Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 11 “Yin River Fire”

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Chapter Eleven: Yin River Fire

“Celestial Pivot! Seven Wheels!”

A harsh military order sounded.

Dozens of blinding blue light exploded among the army. Dozens of swordsmen seemed to become weightless in these blue rays, immediately falling down around Bai Shanshui. Dozens of sword lights, carrying sharp killing intent, illuminated the air around Bai Shanshui like it was made out of crystal.

“They say that no dynasty can compare to the Qin army in terms of fearlessness.”

“Supposedly, when the Ba Mountain Sword Field fought back then, they were fearless and always charged at the front, creating this style of yours.”

“But in the end? You people destroyed the Ba Mountain Sword Field yourselves.”

“In the past, you were the weak Qin. Everyone fought desperately so they would not be destroyed by stronger dynasties. But after the Qin destroyed three dynasties, you have become the strong Qin. You are fighting with your lives now for Emperor Yuanwu or that Jiaodong woman who stole the fruits of the Ba Mountain Sword Field?”

Bai Shanshui ignored them as she spoke mockingly and walked forward.

All these swords lights, that came from different directions and sealed all the space around her, landed behind her.

She swung her sword forward. A ruler-straight green light charged forward against the ground like the tail of a shark, and cut through the entire army. A deep sword mark was left on the ground.

In the next moment, astounding sounds of water came from this sword mark.


An enormous white wave formed out of air like a white dragon. It charged forward while Bai Shanshui, hand behind her back, stood upon the wave.

This enormous wave knocked away countless fearless Dongling soldiers as it advanced. Even the heavy seal chariots spread to the two sides like floating wood in water.

The dozens of swordsmen behind Bai Shanshui had extremely unpleasant expressions. All of their attacks had missed, and they were even able to withstand the power of this wave. They could only watch as Bai Shanshui broke through the formation without being delayed at all.

“Official Shen, you will still not act?”

The commander saw his Dongling Army seemingly cut in half and turned around with an ugly expression. He knew that Bai Shanshui was more terrifying than in the rumors, and the Dongling Army would not be able to defeat her now.

Even the most fearless subordinate would not let all his subordinates fall by Bai Shanshui’s sword. There was no meaning.

Shen Xuan knew how this Dongling commander felt now. But facing the request, he shook his head and coldly said, “Changling does not belong to my jurisdiction. My only duty is to guarantee the safety of the Great Floating Water Prison, prevent the prisoners from being rescued, and stop them from dying before the execution order.”

Before the Dongling commander could become angry, Shen Xuan’s cold face disappeared from his sight. The heavy gate fell down between him and Shen Xuan.

Many gates were said to be thirty thousand catties heavy. Yet in Changling, and even in the Qin Dynasty, no gate was as secure as this Thirty Thousand Catties Gate of the Great Floating Water Prison.

So when the gates landed, and the dust brought by the wave of air hit his face, the commander did not even have the fury to pull out his sword and slash at the door. Bone-chilling cold spread through his heart.

Bai Shanshui was coming on the wave. He was right in front of Bai Shanshui.

The commander took a deep breath. A blue lifebond sword appeared in his hand. He tightly gripped this sword, but then his hand and body trembled violently. Not because of terror and the arrival of death. But he was certain even if he died, the Dongling soldiers on the two sides of the wave would constantly charge towards Bai Shanshui. They would all die.

At this moment, he hesitated about sending a military order for the army to retreat. He would use his death and the humiliation he would surely endure in exchange for the lives of his subordinates.


Before the soaring sword essence reached him, his clothes were already soaked. This was purely a difference in strength. He could not understand how the moisture could reach his body with the energy of his lifebond sword shielding him.

He finally decided to speak and have this already crippled army retreat before his death.

But then the enormous sword essence did not land directly. Bai Shanshui’s voice sounded softly by his ear.

“Just a moment, I will not kill your subordinates, you will not stop me.”

This Dongling commander stilled. Before he could understand the meaning in the words, the terrifying sword essence arrived.


His eardrums felt pain. Then his mind rang with an explosion. His body was thrown backwards without being able to resist. He hit the gates hard, and then was bounced into the air. He threw up a spray of blood.

Even so, the commander felt he was not dead.

The blow had been enough to kill him, but he had not died.


Shen Xuan walked slowly inside the Great Floating Water Prison. Behind the Thirty Thousand Catties Gate was another door closing behind him. As he passed on the path, water seeped out of the cracks in the rocks on the sides and covered the stone path he was walking on.

The water from the stone on the two sides inexplicably flowed upwards, and flashed with silver light. His steps were measured.

The cart carrying Zhang Shiwu had been sent deep into Great Floating Water Prison. When the Dongling commander hit the gates, it was like a bell had rung out inside the prison; the sound waves constantly moved, rushing into its depths.

There were three gates to the Great Floating Water Prison. One was an invisible gate, transparent light flashed in the darkness and blocked the external sounds. Yet this light could only block the sounds that people could hear with their ears, and protect the messages passed in, but could not stop the sound from spreading elsewhere, for example … deep underground.


In the dim underground yin river, the surging and pressurized black water seemed to wash away everything in its path.

But in this yin river, a figure like scorching metal stood quietly.

When the sound of the crash reached the underground, when a burst of strange vibrations appeared in the underground river, this small body as vast as a mountain suddenly moved.

With one movement, it was like an enormous furnace had been set up in the yin river. An enormous ball of fire stood in the pitch black yin river, expanding rapidly as though it was going to consume the yin river.

The scorching fire and steam slapped away all water. A blinding fire charged towards the hard rock in front of the figure.

In the black rock, there was a small vent that occasionally would give off one or two bubbles. When the fire charged into the small vent, and made contact with the bubbles, it formed a terrifying power that charged inwards at unimaginable speed.

Countless red hot cracks appeared on the hard black stone. The cracks spread outwards and rocks started to fall! The cut surface of the falling rocks flowed with fire red liquid, magma.

The rock layer collapsed upwards like an enormous mountain. The red-hot shadow passed through the falling rocks as it moved upwards.

In front of her, when the rocks stopped falling, was a patch of metal. Iron pillars as thick as a child’s arm stopped her path.

Without any hesitation, she passed straight through.

She was like an enormous sword of fire that cut through these iron pillars.

The pillars were broken!

Zzt zzt zzt zzt …

At the same time, the water in each of the dim dark cells in the Great Floating Water Prison started to make unusual sounds and bubbled. The fiery red figure continued to advance. Blinding silver light appeared ahead of her.

The silver light illuminated her thin and lonely figure.

She was naturally Zhao Si of the Zhao Sword Furnace.

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