Ascending, Do No Disturb Chapter Fifteen “Sky Sect?”

Last chapter recap: Kong Hou goes into the city and encounters some trouble.

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Chapter 15: Sky Sect?

“Anyone who enters Harmonious City must abide by Harmonious City’s rules. Forebear, please understand.” As the eldest of the apprentices present, Ling Hui stood at the front and said with a serious expression, ” While you are a guest, a guest must comply with the host. Forebear, please be gentler.”

No matter how lazy they were privately, as members of Splendid Cloud Sect, they would not tolerate bullying like this.

“Gentle?” A man’s voice came from inside the sedan. His voice was frivolous and arrogant. “You want me to be gentle to you? You are only a Base Building level ten female cultivator. You barely qualify to be my concubine.”

The words were a great insult, like a hoodlum on the street saying things about himself and some woman, and he was taking advantage.

The disciples of Splendid Cloud Sect were peaceful, but their faces darkened when they heard this.

“I’ve seen shameless people, but this is the first time I’ve seen such a shameless person.” Kong Hou heard what this Mind Manifestation Forebear said and immediately shot back, “We will scorn you for having a weak body and simple mind if you want to be a male escort for my shijie. When you look at the mirror, you are not able to see all of it, right?”

“Why?” Someone within the crowd shouted out the question.

“Because your face is too large, and the mirror cannot contain it all.” Kong Hou was just fourteen and she still spoke with some childishness. Even her insults were not obviously harsh.

Laughter came from around her. The citizens who were watching were hiding in the corners. The guards didn’t now which of them had laughed.

The other members of the sect hadn’t thought that Kong Hou would have a side like this, and they could not react immediately. The little shimei who usually laughed and appeared sweet had such a sharp tongue?

Kong Hou did not notice the expressions of the shixiong and shijie behind her. After joining Splendid Cloud Sect, she learned what was friendship in the sect. When she heard foreigners embarrassing members of her sect, she was exceptionally furious. Back in the imperial palace, when she had been young and had no support, she had ways to make those palace servants who bullied her so angry they were speechless. Now, she wasn’t that survivor of the previous dynasty who had no support.

“Brat, you dare to speak like that in front of me?” The person in the sedan most likely was used to being arrogant. Hearing Kong Hou’s words, he slapped his seat in anger. Waving his hand and tearing the sedan curtain, he flew out, so fast that Kong Hou could not see him clearly.

But she knew to run when she couldn’t win. When the other slapped the seat in anger, she smartly dodged to the side and threw out a thunder seal to stop the other’s attack.

“I wondered who dared to shout in front of me.” This Mind Manifestation Forebear looked extremely old, his wrinkles like the dry bark of a tree. Many people became more calm and easy-going when they grew old. Clearly, this Mind Manifestation cultivator did not belong to those ranks. His expression was dark, his features pinched together. He clearly did not look like an open-minded person.

“I thought that this was a great forebear—so it is a useless good-for-nothing made out of pills.” Ling Hui looked at the Mind Manifestation cultivator. “I wondered, as the famed Mind Manifestation Forebears of the major sects are all kind and rational people. They would not do such low things. So it is a person whose state of mind cannot even go…” She straightened her thumb and held her lifebond talisman.

She wasn’t a sword cultivator. Like Peak Master Qing Yuan, she was a pill cultivator, and her talisman was a fan. While her fan usually was used to fan the fire of the furnaces, at special times, a fire fanning could be of great effect.

The other apprentices took out their lifebond talismans. Splendid Cloud Sect was not outstanding among the sword cultivators, and the disciples in the sect body cultivated both their inner selves and their talismans. They had all kinds of talismans: fans, jade scepters, and even brooms and maces.

While their cultivation could not match this Mind Manifestation Forebear’s, as apprentices, they had things that their elders gave them. It wasn’t a problem to stop a Mind Manifestation Forebear who was made out of a pile of pills.

This Mind Manifestation Forebear hadn’t thought that these cultivators would immediately act. He narrowed his eyes at this group of young people. “The cultivators of Harmonious City are really unique. You prepare to fight together against one?”

Kong Hou looked at the guards behind the Mind Manifestation cultivator. Were those guards not people?

“When we can fight together, it is stupid to fight alone,” Kong Hou muttered. She did not have a lifebond weapon. She took out the flying sword that the sect master shibo had given her and said loudly, “Shijie, Shixiong, and this Mind Manifestation Forebear, everyone, do not be rash. Why can’t we talk about this, why do we have to fight?”

“Afraid?” The Mind Manifestation cultivator looked at this brat who had been sharp-tongued previously softening now and felt his lost dignity return to him. “You are more beautiful than your shijie. If you are willing to follow me, I will let you choose pills and talismans.”

Kong Hou looked at this Mind Manifestation cultivator who did not know how ugly he really was. The storybooks hadn’t lied to her. So there were really bad people like this who were shameless, unreasonable and ugly in the world. They seemed to have gathered everything bad together. She thought it wasn’t easy to satisfy all of those conditions.

“Forebear has great bearing and is extraordinary. This young female is weak and isn’t worthy of being Forebear’s concubine.” Kong Hou smiled. “How about Forebear…”

She took out a large handful of thunder seals from her bag and threw them towards the Mind Manifestation cultivator. The Mind Manifestation cultivator hadn’t thought this woman would change face so quickly. The thunder seal could not wound him but made him lose face.

If he hadn’t been listening to this whore’s flattery, he would have flattened these brats already.

When Kong Hou had suddenly softened, the people of Harmonious City thought that Splendid Cloud Sect was afraid. But in the blink of an eye, this smiling girl set off seals and blackened the face of the Mind Manifestation cultivator. This sudden change caused the watching citizens to cheer.

A guest in the restaurant tower clapped so violently he almost fell down. Fortunately, his fellows managed to pull him up in time.

The Mind Manifestation cultivator was so angry he lost his intelligence. He did not care if Kong Hou appeared sweet and adorable. He waved his hand, wanting to crush her to death. The shixiong and shijie saw this and hurriedly threw out their talismans to stop the attack.

“Who dares to bully my apprentice?!” A shout came from the sky, full of pressure like thunder.

The Mind Manifestation cultivator didn’t have time to turn his head before he was slammed outward and dizzily hit the ground. As for his guards, in the blink of an eye, they were scattered on the ground. They weren’t even able to beg for mercy; they could only roll on the ground and groan in pain.

“Master, you came?!” Kong Hou looked at the new arrival and gave a shining smile. This person was Wang Tong who had received Kong Hou’s sound seal. He had been dawdling around Five Elements Hall, thinking about ways to get his salary from fifty years in the future. Hearing that his apprentice was being bullied, he didn’t want his salary and immediately flashed down the mountain.

Seeing from afar an old bastard about to attack his apprentice, he could not control himself and slapped with his hand. This Mind Manifestation Forebear was thrown onto the ground.

“Peak Master.” The other apprentices saw Wang Tong appear and sighed in relief. They put away their talismans and bowed to Wang Tong. They felt strange as well. Didn’t they say that the master of Moon Perching Peak was extremely poor? How did Little Shimei Kong Hou manage to use an extravagant sound seal?

Wang Tong waved a hand casually at them, and indicated that they did not have to be so courteous. He hurriedly walked to Kong Hou. “Good apprentice, are you injured?”

“Master, don’t worry. I’m not injured, but this Mind Manifestation Forebear propositioned us and wants to take us as concubines.” Kong Hou, who had been an apprentice of Moon Perching Peak for four years, had formed the habit of telling her master whenever she was slighted.

“What?!” Wang Tong went forward and grabbed the Mind Manifestation cultivator’s hair. He looked at the ugly face and hurriedly threw the cultivator aside, rubbing his hands on his robes as though he had touched something disgusting.

“Something as ugly as this wants to take the apprentices of Splendid Cloud Sect as concubines?!” Wang Tong kicked the Mind Manifestation cultivator’s waist with the tip of his foot. “You dare to insult the apprentices of Splendid Cloud Sect—which sect are you from?”

“You whore, you called someone when you couldn’t win.” The Mind Manifestation cultivator spat out a mouthful of blood and glared darkly at Kong Hou.

“If one cannot win, of course they should ask for help,” Kong Hou said righteously. “Or should I wait for you to hit me? I’m not stupid.”

“Hit him, hit him, hit him until even his mother wouldn’t recognize him!” The citizens of Harmonious City who were watching from the corners all came back out and surrounded the Mind Manifestation cultivator. They seemed to be looking at a gorilla in the cage. Kong Hou didn’t know where they had been hiding before.

“Aiya, such an old and ugly man even dares to want two young girls to be your concubines?” One old woman looked closely and shook her head. “You cannot be shameless just because you are ugly. When you were born, did you forget to take along your face as well?”

“A Mind Manifestation Forebear, yet you couldn’t even withstand one blow from our Splendid Cloud Sect’s cultivator.” Another woman wriggled and giggled. “That cultivator is better looking than you, and younger.”

Praised, Wang Tong put his hands behind his back, his face expressionless, and appeared like an expert.

“Splendid Cloud Sect, do not go overboard! Do you know who I am? I am the younger brother of the new sect master of Sky Sect…”

“Sky Sect?” Wang Tong”s expression changed. He looked down at the Mind Manifestation cultivator. “You really are a relative of Sky Sect’s sect leader?”

“What, afraid?” The Mind Manifestation cultivator saw Wang Tong change expression, and revealed a smug expressions. As expected, Splendid Cloud Sect was full of useless people. He just mentioned the name of Sky Sect and they were afraid.

Even if the other had higher cultivation, so what? Didn’t they also fear Radiance Sect behind Sky Sect?

Wang Tong thought for a while and then turned to look at Kong Hou. “Good student, how many rules of Harmonious City did this person break?”

“Bullied the citizens, propositioned free women, took advantage of one’s position to bully people, slandered Splendid Cloud Sect.” Kong Hou recited with a stiff expression. “He also kicked over two stalls.” She glanced at the rotten vegetables on the ground. “Those wares are medicines seen only once-in-a-millennium, extremely valuable, and some are worthless if damaged.”

The Mind Manifestation cultivator: ?

Where were the free women, where were the valuable medicines?!

Whore, shameless!

“Preposterous!” Wang Tong’s expression was dark as he bowed towards the spectating people of Harmonious City. “Friends, please move aside and let the disciples of my sect take this cultivator to jail. We will have the sect master of Sky Sect come in person to explain to us. Everyone, do not worry. My sect will tell this to all the other sects and explain the reason. We need to tell Sky Sect that Splendid Cloud Sect and the citizens of Harmonious City cannot be bullied!”

Translator Ramblings: It’s really encouraging seeing more people start reading this story.

The way to out-talk a villain is to be more shameless than the villain.


Chapter 14 |Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 16

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