Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapter 43 “Medicine

Last chapter recap: Spirit Master Nameless dislikes Huan Zhong’s handsomeness and refuses to treat him.

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Chapter 43: Medicine

“Elder, you cannot be like this. A good-looking person like you cannot prevent others to be good-looking as well.” Kong Hou walked next to the rocking hair and bowed. “Junior greets Spirit Master Nameless.”

Spirit Master Nameless who had been lying down turned his head to look at the young girl in front of him. He quickly turned his head back. “No.”

“Elder.” Kong Hou stood and walked to face Spirit Master Nameless. “Please, Elder, help.”

Spirit Master Nameless continued to roll around, and Kong Hou followed. After repeating this three or four times, Nameless sat up. “Little girl, how can you be so shameless at such a young age?”

“When travelling, how can I have a thin face?” Kong Hou smiled and answered the question. She put her palms together and looked pleadingly at him. “Elder, please, please.”

A young girl with large eyes, a beautiful dress and inky black hair. When such a girl stared pleadingly at someone, they could not help but be swayed.

Huan Zhong who was watching at the side saw Kong Hou bowing and scraping in front of another person because of him. He moved to go forward and take her away. Spirit Master Nameless might not have the medicine he needed. Looking at her fawning, he was in discomfort.

Lin Hu stepped forward and stopped Huan Zhong, saying using a sound art, “Master, do not ruin Miss Kong Hou’s plan.”

Huan Zhong looked coldly at him.

Lin Hu was unmoved and continued to speak. “We have reached this step. How would we know the result without trying? Do you want Miss Kong Hou to have curried favor for nothing?”

Looking at Spirit Master Nameless smiling at Kong Hou, Huan Zhong froze in his steps.

“What did you just say? A person as good-looking as me cannot stop other people from being good-looking?” Spirit Master Nameless combed his silver hair and glanced from the corner of his eyes at Huan Zhong. He said to Kong Hou, “Young girl, while you have a thick face, your judgement is not bad. I can agree to your request, but you have to fulfill one condition of mine.”

“Elder please speak.” Kong Hou had a joyful expression. “If we can do it, we will.”

“My medicine hut’s servants are all silent and boring. If you stay behind to be my medicine servant for a decade, I will agree to look at his illness.” Spirit Master Nameless stood up from the chair and looked at Huan Zhong. “Your complexion is pale, your organs are all internally damaged. But these are not the severest troubles for a cultivator. Your biggest problem is that your spirit platform is unstable and is at the edge of collapse. I can temporarily stabilize your spirit platform. Yet one can help heal the body but not the mind. I cannot help you with anything else.”

Kong Hou had not thought that Huan Zhong’s situation was so severe. She said urgently, “You do not have any other methods?”

Spirit Master Nameless shook his head, and his words were blunt. “No.”

“Stabilizing the spirit platform is good,” Kong Hou thought. “If I am a medicine servant here, can I ask for vacation each year to visit my sect? I’m fine with being a medicine servant, I’m just afraid my sect elders will worry…”

“No need.” Huan Zhong interrupted Kong Hou and stood in front of her. He said to Spirit Master Nameless, “Thank you, Elder, but this junior knows very well how this one’s body is. Miss Kong Hou is young, and does not know any medicine. I’m afraid she is not suitable to be Spirit Master’s medicine servant. Today, we have disturbed you. Farewell.” Finishing, he turned and held Kong Hou’s wrist, walking away.

“Huan Zhong, Huan Zhong,” Kong Hou said in a small voice, “cultivation is ageless, so ten years is not a long time. Maybe…”

“You are just sixteen—where do you have the confidence to say that ten years is not long?” Huan Zhong stopped walking and turned to smile slightly at Kong Hou. “Young girls should enjoy life in their best years. Do not mention that cultivation is ageless until you are over a century.”

He had spent his entire life with his sword and never relaxed. He only discovered just how precious the times of youth were after meeting Kong Hou. Even though cultivators had long lives, time would not turn back.

“But…” Kong Hou pulled the corner of Huan Zhong’s clothing. “I want you to live.” Huan Zhong should be the one in greatest sorrow at this time, but he was smiling when he talked to her. Could there be a stupider person?

“Silly girl.” Huan Zhong laughed. “I am an apprentice of Radiance Sect. Even if Spirit Master Nameless is not willing to help, I can find other people. The sect will not give up on me.” He was a man over three hundred years old—how could he let a little girl be a medicine servant for him? He would not even allow a day, even if he died.

“Let’s go.” Huan Zhong smoothed his sleeve and held Kong Hou’s wrist. They walked towards the carriage. “Kong Hou, you have to remember many matters will not be satisfied just by compromise.”

Cultivators may not always reach immortality. He had to have the little girl understand that life and death could not be forced. He was born as one of the best. It was his good luck to encounter such a pure and lively little friend when travelling to let him experience a different life.

“What are you two walking away for? Did I saw the condition could not be changed?” Spirit Master Nameless stood at the top of the stairs, his hands in his sleeves. He raised an eyebrow at the pair. “Young people are really impolite. The elder has not spoken, yet you go when you say so. Come here.”

Kong Hou pulled Huan Zhong back and asked with a smile, “Elder, you are willing to help?”

Spirit Master Nameless glanced at Huan Zhong. “Your actions make you like a man.” Just now, if this man had been unaffected by the little girl becoming a medicine servant, he would not have been willing to help. Now, he was willing to consider it.

Good-looking men were dislikable, but a good-looking man with a conscience could make up for this shortcoming.

“I’m recently studying a kind of medicine but missing an important ingredient. If you can find this ingredient, I can see your friend.” Spirit Master Nameless pushed open the door to the medicine hut and said to Kong Hou, “Little Girl, today, I have made an exception because of your good judgement.”

Who in the world did not like other people praising them for their good looks? While he did not like other good-looking men, this definitely did not include him.

“Elder, what ingredient do you lack?” Kong Hou was slightly worried. Huan Zhong already lacked more than a dozen ingredients. Now Spirit Master Nameless wanted them to search for yet another medicine—what if they could not find it?

“A kind of flower that will bloom in the night, wither in moments and disappear into the mud.” Spirit Master Nameless looked at Kong Hou. “This kind of flower is called Blue Silver—do you have it?”

“Yes, how much do you want?” Kong Hou was overjoyed. Without thinking, she took out a large bag of flower petals to place in front of Spirit Master Nameless. “Is this enough?” Fortunately, Elder Lin had gathered all these flower petals last night. Otherwise, they would not have been able to produce them today.

A bag of Blue Silver Flowers, an entire bag of Blue Silver Flowers?

Spirit Master Nameless started to suspect his eyes. Was he seeing an illusion? Blue Silver Flowers were hard to find, and it was even harder to encounter them blooming. Sometimes, it was great fortune to obtain a few. This big bag was not Blue Silver Flowers but roadside dandelions? He opened the cloth bag. From the color, the appearance, and the fragrance, these were Blue Silver Flowers. He looked in disbelief at Kong Hou and felt as though he was dreaming.

In truth, he had a small pot of Blue Silver Flowers in his medicine hut. He only stated this condition to make things difficult and have the little girl say some more good things. He had not expected the other to really take out Blue Silver Flowers, and such a big bag at that.

Such a big bag!

“Come in.” Spirit Master Nameless put the Blue Silver Flowers into his own storage ring and turned to walk into the medicine hut. Kong Hou pulled Huan Zhong’s sleeve and pulled him to follow.

This medicine hut was not just grand on the outside—it was vast and lavish inside. The medicine servants all moved out of the way and bowed when seeing Spirit Master Nameless pass by.

“Come here.” When Spirit Master Nameless reached the back of the building, he pushed open a door. The room was empty. Other than two meditation mats, there was only an incense pot by the window. He walked next to the incense pot, and lit up a piece of incense to put into the pot. He turned and said to Huan Zhong, “I will be using spirit energy to explore your meridians. Do not resist my spirit energy.”

Huan Zhong silently sat cross-legged on the meditation mat. Spirit Master Nameless sat behind him. Gathering spirit energy on his hands, he put his hands on Huan Zhong’s back.

When the spirit energy entered Huan Zhong’s body, Nameless was surprised. This was a pentad spirit base cultivator. His meridians were focused and strong. From this, he could see the other had worked hard on his cultivation. The spirit energy gradually neared the spirit platform. Nameless found the spirit energy here was chaotic and the spirit platform almost cracked. But even so, the spirit energy on the spirit platform was still very powerful. The spirit energy that Nameless manipulated was almost destroyed by the powerful spirit platform. Fortunately, he reacted quickly. When he detected this, he withdrew his spirit energy and avoided receiving a backlash.

This man who had a bone age of over three hundred had a stronger cultivation than him, an old man who had lived more than a millennium. If his spirit platform did not have a problem, his cultivation would be even more astounding.

“Elder, how is it?” Kong Hou saw Nameless’ serious expression and came over to help him up. “Do you have a treatment method?”

“His mental demon is not defeated. While he is not hopeless, it is difficult.” Spirit Master Nameless shook his head slowly. While he disliked Huan Zhong’s face, as an elder, he felt some pity for Huan Zhong’s talent. “If he cannot see through it, his mental state will not stabilize.”

He could see that Kong Hou’s cultivation was not high. He feared that she didn’t know that the higher the cultivation, the more dangerous it was when one’s mental state had problems. Turning back to look at Huan Zhong who stood with an aloof expression, he snorted. “For the Blue Silver Flower, I will make some pills for him. When his spirit platform is uncontrollable, he should eat one, and it will suppress the chaotic spirit energy in his spirit platform.”

“Thank you, Elder.” Huan Zhong bowed to Spirit Master Nameless. However, his expression was emotionless.

“Do not thank me, this is a trade.” Spirit Master Nameless flicked his sleeve. “I do not let guests stay in my medicine hut. Come here in seven days to get the pills.”

“We do not dare to disturb Elder. We will reside outside.” Kong Hou gave Spirit Master Nameless a big smile.

Spirit Master Nameless looked at Kong Hou and then turned to look at Huan Zhong. He seemed to think of something. He impatiently waved his hand. “Go, go, do not bother me in the next days.”

Spirit Master Nameless expelled the three. Hearing the sound of the door closing heavily behind them, Kong Hou turned to say to Lin Hu, “Elder Lin, you had such foresight to gather all the flower petals. Otherwise, we would have had nothing to give Spirit Master Nameless today.”

Lin Hu’s lips moved but he did not speak. Yesterday night, if Kong Hou had not called Master to the roof to admire flowers, he would not have known such a large patch of Blue Silver Flowers was blooming outside the valley. Rather than say it was his accomplishment, it was Kong Hou who was so fortunate as to find them.

Spirit Master Nameless had a strange temper, happy in one moment and angry in the next. It was an unexpected surprise he was willing to make medicine for Master this time. While they had not obtained the ingredient they wanted, the pills were more important than the ingredient.

With the pills Spirit Master Nameless made, Master’s health would temporarily not have any problems. Lin Hu felt much better. At least, like this they would have time to go find the ingredients for the secret recipe.

When the shopkeeper of Sky Sect’s branch store received the news from the sect, he sent someone to wait by the gates. Hearing his subordinate say that the apprentice of the main sect finally entered the city, he took along what he had prepared before and hurried to the door of Nameless Medicine Hut.

He sat in the carriage and saw the three being shoved out the door by Spirit Master Nameless. He hesitated about appearing at this awkward time. The apprentice of the main sect most likely would not want other people to see such an embarrassing scene. Seeing the trio preparing to board and leave on the carriage, the shopkeeper could not sit still. He jumped off the carriage. “Transcendent, please wait. This one has been sent by Sect Master Jin Yue to deliver things to Transcendent.”

Huan Zhong stopped and looked back to examine the man. This man only had Energy Refinement level ten cultivation. He dressed like a rich man and his slightly fat face had a fawning smile.

“Greetings to Transcendents, Celestial.” The shopkeeper bowed. “This one is the shopkeeper of Sky Sect’s branch shop in Yi City. A few days ago, this one received a message from the main sect. The honored elder had this one prepare some things to use for travelling and for this one to wait for Transcendent to arrive.”

“You said the sect master had you wait for me?” Huan Zhong was surprised. Why did Master suddenly have someone send him things?

“Transcendent, please take a look.” The shopkeeper presented a storage ring with both hands. “The branch store is small and unable to gather good things. Transcendent, please forgive this one.” The shopkeeper had heard of the reputation of Radiance Sect’s sword cultivators a long time ago. If they were not satisfied, they would draw out their swords. So he did not dare to show any unease in front of them.

“Thank you for your effort.” Lin Hu took the storage ring and nodded towards the shopkeeper.

“I do not dare accept.” The shopkeeper bowed and moved two steps back. “This one will not interrupt Transcendent and Celestial’s rest. Farewell.”

Lin Hu nodded. When the shopkeeper left on the carriage, he thought in puzzlement, had the sect master misunderstood and thought Master lacked spirit stones after he sent back packages last time?

That may be true. A child who never sent anything home suddenly mailed packages back to his elders. That would make people think.

But Master had gone to secret realms in the past, and killed evil cultivators. He had many talismans and spirit stones—how would he lack for money? He was puzzled but it was not appropriate to discuss this matter on the street. Lin Hu drove the carriage to the best inn in the city. Because they would stay a few more days in Yi City, he did not reserve a room but rented out an entire courtyard.

“Master.” Lin Hu handed the storage ring to Huan Zhong. “I have inspected it; there are no curses.”

Seeing Huan Zhong about to put the storage ring away, he couldn’t help but say, “How about taking a look at what is inside?” With Sect Master’s personality, he would not have the subordinate sect deliver something for no reason. There must be some misunderstanding.

Huan Zhong stretched his perception into the storage ring. Other than some talismans, seals, and spirit stones, many items suitable for girls took over half of the space. Hairpins, jewelry, and magic robes shining with light. Flying swords inlaid with all kinds of precious stones, and even embroidered slippers of various sizes.

After having lived over three hundred years, Huan Zhong did not understand his master’s intentions for the first time. Why did his master have people deliver so many articles for females to use? These clothes were pink, yellow, and red, all kinds of styles placed together, about several dozen sets.

Seeing Huan Zhong’s strange expression, Lin Hu said worriedly, “Master, is something wrong?”

“Take a look.” Huan Zhong handed the storage ring to him. Lin Hu took the storage ring. After sweeping it with his perception, he was silent as well.

Moments later, he said with uncertainty, “Maybe when the sect disciples returned a few days ago, they told the sect master you were in the company of Miss Kong Hou. These items… might have been prepared for Miss Kong Hou.”

He had always thought the relationship between Radiance Sect and Splendid Cloud Sect was ordinary, and had not expected the sect master to think so highly of a disciple of Splendid Cloud Sect. This ring contained anything a girl would need to use.

“You mean that all this was prepared for Kong Hou to use?” Huan Zhong took the storage ring back and once again swept it with his perception. He found that the hairpins were well-crafted and adorable. Kong Hou would be beautiful wearing them. These magic robes were slightly large, and not suited to her. But this pink one had a good color.

Seeing Master not draw his perception back, Lin Hu coughed. “Master?”

“Huh?” Huan Zhong put away the storage ring as though nothing had happened. “What is it?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to remind you that Miss Kong Hou wants to shop in the afternoon. Do you want to go with her?” Lin Hu asked.

“Ah.” Huan Zhong stood. “I know.”

What does “I know” mean? Are you going? Lin Hu saw him walk out the door in the direction of Miss Kong Hou’s room. He shook his head and sighed. So many years, and Master was now willing to enjoy life.

But thinking of Master’s health, he wished that Master was an icy sword rather than like now where he had to worry about his spirit platform cracking at any moment at the risk of death.

Huan Zhong arrived outside Kong Hou’s door. “Kong Hou, is this a convenient time?”

The door was quickly pulled open from inside. Kong Hou, her hair loose, said to him, “Huan Zhong, sit for a moment while I comb my hair.” Her skin was white and when her hair hung loose, her face seemed even smaller.

Huan Zhong sat down on the chair near the door, his index finger unconsciously rubbing the storage ring as he looked at Kong Hou combing her hair.

“When I just came to the cultivation world, I did not know how to comb my hair. In order to help put my hair up in hair buns, my two shixiong learned how to do the hairstyles with the shijie of the other peaks for several days.” Kong Hou made up her hairstyle with ease. Fake hair and all kinds of hairpins covered the entire dressing table. “But no matter how they tried, they could not learn. The shijie scorned their clumsiness and then they did my hair instead.”

She remembered that the shijie liked to do all kinds of hairstyles on her, and prepared lots of beautiful clothing and necklaces to dress her up every day. If she hadn’t learned to do her own hair later on, and also needed to go into seclusion to cultivate, she feared the shijie would have still maintained their habit.

“You are an apprentice—why do you not have any servants?” Huan Zhong was surprised. In Radiance Sect, the most important duty of the apprentices was to cultivate. In order to not split their attention, ther attendants took care of other matters.

“What do I need servants for?” Kong Hou put on a flower design on her forehead. The bright red flower design caused her skin to appear even whiter. “The Five Elements Hall supervisors take care of matters, and if we need to eat, we can go to Food Hall. The sect has no tradition of arranging servants for apprentices. It is not troublesome for us to take care of small matters.”

Splendid Cloud Sect was easy-going, but they did not want to raise their disciples into emotionless people who did not know anything other than cultivation. Therefore, they never arranged servants for their disciples. But if the disciple wanted to spend their own money to buy a servant to attend them, the sect would not stop them. However, after everyone stayed together for a long time, people gradually stopped wanting the services of servants.

Huan Zhong had not expected Splendid Cloud Sect to be so easy-going with their apprentices. He did not know what to say.

“Done.” Kong Hou turned to face Huan Zhong, and pointed at the flower design at her forehead. “Pretty?”

This was her first time wearing one, and she was slightly nervous.

“Pretty.” Huan Zhong looked at the flower design which he did not know if it was plum or pear, but nodded without hesitation. “Very pretty.”

Hearing Huan Zhong say it was pretty, Kong Hou was reassured. She stood up. “I made you wait long—should we go out now?” Thinking of what Spirit Master Nameless had said, Kong Hou wanted to take Huan Zhong to where there were more people so he could relax.

Looking at Huan Zhong’s calm face, Kong Hou smiled. Maybe the one that needed to relax wasn’t Huan Zhong but her.

“All right.” Huan Zhong gripped the storage ring and decided to give the things suitable for girls to Kong Hou after they returned. Kong Hou liked beautiful things. She would be happy if he gave those clothing and jewelry to her?

The two asked the inn workers where the most famous embroidery shop in Yi City was, and then started to search. Anyone on the street that Kong Hou asked was enthusiastic. In the end, a warm-hearted matron led them directly to the door of the Embroidery Pavilion.

“Girl, this place doesn’t just sell embroidery—they also sell jewelry.” The matron peeked at Huan Zhong following behind Kong Hou and said in a small voice, “Take you time in picking. Men who will spend money for you are not necessarily good, but men with money who would not let you spend it are definitely not good.”

When she finished, she did not wait for Huan Zhong and Kong Hou to react and walked away, her hips swaying.

Kong Hou blinked in bewilderment. What had that good-hearted matron said?

“Let us enter.” Huan Zhong had naturally heard what that matron meant. The other had most likely misunderstood the relationship between Kong Hou and himself. But what could he, a man over three hundred, have with a sixteen-year-old girl?

“Oh, all right.” Kong Hou nodded and stepped through the door of the Embroidery Pavilion. She was completely attracted by the grand clothing inside. She looked around and felt that everything was beautiful. The shijie would all be beautiful wearing these.

Beautiful and well-crafted things would have even more refined prices. After picking and selecting, Kong Hou would use up all of her savings. She looked a long time at the shelf with hairpins before deciding to give up on the hairpin she liked herself. She bought all the shijie and Elder Qiu Shuang a handkerchief.

“In total, one thousand two hundred and eight spirit stones. Honored customer, as you have bought so much, we will only ask for one thousand and two hundred spirit stones.” The female worker in blue robes smiled as she took the brocade bag Kong Hou handed over. After pouring the spirit stones into a talisman for counting, she said with a smile, “Please come again.”

Huan Zhong was dazzled by the colorful embroidery. He could not distinguish what was beautiful. With Kong Hou’s help, he randomly picked a pile of embroidery for the female worker to pack up. After walking out of the Embroidery Pavilion, he felt much better.

Seeing his reaction, Kong Hou laughed. “Huan Zhong, your expression is so ugly.”

“Let’s find the post office and mail these.” Other than being slightly paler than usual, Huan Zhong’s expression was still aloof. His desire to mail these things was stronger than usual.

Fortunately, the post office was not far. After Kong Hou mentally entered the destination on the jade scroll, Huan Zhong suddenly said, “I forgot to buy something. Wait for a moment; I will immediately return.”

“All right.” Kong Hou nodded. She put the embroidery and the letters she had written for her elders into the storage bag and handed it to the flying sword messenger.

“The fee will be fifty-eight spirit stones—you will only have to pay fifty-five.” The flying sword messenger handed the confirmation to Kong Hou. “Miss, do not worry, we will definitely deliver on time.”

“Thank you.” Kong Hou nodded. A postage fee of fifty-five spirit stones was expensive, but Kong Hou was still happy at mailing something to her sect.

Soon, Huan Zhong returned. Kong Hou saw that he did not add anything into the storage bag when he was filling out the forms. “You did not manage to buy what you wanted?”

Huan Zhong’s hand paused as he handed over the spirit stones. He said with a lowered face, “I was mistaken.”

“Oh.” Kong Hou did not think more. After going to a restaurant and tasting their speciality, they roamed around. When they returned to the inn, the sky was already dark.

“Kong Hou.” Huan Zhong called out to Kong Hou, who was pushing on her door to enter her room.

Kong Hou turned back with puzzlement. Huan Zhong put a small box in her hand. “Rest early.” After saying this, he hurriedly left.

After looking at Huan Zhong’s retreating figure, Kong Hou bent her head and opened the brocade box.

Under the moonlight, a beautiful hairpin shone in the brocade box. This was the one she had looked at for a long time this afternoon but did not buy.

Translator Ramblings: Being good-looking can be a double-edged sword. The good edge in Kong Hou’s case. On another note, Kong Hou is doing a lot to support the cultivation world post office.

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