傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S08-C01 “Serious Shortage”

Last time, on An Unyielding Wind: Prince Mo Ling, who was only here to recruit Aofeng, invites her to the Midautumn Banquet, which Lan Xiu informs her will have an auction that includes valtz.

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Section 8 Regent Beast Tamer

Chapter 1 Serious Shortage

“Valtz?” Aofeng’s eyes flashed. She was very interested. Improving one’s strength was a fatal attraction to any person. That feeling was even stronger than a hungry rapist seeing a naked virgin. But when she thought of the price of valtz, she was speechless.

“One billion for a drop. I cannot afford such a price,” Aofeng said dispiritedly. Was there a poorer regent beast tamer than her? She only had several thousand obsidian on her. She was a tragedy.

“One billion for a drop? That is the market price for trading. How can you buy it for such a low price at auction? It will be at least several times that. Even if they give you face, it will be three to four billion for a drop.” Lan Xiu was heartless. He didn’t comfort her and dealt her another blow.

Several dozen billion per drop …

Aofeng was completely depressed. She blamed herself for not saving money usually and being so poor even now. Only when she needed to use money did she know that she had a serious shortage of money.

Lan Xiu had a high position but he wasn’t a beast tamer or a crafter. He had no means of making money and not much savings. Lei Yufeng was a celestial magister. He had money and saved up a few billion over the years, but in front of the great mountain of a few dozen billion, he was helpless.

No wonder Yun Qinghong said that valtz was a luxury item that only a few could use! Not even the most powerful faction would spend such a great amount on one person!

“Aofeng, if it is others, I will not say this, but you are different. Do not forget you are a master beast tamer,” Lan Xiu looked with amusement at Aofeng’s frown and pointed out a path for her. “A tamed adult divine beast is worth several dozen billion on the market. There will be many rich upper class factions at an auction like this. If you work at it, you may be able to sell for several hundred billion. Adult high star level sacred beasts will also be sold for a dozen billion or so. High ranking adult magus beasts will save the many years of time of waiting for the magus beast to grow up. They can fight immediately and so they cost much more than infant beasts. You can go to the beast tamer union to get some life cages, capture some strong sacred beasts, tame them and send them to be sold. Valtz is usually the last thing to be sold. By then, won’t you have the money to buy after you sell your magus beasts?”

Aofeng exclaimed in shock, “Ah!” She hadn’t thought that adult magus beasts were so ridiculous in price. She became energized and her confidence grew. “I understand. I will prepare well.”

She would get the valtz! First, she had to gather large amounts of wealth.

She also could not delay her cultivation. Aofeng planned to cultivate to the beginning of the seventh month. She knew that Radiance Magus Church and the other factions would quickly know of her appearance. There wasn’t much time for her to enjoy the relaxed environment of the school. Waiting for her in the future would be storms and winds.

A near month of peace unconsciously passed.

Aofeng left early each morning and returned late. Her cultivation advanced rapidly in the celestial room. In the evening, she would go sit with Teacher Lan Xiu and he would teach her combat and basic theory.

Top celestial rank experts like Lan Xiu knew the true essence of how to use power. He avoided many of the detours and his words were simple and easy to understand. He was also very knowledgeable about the different types of magus beast. Aofeng benefited greatly from listening to him. In combat training, this gentle teacher was unusually stern. As Aofeng was being beaten up each day, her experience at facing a magister rose in jumps, and some of her bad habits were corrected.

When she returned to the dorms, she would always see different kinds of foods that a certain person had bought back from outside. Then Lei Yufeng would excitedly discuss with her what he had encountered that day and ease the pressure and boredom of her cultivation. Aofeng was moved. She knew that this man had put a lot of effort in.

Yun Qinghong never appeared. Even his attendant had disappeared. The door to Celestial One was always closed. Aofeng occasionally wanted to know, but she did not disturb him.

Magus scholar was not so easy to reach.

On the first day of the seventh month, Aofeng finally went up another sword level. She became a four-sword celestial magister and her combat power was much greater compared to before. On this day, she and Lei Yufeng left the imperial school in the afternoon. Bathing in the bright sunlight, they headed towards the beast tamer union as they discussed where they would go to catch magic beasts.

It was near the Midautumn Festival now and the streets were busy and filled with people. The city guard patrols would pass by, their armor giving off clear sounds, and each soldier was full of energy.

Lei Yufeng touched his nose and suggessted, “I think we should go to the Imperial Hunting Grounds. There are as many sacred beasts and divine beasts there as in Death Ridge’s perimeter. It should not be very dangerous for us.”

“Alright. My big brother found his nine-star infant divine beast over there. It probably won’t disappoint us. Let’s take Mo Zhu and the others. I am their captain. It will not be accepted that my members are still using low ranking magic beasts.” Aofeng smiled and nodded casually. She was too embarrassed to even give sacred beast level magic beasts. She planned to auction off that nine-star sacred python.

Soon, they reached their destination. A vast and magnificent structure appeared. The deep blue sign had the large words “Beast Tamer Union.” Just as the two were about to step in, a burst of shouts came from behind them.

“Master, Master! Wait for me!” Arthurus shouted loudly as he ran over.

Lei Yufeng heard his panicked voice and laughed. “Brother Behemoth, did you get cursed at again by teasing some other girl?”

Arthurus had been very pleased these days. Human society was interesting and Aofeng, the master, was very easygoing. His courage grew. A few days ago, this behemoth started going around and teasing girls. Then he had been accused of being a freak on the streets and Lei Yufeng had almost died of laughter.

The noble behemoth was full of words, “Once magic beasts take human form, we are half human. High ranking magic beasts do not care about race when marrying. So what if I first get a human girl? Master will reach magus scholar sooner or later, and I will become a super-divine beast.”

Then he secretly said to Aofeng. “Otherwise, Master, what about you? While your chest circumference is not that great, I don’t care. I like wild women. As long as they have large behinds.”

The result was obvious. Arthurus was beaten up badly by the “wild” Aofeng.

Just as Lei Yufeng started laughing, a panicked and sharp voice sounded from behind them, “Uncle Zhou Lin, kill those two bastards! That damned yellow-haired pervert! He, he dared …”

“Yellow-haired pervert?” Aofeng and Lei Yufeng stilled. They stared at Arthurus who was laughing dumbly. They were speechless. This wonder who dared to even tease his master would forget his injury once his wounds healed. He did not change.

“What maddening thing did you do? Why is this voice so sharp today?” Lei Yufeng said curiously.

“I didn’t do much.” Arthurus scratched his furry hands, his tone hurt as he said, “I was just curious about her hip measurements and couldn’t resist measuring.”

Aofeng rolled her eyes helplessly. So he went and touched the girl’s behind. No wonder the other called over a protector to pursue you …

A wind gusted. A strong middle-aged man gave chase holding a large sword with both hands. He shouted angry, “You dare to offend Miss, die!” The powerful wind and the sword fit together closely. The man had the strength of a seven star sword master or so. With his full power, an ordinary rank two professional would most likely die immediately!

“While Arthurus was wrong first, he just likes to make trouble, and really has no bad intentions. His crime is not serious enough for death.” Aofeng raised an eyebrow and blocked the path of the swordsman. “We will apologize to you. Let’s settle this matter.”

Arthurus was outrageously lusty but he was principled. No matter which girl he teased, he would immediately run away if they shouted. If the other was not willing, he would not force them. With his strength, he could easily force someone. In the end, this person was just playful.1

The young girl in the distance said with an angry expression, “This miss does not care for your apology. I want him to die!”

“Brat, move aside!” the swordsman’s eyebrows raised. He lifted his hand in a punch, his figure unchanging as he continued to slash towards Arthurus!

Aofeng saw that they were aggressive and felt some anger as well. With a cold snort, her hand darted out and accurately grabbed the neck of the protector. She stepped with one foot and threw him into the air, easily defeating the swordsman and his sword!

“Ah!” The young girl saw her protector thrown away and jumped in fright. However, she was reassured when she saw the swordsman just rolled on the ground and wasn’t injured. She thought that Aofeng was just slightly stronger than her protector and shouted in a thin voice, “You are so daring, you dare to challenge this miss, do you know who this miss is?”

“I am not interested in your identity. You do not have to show off here.” Aofeng glanced coldly at her and ignored her shouts. She and Lei Yufeng walked towards the gates of the beast tamer union.

“You are going to the beast tamer union?” The young woman’s face had turned red at Aofeng’s tone. She stilled and then showed a smug smile. She quickly ran to the gates of the beast tamer union and blocked the way huffily. She said with a sneer, “It is alright you are not interested in my identity. But as long as this miss is here today, you will not be able to take a step into this union!”

The warrior who had been thrown down was very wary of Aofeng’s power but he was not frightened on his territory. He stood by the young woman and laughed disdainfully. “You offend the missus of the beast tamer union president and you want to enter the beast tamer union? This is so amusing!”

Editor’s ramblings: Does this even count as a fight? Zhou Lin does have a name, so I guess it goes on the board.

Dead Alive

4 8

Translator Ramblings: Let me just say I grimaced my way through translating some of this… … I do try to tone stuff down like the overt sexual references, homophobic remarks, and casual references to rape … I also cannot count the number of incidences in this novel when the women are screaming and “falling in love” and the men feel full of admiration. I also feel someone could write a whole book on Chinese mentality on homosexuality, how it appears in Chinese web literature, the weird mental gymnastics that appears in romance novels where being attracted to a cross-dressing character is “okay” because the other person is “really the other gender” and so the person who is attracted is “not gay” at all. Let’s just say this story and others are “fantasy” and not what people should do in real life, and Aofeng is not a good person viewed in the context of modern society, considering her kill count and her former profession as a mercenary.

Section 7 Chapter 4 | Table of Contents | Glossary | Chapter 2


  1. Your editor would like to remind you that groping is not ok, even if you’re “principaled” enough to not go to full on rape. Running away after discovering your non-consensual touching was unwanted doesn’t make it ok. 
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