Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 119 “Beastification”

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Chapter 119: Beastification

There were not many evil cultivators in this ambush, but they appeared prepared. They did not want these elite sect disciples to reach Radiance Sect.

Qiu Shuang looked over. These evil cultivators mostly had powerful cultivation and were brimming with fiendish energy. They all had hands dyed in blood. She did not have a good temper. Even though her cultivation had reached Transcendental Stage, her temper was not much better than when she was young. She did have tolerance for good-looking juniors, but this did not mean that she could tolerate juniors who did evil things.

As the most powerful elder of Splendid Cloud Sect, Qiu Shuang was just a symbol of Splendid Cloud Sect most of the time. Juniors rarely saw her actually fight.

“So ignorant.” Qiu Shuang sneered. The jade table in front of her shattered. “You scum dare to challenge orthodox sects. Who gave you the bravery?”

The circle fan in her hand shone with golden light. Lightning flashed deep in the clouds as heaven and earth seemed to reverse.

The female yao‘s expression grew serious. She pulled out a soul summoning token and gradually countless departed spirits gathered over. She played with her hair. “I know you orthodox sects have some abilities. Don’t you all believe in reincarnation? How about I get some departed spirits to play with you?”

These orthodox sects liked to do things like protecting helpless people. These departed spirits were the souls of the dead common people. Would they protect them?

The most pleasing thing was to control the lives and deaths of other people and do as one pleased in order to be invincible.

When Elder Qiu Shuang saw the dense group of souls, her fan dimmed slightly. She narrowed her eyes and looked at the cursing evil cultivators hiding behind the departed spirits. She suddenly flew up, passed over the souls and threw the evil cultivators off the clouds. She turned and said to the disciples of Splendid Cloud Sect, “Base Building and above sword cultivators form formations, and use your energy to control the souls.”

“Yes.” The disciples of Splendid Cloud Sect took out their lifebond talismans and flew without hesitation into the air.

Li Rou and Gui Ling wanted to follow but were stopped by Kong Hou. “You two children with Energy Refinement cultivation should not participate.”

Shishu…” Gui Ling and Li Rou looked at the other disciples fighting with the souls in the air and showed panic.

Kong Hou sent them with a push to Qing Yuan’s side and bowed to him. “Shishu, I will put these two children into your care temporarily.”

Qing Yuan nodded. There were a further three disciples who had not yet reached Base Building behind him. Gui Ling stood silently behind Qing Yuan and watched as a shishu who liked to look pretty got their hair grabbed by a soul. They ignored the pain from their hair and used their talisman to subdue the soul. The other disciples were the same. These souls were very fragile. With one blow, they could kill countless of these souls, but they chose the most troublesome method.

He gripped the sword hilt, and felt both sore and bitter inside.

“Take out your swords.” Shuang Qing looked as Kong Hou and the Splendid Cloud Sect disciples tangled with the evil cultivators and the souls. He turned and said to the disciples of Primary Luck Sect, “Those above Base Building, take out your swords.” With Splendid Cloud Sect delaying the evil cultivators, Primary Luck Sect had the chance to escape. But Shuang Qing looked at the Splendid Cloud Sect disciples who did not retreat and raised his hand.

He disliked Splendid Cloud Sect, but… he also wanted face. He could not do something like run away from the battlefield.

Jin Ling came out from the corner with a pale face. Her hand trembled as she gripped her sword but she did not draw back.

“Do you remember the Star Sword Formation you learned in the sect?” Shuang Qing said. “I know your cultivation is not as great as that of the Splendid Cloud Sect disciples. I do not need you to fight the souls, just target isolated evil cultivators. Go and surround the evil cultivators scattered by Splendid Cloud Sect. Remember, do not act alone. Kill one to earn one, kill two to earn a pair.”

“Yes.” Zhou Xiao shouted loudly. “All disciples above Base Building Stage, follow me.”

“Form the formation!”


Music suddenly sounded. The orthodox disciples who heard the music felt their minds clear and their bodies fill with power. Yet the song was like a death song for the evil cultivators. Numerous people felt dizzy and vomited. Anyone that fell off the clouds was immediately surrounded by the waiting Primary Luck Sect disciples and killed.

At this time, Splendid Cloud Sect was the one who divided the meat, and Primary Luck Sect was the helper who ground up the meat. The two sects had not discussed beforehand, but they were in tacit agreement.

Seeing the evil cultivators get killed, the female yao did not show any pain and looked towards Shuang Qing who was helping Qiu Shuang. “I gave you a chance to flee for your life. Why do you not treasure it? Splendid Cloud Sect was not polite to you back then. Don’t you want to get revenge? Don’t you want to see the person who looked down on you lie in a sorry state on the ground?”

“Shut up.” Shuang Qing took out a towel and covered his face. “I cannot bear your fox odor.”

The female yao changed expression to anger. She flew off the lotus stage, her index finger turning into blades targeting Shuang Qing’s spirit platform. Shuang Qing just managed to dodge, and still used the opportunity to kill two evil cultivators. “Do not get near me. Even if I die, it won’t be because you killed me, but because of your odor.”

“You orthodox sects are only just skilled verbally?” The female yao laughed in anger. Then she returned, and her enormous fox tail expanded as she whipped Shuang Qing far away.

“Your head is like a brick, and still you dare waste words in front of this seat.” She turned seductively and looked towards Kong Hou who was playing music on the flying palace. Her eyes turned into the eyes of a beast. She licked her lips and said, “A music cultivator. This one has not seen a music cultivator for many years. You also have virtue and dragon energy on you. Your heart must be delicious.”

“You think you will be able to eat me?” Kong Hou turned Phoenix Head in her hand. The song became harsh and murderous. Countless evil cultivators held their heads and screamed in pain. Even the souls controlled by the female yao became slow in their movements.

“A useless junior who isn’t even in Mind Manifestation dares to talk in front of me.” The female yao disliked women who were better-looking than her even more than she did ugly men. Seeing Kong Hou challenge her, she flew towards Kong Hou without thinking.

Yet before she could get near, she saw a sword flying towards her. If she hadn’t dodged quickly, the sword would have passed through her chest. She covered her wounded arm and warily went several meters back. She then saw a handsome man in white appear behind Kong Hou.

“Zhong Xi?” The female yao gritted her teeth. Her eyes were filled with hate and discontent.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.” Kong Hou shook her head and then said to Huan Zhong, “Do you think she hates you more, or me more?”

Huan Zhong said, “No matter who, I will not let her harm you at all.”

“I just know—Huan Zhong is the best.” Kong Hou deliberately gave a pretentious and sweet smile. She slanted a look at the female yao. “Grandmother, this junior is young; do not bully me.”

“Little whore, this seat will make sure today that you will not reach the age when you will be called grandmother.” A blow to the age and charisma was enormous, regardless of gender. The female yao displayed her beastly state in anger at Kong Hou’s words. Fur appeared on the sides of her face.

“Aiya, Grandmother, look at the color of your fur. You do not seem to have the noble bloodline of a black fox or a snow fox. It is…” Kong Hou hid behind Huan Zhong, her expression like the devious consorts of the imperial palace “—like the brown foxes living in the desert with square faces, small eyes, and yellow fur. Fortunately, I do not like fox skin clothing. Otherwise, even if Grand Shishu gave me your skin, I would think it too ugly to wear.”

“Little whore, I will kill you!” The female yao roared, her energy gathering as she attacked Kong Hou.

“Aiya, I am so scared.” Kong Hou flashed to the other side and watched as Huan Zhong stopped the female yao from advancing. She patted her chest with lingering fear. “Luckily I have Brother Zhong Xi who can protect me.

“Brother Zhong Xi, you have to protect me. I am very scared.”

Shuang Qing, who had been swept off the clouds by the female yao‘s tail and flew back up, heard these words. His spirit energy almost stilled and he fell down again. With a conflicted and pained expression, he killed some evil cultivators who were attempting to ambush the disciples of Splendid Cloud Sect. He had not expected Spirit Master Zhong Xi and Celestial Kong Hou to act like this in private.

He touched his arm. It was better for cultivators to be single. They would live longer.

The more Kong Hou was like this, the angrier the female yao became. But Zhong Xi kept on protecting this little whore. She could not do anything to this girl. In the evil cultivator world, she was beautiful and had the support of the lord. When had she ever been embarrassed like this?

The female yao was grappling with Huan Zhong and Kong Hou. She had no energy to spare for those souls. The souls started to slow down after leaving their master’s control. Many of them stopped fighting and dazedly let the orthodox sect disciples put them away.

Shixiong, two have fallen on the left.”

“Not that one; Mind Manifestation cultivation—we cannot win. Pick that Core Formation one on the right.”

“Go, go, go!”

“If you cannot beat them, hide; do not force it. If you cannot do it, just throw a seal. A disciple from Splendid Cloud Sect gave me a big handful.”

“Back, back, back, helpers are here.”

The Primary Luck Sect disciples retreated when enemies chased, and did not chase when enemies retreated. Their style of picking the weakest enemy was of great success. Four hours later, the disciples of the two sects managed to destroy the situation the female yao had created where the enemy was stronger.

Over on this side, Kong Hou constantly verbally insulted the female yao so she could not put her attention on controlling the souls.

“So you are the most beautiful woman of the evil cultivator world?” Kong Hou shook her head and lamented, “It seems that there are not many good-looking people among the evil cultivators. Luckily you did not join us orthodox sects. Otherwise, you would not be able to even dream of being called the greatest beauty.

“No wonder you are unable to walk away when you see an orthodox sect man. They are just too good-looking. That is their crime.” Kong Hou rolled past the tail attack of the female yao. Then she saw Huan Zhong cut off half of the tail. She clapped and said, “Brother Zhong Xi is great. If a tailless fox returns to original form, wouldn’t they look like a fur ball from afar?”

Zhong Xi never knew that Kong Hou could be so infuriating. He waved his sword, stopping the female yao from nearing Kong Hou as he killed two Mind Manifestation Stage evil cultivators who came over to help.

The female yao was so angry her eyes became that of an animal and she started to transform. Yao wanted to cultivate into human form because they could think more calmly in human form and become more steady. In their beast state, they would follow their base desires without regard for consequences.

The already half-transformed female yao did not care about the general situation. She only had one thought in her mind—kill Kong Hou. She could not wait even one second.

“Argh!” she roared angrily. “Zhong Xi, move aside. Do not think I do not bear to kill you because you have some beauty.”

“An evil yao has no considerations.” Kong Hou pulled out Phoenix Head. “Brother Zhong Xi loves me best. For me, he is willing to do anything. Right, Brother Zhong Xi?”

Huan Zhong… Huan Zhong nodded with a blush. “Right.”

“I will kill you two whores!” The female yao completely lost her mind and turned back into her original form. This was an enormous yellow-furred fox with vicious eyes. Her mouth was large enough to swallow Kong Hou whole.

Seeing the female yao completely beastify, Kong Hou immediately flew next to Huan Zhong and shouted into the sky, “Pour the medicine.”

Ling Hui, who had been hiding in the clouds for a while with another shidi who cultivated medicine, immediately opened their storage bags and poured out the green medicinal powder contained inside.

There was a lot of medicinal powder that quickly fell over the fox yao.

“This is…” Shuang Qing looked down and smelled the powder. “Fox Smile Grass?”

This kind of medicine was called Fox Smile Grass but it was actually a medicine that caused foxes to faint with gaping mouths after smelling it. Because they appeared to be smiling when they fainted, the grass was named so.

The evil cultivator who had impersonated Ling Hui had told many things under Splendid Cloud Sect’s “polite” questioning when he had been captured by Wu Chuan. For example, that the most beautiful woman of the evil cultivator world was a fox.

Splendid Cloud Sect had imagined the possibility that the evil cultivators would make an ambush. However, they could not predict who the enemies would be and what tactics they would use. Therefore, they had prepared many things, especially medicines that Qing Yuan had meticulously cultivated to target foxes specifically.

They never fought unprepared.

The female yao Hong Mian was not like an ordinary fox. While she was affected by the medicine, she still had yao power to resist. Splendid Cloud Sect, who wanted to capture her alive, would not let her escape. Qiu Shuang threw a talisman to restrain the yao securely.

As everyone cheered, one of the Mind Manifestation stage evil cultivators chose to explode himself.

At this time, a dragon roar sounded, and the shadow of an enormous golden dragon wrapped around everyone.

Translator Ramblings: Kong Hou is so good at getting enemies angry.

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