade-like sword dimmed, giving a mournful wail and falling to the ground.

This was just the initial impact. As that swordsman was torn part, an enormous splash of water appeared out of thin air and exploded outwards.

Screams sounded. Dozens of soldiers were hit by the enormous wave, their bodies flying out as they vomited blood.

Bai Shanshui smiled. A sword light so green it was black appeared in front of her. She gripped the sword and swung it casually.

With a boom, two flying swords attacking her were bent and sent flying.

Two swordsmen in the army grunted, unable to stand still and fell to the ground with pale white faces.

The green sword gave off a lot of green water.

Splashes formed in the army.

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